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Sunday, April 15

Paisley accused of SF propaganda: BBC

Paisley says North-South 'mutual respect' is key: Irish Echo

Interview with Ian Paisley: Washington Times (Apr 13)
Cal Thomas

Are Northern Ireland's Troubles Over?: (Apr 13)
Larry Miller

Irish Dark Ages hard to leave behind: New Zealand Herald (Apr 14)
Maurice Smyth

What the North needs – a chief executive's perspective: Sunday Business Post (Apr 1)
Brian Baird

Michael and Ian – up close and personal: BBC
Martina Purdy

How God played part in winning the peace: Belfast Telegraph (Mar 31)
Alf McCreary

Huge Demand From U.S.: Irish Voice/ (scroll down)

Will confrontation remain a hallmark of office?: Belfast Telegraph (Mar 26)
Chris Thornton

Orangemen to march if trade-off is agreed: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Republicans 'targetted' by loyalists:

Dissidents have the capacity to murder: Lurgan Mail

Death threat warning: (Mar 30)
Ciarán Barnes

Alternative Ulster: The Blanket (Apr 2)
Gerard Gallagher

Irish-British-Chinese atheist at Stormont: Village (Apr 5)
Fionala Meredith

UDA informer linked to 20 sectarian killings: (from the Irish News, Apr 13)
Barry McCaffrey

Guilty plea meant loyalist's double life remained secret: (from the Irish News, Apr 13)
Barry McCaffrey

Executive's 'peace dividend' of £2.8bn: Belfast Telegraph (Apr 11)
Noel McAdam

Street disorder must be halted: (from the Irish News, Apr 13)

Outrage as West Belfast is left out of new tourism book of Ireland: (Mar 27)
Evan Short

Getting our act together for tourism: Belfast Telegraph

State agencies dole out millions to 'political' ex-prisoner centres: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Sinn Féin puts forward 42 candidates: RTE

A new class apart?: Sunday Business Post
Nadine O’Regan

Boost for Maze sports stadium plan: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Saturday, April 14

Probable line-up of Assembly Executive emerges: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

'Talk to me, don't try to burn my house' – says DPP member: Derry Journal

City riots inexcusable – Paisley: BBC

Bid to calm tension over riots: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria O'Hara

DUP and Sinn Fein joint move on parades: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Derry parades deal template: Derry Journal

Enclave attacked after Orange parade:
Damian McCarney

Bus builder manager in court over 'terrorist' accusation: Irish Examiner
Ian Graham and Paul Kelly

McCord to quiz prison chiefs about cell search:
Ciarán Barnes

SDLP's dossier of amazing history of loyalist sentences: (Apr 10)
Anthony Neeson

British Ministers back Omagh bomb digital archive: Ulster Herald
Peter Kelly

O'Loan to report on death of Paul Whitters: Derry Journal

'I'll meet Sean's killer' – bomb victim's sister: (Apr 10)

Telegraph vindicated in UKUP row: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Revising the Uprising?: The Blanket
Paul Maguire

All change for peace train:
Máirtín Ó Muilleoir

The final Highland fling?: Daily Telegraph
Allan Massie

Better Together: The Times

Friday, April 13

Sinn Fein condemn DPP bomb attack: BBC

Bombers attack police activists: Ulster Herald
Mark McKelvey

Bomb bid DPP man considers position: Belfast Telegraph

Lessons to learn from shooting: Down Democrat

Paisley plc: Belfast Telegraph

Lambeg-thumping losers can offer nothing to DUP: (from the Irish News)
Newton Emerson

Destined for the Dustbin of History: The Blanket (Apr 9)
John Coulter

Sinn Fein boycott 'absurd': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Punters lodge wagers that Orange Order will walk the Garvaghy Road: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Loyalists set for Inverness march: The Scotsman

Crucial evidence in Hoey trial 'contaminated': Ulster Herald

Ex-FBI boss blasts MI5's Ulster record: Belfast Telegraph
Sean O'Driscoll

Gibraltar – The truth: Sunday Life (Apr 8)
Greg Harkin

Inquiry process must be questioned: Belfast Telegraph

Northern Bank suspect's trial step closer: (from the Irish News)

Peace brings property boom to Belfast: Irish Independent
Eugene Moloney

We must approve Ruane plans – DUP: Belfast Telegraph
Kathryn Torney

Exclusion close to end for Irish language speakers: (from the Irish News)
Jim Gibney

Government still backing Maze as the walls fall: The News Letter

Thursday, April 12

DUP says resolving Drumcree is absolute priority: The News Letter

New doubts over Brown's peace dividend: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

The men and women to run the North – dream team or disaster?: (from the Sunday Tribune, Apr 8)
Suzanne Breen

Town votes against Paisley proposal: UTV Internet

Ex-DPP member was bomb target: The News Letter

MI5 shredded returned collusion probe files: now they want more: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Family want dead man's name cleared and intimidation to end: (from the Irish News)
Marie Louise McCrory

'Slain by state': Newry Democrat

Cross-border education key for new minister: RTE

Man questioned under NI Terrorism Act:

'Up to 100' involved in trouble: BBC

Ireland's Christian culture thing of past: RTE

Wednesday, April 11

Trouble-free parades raise hopes for a peaceful marching season: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Petrol bomb attacks at Creggan parade: Derry Journal
Michael McMonagle

Garvaghy Road residents' leader resigns from Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Mac Cionnaith quits Sinn Féin: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

SF reaches out:

Loyalists must go all the way: (from the Irish News)

Back to the Old RUC Ways: The Blanket (Apr 4)
Martin Galvin

Funny kind of IRA job:
Robin Livingstone

Bomb target 'feared for family': BBC

Secrecy test for first collusion inquiry: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Special Branch Files – It stinks to high heaven: Sunday Life (Apr 1)
Greg Harkin

Lies writ large: Belfast Telegraph (Mar 30)
Kevin Myers

Inequality – it hasn't gone away you know: (from the Irish News)
Patrick Murphy

Trim could name street after Paisley: RTE

Take two – Now there's a second film about Paisley in the pipeline: Belfast Telegraph (Mar 27)
Maureen Coleman

If the Irish can thrive, why can't the Scots?: The Independent
Hamish McRae

Scots and English flourish in the Union: Daily Telegraph
David Cameron

A union of crowns is the only remedy for devolution: The Guardian
Geoffrey Wheatcroft

Tuesday, April 10

Paisley calls for reconciliation: The News Letter

Unionism no longer has veto – SF:

Ulster is 'a model for the world': The News Letter

Protest politics of little use in our new political reality: (from the Irish News)
Tom Kelly

Up North is an addicts' grim land of dry drunks: Sunday Independent (Apr 8)
Declan Lynch

Tea and toast makes DUP party people sick: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

North starts to loosen its icy grip on our frozen hearts: Sunday Independent (Apr 8)
Eoghan Harris

Grants aimed at Protestant areas are breaking the law, claims SDLP: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Drumcree talks 'are going very slowly' – Order: The News Letter

Garvaghy spokesman leaves party: BBC

Parades must step out to a new tune: Belfast Telegraph

Dissident republicans blamed for bomb found in Sion Mills: Belfast Telegraph
Claire McNeilly

'Bomb' found outside NI house:

Renegade loyalists' plot to kidnap boy foiled by police: Sunday Life (Apr 8)
Stephen Breen

McEntee's unanswered questions: Sunday Business Post (Apr 8)
Colm Heatley

MI5 and MoD battle to keep Ulster secrets: The Guardian
Sandra Laville

Investigation could reveal hand behind four Ulster murders: The Guardian
Sandra Laville

Time for Truth is Now: The Blanket
Mick Hall

Cross-border bus deal fuels goodwill in Paisley heartland: Belfast Telegraph (Apr 6)
Robin Morton

Monday, April 9

Irish hearts are smiling: Brisbane Times

Two reasonable men find the path to peace: New York Newsday
James Mulvaney

Pact by white tribes of Northern Ireland: Daily Nation (Kenya)
Gerry Loughran

Adams – 'SF aim to be in both governments': UTV Internet

Peace in Northern Ireland may be Blair's greatest legacy: The Age (Melbourne)
James Button

Times?... they are a-changin': Belfast Telegraph (Mar 30)
Dean Pittman

Hope in N. Ireland: Halifax Chronicle Herald (Apr 4)

PUP boss in meet with IMC: Sunday Life (Apr 8)
Brian Rowan

Why UVF may be readying itself to exit stage at last: Sunday Life (Apr 8)
Brian Rowan

United Ireland countdown begun: UTV Internet

Ex-British agents 'amazed' by findings of bombings inquiry: Sunday Business Post (Apr 8)
Colm Heatley

Taking control of Ulster's purse strings: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Order plans memorial to slain brethren: The News Letter

Respect for all call after memorial attack: Newry Democrat

That big green divide: (Apr 3)
Robin Livingstone

Ian cheering hurlers? Gerry at The Field?: Belfast Telegraph (Apr 2)
Pól Ó Muirí

A lifeline for Northern Ireland's troubled children: Philadelphia Inquirer (Apr 8)
Kerry O'Connor

Assembly urged to strengthen EU link: Belfast Telegraph (Apr 4)
Lesley-Anne Henry

Connolly march scrapped after 20 years: The Herald (Apr 5)
Brian Donnelly & Esther Hutcheson

Sunday, April 8

NI executive 'will not be battle': BBC

Protestant praised for N. Ireland peace: Springfield Republican
Jo-Ann Moriarty

Balancing act for DUP: Belfast Telegraph (Apr 6)
Eric Waugh

These strange times are not all about Mr Paisley: (from the Irish News)
James Kelly

Historical handshakes do not reflect street-level reality: Sunday Business Post
Eamonn McCann

How Ian Paisley became the new Nelson Mandela: The Observer
Jasper Gerard

A case of getting to know you ...?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Living the unimaginable: Sunday Business Post
Tom McGurk

What about a foreign policy?: (Apr 5)
Des Wilson

SDLP could unite with Fianna Fail: The Observer
Henry McDonald

DUP and SF move to ensure trouble-free marching season: Sunday Independent
Alan Murray

SDLP call for cash ring-fencing: UTV Internet

IRA double agent fresh suspect in shooting: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Masked men drive digger through house in city attack: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry, Deborah McAleese and Lisa Smyth

At least one person a week is victim of a 'punishment attack': (from the Irish News)
Allison Morris

Facts don't feature in the angry life of Brian: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Bombs – a damning report: Sunday Business Post — article removed from SB Post's web site
Colm Heatley

Man referred to in McEntee report denies any involvement in atrocity: Sunday Business Post — article removed from SB Post's web site
Colm Heatley

UVF had no need of British collusion for Dublin and Monaghan atrocities: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Collusion inquiries have cost £29 million: (from the Irish News, Mar 29)
Bimpe Fatogun

Tell us the truth about pub bombs: Birmingham Post (Apr 6)
Tom Scotney

SF calls for more 1916 events: UTV Internet

Paisley Parade? Never, never, says town council: Irish Examiner (Apr 6)
Paul O'Brien

Irish language press to benefit as government reviews ad policy: (Apr 4)

Saturday, April 7

Progress in North 'offers true meaning of Easter': Irish Independent
John Cooney and Ralph Riegel

Paisley urged – admit Trimble was right all along: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Deal means things will never be the same again – McDonald: (from the Irish News)
Barry McCaffrey

How the deal was done: Village (Apr 5)
Gerry Adams

Only Ian Paisley can speak for Ian Paisley...: Irish Independent

Time our intelligentsia: (from the Irish News)
Denis Bradley

Forgiveness at last for a long lifetime of saying 'No': Irish Independent
James Downey

Don't count on peace in Ireland just yet: Albany Times Union (Apr 6)
Andew Greeley

Historic handshake heralds the dawn of new era as Big Ian becomes the media's darling: Irish Independent

Archbishop's message – The true meaning of Easter: Irish Examiner

Agreement must bring benefits, Congressmen told: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Neal meets Blair in room full of N. Ireland history: Springfield Republican
Jo-Ann Moriarty

Wells – Deal a bridge too far: Down Democrat

Roy loses faith in DUP: Ballymena Times (Apr 4)

Democractically Elected Musical Chairs: The Blanket (Mar 19)
Mick Hall

West Belfast priest in crunch talks with UDA:
Roisin McManus

SF condemn attack on former soldier: UTV Internet (Mar 27)

Continuity IRA speaks of Sinn Fein betrayal in Easter message: UTV Internet

Mortar bomb and launcher found in security operation: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Town a dissident hotspot: Lurgan Mail

Collusion battle may need an OJ Simpson-style case: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Victims deserve to know truth: (from the Irish News)

Maze plan 'first political football': BBC
Gareth Gordon

DUP backs £60k museum lifeline: Belfast Telegraph

Former head of civil service says united Ireland may be better for northerners: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Mideast Conflict Displays Parallels to N. Ireland: Jewish Journal (Apr 6)
Niall Stanage

Misleading Analogy Ignores History: Jewish Exponent (Apr 5)
Jonathan S. Tobin

Friday, April 6

I'm not really such an ogre, Paisley tells nationalists: Irish Independent
Senan Molony

Allister fury at Paisley chat to Nolan: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Church ads blast Paisley decision: (from the Irish News)
William Scholes

North Set for U.S. Money?: Irish Voice/

Historic handshake bridges the divide: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Making headlines around the world for right reasons: (from the Irish News)
Jim Gibney

Blair deserves more credit for Ulster: Daily Telegraph
W F Deedes

PM goes back to the future: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

A historic shake with a firm grip: The News Letter

Grasp the hand, seize the opportunity: Belfast Telegraph

Easter again brings signs of deliverance: Ulster Herald

Paisley and Ahern in Boyne visit: BBC

50:50 rule has been a success: (from the Irish News, Mar 29)

Gerry McGeough & Political Policing: The Blanket (Mar 24)
Anthony McIntyre

IRA apologises to family of victim of punishment shooting: Irish Examiner
Paul O'Brien

'Fresh hope' in search for Columba McVeigh: Ulster Herald
Ronan McSherry

Justice Minister and SF clash over Birmingham Six inquiry: UTV Internet

Suspect in 1974 bombs also linked to murder case: Irish Independent
Senan Molony

Bomb probe blames record keeping: UTV Internet

Tánaiste – Every reason to believe collusion: RTE

Calls for Irish language legislation to be implemented: UTV Internet

Sands' memorial could breach equality laws: Impartial Reporter

Maze tunnel only scratches the surface, say ex-prisoners: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thronton and Sarah Brett

'Maze rubble' put up for auction: BBC
Johnny Caldwell

Council plan 'a sectarian carve-up', claims SDLP: The News Letter

Time for an all-Ireland?: Irish Post

Thursday, April 5

Ahern and Paisley's handshake melts away decades of suspicion: The Irish Times
Miriam Lord

The handshake of history that showed Paisley's affable side: The Times
Fran Yeoman

No alternative to deal – Paisley: BBC
Johnny Caldwell

McGuinness welcomes handshake:

After the breakthrough, leaders take a break from the politics: Irish Independent
Gene McKenna

Seventh councillor quits DUP over deal: UTV Internet

DUP's Hay tipped to be next Assembly Speaker: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

SF's Stormont portfolios revealed: UTV Internet

'Wasteful talking-shop' will be restored: (from the Irish News)
Alana Fearon

Bridges built as Taoiseach gripped, shaken and stirred: Irish Examiner
Caroline O'Doherty

The people have spoken, like it or not: (from the Irish News)
Brian Feeney

History was in their hands as they heartily shook on it: Irish Independent
Nichola Anderson

Forget the spin!: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

An historic handshake: Irish Independent

Bread and butter issues are the key: Belfast Telegraph

Saying 'yes': Irish Echo

Paisley's plea over fleeing criminals: UTV Internet

UDA rules out imminent disarmament:

'Too soon to judge' UDA on crime: BBC

Loyalist conflict project takes its first step: Belfast Telegraph
Emily Moulton

UUP mayor criticises loyalist GAA protest: (from the Irish News)

Troops make a quiet exit from border post: Newry Democrat

Irish Inquiry Faults Handling of Day of Attacks in 1974: New York Times
Eamon Quinn

Report finds no evidence of collusion on bombings: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

Gardai condemned in bombings probe: Irish Independent
Senan Molony and Michael Brennan

MacEntee defends Garda investigation:
Elaine Edwards

Garda apology for investigation into atrocity demanded: Irish Examiner
Sean Mac Carthaigh

Relatives say a 'dark hand' behind atrocity: Irish Independent
Louise Hogan

It was like something out of Dante's Inferno': Irish Examiner
Brian Hutton

Survivors right not to rely on inquiry: Irish Independent
Dearbhail McDonald

Decades later, so many unanswered questions: Irish Examiner
Harry McGee

The 1974 bombs – crucial unanswered questions remain: Irish Independent

McEntee Commission – Question of collusion still exists: Irish Examiner

Thirty years on, the Maze reveals a secret: The Guardian
Owen Bowcott

Secret Maze tunnel 'could have been built by UVF': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Wednesday, April 4

DUP chief to meet Ahern: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Decision on Stormont committees: RTE

'Paisley had no choice': The News Letter (Mar 28)

DUP rebels in alliance talks: UTV Internet

Seventh councillor leaves the DUP: BBC

Allister 'dismayed' at SF choices: UTV Internet

Schools crisis fear as Sinn Fein takes control: Belfast Telegraph
Kathryn Torney

Paisley speaks out after Sinn Fein takes education role: The News Letter

Paisley smiles at McGuinness joke... but stops short of laughing: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Responsibility of governing will help North bridge gap in trust: Irish Independent

Date of disbelief as Paisley changes habit of a lifetime: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Hopeful signs for Northern Ireland: Wellington Dominion Post (Apr 2)

N. Ireland's new day?: Cleveland Plain Dealer (Mar 27)

Next ombudsman must be 'neutral' warns DUP leader: The News Letter

Orde demands 'tangible changes' from UDA: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

City talks on moving loyalism on: BBC

The Cul de Sac called 'Futility': The Blanket (Mar 27)
Anthony McIntyre

SDLP's dossier of amazing history of loyalist sentences:
Anthony Neeson

Commission hoping for a 'positive marching season': Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Irish delegates seek inquiry in killings: Trenton Times (Apr 3)
Julie O'Connor

We have sympathy, says special branch: Sunday Life (Mar 24)
Alan Murray

Report into 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombs will reveal new evidence today: Irish Independent
Senan Molony

Gardai in new appeal over Donaldson murder: Belfast Telegraph
Brendan McDaid

Call for IRA members to locate Disappeared: The News Letter

Families will never forget: (from the Irish News, Apr 2)
Catherine Morrison

A new symbolism dawns for Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Legal fees for name battle keep rising: The News Letter (Mar 30)

Irish isn't linguistic bone for sectarian dogs to fight over: (from the Irish News)
Patrick Murphy

Power-sharing deal sees British Council's budget cut by 40%: Sunday Business Post (Apr 1)
Niamh Connolly

Hot flushes and delusions: The Guardian (Mar 27)
Gerry Adams

Tuesday, April 3

Progress in North continues as parties agree ministries: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Convicted IRA trio take top portfolios in Sinn Fein line-up: The Times
David Sharrock

Two more councillors leaving DUP: BBC

Republicanism 'is being strengthened by DUP quitters': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Something to celebrate – Downer: The Australian (Mar 27)

Humour smooths unlikely pairing: BBC
Martina Purdy

The ice melts: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Paisley's changing mood a sign of the times: (from the Irish News)
Roy Garland

These Men Are "Peacemakers"?:
Christopher Hitchens


New Loyalist group threatens UDA: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Police baiters are lost in intrigue and backbiting: (from the Irish News)
Tom Kelly

Was Donaldson's murder a botched kidnap bid?: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Fresh searches for 'Disappeared': BBC

New search for 'the Disappeared': UTV Internet
Ivan Little

Large-scale excavation is not the answer to finding remains: (from the Irish News)
Catherine Morrison

Is families' wait still not over?: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Walls at Maze prison demolished: UTV Internet

MLAs could give stadium plan the boot: The News Letter (Mar 30)

Orange Order may meet with residents' groups: (Mar 30)
Evan Short

MP urged to withdraw slur on tycoon: Sunday Life (Apr 1)
Stephen Breen

New Assembly will have final say on future of the former jail grounds: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Catholicism gains numbers but loses share of total: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Monday, April 2

Peace process in for a R.U.F.F time: Sunday Life (Apr 1)
Stephen Breen

IRA discusses disbanding Army Council: (from the Sunday Tribune, Apr 1)
Suzanne Breen

True to form, Gerry dodges the question: Sunday Independent (Apr 1)
Colum Kenny

DUP, SF in joint call for Hain resignation:

Today, we have agreed: The New Statesman
John O'Farrell

Epochal moment in Northern Ireland: Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka, Apr 1)
Lynn Ockersz

From Ireland – a sign of peace: Christian Science Monitor

The day the Angel of Death flew away from the North: Sunday Independent (Apr 1)
Eoghan Harris

No going back on the path to peace: Sunday Life (Apr 1)
Brian Rowan

Peace at last?: Central Midlands and Coastal Advocate (Australia)
James Haire

When Dr. No Became Dr. Yes: Irish Voice/
John Spain


Northern Aid adds support to deal: (from the Irish News, Mar 30)
William Graham

U.S. Leaders Rejoice Over North News: Irish Voice/
April Drew

Irish cause burns bright for Inland activist: The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA, Mar 17)
Tim O'Leary

Covering all the corners: (from the Irish News, Mar 31)
Newton Emerson

Mystic Cruiser's amazing predictions on the North: Sunday Business Post (Apr 1)
Pat Leahy

Courtney is a tout – victim's mother: Sunday Life (Apr 1)
Stephen Breen

Expelled Kirkham vows to go nowhere: The News Letter (Mar 30)

De Brún welcomes Euro rap for British on Irish language: (Mar 29)
Ciarán Barnes

Derry and Linfield fans continue bridge-building: Belfast Telegraph (Mar 28)
Clare Weir

N. Ireland pact bolsters hope for Mideast: Miami Herald (Apr 1)
Trudy Rubin

Catholic lawyer defends Findlay: Scotland on Sunday (Apr 1)
Marcello Mega

Sunday, April 1

Parties in dialogue about ministers: (from the Irish News)
William Graham

Hain requested to leave Stormont: BBC

SF sought to link killers deal to pact: Sunday Independent
Maeve Sheehan

We'll help the North, but it's a one-off: Sunday Independent
Don Lavery

How the deal was done: (from the Irish Times, Mar 31)
Frank Millar

First signs of first minister: (from the Irish Times, Mar 31)
Frank Millar

The feelgood factor: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Nine tortuous years later, we soberly wish them well: Sunday Independent
John A Murphy

From an ex-warrior come words of peace: Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Brian O'Neill

Bertie and Ian, experts at the political volte-face: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Reunification work started on Monday: (Mar 30)
Martin Morgan

Long, weary journey is over: Sunday Business Post
Tom McGurk

Miracles still happen in troubled Never-Neverland: (from the Irish News)
James Kelly

The final score?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

From Belfast, an astonishing agreement: Toronto Star
Olivia Ward

Now comes the hard part: Sunday Business Post
Eamonn McCann

Sunningdale for slow learners: Sunday Independent

DUP's dapper disciple: Sunday Business Post
Colm Heatley

Peter Hain, the last British colonialist: Sunday Telegraph
Jenny McCartney

Tony Blair's great triumph for politics over hate and violence: The Observer
Andrew Rawnsley

Blair's had a bad week – don't bet against worse to come: The Sunday Times
Michael Portillo

Northern Ireland is no model for peace processes: Sunday Independent
Paul Bew

Northern economy needs boost: Sunday Business Post
Colm Heatley

From bombs and bullets to boom towns: The Observer
Oliver Morgan

Executive has tough economic choices: Sunday Business Post
John Bradley

Real gloom as we're eclipsed by the North stars: Sunday Independent
Will Hanafin

US Congressmen on fact finding trip:

The Key Role of Irish America: Irish Voice/

Irish peace a special joy for Mitchell: Portland Press Herald (Mar 28)
Bill Nemitz

Del. activists stunned by N. Ireland accord: Delaware News Journal (Mar 30)
Beth Miller

Black Watch pulls out of Crossmaglen after 30 years: Independent on Sunday
Paul Bignell

'Cross' not suffering any bad withdrawal symptoms: Belfast Telegraph
Ben Lowry

Army's departure highly significant: (from the Irish News)

Police come under petrol attack: BBC

More speak Irish in the North than speak Chinese: (Mar 30)
Ciarán Barnes

Racism Bridging the Sectarian Divide: The Blanket (Mar 19)
John Coulter


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