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This archive contains references to articles from April 1-15, 2001. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, April 15

Ormeau Road parade is cancelled: Ireland on Sunday

On the road to mess and misery: Sunday Independent

Foot and mouth halts Boys' march: The Sunday Times

Ormeau Road property boom may end parade protests: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

RUC looks at glue guns to quell parade protests: The Sunday Times

Anger at amnesty for IRA fugitives: The Observer

The middle ground crumbles: Electronic Telegraph

Armed vigilantes patrol 'peace lines': The Observer

Prosecution in I.R.A. Trial Will Focus on American: New York Times

Baffling: The strange case of the mysterious Mr Rupert: Ireland on Sunday

Irritation flowers if poppy is called lily's name: Ireland on Sunday

O'Loan asked to investigate Ludlow killing: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Evidence unveiled supporting man's innocence in Arms Trial: Boston Herald

Garda role in arms trial probed The Sunday Times

An end to the fairytale heroes and villains: Sunday Herald

'They can't get away with it': Ireland on Sunday

How Lynch's loss of control spawned the arms trial: The Sunday Times (by John Bruton)

The liberal junta and the Arms Trial: Sunday Independent

Arms trial coverage omits full story: The Sunday Times

Arms Trial issues must be addressed: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Saturday, April 14

Plea for calm as judges give go-ahead to loyalist march: Electronic Telegraph

Belfast residents fail to prevent first march of the season: The Independent

‘Protesters only injure themselves’: Irish News

An opportunity for forgiveness: Irish News (Editorial)

Doubts mount over NI peace deal: Financial Times

Loose words herald election fever in Ulster: The Independent

Pull the blinds for a resounding flop: Irish News

RUC says it is ready to undergo policing changes: The Irish Times

Policing still cause for concern — Adams: UTV Internet

Republican clash at GPO is feared: Irish News

Armed raids upsurge fear as terrorists lose US funds: Irish Independent

Republican groups vow to continue violence: Electronic Telegraph

CIRA Easter statement: UTV Internet

SF rejects warning over stolen property: The Irish Times

16 loyalists killed in battle for power and drug profits: The Independent

Former enemies embrace: Irish News

Sinn Fein census fury: UTV Internet

Bomb attack on family home: BBC

Farmers call for the effective sealing of Border: The Irish Times

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Arms trial furore mounts: UTV Internet

O'Malley supports inquiry into Arms Trial: The Irish Times

There are no 'reasons of State' to justify this action: Irish Independent

Arms Trial ensured Lynch's policy prevailed: The Irish Times

Captain James Kelly grievously wronged: Irish Independent

Arms trial investigation essential to clear the air: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Friday, April 13

Real IRA vows to step up terrorist campaign: The Guardian

Real IRA 'will fight until nation liberated': The Times

'Informer' infiltrated US dissidents: Irish Voice

Informer claim rocks U.S. Irish activists: Irish Echo

The US Secret Agent Inside the Real IRA: Irish Voice

Violence has no justification: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Fein says poll could mean altering agreement: The Irish Times

Blair must reawaken voters' hopes: The Times

Agreement was first step to unity for north: Irish News (by John Hume)

What now for the NI peace deal?: BBC

We must develop new covenant to establish trust: The Irish Times

Where have all the flowers gone? Into political posies: Belfast Telegraph

Gap closing fast on Protestant majority: Irish Independent

Breeding schemes: The Guardian

Trimble:IRA lied in their promise: Irish News

Sinn Fein in talks with Ahern: UTV Internet

Minister warns on 'vigilantism' as gardai probe claims against SF: Irish Independent

Court dismisses march challenge: BBC

Marching into crisis: Irish Echo (Editorial)

McNamara attacks MoD’s ‘secret plan’: Irish Post

The North's Dark Star: Irish Voice

SDLP fury over RIR’s lone border patrols: Irish News

Murder renews fear of loyalist paramilitary feud: The Irish Times

Mid-Ulster murder arrest: UTV Internet

Freed IRA terrorists 'need help' to overcome stress: Electronic Telegraph

Ulster Scots Seek US Irish Ties: Irish Voice

Silencing of diverse voices: The Irish Times

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

New questions raised over O'Malley arms trial role: Irish Independent

O'Malley directed file be withheld: The Irish Times

Arms Trial questions are revived: The Irish Times

Thursday, April 12

Easter Lily rebellion blooms in Belfast: Boston Herald

The power of flowers: The Times

Security fears over Easter lilies: UTV Internet

Ervine stands by his 'kill more republicans' remark: Irish Independent

Collapse of Ulster deal feared: The Guardian

Tensions rise in N Ireland: Financial Times

No agreement: The Guardian (Editorial)

Ulster victims' story 'suppressed': Electronic Telegraph

Hamill killing: seven freed: Irish Independent

Assembly still to prove its maturity: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Crucial poll for Ulster peace process: The Guardian

Ahern pressed over Sinn Fein ban: BBC

Sliding SDLP in bitter fight to stay ahead of Sinn Fein: The Guardian

SF urges review of structures: Belfast Telegraph

Gun murder linked to rival paramilitary gangs: The Independent

Can you put a fair price on justice?: Irish News

MPs call for halt to Ulster's forced evictions: The Times

Trimble to tackle ‘hidden legacy’: Irish News

Report on 'exiles' welcomed: The Irish Times

‘Get out’ order was republican says priest: Irish News

Lower Ormeau prepares for overnight protest against Easter Monday march:

Protestant majority predicted to fall sharply: The Guardian

GAA needs to remove Rule 21 first: The Irish Times

Mother vents fury on Reid over dead son: Irish Examiner

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Gun plot cover–up ‘added to troubles’: Irish News

O'Malley denies part in statement change: The Irish Times

Evidence of attempt to suppress statement is new: The Irish Times

Officer’s activities in Arms crisis ‘approved by Minister’: Irish Examiner

The Safety Of The State: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Wednesday, April 11

Unionists fail to block assembly's Easter lilies: Electronic Telegraph

I killed too few, says senior loyalist: The Times

A bunch of lilies does not seem like a problem. But in Ulster nothing is that simple: The Guardian

Unionist outcry fails to stem flower power: The Irish Times

Are these the most expensive lilies ever?: Belfast Telegraph

RUC man arrested in death inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

RUC officer arrested over murder: The Scotsman

Hamill arrests: 7 freed on police bail: Irish News

DUP anger over arrests: Belfast Telegraph

Belfast march decision upheld: BBC

Dignity should rule protests: Irish News (Editorial)

Bomb survivor's candidacy lets DUP 'off the hook': UTV Internet

Omagh bomb victims say that they are being treated worse than animals: Irish Examiner

Mixed feelings for the law: Belfast Telegraph

Racist claim is unique to plastic bullet: Irish News

Irish discrimination: The Scotsman

Republicanism in Labour grows: The Times

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Evidence in arms trial was altered, TV report claims: The Irish Times

Evidence of Arms Trial witness was tampered with: The Irish Times

Tuesday, April 10

Irish Police Use New Law Against Omagh Bomb Suspect: Washington Post

Seven arrests in Hamill case: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein Ministers to battle ban: UTV Internet

Call for Patten-type reform of Garda: Electronic Telegraph

Gun attacks link to loyalist feud: Irish Independent


End Weir witch hunt, Trimble told: UTV Internet

Battling all talk and no teeth option: Belfast Telegraph

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Continuity IRA prisoner to stand as candidate: Irish News

On the rise: Irish Independent

Consensus on census?: Belfast Telegraph

Lily arranging put off until after debate: UTV Internet

Easter lily row is a storm in a vase: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)


McGuinness foiled IRA bombers: Electronic Telegraph

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Programme says evidence withheld from trial: The Irish Times

Monday, April 9

Real IRA sympathisers attack 'traitor FBI agent': Electronic Telegraph

US backer to testify against the Real IRA: The Independent

FBI, Garda infiltrate republican groups in US: The Irish Times

North activist to be new Real IRA boss: Irish Independent

Unionist fears as 800 more plan to quit RUC: Belfast Telegraph

RUC recruits: whose choice?: Sunday Business Post (Apr. 8)

Report on Paisleys' plans for election rejected: The Irish Times

Override Trimble's veto on meetings - Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph

Live and let live is not surrender: Irish News (Editorial)

Residents appeal parade decision: BBC

Apprentice Boys will not go here!: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday, Apr. 8)

Rogue's gallery: The Guardian

A lily by any other name is still a lily: Irish News

Sinn Fein changes tack on form filling: The Irish Times

Dublin includes Orangemen in £1.4m of grants: UTV Internet

Academics aim to save Ulster-Scots: The Irish Times

Dublin bombing 'inspired' by British Army: Irish Independent

How Sands made history: Irish News

Paisley Jr calls on O'Neill to condemn fans: UTV Internet

‘Sunday’ relative backs barristers’ pay demand: Irish News

Sunday, April 8

Trimble's secret IRA policy shift: The Observer

DUP slammed as unionists battle: UTV Internet

First Minister faces Paisley poll challenge: The Observer

Hillsborough choreography threatened by 'events': by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

A vote for confidence: The Observer

McLaughlin calls for 'sense to prevail': UTV Internet

MI5 spy breaks open Real IRA: The Sunday Times

Witness protection for McKevitt associate: Sunday Independent

A monster we ignore at our peril: The Sunday Times

With Europe watching, new hope in courts: Boston Herald

Bill soars for Bloody Sunday: The Observer

Shadow of a gunman: The Sunday Times

Prisoners should decide future of the Maze: Ireland on Sunday

I'm proud of my father the hunger striker: The Observer

Laurence McKeown went without food for 70 days ... and lived to tell the tale: Ireland on Sunday

Call for inquiry into Armagh smuggling: The Sunday Times

GAA's dinosaurs let us all down: The Observer

Scotland to have own envoy in US: Sunday Herald

Saturday, April 7

Supergrass set to reveal all on IRA 'godfather': Irish Independent

Witness in McKevitt trial 'late convert' to the cause: Irish Independent

Plea to McGuinness after son flees home: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalist band can pass through flashpoint area: The Scotsman

Loyalists to parade down Ormeau Road: The Irish Times

Political opposition is building against Trimble: Irish Independent

UN asks for Ulster inquiry: The Guardian

Weir loses de-selection challenge: BBC

Assembly divided over Easter lilies: The Irish Times

IRA bomb conviction is quashed: Electronic Telegraph

Border Fox court case: UTV Internet

MoD study warns of plastic bullet risk: The Guardian

Disturbances follow Derry petrol bombing: BBC

Children survive sectarian gun attack: Irish Examiner

Sinn Fein denies threat claim: UTV Internet

Adams wins damages: The Scotsman

Friday, April 6

I'm not an ally of Trimble, Reid reassures Sinn Fein: The Scotsman

Reid is urged to help lift SF ban: Irish News

Oral punctuation: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial, Apr. 5)

Constantine reflects on role in N. Ireland: Schenectady Gazette

RUC exodus 'poses threat to stability': Belfast Telegraph

A lesson for our new police: Irish News (Editorial)

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times (Apr. 4)

Mother's appeal after paramilitary threat: BBC

McKevitt being held with 23 Real IRA prisoners: Irish Examiner

New call for Finucane inquiry: BBC

PM 'did not get' Finucane letter: Irish News

UN call for full Nelson judicial inquiry: The Irish Times

Theologian calls for rules to be relaxed: Irish Independent

Justice call for Omagh: Irish News

Let the Elizabeth Cross mark the selfless laying down of life: Electronic Telegraph (Apr. 5)

Bord Bia welcomes all-Ireland approach: The Irish Times

UK 'should leave EU': Irish News

Thursday, April 5

Karadzic family 'arming Real IRA': The Guardian

'Real IRA' warning by DUP: The Irish Times

Drumcree will delay progress: Irish Examiner

Election could determine fate of GFA, Trimble: Irish Echo

Devolved but no different, voters tell: The Irish Times

Row over assembly Easter lilies move: BBC

McGuinness silent on Mowlam remark: The Irish Times

Sights are set on wider arms target: Belfast Telegraph

World spotlight shines in shadows of Finucane killing: Irish News

Case for inquiry is ever stronger: Irish News (Editorial)

Clinton to get NI peace honour: BBC

The same old lies again: (Editorial)

Remember all victims in NI, says bishop: The Irish Times

Catholics help develop Protestant programme: Irish Independent

O'Donoghue gets report on SF 'crime solving': The Irish Times

Shocking! Paramilitaries running North's rackets: Irish Echo

Thou shalt not smuggle over the border: Irish News

Ex-soldier jailed after arms find: BBC

Blair reaches out to Irish in Britain: Irish Voice

Spotting the difference: Irish Post

Loyal to the Orange Crown:

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 5 ---------

Inquiry witness denies link with IRA: BBC

McGuinness's ex-brother-in-law was 'brutalised': Irish Examiner

Witness says soldiers beat him in armoured car: The Irish Times

Wednesday, April 4

New North police force unfair, says Sinn Féin: Irish Examiner

Reid denies pro-unionist stance: Financial Times

Army defuses NI car bomb: BBC

Right wing is more than a politics thing: Irish News

Bomb will not ruin my life, says victim, 14: Electronic Telegraph

Republican remanded on terrorism charge: Irish Independent

Men injured in shootings: BBC

Bid to defuse Mowlam 'terrorist' outburst: The Guardian

SOS goes out for community without a priest for six weeks: Irish Examiner

End the use of plastic bullets: Irish News (Editorial)

Additional aid for conflict victims welcomed: The Irish Times

Farm leaders aim for animal health status for all Ireland: Irish Examiner

Actress defends bomb role: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 4 ---------

Witness 'certain' he would be shot by soldier: The Irish Times

Soldier got his revenge 'by killing four Irishmen': Irish News

Man says arrest kept him from being shot: The Irish Times

Tuesday, April 3

8,000 apply to join new NI police: BBC

Maskey sweeps aside policing revelations: UTV Internet


Lining up for the new police service: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

'Risks' for Trimble in shifting of polling day: The Irish Times

Reid to discuss pro-unionist claims with SF: UTV Internet

'Educating' Martin McGuinness: Belfast Telegraph

Pro-Agreement parties can benefit from poll delay: Irish Independent

Unionism has glittering gift in its grasp: Irish News


Pros and cons of playing green card: Belfast Telegraph

No future in policies lacking in principle: Irish News

Loyalists recruit the next generation: The Guardian

Mallon meeting rejected: Irish News

DPP appeals McCabe kill ers terms: Irish Independent

UUP told not to deselect candidate: Irish News

'Arizona emigrant is running for President': The Irish Times

DUP support for St Joseph's: Irish News

Ramsey US asylum case hits new snag:

Plan for new plastic bullet is condemned: The Irish Times

Trimble under fire over smuggling comments: UTV Internet

--------- Bloody Sunday News - April 3 ---------

'Tell them it was the Paras': Irish News

Soldier's shots 'like hailstones': BBC

Soldier fired "indiscriminately" Bloody Sunday inquiry told: Irish Examiner

Monday, April 2

Reid accused of following unionist view: The Irish Times

UK election delay may prove a lifeline for Trimble: Irish Independent

Election delay is in our interests: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Flanagan says he will head NI police until November: The Irish Times

UDA blamed for gang attacks: BBC

McIntyre flees in fear of his life: Irish News

Battle for Strangford is battle for unionism: Belfast Telegraph (by Irish Robinson)

March restarts protest at Drumcree: Irish Independent

Order can avoid that 'bitter end': Irish News (Editorial)

Ulster murder case faces collapse: The Guardian

RUC men on charges over Finucane murder: Irish Examiner

Onward Paisley's Soldiers: Sunday Business Post (Apr. 1)

Why I had to let my brother die: The Guardian

'Unease' at Mass decision: Irish News

IDB may open Dublin office: BBC

Population to grow by 45,000 a year, next decade: The Irish Times

Belfast Kids Wowed by Science Center: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Sunday, April 1

Police nab RIRA leader, maybe: Boston Herald

Garda file closes the net around Real IRA: The Sunday Times

Recent developments indicate that a deal was done in early March: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Forget police reform, the IRA is after something else: Sunday Independent

UUP's arsenal a forgotten peace hurdle: Boston Herald

Reid 'a threat to Agreement': Ireland on Sunday (by Martin McGuinness)

Murder away, but don't touch the livestock: Sunday Independent

Flanagan plans to resign next year: The Sunday Times

1,000 days on... and still no end in sight: Ireland on Sunday

Case against Stobie on verge of collapse: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Writer forced out of home by IRA threats: The Observer

Parting finger from Mo to loyal Unionists?: Ireland on Sunday

Christianity dies in bigotry: The Observer

Belfast Unionists embrace double murderer: Ireland on Sunday

Gangs make Antrim the most intimidating place in Ulster: The Sunday Times

Census translates into Ulster Scots: The Observer

A Catholic for king? It could happen yet: Ireland on Sunday