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This archive contains references to articles from April 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Saturday, April 15

Trimble defends Good Friday deal: BBC

Is there enough time to revive the agreement?: The Irish Times

Fears grow for North future as agreement audit stalls: Irish Independent

Paramilitaries should sign up to Mitchell Principles: The Irish Times (by John Bruton)

UFF warn of 'action' after incidents: Belfast Telegraph

Decommissioning hinders peace process: The Irish Times

Base attack similar to No.10 bomb: Belfast Telegraph

Net is closing on IRA moles in Irish police: Electronic Telegraph

Fury over `IRA mole worked as a garda' claim: Irish Independent

''More Catholics satisfied with RUC': BBC

Suddenly there's a change of tune on RUC: Irish Independent

To RUC officers, a cross of sacrifice: The Irish Times

Brixton Prison escapee Quinlivan loses appeal: Irish Examiner

St Ann's No to lodge to be seen in context: The Irish Times

Study finds high levels of ethnic prejudice in Ulster: The Independent

'Shergar skull' belonged to much younger horse: Electronic Telegraph

Friday, April 14

'Mortar' attempt on police station: BBC

British play down hopes of `blueprint' for peace process: Irish Independent

IRA leaves progress to others: Irish News

Garda spies helped IRA to murder 12 people: The Examiner

Not seeking UUP leadership - just yet: The Irish Times

Church defends RUC day presence: Irish News

Mandelson: RUC deserved better: BBC

George Cross and double cross: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial April 12)

Peer critical of RUC name change: BBC

Dublin refusal does not alter Drumcree plan: The Irish Times

Adams meets Omagh families: BBC

Whip resignation reduces UUP Assembly strength: The Irish Times

A sad reminder of IRA cruelty: Irish News (Editorial)

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 14 ---------

Soldiers 'heard firing' before entering Bogside: The Irish Times

Soldier 'put gun to head of priest on mercy drive': Electronic Telegrpah

Paras' commanding officer `went completely mad': Irish Independent

Clarke lists key issues which need resolution: The Irish Times

Telegraph reporter may face trial for contempt of Saville inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

Thursday, April 13

Bomb bid on border RUC base: Belfast Telegraph

Day of pride and fear for RUC heroes: Electronic Telegraph

Queen's Ulster Trip to Honor Royal Police Plays Out Peacefully: New York Times

'For gallantry and the ultimate sacrifice': The Times

Queen pledges support in search for peace: The Irish Times

Row as archbishop attends RUC award: Irish News

Republicans outraged by award of George Cross to RUC: Irish Examiner

RUC paid high price in divided Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Symbolic boost for RUC leaves real picture unchanged: The Scotsman

The Symbols Of Policing: The Irish Times (Editorial)

How Green is Sinn Fein?: Belfast Telegraph


Working together for Belfast: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Peace: the most powerful weapon that we possess: Irish Independent

Mallon still in search of key to deadlock: The Irish Times

Absence of process is damaging says Hume: Irish Examiner

People must inform on bombers: The Irish Times

Hard to cloud certainty of a DUP mind: Irish News

Feeble excuses behind IRA's wish to hold onto arms: Irish Examiner (April 12)

Orange Order refused permission for service: The Irish Times

Head of Shergar 'found on Co Kerry farmland': Belfast Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 13 ---------

I hit soldier with bottle, says Bloody Sunday rioter: Electronic Telegraph

Soldiers may have fired from many locations: The Irish Times

Wednesday, April 12

Queen honours RUC bravery: BBC

What the cross really means: Belfast Telegraph

RUC chief predicts hundreds will retire early: The Irish Times

Treasury resists RUC reform: The Times

RUC chief expected Belfast protest: Irish Examiner

Proud day for the RUC: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

RUC reform is a worthy goal:: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair may step in to save Ulster peace process: The Independent

Mitchell principles could help end deadlock - Bruton: The Irish Times

British doing the no–men's work for them: Irish News

Mandela appeals for North `push': Irish Independent

Combat 18 linked to attacks on Catholics: Irish News

Commons seat threat to Trimble: The Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 12 ---------

'Soldier may have fired first shot': BBC

'I shot to kill', para tells Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Independent

Tuesday, April 11

Terrorists 'siphoning off Euro millions': Belfast Telegraph

Two-year-old peace deal is 'dying': BBC

Sinn Féin are being drawn further in from political cold: The Examiner

Clergy in secret talks with North politicians: The Irish Times

Two historic days for the RUC: Belfast Telegraph

Softly, softly: The Guardian (April 10)

Father’s disgust at IRA claim: Irish News

Rights body says attacks highlight British hypocrisy: The Irish Times

'Mistake' is murder by any other name: Belfast Telegraph

Legal aid helps IRA escaper sue prison: The Independent

Tourism 'needs peace' to develop: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 11 ---------

'First shot' dispute dominates inquiry: BBC

Army Bloody Sunday claim 'not backed': The Guardian

Monday, April 10

McGuinness in bitter attack on British in Ulster:The Times

Sinn Fein remain `untouchables': Irish Independent

Springtime cloud over anxious Ulster: The Scotsman

Unionists won’t eat more ‘humble pie’: Irish News

Republicans not open to new charm on arms: The Irish Times

A lesson for politicians from prisons: Irish News

There is no better formula for peace and stability in the North: The Examiner

Sinn Fein Must Stay the Course: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday, April 9)

Signs of movement but still no seismic shift: Irish Independent

Sinn Féin has role to play inresolving crisis: The Examiner (Editorial)

Make or break time for accord: Belfast Telegraph

No better day for IRA ‘sign’: Irish News (Editorial)

STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS: by Ruth Dudley Edwards (Sunday Independent, April 9)

Little comfort from Mr Adams: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Blame game: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Troops campaign moves to Capitol: Irish News

Religious quotas in police proposal criticised: The Irish Times

Petition to have soldiers discharged: BBC

Amnesty seek probe into Garda shootings: The Examiner

McAleese in visit to Stormont: Irish News

Truth and nail: The Guardian

IRA man sues over jailbreak injuries: BBC

Dublin's bargain hunters target Shankill: Belfast Telegraph

Sunday, April 9

Mandelson shifts on weapons deal: The Observer

Adams urges Britain to save peace pact: Boston Herald

Adams warns of renewed conflict in Ulster: Independent on Sunday

Growing threat of 'real IRA' violence: Ireland on Sunday

Elections top Sinn Fein agenda: BBC

Republican movement transforming into conventional political bureaucracy: by Kevin Bean (Sunday Tribune)

Join 'battle of ideas' McLaughlin urges: Ireland on Sunday

IRA deal with Trimble could save the peace: Sunday Business Post

A rising road to peace in N. Ireland: Boston Herald

Blessed are the peacemakers: The Sunday Times

Provos provide 'gratuitous help' to Gardai: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Shadow Assembly the way forward: Sunday Business Post

Omagh families seek to put bombers in the dock: The Observer

Adams snub over Omagh killers: The Sunday Times

Shinners come in from the cold and embrace bisexuals: Irish Independent

Forcing the lock to reveal the North's dark secrets: Ireland on Sunday

Orange Order in prayer service at Mansion House after city march: Sunday Business Post

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 9 ---------

McGuinness denies Bloody Sunday 'shot': BBC

Derry's fateful bullet: The Observer

McGuinness wants the 'whole truth to come out': Ireland on Sunday

Bloody Sunday probe may name 40 IRA men: The Sunday Times

Sinn Féin wants to stir the mud, but some of it might just stick: Sunday Independent

Bloody Sunday: Why is the focus on the IRA: Sunday Business Post

Truth may be too bitter for McGuinness to bite bullet: The Sunday Times

Feis may oust Bloody Sunday Enquiry from Guildhall: Sunday Independent

Saturday, April 8

Rescue plan on the way for deal: Belfast Telegraph

Package to break deadlock expected: BBC

Ervine says governments close to fresh initiative: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein puts its leaders to the test: The Times

Sinn Fein in the spotlight: BBC

Fresh package - but no new ideas: BBC

SF ardfheis to debate motions on scrapping RUC: The Irish Times

SF councillors 'under terrorist threat': BBC

Alliance faces new challenge: Irish News

In Republicans' Own Interests: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The new future is blowing in the wind: Irish News

Keeping politics out of policing: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Garda `fertiliser bomb' probe file set for DPP: Irish Independent

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 8 ---------

Trimble presses McGuinness to give evidence: The Times

Sinn Fein chief likely to testify: The Guardian

Inquiry can help to heal Bloody Sunday wounds: The Examiner

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

IRA dissuaded from RUC killing, document claims: The Irish Times

Friday, April 7

Bombing 'is start of new wave of terror': Electronic Telegraph

Bomb attack signals a further erosion of North's fragile peace: The Examiner

Ervine warns of loyalist backlash: Irish News

Attack on army barracks raises fears for Queen: The Times

Bombers don't represent true republicanism: The Irish Times

Dissidents require constant vigilance: Irish News (Editorial)

States work on draft plan for North: The Irish Times

Key Mandelson concession on police badge: The Guardian

'Patten report failed RUC': BBC

De Brun accuses RUC of harassment: The Examiner

Trimble wants RUC reform left until security improves: The Irish Times

Jean McBride takes campaign to Downing St: Andersonstown News

Getting a handle on the blame game: Belfast Telegraph

Murder did not break ceasefire, judge says: The Times

Adams warns Sinn Féin after loyalist death threats: The Examiner

Donegal seat not for Adams - SF: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 7 ---------

McGuinness 'said he sparked Bloody Sunday': The Guardian

Telegrams state McGuinness fired first: Electronic Telegraph

Derry man did not fear to speak for IRA: The Irish Times

Republican hero who is 'too good to be true': The Times

Beware of sensation in Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Irish Times

New twist in the saga of Bloody Sunday: The Scotsman (Editorial)

Unionist anger over McGuinness secrecy: Belfast Telegraph

Devlin yet to make witness statement: The Irish Times

McGuinness will attend inquiry, says SF chairman: Belfast Telegraph

McGuinness is a vital witness: Irish News (Editorial)

Standing up for truth and justice: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Thursday, April 6

Bomb bid to massacre servicemen: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble gives arms warning: The Guardian

Double pledge sought to revive North hope: Irish Independent

RUC backed by 61pc of Catholics: Electronic Telegraph

Dubliner was `trusted by Real IRA': Irish News

Putting peace in focus: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Unionists set to vote against Patten: Belfast Telegraph

If Patten had shown the same sensitivity. . .: Belfast Telegraph

Families of 'shoot to kill' victims get European hearing: The Independent

Solicitor killings take centre stage at UN: Irish News

Finucane accused 'on death list': The Independent

This jumping together: Belfast Telegraph

News legend Evans to back McPhilemy: Irish News

Sinn Fein motion seeks ban on party entering coalition: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 6 ---------

'Carloads of IRA gunmen fired at Army': Electronic Telegraph

'McGuinness' among crowd at Bloody Sunday: The Times

Former MP says notes about him 'poisonous': The Irish Times

Wednesday, April 5

Trimble in warning of delay to settlement: Belfast Telegraph

Talks held over Drumcree dispute: BBC

Motive behind new Drumcree talks questioned: The Irish Times

Rights court hears 'shoot to kill' claims: The Guardian

Democracy goes to war: Belfast Telegraph

College urged to cut links with Paisley: Electronic Telegraph

IRA suspected of maiming two more men: The Irish Times

IRA relents too late over dying father: The Times

Family calls for inquiry into murder of Catholic RUC man: Irish News

Call for 'hate crime' laws after racial attack: The Irish Times

Making sense of our identities: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Flatley to dance at Stormont: BBC

The Cat who became a unionist b^te noir: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 5 ---------

IRA vowed to 'stand down' at march: Electronic Telegraph

British opened up first: civilians: Irish News

Republican gunman 'fired shots': BBC

Former priest says he worried about Officials: The Irish Times

The mystery that is British intelligence: Irish News

Tuesday, April 4

Mandelson, Cowen to meet parties: The Irish Times

IRA flexes its muscles with vicious beatings: The Times

UUP negotiator says May arms deadline still stands: The Irish Times

Irish-American lobby to get behind Hillary: Irish News

SF u-turn on Orange Order march in capital: Irish Independent

Robinson hits out at Trimble: Irish News

UFF murder victim's family seek truth about his killing: The Examiner

RUC passed personal files on to loyalists before Catholic's murder: The Examiner

Community policing a key issue for parties: Belfast Telegraph

O'Malley's republic `besmirched' by the IRA: Irish Independent

Drumcree marchers aim to avoid repeat of 1999: The Irish Times

Dying dad's plea to IRA: Belfast Telegraph

Boston College's prophet of Irishness: Boston Globe

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 4 ---------

Bloody Sunday graffiti was a 'triumphal show': The Times

One rifle secured for the new investigation into the Army killings: The Examiner

Witnesses describe sense of foreboding: The Irish Times

Rubber bullets `modified': Irish News

Monday, April 3

Mandelson fears new violence in Ulster: The Times

Peace stalemate threat to mayor deal: BBC

Hand over your guns Brooke urges IRA: Irish News

Unionist majority backs deal, says McGuinness: The Examiner

No winners in perpetual blame game: Irish News

Trimble exposed as attitudes harden: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Is There Any Way Forward?: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Commons debate against RUC change: BBC

Hearing of North rights cases today: The Irish Times

SDLP to fly the flag - on desks: Irish News

March will recognise validity of Orangeism: The Irish Times

Candidates for mayor will hear the Irish voice: Irish News

Four shootings in three days: BBC

RUC-army base near Border attacked: The Irish Times

Ulster Scots culture suffers cruel blow: Irish News

Sunday, April 2

Trimble needs arms assurances: BBC

No new steps before the marching season: Sunday Independent

Decommissioning has drained both SF and the UUP: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The gambler trumped by an Orange card: The Observer

Saving peace process more important than saving David Trimble: Ireland on Sunday

'Dissident faces election battle': BBC

Agreement killed by nationalist virus: Sunday Independent

Let's not do the time warp again: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

The committee author set for extra o500,000: Ireland on Sunday

Judgment day: The Sunday Times

One thing is certain there is no such thing as a certainty: Ireland on Sunday

Courtroom drama is like Hamlet without prince: The Sunday Times

Inquiry to re-examine three explosive finds in Donegal: Sunday Business Post

Omagh bomb: We'll never be able to charge killers - RUC: The Observer

Report slams RUC over lawyer deaths: The Sunday Times

Unionists push for referendum on RUC name change: Sunday Business Post

Justice review diluted but still too strong for some to swallow: Ireland on Sunday

Criminal Justice Review reflects scale of Patten's missed opportunity: by Stephen King (Sunday Tribune)

Justice system review go-ahead good for Agreement: Sunday Business Post

Released prisoner joins the Real IRA: The Sunday Times

British government seeking to prevent publication of agent's memoirs: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The facts of a dirty war: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

LVF link to neo-Nazis unearthed: The Observer

Appeal granted on libel verdict: The Sunday Times

Only trouble with Belfast is choosing what to wear: The Sunday Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 2 ---------

British 'shoot to kill' policy on Bloody Sunday: Ireland on Sunday

Army radio link failure 'sparked Bloody Sunday': The Observer

Truth that Heath, Widgery tried to murder: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, April 1

Trimble opponent selected by UUP: The Times

'Coalition' may oppose UUP dissident in poll: The Irish Times

Splits appear in rival IRA groups: Belfast Telegraph

One bid left for peace: Adams: The Examiner

Ahern meets NI leaders: BBC

Trimble gloomy on future for peace process: Irish Independent

No easy options in the days ahead: Belfast Telegraph

Breakthrough sought for peace process: BBC

Review of justice was long overdue: Irish News

Is history going to repeat itself?: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

David Trimble proves he's a survivor: Irish Independent

IRA beatings are systematic sources claim: The Irish Times

Time for Mandelson to put his foot down: Irish News

'Semtex' T-shirts censored by RUC: The Times

McPhilemy fails in `draconian' costs bid: Irish News

Public need all the facts for proper democracy to work: The Examiner

Women must get fair deal: Irish News (Editorial)

Loyalists freed as key murder witness clams up: The Times

Row takes off over Irish airport signs: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP's anger over IRA tribute: Irish News

'Re-arrest escaped IRA killer': BBC