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Today's Northern Ireland News
Last Updated – September 26, 2018.

Taoiseach – Brexit deal can be done by November: Irish Independent
Michelle Devane and Michael McHugh

UK may struggle to ratify border deal, says taoiseach: The Times
Niamh Lyons

Irish to maintain UK rights after Brexit but no preferential treatment for EU citizens: Belfast Telegraph

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson – Dublin must respect us over Brexit border concerns: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Stormont deadlock has left no-deal Brexit laws up in the air: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit – 60% back special status for Northern Ireland in poll of 4,000 online Belfast Telegraph readers: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Brexit deal can be done by November, insists Taoiseach amid Macron threat: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

Sinn Féin hits out at the DUP's Jim Wells over Union flags: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Little we can do about general UK disinterest in Northern Ireland's affairs as storm of Brexit and Stormont looms (Sep 22): Belfast Telegraph

Ian Paisley dinner saw council sponsor £1,500 table: The News Letter

Council officials 'didn't realise' Ian Paisley invite was for DUP fundraiser: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Alliance once aspired to bring people together but the party's new identity politics is fuelling division, not integration (Aug 31): The News Letter
Owen Polley

Dirty protest prisoner not offered shower before court, ombudsman told: Belfast Telegraph

SF refuses to reveal if McDonald believes abuse claim: Irish Independent
Cormac McQuinn

Parties back Cahill after O'Neill comments: Belfast Telegraph
Gillian Halliday

New owner keen to develop controversial Derry bonfire site: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Life after death – How families were changed forever by Troubles violence: Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Legacy Scandal – 'There is an urgent need for an inquiry into paramilitary beatings of children,' says Liam Kennedy: The News Letter
Liam Kennedy

Man shot in the face on Bloody Sunday endured stigma of 'guilt by association', court told: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

RUC's Catholic recruitment problem not just down to IRA, NIO admitted (Aug 31): The News Letter
Sam McBride

Northern Ireland could become Singapore-style free port after Brexit, says business chief McKenzie: Belfast Telegraph

North won't be marooned by any Brexit border says GAA Communications chief Alan Milton: Irish News
Andy Watters

The threat to Northern Ireland's trade:
Paul Gosling

May referendum could allow northerners to vote for president of Ireland: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Lewis Crocker case – 'Protestants will be treated fairly' says leading boxing official: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Arlene Foster – Martin McGuinness knew of 'cash for ash' warnings: The Guardian
Rajeev Syal

RHI scandal shows DUP 'has no regard' for British taxpayers – claims UUP's Swann: Belfast Telegraph

RHI: Jonathan Bell 'would have gone rogue' – DUP Foster's 'great regret' she did not fire Minister: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Máirtín Ó Muilleoir's took credit for keeping RHI open while pledging to maximise approvals for scheme: Irish News

Derry Sinn Féin MLA disappointed at the lack of progress and new investment from the BBC to ensure equal access to Gaelic games for northern viewers: Derry Now

Paisley's exclusivist nationalism lives on in Trump and Brexit: The Irish Times
Daniel Geary

The fall and rise of Britishness and Englishness: The Times
Guy Goodwin

Australian republic – look to Ireland, says top academic: The Mandarin (Melbourne)
David Donaldson

Tuesday, September 25

May's plan to give Stormont a backstop veto enrages EU envoys: The Guardian
Daniel Boffey

Brexit no-deal legislation delayed by Stormont impasse: The News Letter
Michael McHugh

Karen Bradley US-bound to promote Northern Ireland: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

Boundary changes as Ireland gets two more MEPs: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Northern Ireland at centre of Brexit conundrum: RTE
Tommie Gorman

Brexit – fears in Ireland that time is running out to solve Irish border impasse: Irish Examiner
Etain Tannam

An Irish Sea border would have a profound effect on the Union: The News Letter
Owen Polley

British are past masters at trying it on, except on Brexit it didn't work: Irish Examiner
Fergus Finlay

The tide is turning against DUP leader Arlene Foster: The Scotsman
Lesley Riddoch

Foster challenges British Government: Impartial Reporter

After claim people in Britain 'don't give a monkey's about Northern Ireland' – is it really a place apart?: Belfast Telegraph
Peter Shirlow

Republican voters uneasy over direction of party, says SF veteran McGlinchey: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Ian Paisley asked council to attend Ballymena event: BBC

Ian Paisley 'not going to act like a stuffed shirt' after taking punishment 'like a man': Belfast Telegraph

Public apathy gets Paisley off the hook: Belfast Telegraph

Carl Frampton's bonfire criticism worthy of debate – Jamie Bryson: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Northern Ireland audience laughed at my film about a punishment shooting, says director (Sep 17): Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Sheer brutality of paramilitary attacks: Irish News

Punishment attacks a scourge on society: Belfast Telegraph

AOH leaders visit Ballymurphy Massacre scenes: Irish Echo
Brónach Ní Thuama

Bloody Sunday victims 'should get punishing damages for state lies': Londonderry Sentinel

Legacy Scandal – 'Conditional amnesty could break cycle of combatants glorifying their past', says ex republican: The News Letter
Padraig Yeates

TG4 documentary to tell story of Frank Stagg who died after 62-day hunger strike: Irish Examiner
Lynne Kelleher

Boxer – Because I'm Protestant I lost once-in-a-lifetime chance: The News Letter

Media sidelining Mairia Cahill only suits Sinn Féin's hidden agenda (Sep 23): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Jim Wells – I've been let down so badly by the DUP: Irish News
John Monaghan

Arlene Foster denies DUP tried to deflect from 'cash for ash' scandal: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

A bruising week ahead for Arlene Foster and DUP: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Brexit – Drop in immigration to NI may cause 9% fall in GDP: The Irish Times
Colin Gleeson

Brexit threatens Trinity mission to be university 'for all Ireland' (Sep 24): Irish Independent
Katherine Donnelly

'The Irish border is the beach' – Irish comedian brilliantly corrects British politicians on the border issue: Irish Post
Ryan Price

Taoiseach hails Good Friday Agreement in UN speech: RTE
Brian O'Donovan

Derry MP supports the 'Peace in Kurdistan' movement (Sep 18): Derry Now

Labour official 'sorry' for anti-Catholic comment: BBC

The danger of 'criminal' flags and why I've changed my mind about the Union Jack: The Herald
Mark Smith

Monday, September 24

No-deal Brexit 'gift to those who want to return to violence' warns Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary: Belfast Telegraph

State 'won't be able to seal Border after Brexit' (Sep 23): Sunday Independent
Wayne O'Connor

Deadline for deal to avoid hard Border under threat: Irish Independent
Shona Murray

Stormont department under-prepared for Brexit, claims Ulster Unionist MLA: Belfast Telegraph

Britons make 'passport' top search on Irish site: Irish Independent
Eilish O'Regan

Backstop has not turned into a 'green or orange' issue – McEntee: RTE

Ghosts of the past haunt the UK's forgotten frontier: The Times
Sean O'Neill

Brexit – Economist calls for 'customs referendum' in Northern Ireland: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

A no-deal Brexit is the most likely outcome in March (Sep 23): Sunday Independent
Dan O'Brien

Fudge and waffle now off the menu as May stumbles into crisis: Irish Independent
Colm McCarthy

Salzburg – How a chronic misreading has brought Brexit to the brink (Sep 22): RTE
Tony Connelly

Theresa May facing stark Brexit choices: Irish News

'Let's plan for the future together' – Mary Lou McDonald extends olive branch to unionists during Belfast speech: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Mike Nesbitt – Key Stormont department under-staffed and under-prepared for Brexit: The News Letter

Will Labour run in Northern Ireland?: New Statesman
Patrick Maguire

Platform – Michelle O'Neill, Sinn Féin Vice President (Sep 9): Irish News
Michelle O'Neill

It's depressing for Sinn Féin, but Paisley's unionist rivals missed out by failing to engage electorate in petition of recall (Sep 21): Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

County Antrim – Teenager shot four times in paramilitary-style attack: BBC

'Brutal and barbaric' Ballymoney gun attack on teenager condemned: The News Letter
Duncan Elder

SAS veteran Chris Ryan says NI must stop looking back: BBC

Guildford pub bombs – Birmingham bomb ruling delays inquest (Sep 20): BBC
Tanya Gupta

Truth of the Para's Ballymurphy massacre is finally being told: Irish Voice/
Cahir O'Doherty

Poignant words that highlight how victims have been forgotten (Sep 20): Belfast Telegraph

'Bomb was an attack on Walker's memory' (Sep 1): The News Letter

Mairia has not received a reply to McDonald email (Sep 23): Sunday Independent
Philip Ryan

Mairia Cahill, Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O'Neill. Not much sisterhood (Sep 23): Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Former Sinn Féin MP Barry McElduff is running guided day tours (Sep 11): Irish Mirror
Shauna Corr

Life is anything but tweet in social media's vicious circle (Sep 22): Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Ireland a 'safe haven' for jihadists targeting UK and Europe: Irish Independent
Paul Williams

Same-sex marriage letter 'undermines respectful discourse' (Sep 19): The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

State and UK unite to keep the door open for students: Irish Independent
Katherine Donnelly

Catholic Church can build post-papal-visit legacy (Aug 28)fs: The Irish Times
Éamonn Fitzgibbon

Irish tricolour among flags that could be a criminal offence to fly in Scotland: Irish Mirror
Maurice Fitzmaurice

'Anti-Catholic insult' attacked: The Times
David McCann

Labour to block new Scottish independence vote: BBC

Sunday, September 23

DUP cannot have veto on Brexit border deal, says Ireland: The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll

DUP deny row with Theresa May is halting Brexit progress – 'We want sensible exit' says Foster following widespread criticism: Belfast Telegraph
Gareth Cross

Theresa May ambushed by her own disastrous Brexit strategy: The Irish Times
Denis Staunton

A remarkable display of unionism from Theresa May, despite great pressure on her to agree a border in the Irish Sea: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

'Dangerous fools' threaten peace process (Sep 17): Irish Echo
Anthony Neeson

Journalist's tweet that British 'don't give a monkey's' about Northern Ireland riles MEP Nicholson: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Home truths for NI Secretary of State Karen Bradley: BBC
Mark Simpson

Linda Ervine – Stormont should not have stopped for Irish Act: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Hounding of Ulster veterans is a 'breach of human rights': Daily Express
John Ingham

Victims to start legal battle for damages over Bloody Sunday: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

It is wrong to say there is a legacy scandal, but even more so to say the Stormont House structures are unfair (Sep 6): The News Letter
Stephen Farry

Anne Graham's story encapsulates legacy imbalance scandal: The News Letter

Shankill and Falls coming together for interface gate party: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

By coming together to read, we can change lives for the better: Belfast Telegraph
James Kerr

Gardai probing if Cork housing estate shooting is linked to murder of former IRA boss Aidan 'The Beast' O'Driscoll: Irish Mirror
Niall O'Connor

Protestant confidence in PPS takes a slight drop (Sep 11): The News Letter

PSNI stations 'to be defended by one unarmed guard' (Sep 22): The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Brexit – Border firms on edge over roaming charges uncertainty (Sep 19): BBC
Eimear Flanagan

Brexit – Get an Irish passport Northern Ireland company tells staff (Sep 21): Belfast Telegraph

'Derry Girls Against Borders' take campaign to London to call for no hard border in Brexit deal (Sep 20): Derry Now

Border communities increase savings to prepare for Brexit (Sep 10): The Irish Times
Barry O'Halloran

Michelle O'Neill – 'Not for me to say that I believe Mairia Cahill': Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Tributes to Belgian priest who helped children during Troubles: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Hume film reminds us of risks taken by Americans during early Troubles (Sep 22): The Irish Times
Suzanne Lynch

How can my children have a future in Northern Ireland? (Sep 11): Irish News
Leona O'Neill

Carl Frampton – 'I've always enjoyed the Twelfth, but burning effigies, photos and tricolours on bonfires doesn't do the Protestant community any good': Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

British and Irish World Cup bid is realistic: The Sunday Times
Paul Rowan

Liberal-minded Presbyterians must fight to save the Church from itself: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

UK faces darker hours before Brexit agreement is reached: The Observer
Daniel Boffey

Britain Stumbles Toward Disunion: New York Times

Saturday, September 22

Nobel winner Mairead Maguire in alternative Northern Ireland talks proposal: Belfast Telegraph
Steven Alexander

People are sleep walking into a Northern Ireland governed by apologists for terror and murder, says sister of Edgar Graham: The News Letter
Anne Graham

Sinn Féin to take seats on reconstituted Policing Board: BBC
Mark Devenport

EU doesn't respect Northern Ireland will remain part of UK after Brexit – Theresa May: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Defiant PM 'reassures' unionists: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Irish government presses May for fresh border proposals: The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll

Varadkar – 'Nobody in the EU or Ireland is to blame for Brexit': The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Leo Varadkar says Brexit talks entering 'rocky patch' but believes 'we can have a deal': The News Letter
John Gillespie

Foster backs May and slams EU as 'disrespectful, intransigent and disgraceful' over Brexit: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Edwards

May statement 'nothing but tired rhetoric', says McDonald: Irish Examiner

For Northern Ireland's young, a people's vote on Brexit is a must: The Guardian
Doire Finn

Bitter row with the DUP left Theresa May unable to make any progress during Brexit talks with EU leaders: The Sun
Tom Newton Dunn

Irish Government welcomes substance, if not the tone, of Theresa May's statement: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

What happens if no Brexit deal is agreed?: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Don't buy the Brexit hype – it's a border in the Irish Sea or the customs union: The Guardian
Jonathan Lis

The Irish border was always going to be a sticking point in Brexit talks: The Spectator
Matthew O'Toole

Brexit slanging match a worrying development: Irish News

Irish Times view on the Brexit talks – a precarious stand-off: The Irish Times

Theresa May's bizarre speech leaves the United Kingdom on the verge of a no-deal Brexit: New Statesman
Stephen Bush

Prospect of by-election hardly enhanced by the petition's interesting rules and preposterous levels of secrecy: Belfast Telegraph
Jon Tonge

Graffiti referring to UDA boss Dee Coleman appears in Lower Shankill: Irish News
Allison Morris

Police treating Newtownabbey assault as 'hate crime': The News Letter

Trial of loyalist Winston Rea has been postponed to allow him to undergo a series of medical tests: Irish News

Protestants 'locked up to show balance': The Times
Alan Erwin

Twenty Protestant men taking action over their internment: The News Letter

Victims of Bloody Sunday commence legal battle for damages: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Legacy Scandal – 'We can be hounded because we held records and terrorists didn't,' says ex guardsman: The News Letter

Pub bombs campaigners on Thames trip past Parliament: Birmingham Mail
Julie Hambleton

Northern Ireland legacy proposals run risk of disappointing victims of the Troubles: Belfast Telegraph
Tom Hadden

Sinn Féin urges people to trace route of October 5 civil rights march in demonstration for equality: Derry Journal

PSNI 'pay is a victim of political paralysis', according to Police Federation: ITV

The threat to Northern Ireland's trade:
Paul Gosling

BBC defend coverage of GAA after SF criticism: The News Letter

The blasphemy referendum will take place next month: Irish Independent
Aoife Moore

Proposed blasphemy referendum 'hypocritical', says Rónán Mullen: Irish Examiner
Daniel McConnell

We fear abortion up to term on horizon for NI: The News Letter
Liam Gibson

Taking the hump over Trump (Sep 16): Sunday Independent
Brendan O'Connor

Sinn Féin official – 'Israel is an apartheid state': Jerusalem Post
Hagay Hacohen

Friday, September 21

Ireland calls for UK to give way on Brexit backstop dispute: Financial Times
Arthur Beesley

EU leaders to hold extra Brexit summit in November – sources: Irish Independent
Laura Larkin

Brexit – No border in Irish Sea – Jeremy Corbyn: BBC
Stephen Walker

Brexit is a 'lose, lose, lose' damage limitation exercise, says Coveney: The Irish Times
Eoin Burke-Kennedy

We're losing 'big ally' on tax but new alliances are being made – Coveney: Irish Independent
Cormac McQuinn

Bertie Ahern – Ireland can't allow British to 'push and shove' into future relationship without border arrangement: Irish Examiner

Irish status in UK "is assured" after Brexit: Irish World
Colin Gannon

What Ireland? Merkel reveals real reason May's Brexit deal has been CONDEMNED by Brussels: Daily Express
Alice Scarsi

Why Theresa May's plan to bypass Barnier was doomed: The Irish Times
Bobby McDonagh

DUP man claims move to light up Ards town hall for Pride 'an Alliance stunt': Belfast Telegraph
Brett Campbell and Mark Bain

Critical time for unionists amid talk of regulatory border: The News Letter

What a repartitioned Northern Ireland might look like if Unionists refuse a united Ireland: Irish Voice/
Michael Bearra

Troubles victims' families bid for support in quest for justice: Belfast Telegraph
Cate McCurry

'Voters like me' says Ian Paisley after recall petition over luxury holiday freebies and breaking MPs' rules: Belfast Telegraph

DUP lifts Ian Paisley suspension after 57-day ban: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Sinn Féin presses DUP on decision to readmit Ian Paisley: Irish Examiner

Ballymena split over Ian Paisley recall petition failure: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

Ian Paisley adds recall petition to Twitter biography – Sinn Féin blames Electoral Office for result: Belfast Telegraph

Ian Paisley by-election recall process cost £188,000: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Apathy rather than divine intervention ensures Ian Paisley survives: Irish News
John Manley

Ian Paisley Jnr surviving his recall petition shows how hopeless Northern Ireland politics has become: The Independent
Michael Hugh Walker

Recall result does not diminish gravity of Ian Paisley's misconduct: Irish News

Paisley survives dismissal vote – A good process worth copying: Irish Examiner

UVF blamed for Larne sledgehammer attack: Irish News
Connla Young

Paul McCauley barbecue killing – Second man pleads guilty to involvement: The News Letter

Dee Coleman given three years for membership of the UDA: Belfast Live
Ashleigh Mcdonald

Fuel fraud profits is cash that could be spent on public needs: The News Letter

Legacy Scandal – 'My East End community never recovered from the Docklands bomb that killed my brother', says Ishan Bashir: The News Letter
Ishan Bashir

Derry woman whose husband was murdered in IRA bomb says she will 'never forgive' his killers: Derry Now

McCartney and Hay flag divisions over past: Derry Journal

Veterans of Northern Ireland face trial for decades-old crimes: The Economist

Either we stick with the status quo, or amend this legacy plan: The News Letter
Norman Hamilton

'IRA probe into abuse stopped victims getting justice': Irish Independent
Philip Ryan

Google corrects 'Free Londonderry Corner' on map after complaints: Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Mary Lou wants to be a modern leader but is hobbled by the past: Irish Examiner
Alison O'Connor

Westminster to examine NI's abortion laws: The News Letter

40% of farmers think Brexit makes united Ireland more likely, Sinn Féin say it is 'inevitable' (Sep 18): Irish Examiner
Noel Baker

Removing blasphemy from Constitution will confirm Ireland as 'modern State' (Sep 18): The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Perhaps it was too soon for Pope Francis to visit Ireland: Irish Catholic
Michael Kelly

Sinn Féin calls on FAI to boycott Ireland's U21 qualifier against Israel: Belfast Telegraph

Thursday, September 20

UK plans for trade and Irish border need to be reworked, says Tusk: The Guardian
Dan Sabbagh

Unacceptable – Michel Barnier CONDEMNED by DUP over Irish Brexit border plot: Daily Express
Paul Offord

Theresa May to accept checks between Northern Ireland and Great Britain in major concession to avoid Brexit no-deal: The Independent
Jon Stone

Theresa May – Border in Irish Sea is not acceptable: The Irish Times
Patrick Smyth and Pat Leahy

Varadkar ramps up pressure on British PM: Irish Independent
Laura Larkin

Sammy Wilson – EU's latest Brexit backstop proposals 'a pig in a poke': The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Jim Nicholson – NI not bargaining chip for Brexit deal: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Coveney denies he's being naive in rejecting idea EU will want higher taxes in return for support: Irish Independent
Laura Larkin

Brexit and the Irish border question explained: The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll

Ireland will still have allies, but none of the stature of UK: Irish Independent
John Downing

Brexit doesn't affect British extraditions, rules court: The Times
Seán McCárthaigh

United Ireland after Brexit – do the sums add up?: The Irish Times
Cliff Taylor

Unionism in chaos when the country needs a leader: The Times
Alex Kane

Sinn Féin MP Molloy slams revised Westminster election map 'gerrymander': Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Naomi Long 'sorry' for any hurt caused by Jamie Bryson speech impediment ridicule: The News Letter

Ian Paisley retains North Antrim seat as petition of recall falls short by 444 signatures: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Handling of Ian Paisley recall petition 'bizarre', Sinn Féin's Philip McGuigan claims: Irish News
Claire Simpson

TUV, UUP and Alliance assisted MP Paisley in retaining seat: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Fuel laundering plant dismantled by HMRC: The News Letter

Man sentenced to life for sectarian murder of Paul McCauley: Derry Journal

Man jailed for life over loyalist attack on Catholic civil servant: Londonderry Sentinel

UUP criticises plan to replace dual-language signs after just few months as waste of cash: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Next stop, an electronic solution to language issue: The Irish Times
Newton Emerson

Victims of The Troubles call for support over '32-county matter': Irish Examiner

Names of those who died during the Troubles to be read aloud at cross-community event: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

Garda informer concerns 'won't be addressed by Dublin legacy proposals': The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Legacy Scandal – 'I have never recovered from the loss of my poor Dad in the IRA Harrods bomb': The News Letter
Susanna Dodd

DUP to air 'balanced and accurate' civil rights documentary: The News Letter

DUP is 'scratching around in the dirt', says SDLP ahead of planned Civil Rights response event: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Sheils McNamee

Martin says McDonald 'not credible' on Cahill abuse claims: Irish Independent
Philip Ryan and Cormac McQuinn

Brave Mairia Cahill has every right to reject empty apology from the Sinn Féin leadership: Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

Derry campaign group takes Brexit border message to Dublin: Irish Examiner

Alliance councillor 'pot kettle black' over Jonathan Bell pub claims criticism: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

DUP man defies party to back gay Pride event: Belfast Telegraph
Mark Bain

RHI – DUP's Arlene Foster and three ex-Spads to attend inquiry: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Discussions to start soon on transfer of Catholic schools transfer: Irish Independent
Kim Bielenberg

Pope's Phoenix Park Mass less than third full: The Times
Ken Foxe

Report has got it wrong on the future governance of the Garda: The Irish Times
Denis Bradley

World Cup 2030 – Football Association of Ireland enter joint bid discussions: BBC

Why independence and Brexit are not the same: The Scotsman
Brian Monteith