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Saturday, April 15

DUP expects 'creeping direct rule' if Northern Ireland talks fail: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Stormont talks – Mood music from DUP and Sinn Féin still discordant: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Stormont talks – In-trays are piling up for future ministers but that's still better than leaving it to Tories: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

'Public services in crisis as SF pushes Irish language': The News Letter

DUP laying groundwork for significant Irish language shift say TUV: The News Letter

Irish language – Warm welcome awaits Arlene Foster where acceptance transcends the divide: Belfast Telegraph
Linda Irvine

Arlene Foster's outreach to Irish sector welcome: Belfast Telegraph

Good Friday Disagreement narrowly avoided: Irish News
Newton Emerson

This Holy Saturday, politics in Ireland is in an unholy mess: Irish News
Patrick Murphy

Life on the edge – how will Brexit affect the Northern Irish border?: The Guardian
Glenn Patterson

Roadmap to a united Ireland revealed in new report by leading Irish politicians: Irish Voice/
Sheila Langan

Veterans protest over Army prosecutions for Troubles killings: BBC

Legal pursuit of Troubles veterans 'Frankenstein justice', city rally told: Belfast Telegraph
Brett Campbell

Veteran's concern over 'aggressive and antagonist' republican protest: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Counter-protests policing operation 'proportionate': ITV

Beattie – Saoradh protesters' freedom 'fought for by the men standing with me': The News Letter

Veterans protest in Glasgow over legal 'witch-hunt' against soldiers who served in Northern Ireland: Scottish Daily Record
David Young

Now there is some more time to think hard about legacy: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

No more Troubles secrets should be lost to the grave (Apr 14): Irish News
William Scholes

How, and why, did Scappaticci survive the IRA's wrath?: The Irish Times
John Ware

Former cops may sue Ombudsman: Belfast Telegraph

IRA ordered 'House of Horrors' sex beast to pack bags: Sunday World
Steven Moore

The IRA killed dad, and then mum died of a broken heart: The News Letter
Kathryn Johnston

Suspended SDLP councillors get own room at City Hall: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Council still to decide on Easter Rising memorial in Carnlough: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Easter 1916 commemorations 2017 – Ireland calls Derry to her flag: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Tributes to ex-US envoy Dan Rooney who played key role in the peace process: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Sinn Féin President cancels visit to Galway as Stormont talks continue: Connacht Tribune

'Irish car bomb' cocktail leaves bad taste: Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

Protestant bishops fear 'baptism barrier' move will hurt communities: Irish Independent
Katherine Donnelly

Good Friday – Why are so many of us still Catholic?: The Irish Times
Peter McGuire

Rumours of the Church's demise have been greatly exaggerated: Irish Catholic
Michael Kelly

Friday, April 14

Sinn Féin welcome Arlene Foster's decision to meet Irish speakers: BBC

'No need' for Irish language Act at this time, says UUP: The News Letter

DUP MEP Diane Dodds met Irish language students during visit to east Belfast charity: Irish News
John Monaghan

A stand-alone Irish Language Act is divisive and ignores Ulster-Scots' rich heritage: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Irish must not be forced, by law, on the community at large: The News Letter

Foster's Irish language move to be welcomed: Irish News

Sinn Féin must refocus on wider issues to restore powersharing, says DUP MP: The News Letter
David Young

Efforts to bring back devolution could pivot on Irish language: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Whether they like it or not, Sinn Féin and DUP must work together: Belfast Telegraph
Rick Wilford

Sinn Féin and the DUP deserve each other: Irish News
Alex Kane

Northern Ireland parties must stop playing poker politics and try plain talking instead: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

An unwillingness to compromise is at the heart of this mess: Belfast Telegraph

EU draft guidelines ignore 'north's special status': Irish News

Hard Borders of the Mind – Brexit, Northern Ireland and the Good Friday Agreement:
Andrew Gilmore

Political deadlock 'risks Brexit tragedy: Irish News
Stephen Farry

Brexit challenges the identity of Ulster unionism: The Irish Times
Alex Kane

Retired officers consider legal action over leaked documents: BBC

Beattie – 'Stakeknife probe will be uncomfortable for Sinn Féin': The News Letter

Counter terrorism work, including use of agents, helped prevent civil war in NI: The News Letter
Trevor Ringland

Some believe McGuinness didn't leave the IRA until its campaign end in 2005 (Mar 22): Irish News
Allison Morris

Tight security in place amid rallies by veterans and dissident republicans: Belfast Telegraph

Convicted sectarian killer to press for re-release from prison: Irish News

Northern Ireland should have a president, says Holmes: BBC

Cross-border body facing funding gap amid Stormont uncertainty: Belfast Telegraph

International Fund for Ireland announces £2.6m for cross-community projects: Irish News
Andrew Madden

Sinn Féin motion of no confidence in the Garda Commissioner crushed in Dáil vote: Irish Mirror
James Ward

Bishop – Catholic churches are a bigger draw than the GAA: Irish Examiner
Jimmy Woulfe

British government realises Brexit is a mistake, official says: The Irish Times
Ruadhán Mac Cormaic

Three Reasons Why Brexit Means The Break Up Of The UK: Huffington Post
Jackie Kemp

For Scotland, Brexit is turning into Project Fear on steroids (Apr 9): Sunday Herald
Iain Macwhirter

Thursday, April 13

Northern Ireland power-sharing talks given extended deadline: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Foster pledge to engage with Irish speakers as SF is asked to reflect: The News Letter

Gerry Adams – 'Talks impasse is about modest but important matters, far bigger problems overcome in the past': Belfast Telegraph

Political impasse forced me to break promises, says ex-Justice minister: The News Letter
Deborah McAleese

Direct rule and crumbs from London coming soon: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Stormont didn't work for republicans – but what's next?: Irish News
Allison Morris

Northern Ireland talks failure is like boy who cried wolf... no one takes it seriously until it is too late: Belfast Telegraph
Naomi Long

Are we sleepwalking our way into biggest ever crisis at Stormont?: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

A breathing space that gives unionists time to take stock: The News Letter

Pessimism grows at Stormont: Irish News

A united Ireland is further away than you think: New Statesman
Scott Gilfillan

Former SB head says others in IRA guilty as 'Stakeknife': The News Letter

IRA must clear names of Stakeknife's 'informer' victims with pardon, says ex-Provo: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Responsibility for Stakeknife 'rests with British government': Irish News
Connla Young

Senior SF members among thousands of lives saved by Troubles agents – former officer: The News Letter
Niall Deeney

Stakeknife – There's too much at stake for any in this dirty war ever to face trial in an open court: Belfast Telegraph
Henry McDonald

Time to know more about the inner workings of PPS decision-making black box: Irish News
Newton Emerson

Former NI Police Ombudsman investigator arrested: BBC
Vincent Kearney

PSNI lives 'at risk after leak of files by former Ombudsman investigator': Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist Mark Harbinson under dissident death threat, court hears: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Donnelly

Harbinson is under a death threat, court told: The News Letter

Dissident threat to 'execute' Derry 'drug dealer': Derry Journal

Gardaí release suspect in investigation into Real IRA murder: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

Orange lodge funding raises bigotry issue, says Sinn Féin: Belfast Telegraph

Doug Beattie – 'Veterans have been quiet for too long': The News Letter

Victim laments McGuinness 'going to grave with Claudy information': Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Suspect in 1973 Daniel Carson shooting was at work on day of killing – inquest: Belfast Telegraph

Bullying a major issue in An Garda Síochána, says officer (Apr 12): The Irish Times
Conor Lally

Commissioner must go in best interests of Garda, says Sinn Féin: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

With a hard Brexit looming, Scottish nationalists could yet offer Ireland a fortuitous solution: Irish Independent
Niall Holohan

Our Brexit-driven disregard for Ireland is perilous: The Guardian
Nicholas Searle

Protest against Sinn Féin MP Francie Malloy sparks large police presence to 'ensure public safety' in Glasgow: Scottish Sun
Robert Collins

Sturgeon – Indyref2 'need not be divisive': BBC

'We hope that Spain did no secret deals like Blair with IRA' (Apr 10): The News Letter

Wednesday, April 12

Stormont talks – Partial pause over Easter: BBC

Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams – Disagreement on 'rights-based issues' holding up talks deal: Belfast Telegraph

Gerry Adams warns DUP – It's decision time on powersharing: The News Letter
David Young

Dodds – SF's daily demands show they don't want Executive restored: The News Letter

Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin Senators clash over North politics: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

Lack of unionist unity a 'disappointment' – Donaldson: The News Letter

Another Northern Ireland election could bring violence to streets, warns UUP's Doug Beattie: Belfast Telegraph
Jonny Bell

Lack of trust between parties 'threatening devolution' – Long: ITV

Individual 'vanity projects' threatening powersharing, warns Alliance leader: The News Letter
David Young

'Community sector counting the cost of Stormont failure' – McNulty: Newry Times

To protect the most vulnerable, we need Stormont Executive in action again: Belfast Telegraph
Eileen Evason

Stormont talks lack energy and compromise of Easter 1998: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Stormont blame game rumbles on as hopes fade for an end to the deadlock: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Republicans and unionists – both need to rethink the direction of their ideologies post-Brexit: Tribune Magazine
John Coulter

Which united Ireland does the border poll lobby want to achieve?: Belfast Telegraph
John Wilson Foster

Joint administration from Dublin and London is only way forward: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Public want parties to begin governing: Belfast Telegraph

Major police operation for Army rally and counter-protest: ITV
Sharon O'Neill

DUP meet PSNI over veterans rally concerns: Irish News
Paul Ainsworth

Dissident parade go-ahead 'another failure by Parades Commission': The News Letter

Starry Plough in Maghera police station an attempt to 'raise tensions': Irish News
John Monaghan

Andrew Allen murder – Arrested man released: BBC

Mother posts bail for man wanted for attempted murder of PSNI officer: The Irish Times
Saurya Cherfi

Stakeknife – double agent in IRA 'was given alibi by senior British officials': The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Exposed – The murky world of spying during the Troubles: The Irish Times
John Ware

Public should have say over Northern Ireland Troubles legacy proposals, says Victims' Commissioner Thompson: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Early boost for families' Hyde Park justice campaign: The News Letter

Ulster Scots display on history of Kilkeel omits reference to Irish language origins of name: Irish News
John Monaghan

Vandals cause £2,000 worth of damage to Shantallow republican memorial: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Developer Kearney threatens to sue Sinn Féin's O Muilleoir over 'false Nama allegations': Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Michael Noonan to be quizzed over role in sale of Nama's Project Eagle loan book: Irish Independent
Philip Ryan

If you think Stormont is bad, take a look at the Dáil: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Longtime political interference damaging Garda Síochána, says Tánaiste: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan and Marie O'Halloran

Patten-like commission will further delay Garda reforms: The Irish Times
Denis Bradley

Ireland is facing a 'serious and imminent threat' from Brexit: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

Half of young adults in the UK do not feel European, poll reveals: The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll and Caelainn Barr

Funny how everyone's a democrat until you try to vote for Brexit or Trump (Mar 16): Belfast Telegraph
Mick Hume

SNP has dealt with identity politics (Mar 1): The Scotsman
Scott Macnab

Extreme Scottish unionists – how the hard right has muscled into the independence debate: New Statesman
Julia Rampen

Good a peacemaker of worldwide renown: Belfast Telegraph

Tuesday, April 11

Police 'failed to investigate 18 murders in Northern Ireland to protect IRA mole': The Independent
Tom Batchelor

IRA killed RUC agent 'despite warning to Army from Stakeknife': The News Letter

Barra McGrory describes Stakeknife report as 'chilling reading': Irish News
Connla Young

Step back over Stakeknife, PPS deputy asked: BBC

Scappaticci perjury case – Former PPS official 'acted appropriately': Irish News

A deadly game – British spies in the North: Irish Examiner

Sinn Féin demands new Stormont poll if agreement not reached by Friday: The News Letter
Michael McHugh

DUP accuses Sinn Féin of making new demands ahead of Stormont deal deadline: Belfast Telegraph

Even a successful talks outcome will likely end in failure: Irish News
David Ervine

Alliance styles itself the voice of reason, but is a leading force of intolerance on City Council: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Theresa May needs to realise there is no Northern Ireland nation: Irish News
Fionnuala O'Connor

Dissident march told to stop short of City Hall veterans rally: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Anger at IRA and gun graffiti on Dungannon roundabout signs: Tyrone Times
Shauna Corr

Hyde Park bomb justice campaign backed by Northern Ireland MP Kinahan: Belfast Telegraph
Jonny Bell

'I saw Dad blown up from nursery window' – Soldier's daughter campaigning for justice over the Hyde Park bombing tells of horror at seeing her father murdered in IRA atrocity: The Sun
Tom Wells

Derry teenager killed by British army in 1972 was innocent, coroner rules: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Commanding Officer 'cried his eyes out' during meeting with teenager's family: The News Letter
David Young

Deery family vindicated in inquest campaign: Irish News
Fiona McGarry

'The Disappeared' – search for closure goes on: The Irish Times

At least Martin McGuinness moved in the right direction (Mar 25): Sunday Independent
Eoin O'Malley

Northern Ireland 'needs more certainty than vague claims of no return to borders of the past' lobby groups have warned (Apr 6): Belfast Telegraph
John Mulgrew

An island united by finance and not identity (Mar 23): Irish News
Allison Morris

Fearghal McKinney – 'Nothing prepares you for defeat after the amount of hard work put in prior to the election but I'm resilient': Belfast Telegraph
Claire McNeilly

Sorry, Northern Ireland – the truth is, we are just not that into you . . . (Mar 21): Irish Independent
Ian O'Doherty

Sinn Féin President to address city meeting on Irish unity: Connacht Tribune

Fianna Fáil accused of trying to 'gazump' Sinn Féin Dáil motion: Irish Examiner
Elaine Loughlin

Britons don't pine for empire – they just want to be left alone: The Irish Times
Janan Ganesh

Northern Ireland 'could join European free trade association post Brexit': The News Letter
Michael McHugh

Adams' call on ETA jail conditions: The News Letter

SNP's case for independence rests more on faith than empirical reality: The Herald
David Torrance

Monday, April 10

Little hope for Stormont political deal as Easter deadline looks set to slip: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Efforts intensify as Stormont talks enter final stages: ITV

Brokenshire must stop pandering to those standing in the way of progress: Belfast Telegraph
Michelle O'Neill

'British Government's Brexit incompetence damaging' – Bradley: Newry Times

Politics has changed utterly as uncertainty rules: Irish News
Deaglan de Breadun

DUP in unionist election pact bid – urging Swann to do deal to 'maximise seats': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

This is not the time to retreat to the trenches... unionism must reach out: Belfast Telegraph
Robin Swann

All quiet at Stormont as Belfast City Council makes headlines (Apr 8): Irish News
Newton Emerson

'Irish language crusade is leaving unionist minority uncomfortable': The News Letter

Ulster Scots group awarded £33,500 for Orange hall in government and lottery grants: Irish News
Connla Young

Impersonal policing can only harm PSNI (Mar 21): Belfast Telegraph

Man arrested in connection with 2012 Buncrana murder of Andrew Allen: Irish Independent
Sasha Brady

Man arrested in connection with murder of Aidan 'The Beast' O'Driscoll in Co Cork: Irish Mirror
Keeley Ryan

Craigavon police shame social media users inadvertently helping gangs and dissidents: The News Letter

'Still hope' for Disappeared's families – Eamon Martin: BBC

Church figures 'could receive and share information on Troubles killings': Irish News
Claire Simpson

Blair didn't order tap on Paisley's phone – Prescott: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Hyde Park Bomber Must Pay – The Sun backs £650,000 fighting fund to help families of 1982 IRA Hyde Park bomb victims win justice and suspect John Downey face up to his crime after official blunders: The Sun
Tom Wells

'Why will Gardai not volunteer to attend massacre inquest?': The News Letter

Civil rights leaders won the argument through words not war: Irish News
Tom Kelly

Actor Colm Meaney says Martin McGuinness was 'very badly treated' by media: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

'We're delighted the opening was a joint event with Foster and McGuinness – Seamus was keen to address both traditions... so that was important for us' (Mar 28): Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Maureen Haughey funeral told of 'republican in the truest sense' (Mar 22): The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Parties should watch out for an angry Moby Dick and a circling SF (Apr 9): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Debunking the most common 'alternative facts' about the Irish language:
Colm Ó Broin

Martin admits fall in number of Catholics could be even worse: Irish Independent
Sarah MacDonald

Brexit could reignite row over Rockall, warns Ó Cuív: Irish Independent
Michael McHugh

UK fighting for 'The Rock' could make EU look great (Apr 9): Sunday Independent
Declan Lynch

Gibraltar and the relics of empire: The Irish Times

SNP's case for independence rests more on faith than empirical reality (Mar 27): The Herald
David Torrance

Harold Good feared arrest trying to get Eta to give up guns: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

The sorry contrast in Spain and Britain's approaches to terror: The News Letter

Sunday, April 9

Northern Ireland faces 'direct rule by stealth' as talks falter: The Observer
Henry McDonald

UUP leader says single unionist party would 'stifle debate' in NI: The Irish Times
Amanda Ferguson

Ranting women are the new, unacceptable face of politics (Mar 17): The News Letter
Sandra Chapman

Lisburn minister boycotts cross-community 'walk of witness': Ulster Star
Mark Rainey

'Bigots' label is a cause of concern: Carrick Times

Memorial to IRA volunteers and Easter Rising leaders vandalised: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Victim's brother – Shankill bomb, not Martin McGuinness, helped bring peace (Apr 7): The News Letter

Martin McGuinness triggered new phase in process and it's time to organise for a United Ireland – O'Neill tells rally (Apr 7): Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

McGuinness was never a benevolent peacemaker, says author (Apr 6): The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

His work for peace is what really matters (Mar 24): Irish Examiner
Michael Clifford

A hint of optimism in the aftermath of McGuinness funeral (Mar 24): The News Letter

50 years on – the official formation of the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association recalled (Apr 7): Irish News
John Monaghan

I lived in the Falls as the Troubles erupted but a deprived background is no excuse for joining the IRA (Apr 7): The News Letter
John Cushnahan

Trojan horse of republicanism can't hide truth about Troubles: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

The good guys beat the IRA once the state got its act together (Apr 6): The News Letter
William Matchett

Pro-lifers slam SDLP on suspensions: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

New play touring Londonderry and challenging assumptions around Orange culture (Apr 4): Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

An Garda Siochana needs to be fixed, not disbanded: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

US buyer of Nama's NI property loans portfolio writes off €4.1bn (Mar 20): Belfast Telegraph

Republic's alcohol plans threaten the North, industry chief warns: The Irish Times
Amanda Ferguson

Southern tourists come in bigger numbers – and they're spending more (Apr 8): Irish News

State bodies criticised by Irish Language Commissioner (Apr 3): The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Most people agree with the Angelus being broadcast on TV and radio (Mar 13):
Órla Ryan

God Save Ireland From… The Catholic Church: Daily Beast
J.P. O'Malley

Rev Harold Good says Eta disarmament 'hugely important': BBC

Brexit – Story of Guinness Border crossings highlights potential costs (Apr 7): The Irish Times

Arguments for Ireland leaving EU do not add up (Apr 8): The Irish Times
Noel Dorr

All the bluster and bravado of Britain's Brexit misadventure can end only on a discordant note: Sunday Independent
Willie O'Dea

Ireland should show 'sympathy' for an independent Scotland says retired Colonel Dorcha Lee (Mar 20): The Herald
Jody Harrison

Wha's like us? Ireland can show us how to live life on the edge: The National (Scotland)
Martin Hannan

Saturday, April 8

Northern Ireland powersharing talks in deadlock: The News Letter
David Young

Sinn Féin and DUP accuse each other of blocking talks process: BBC

Sinn Féin – Past week of talks more about process than any progress: Belfast Telegraph

Former Tánaiste says it is 'disappointing' that Stormont talks have not yielded success: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

New MLA who is more frustrated than most at our political limbo (Apr 3): The News Letter
Graeme Cousins

Aspects of Good Friday Agreement may move centre stage: Irish News
Patrick Murphy

Arlene Foster's dramatic change in fortunes (Apr 5): Irish News

Martin McGuinness police file was 'not blocked to save peace': Belfast Telegraph
Sean O'Driscoll

Silence among MPs as PM pays tribute to McGuinness (Mar 28): The News Letter
Chris Moncrieff

Press bar at Sinn Féin Derry meeting to allow public 'full and frank' discussion: Belfast Telegraph

The ex-IRA men – 'United Ireland? It's all guff': The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

DUP accused of blocking release of inquest papers to murder victim's family: Irish News
Allison Morris

When moderates come to see how legacy processes begin to justify the IRA, more of them will speak out: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

IRA victim's widow: McGuinness family had time to prepare – I got a knock on door: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Brexit is 'LOOSENING' Northern Ireland's ties with rest of the UK, business owner claims: Daily Express
Chris Campbell

Enda Kenny – Bertie Ahern 'wrong' to say Ireland entitled to negotiate with Britain on Brexit: Irish Examiner
Elaine Loughlin

Robin Swann elected as Ulster Unionist Party leader: ITV

Robin Swann to reveal his plan for 'positive' unionism: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Christian traditionalists need their own party: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Woman claims she was given shopping gift cards during informer approach (Apr 5): Irish News
Connla Young

Alex McCrory – Dissident republican's bail conditions relaxed: Irish News

Yet again, bail relaxed for a terror defendant: The News Letter

Catholic church urged to clarify tricolour rules: Irish News
Connla Young

Bail refused to Scotsman accused of destroying car used in murder of UDA boss: The News Letter

Jean McConville case lawyers told to hand over Ivor Bell's medical notes: The Irish Times

Dublin 'throwing up mechanisms' to prevent Kingsmills cooperation: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Who will speak for victims of the IRA? (Mar 25): Sunday Independent

SDLP leader defends suspensions over anti-abortion 'intimidation' vote: Belfast Telegraph

Young people in West Belfast taking part in 'Fighting Sectarianism' project visit Auschwitz (Apr 6): Belfast Live
Ryan Smith

Carl Frampton a big hit with fans when photographed wearing an Antrim GAA jersey: Irish News
Marie Louise McConville

Irish language clubs may get funding reprieve: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Census shows we must rethink our approach to Irish and the Gaeltacht: The Irish Times
John Walsh and Bernadette O'Rourke

Losing our religion – drop in Catholics sparks calls to end 'baptism barrier' (Apr 7): Irish Independent
Ryan Nugent and Katherine Donnelly

FF – Policing Authority should judge 'capacity' of O'Sullivan to do job: Irish Independent
Cormac McQuinn and Niall O'Connor

Political control is at the root of the problems within the Garda (Apr 7): The Irish Times
Chris Ryder

Martin McGuinness cameo role in The Peacemaker movie: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Derry photographer's bonfire picture scoops leading global award (Mar 29): Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Brexiteers prove that stupid is as stupid does: The Irish Times
Chris Johns

Reuniting and Renewing the Kingdom – Britain beyond Brexit: New Statesman
Dan Jarvis

Brexit could turn Gibraltar in to the next Falklands, senior Conservatives suggest (Apr 2): The Independent
Tom Peck

Friday, April 7

Obama aide fears violent extremism will erupt in the North: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Minister criticised by Sinn Féin over public services amid Stormont crisis: The News Letter
David Young

What price is DUP willing to pay to restore devolution?: Irish News
Alex Kane

The Easter talks deadline must not become a rigid one: The News Letter

Sinn Féin to reshuffle top table, says Adams: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Is Sinn Féin bending the rules to gain an advantage ahead of the next election?: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Victim definition – unionists call for public consultation (Apr 1): The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Irish unity should not be part of Brexit debate – Ahern: BBC
John Campbell

Bertie Ahern urges direct London-Dublin talks on post-Brexit links: Belfast Telegraph

Brexit vote a 'bad decision', says Irish minister: BBC

Co Council heightens Brexit concerns as likelihood of "Hard Border" looms: The Northern Standard

'Next time, EU boss will listen to me' – Nicholson: The News Letter

Prepare for months of absurdity as Brexit bites: Irish News
Denis Bradley

Dissidents and ex-soldiers Good Friday protest clash in Belfast: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Parades Commission to make decision over 'mass mobilisation' against Army veterans rally: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Loyal Orders ready to rally: Portadown Times

Community hall scheme raises further questions (Apr 3): Irish News

James Brokenshire slams 'barbaric' paramilitary-style shooting in Newtownards: The News Letter

Gardaí release pensioner held over murder of Cork dissident: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

Parents of soldier killed by IRA call for monument to honour 'forgotten troops': Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Tebbit – McGuinness prosecution was dropped to keep peace talks going: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

'McGuinness was a good man whose sizeable place in Irish history is assured': The New European
Alastair Campbell

New laws directing Irish police to attend Kingsmill inquest considered – lawyer: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

DUP's Peter Robinson swept office for hidden bugs and believed spooks were listening to phone calls: Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Embrace Irish language act, says Welsh minister Alun Davies: BBC
Stephen Walker

Ní thuigim – Irish language faces stark threat in its heartland: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Census 2016 – Irish dying a slow death?: Irish Examiner

Which Taoiseach would be in the best interests of Northern Ireland?: Belfast Telegraph
Tom Kelly

Carl Frampton destroys Twitter troll who criticised him for wearing Antrim GAA top: Belfast Telegraph

Carl Frampton shows positive face of sport: Irish News

'No regrets' from SDLP's Declan Boyle as trio suspended for not backing motion on harassment by anti-abortionists at clinics: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Dramatic fall in Irish religious belief: BBC

Irish yes, but not always Catholic (Apr 5): Irish Independent
Kathryn Donnelly

Fianna Fáil backed into corner by Sinn Féin over O'Sullivan: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

Republic's census reveals fewer Catholics and more divorcees: The News Letter

Merkel vows to support Ireland in EU talks on Brexit: The Irish Times
Derek Scally

Who are Irexit's supporters, and why do they think Ireland should follow Britain out of the EU?: Irish Post
Aidan Lonergan

The EU has lost its way – we should leave now and join our economic forces with Britain (Mar 30): Irish Independent
Ray Kinsella

Britain's Brexit thinking is stuck in 19th century (Apr 5): Irish News
Jarlath Kearney

Row over Gibraltar throws Scotland's position into focus: The Herald
Iain Macwhirter

Thursday, April 6

Sinn Féin – No significant progress in Stormont crisis talks: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

SF 'peddling doom and gloom' on Stormont: Irish Independent
David Young

Sinn Féin MEP tells taoiseach and council to protect GFA in Brexit negotiations: Irish News

Hibernians renew call for a U.S. envoy: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Wooing the centre ground makes political sense: Irish News
Newton Emerson

Stormont legacy issues impasse can be overcome with legal imagination: Belfast Telegraph
Kieran McEvoy

Population shifts in key NI cities mark major change (Apr 1):
Steven McCaffery

Politics of division in Northern Ireland persists: The Irish Times

Arlene Foster – The Iron Lady of unionism who became a liability (Apr 5): Irish News
Allison Morris

The only way is up for a dynamic Sinn Féin with women at its helm (Mar 26): Irish Examiner
Daniel McConnell

Northern Ireland should be a priority in Brexit talks, say MEPs: Belfast Telegraph

NI 'integral part of independent UK' – Dodds: ITV

'Brexit the big political challenge of our generation' – Newry MLA: Newry Times

Could EU single market membership help Northern Ireland after Brexit?:
Maresa Fagan

'Martin McGuinness didn't just leave one widow ... he left hundreds of us': The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Christy Moore hopes funeral of Martin McGuinness might encourage people to "embrace" change (Mar 28): Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

McGuinness asked how I'd deal with the Northern Ireland situation – 'I'd intern you and Adams,' I said (Mar 27): Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Up Close and Personal – Our Final Interview With Martin McGuinness: Hot Press
Jason O'Toole

Thucydides had Martin McGuinness's number: The Spectator
Peter Jones

PSNI produce plan to get more Catholics into force: The News Letter
Deborah McAleese

McCartney – Long-standing policing concerns need to be addressed: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

PSNI failed to meet 23% of performance targets in 2016: The Irish Times

Surge in dissident activity 'deeply disturbing' and some will link it to ongoing political instability – MLA (Mar 31): Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Man shot in Newtownards paramilitary-style attack: BBC

Attacks involving secret agent Kevin Fulton 'not properly investigated', court hears: Irish News

Case against IRA informer links him to murder of policewoman: The News Letter

Truth commission risks re-traumatising victims: Irish News
Allison Morris

IRA victim's son hits out after Beeb backs journalist's comment: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

I'm no IRA apologist, but I have no regrets over civilian attack comments – BBC's Peter Taylor: Belfast Telegraph
Jonny Bell

Corporation tax delay 'will make mockery of backers': Belfast Telegraph
John Mulgrew

Despite the political impasse in Northern Ireland, there is hope on housing (Mar 15): The Guardian
Paddy Gray

The changing faces of Northern Ireland's murals (Mar 29):

'A kick in the backside, with love, for the Belfast proletariat": The Irish Times
Connal Parr

DfI officials say equality screening failure was 'oversight' (Apr 4): Irish News
Connla Young

Ireland negotiating from a 'position of strength' on Brexit, says Noonan: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

'Join club UK' Ireland urged to QUIT Brussels' failing project and team up with Britain: Daily Express
Joe Barnes

Nicola Sturgeon 'fairly certain' of second Scottish independence referendum: The Herald

Scottish Catholics less well-off than Northern Ireland counterparts: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Sectarianism and Catholic disadvantage claims 'least of modern Scotland's social problems': The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Wednesday, April 5

Judges would rule on legacy secrecy under new plans to break Stormont impasse: Belfast Telegraph
David Dawson

Info gathered in legacy inquests must also get immunity from prosecution: The News Letter
Jim Allister

Raymond McCord questions absence of unionists from launch of legacy proposals: Irish News
John Monaghan

Former soldier – Adams's truth offer a 'twisted April fools' joke': The News Letter

Stormont talks resume amid fresh optimism: Irish Independent
David Young

Foster holds out hope of talks deal by end of month: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Brokenshire urges business leaders to encourage parties: ITV

Sticking points – Divisive issues that could stand in way of political agreement in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph

Belfast Agreement through young people's eyes: Belfast Media
Evan Short

Preserving fragile peace in Northern Ireland: Teutopolis Press-Dieterich Special Gazette
Arthur I. Cyr

NIO must wake up to most serious political crisis for over a decade: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Time to put aside party politics for the sake of our future: Impartial Reporter
Shona Morrison

Sinn Féin – Our plan to persuade unionists to support a united Ireland: The Irish Times
Matt Carthy

Foster may have made mistakes but she's still supported in Fermanagh: Irish News
Gareth McKeown

Arlene Foster – from hubris to uncertainty: Irish News
John Manley

British Ambassador warns that free trade across Irish border will prove 'challenging': Belfast Telegraph
Brian Hutton

Border checks inevitable if UK exits customs bloc – Bertie Ahern: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Brexiteers who rejoiced at the triggering of Article 50 may find little cause for celebration: Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

Gibraltar is not Ireland, says Kenny in defence of Brexit stance: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran and Pat Leahy

Sammy Wilson walks out of committee over 'selective and skewed' Brexit report: Belfast Telegraph
Jonny Bell

May can't Brexit and keep GFA intact – MP: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Brexit will mean the return of a boarder to be policed between Ireland and the North: Irish Mirror
Paddy Clancy

How both Ireland and Gibraltar could end up as pawns in the UK's game of chess with the EU: Irish Independent
David Dawson

Brexit – Why being an island might just help us to dodge a hard border: Belfast Telegraph
James Anderson

Gibraltar is a sideshow – why isn't May focusing on Northern Ireland?: New Statesman
Patrick Maguire

Fly the EU flag to show we're not part of the Brexit: Irish Examiner
Joe Gill

Gardaí arrest four men one woman in relation to murder of Aidan 'The Beast' O'Driscoll: Irish Independent
Ralph Riegel

Man charged with IRA membership after gardai discover weapons cache: Sunday World

Co Armagh bomb suspect denied bail to attend daughter's communion: The News Letter

Winston 'Winkie' Rea handed files on loyalist paramilitary killings: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Under-fire BBC journalist defends claims about IRA civilian killings: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Justice denied as crusading dad of boy killed in 1976 UVF bomb dies: Belfast Telegraph
Annamay McNally

Martin McGuinness 'embraced peace to save his own skin': The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Plastic bullet victim's family in witness appeal: Derry Journal

Bereaved of Troubles crying out for truth: Belfast Telegraph

Murdered UDR man's wife new head of War Widows society: Belfast Telegraph
Claire O'Boyle

Senator asks why UK has right to scramble fighter jets in Irish airspace: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

Irish language youth club closures – Sinn Féin welcomes commitment to review funding applications: Belfast Telegraph

Majority say Irish should be optional in Republic's schools: Irish News
Simon Doyle

It's time for Scotland to find a new home – in Canada: Toronto Globe and Mail
Ken McGoogan

Tuesday, April 4

Adams 'truth' offer an admission of IRA past – UUP MLA: The News Letter

First round of renewed talks to restore power-sharing in Stormont 'constructive': Irish Independent
David Young

Eastwood says constructive talks were step in right direction: Derry Journal

McCartney – British government and DUP need to fulfil outstanding commitments: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Sinn Féin: Deal could be done in the next 24 hours – but party will not compromise on a compromise: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

Northern Ireland powersharing talks – How did we reach this point?: The News Letter
David Young

Northern Ireland Talks: Round 2 – with new structures but no guarantees: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Sentimentality won't save Stormont... but compromise might: Belfast Telegraph
Henry McDonald

Dole lot of use these politicians are: Belfast Live
Joe Lindsay

We need to know – do nationalists and unionists even want to share power?: The News Letter
Alex Kane

History tells us the resolute Mr Reiss may be just the man to knock a few heads together at Stormont: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Absurd Brexit fears over hard border won't be realised – Campbell: The News Letter

'Special status' push just a ruse aimed at the break-up of the UK: Belfast Telegraph
Jim Allister

It's everyone's responsibility to make Brexit work for Northern Ireland: Irish News
Patrice Cairns

Commissioner 'heaped more hurt on victims' by attending McGuinness funeral: The News Letter

Presbyterian minister's surprising friendship with Martin McGuinness: Irish News
William Scholes

Unionists badly need a leader like McGuinness – former RUC deputy: The News Letter
Adam Kula

European left says McGuinness dedicated life to United Ireland (Mar 24): Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

History will view Martin McGuinness positively (Mar 24): Irish News
Eamon Phoenix

Martin McGuiness' Legacy: Foreign Affairs
Gary Murphy

McGuinness's death means Adams cannot retire as planned: Irish News
Fionnuala O'Connor

Department admits community halls scheme weighted towards Protestants: Irish News
Connla Young

Why was community halls scheme launched as a pilot?: Irish News
Connla Young

Stormont failed because the past is still looked upon as something impossible to settle (Mar 29): Belfast Telegraph
Peter Shirlow

Legislation that set up PSNI out-dated and long-standing issues need to be addressed – NIAO: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Angry Ian Paisley wants answers over tapping of father's phone by British spooks: Belfast Telegraph
Claire O'Boyle

Stakeknife – Chief investigator calls for witnesses: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Gerry Adams: Sinn Féin not trying to put soldiers in the dock – 'but want justice for all victims': Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

BBC's Peter Taylor accused of 'trivialising' attacks on civilians by IRA: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Daughter of shot IRA woman to sue British army: Irish News
Connla Young

Carrick remembers the UDR fallen: Carrick Times

Northern Ireland veterans will not benefit from new mental health service: The News Letter

Tony Blair denies John Prescott's claims he authorised Ian Paisley phone tap: The News Letter
Andrew Woodcock

Expert panel to scrutinise Garda in PSNI-style review: Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

There's something rotten at heart of Official Ireland threatening our democracy: Irish Independent
Ian O'Doherty

Arlene Foster extends hand of friendship to Gibraltar's chief minister: The News Letter
David Young

The Brexit clock is ticking. Will it be a time bomb?: The Irish Times
Pat Cox

Brendan Rodgers – Celtic and Rangers fans should learn to live together and forget all the hatred of the past: The Herald
Neil Cameron

May cannot now preach to Scotland about self-determination (Mar 29): The Guardian
Nicola Sturgeon

Theresa May warned of looming battle over devolution (Mar 19): The Guardian
Jessica Elgot

Monday, April 3

DUP urges Sinn Féin – Give people the stable government they want: The News Letter

Sinn Féin – Government must 'stop pandering to the DUP': The News Letter

Gerry Adams – Early Stormont deal wouldn't last without Martin McGuinness: Irish News

Brokenshire should consider outside chair: Irish News

Government criticised for failure to secure veto on deal for north after Brexit: Irish Mirror
David Maher

New members of Victims' Forum want to shape brighter future in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Buoyant Alliance has to do even better next time (Mar 31): Irish News
Alex Kane

We must be told why NI courts treat bail so lightly in terror cases (Apr 1): The News Letter

Two Tribes – Lurgan's stark 'dividing line' softens with time: The Irish Times
Rosita Boland

The 'Northern Irish' identity is no new dawn:
Kevin McNicholl

The changing faces of Northern Ireland's murals:

After 8 months silence, Stormont admits DUP's Paul Givan was investigated over bonfire (Mar 30): Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Ian Paisley 'to raise bugging of father's phone in parliament': BBC

Freedom and privacy should never be destroyed under the guise of national security (Apr 1): Daily Mirror
John Prescott

IRA compensation bid returns to Commons (Mar 27): The News Letter

Relatives describe gun test delays as 'unacceptable' (Mar 28): Irish News
Connla Young

Basque patriotic left describes McGuinness as 'great revolutionary and great friend' (Mar 24): Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Naomi Long hails McGuinness, Ervine and Paisley who contributed to 'painful legacy' of Troubles but sought peace (Mar 25): Belfast Live
Chris Sherrard

A fitting tribute to the 'Bogside Boy' would be a prompt deal on real power-sharing at Stormont (Mar 23): Irish Independent
John Downing

Martin McGuinness was a man unafraid to embrace change: Irish Catholic
Michael Kelly

Up the Irish!: Sri Lanka Guardian
Eric Margolis

If Sinn Féin TDs want to talk about Nazis, they should look to their own party's history (Mar 27): Irish Independent
Mary Kenny

Noonan 'tried to stop probe on Project Eagle sale' (Mar 30): Irish Independent
Cormac McQuinn

Former ambassador condemns Ireland's Brexit policy: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Ireland can bend EU rules to deal with Brexit, commissioner suggests: Irish Independent
John Downing

Sinn Féin's Brexploitation may secure border poll within years (Mar 23): Irish News
Newton Emerson

Brexit shines harsh light on North's economy (Mar 22): The Irish Times
Ciarán Hancock

Ireland could be biggest Brexit loser after the UK (Apr 2): Sunday Independent
Colm McCarthy

Brexit will not bring unity to Britain, just the opposite warns Angus Robertson (Mar 31): The Herald
Kate Devlin

EU delay on Brexit trade deal hits Sturgeon's referendum timetable (Mar 31): The Guardian
Severin Carrell

EU needlessly opens divisions on Gibraltar ahead of Brexit talks: The News Letter

Sunday, April 2

Gerry Adams would talk to truth commission:
David Blevins

Gerry Adams says 'sustainable' Stormont deal needed in the absence of Martin McGuinness: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin's push for border poll 'alarming', says Varadkar: Sunday Independent
Jody Corcoran

Northern Ireland – Meaningful peace needs a meaningless border:
Kate Fearon

The DUP and the Irish Language Act (Apr 1): The Irish Times
Eamonn Mallie

Parties' failure to form Executive leaves Northern Ireland more isolated than ever before (Mar 30): Belfast Telegraph
Micheal Martin

Our body politic must amputate helping hand that sustains Sinn Féin: Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Our politicians were not elected to extinguish hope for the future (Apr 1): Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Time to talk in Northern Ireland: Sunday Independent

Hand of friendship is a start but not an end to political crisis (Mar 30): Irish News
Allison Morris

Northern Ireland – living apart together:
Paul Nolan & Ciaran Hughes

Prosecutors failed to object to relaxing bail in terror case: The News Letter
Adam Kula

Once again I wonder if we all agree that terrorism is a serious offence: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Man arrested over Gilmore murder released: ITV

Sinn Féin president to deliver Easter Sunday address: Ulster Herald

Army widow – I was shocked by Martin McGuinness' funeral: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

MP – McGuinness proved his own better character: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

The terrorism of McGuinness and others was not 'mindless' – it was mindful: The News Letter
Philip McGarry

McGuinness – The Slippery Shadow in Irish Dirty War:
Toby Harnden

How has terror changed in 50 years? (Mar 31): BBC
Peter Taylor

Veteran journalist Peter Taylor still moved by Joan Wilson's generosity: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

'Ian Paisley's phone tapped while an MP' – Lord Prescott: ITV

'Differences don't divide, our lack of acceptance does', Denzil McDaniel tells Novena: Impartial Reporter
Meadhbh Monahan

Civil servants release RHI papers which DUP minister blocked: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Trust between gardaí and public seriously undermined, says former NI police ombudsman: RTE

Reinventing An Garda Síochána: Sunday Independent
John Meagher

Political Notebook – The real reason FF will not claim the head of Garda Commissioner: Sunday Independent
Jody Corcoran

Iona Institute holds first conference in Northern Ireland: The Irish Times
Amanda Ferguson

Pope Francis will do 'everything he can' to visit Ireland (Mar 31): Irish Independent
Ed Carty

Confrontational – Pope's visit off to a bad start: Irish Examiner

Special status for North needed to avoid red tape cargo headache: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Future of extradition in jeopardy due to Brexit (Mar 31): Irish News
Allison Morris

Brexit outcomes for Ireland range from dismal to full-blown disaster: Sunday Independent
Dan O'Brien

'IndyRef2 can be held without UK Government permission' says top political analyst: Scottish Daily Record

Scottish independence – Nicola Sturgeon takes campaign to America: Sunday Herald
Paul Hutcheon

After Brexit, Scotland Lays a Path to Another Independence Vote: New York Times
Steven Erlanger

Inequality based on religion should be history: Scotland on Sunday

Spain's Desire for Gibraltar Complicates 'Brexit' Talks With E.U.: New York Times
Stephen Castle

Saturday, April 1

Stormont talks – James Brokenshire does not see role for independent mediator: BBC
Mark Devenport

SF 'Paterson tube' remark hypocritical, says Nesbitt: Belfast Telegraph
David Dawson

Twitter row over O Muilleoir's funding cut comments: The News Letter

The three reasons why Sinn Féin is boycotting Stormont: Irish News
Patrick Murphy

Stormont crisis – Proper talks require adults, not toddlers stamping their feet: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

North still faces uncertain times, but a new generation is helping provide grounds for optimism: Irish Independent
Gerard O'Regan

Community sector hit first as Stormont axe falls: Irish News
Newton Emerson

Economic realities of Stormont logjam hit home: Belfast Telegraph

Irish border – EU calls for 'imaginative solution' to avoid hard border: BBC
John Campbell

Gregory Campbell warns Theresa May Brexit must deliver for the peripheries as well as the home counties: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Republic to be 'crucified' by Brexit, senior unionist says: The Irish Times
Ronan McGreevy

Nigel Farage sends a message for Ireland while 'celebrating' Brexit (Mar 30): Irish Examiner

EU draft proposals point to Ireland as priority in Brexit talks: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Brexit has given Sinn Féin new grievance to awaken old cause: The New European
Jonathan Powell

Data mapping highlights Northern Ireland's divisions ahead of Brexit:
Steven McCaffery

NIO – director for new police unit needs agreement: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

RUC widow – Martin McGuinness died with his family, my husband died in a ditch: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

In McGuinness's turbulent life sport was always a retreat: The Irish Times
Keith Duggan

Unionist refuses to join council tributes to Martin McGuinness': Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Northern Ireland refugee pays tribute to Martin McGuinness – 'My friend, that is what he always called me': Derry Now

Methodist minister 'sorry' for hurt caused by McGuinness statements: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

DUP MP – Why pick on us over donations?: Ulster Star

Key Foster claim contradicted by her own RHI letter from 2013: The News Letter
Sam McBride

DUP standing ready as it holds voter advice session: The News Letter

No election, but DUP and Sinn Féin push voter registration: Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

UVF supergrass Gary Haggarty accused of 200 terrorist offences including five loyalist murders has case postponed until June: Belfast Telegraph

Waterside families forced to flee after pipe bomb is left outside home: Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Creggan shooting – Three released unconditionally: Derry Journal

Reports Creggan shooting was 'mistaken identity' – Colr.: Derry Journal

Five days in Londonderry – one bomb attack and two shootings: The News Letter

Two men to face trial on dissident terror charges: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Bulmers pint glass labelled "prisoners' fund" found in shed of IRA accused: Sunday World

'Viable device' found in Derry security alert: ITV

Row after victims' chief calls for 'shadow' HIU director: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Top Belfast grammar school pledges to remove sectarian graffiti: Irish News
Marie Louise McConville

Finding an outsider willing to lead gardaí might not be easy: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

SNP candidate for South Ayrshire Council elections Chris Cullen accused of IRA jibes in Facebook post: Scottish Daily Record
Sarah Hilley

Nicola Sturgeon – 'No rational reason' for Theresa May to block indyref2: BBC

Tories have all but given up hope of preserving the Union: The Herald
Kevin McKenna

Brexit power grab must be challenged (Mar 31): The Herald


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