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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from April 16-30, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, April 30

Attitude to prisoners ‘does not favour reconciliation in Northern Ireland’: Scotland on Sunday

Late bid for IRA accord on arms: The Sunday Times

IRA let off the hook over arms: The Observer

Real challenges and changes ahead, but SDLP vision remains: Ireland on Sunday

Old SDLP needs more than a makeover: The Sunday Times

The men who hate John Hume: Ireland on Sunday

Pressure grows for the truth on 'copter crashes: Ireland on Sunday

Sinn Fein councilors carry on under cloud of death threats: Boston Herald

Orangemen to hold open air service: BBC

Adair joins Orange plot to hijack Drumcree: The Sunday Times

A tale of five-legged dogs digging in their heels : Sunday Independent

Revealed: Loyalists' lethal pipe bomb: The Observer

Unionists unite to mourn at MP's funeral: Independent on Sunday

Unionist dilemma over South Antrim seat: BBC

Incidents show four walls do not a prison make: Sunday Independent

RUC pushes for bigger pay-off deals: The Sunday Times

`Dilution' of Patten report causes storm: Sunday Independent

New victims search welcomed: BBC

Mandelson bars peace sculpture: Independent on Sunday

Mandelson coaxed out of closet by Blair: The Sunday Times

Saturday, April 29

New round of talks on North deadlock planned: The Irish Times

'IRA weapons rethink needed': BBC

RUC badge may escape reform axe: The Guardian

Sinn Fein's pulling the wool over SDLP's eyes: Irish Independent

Precarious marriage: Belfast Telegraph

British are accused of shifting on Patten: Irish News

Widespread anger after Patten Bill leak: Belfast Telegraph

North teachers want return of Executive: The Irish Times

Dreams are better than nightmares?: Irish News

One More Time In Downing Street: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Search for IRA bodies in Ireland resumes: Electronic Telegraph

Son of a preacher man learns the fundamentals: Irish News

NI Army helicopters grounded: BBC

US rap star sues BBC over copyright: Irish News (April 28)

Friday, April 28

Ahern and Blair to chair separate talks with parties: Irish Examiner

Northern Ireland in the balance: Washington Times (by John Hume)

Orange chief hits out at Order: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP drive to 'renew' party: BBC

Don't write the SDLP off as a bunch of old duffers: Belfast Telegraph

Regret at loss of McGuinness: Irish News

MP's death may spark Unionist split: The Times

NY defends SF against death list: Irish News

The A.V. syndrome: Belfast Telegraph

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times (April 27)

WP unveils peace proposals: Irish News

'Putting the boot' into sectarianism: BBC

Thursday, April 27

Lack of concern shows little hope for survival of Agreement: Irish Examiner

SDLP fears losing its top slot to Sinn Fein: Irish Independent

SDLP review is a timely initiative: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

There’s room for optimism: Irish News (Editorial)

Zimbabwe has lessons for parties in the North: The Irish Times

Warning of violence at Drumcree: Irish News

Protestors relocate to church grounds: Belfast Telegraph

Killings 'trivialised' by Channel Four: Irish News

Govt is running scared over IRA collusion claims: Irish Examiner

Steven King's opinion: Belfast Telegraph

IRA men back in high security jail: The Guardian

Parties reject DUP sectarian abuse claim: Belfast Telegraph

No threat of feud in town says ORM: Irish News

IRA had 'holiday village' in prison: The Times

Wednesday, April 26

Trimble warned of party break-up: The Times

RUC stress increases over reforms: BBC

IRA plot `to kill drug dealers in control move': Irish Independent

Time to seek out new deal: Belfast Telegraph

NI culture extends beyond Border, says Trimble aide: The Irish Times

Ignore political violence advice: Belfast Telegraph

Victims' sons lose faith in search: BBC

Lid could come off Drumcree - Gracey: Belfast Telegraph

IRA prisoners moved amid fears of planned escape: Irish Independent

Big change for inmates moved from 'The Grove': The Irish Times

'Rise in attacks on Protestants': BBC

British viewers remember shootings: Irish Examiner

Ex mayor to attend Hume ceremony: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, April 25

Ahern attacks new terror recruits on Easter anniversary: The Times

Taoiseach remains optimistic about NI peace process: Irish Examiner

Leaders' speeches kept in harmony: The Times

Republican leaders have role to play : The Irish Times

Marching orders: Ulster 'apartheid' criticised: The Guardian

Trimble warned not to break link: Irish News

Fostering the need for reform: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Forced to meeting the challenges of the winds of change: Irish Examiner

Coming to terms with a question of identity: Belfast Telegraph

A man worthy of recognition: Irish News (Editorial)

Family welcome demands for inquiry into murder: Irish Examiner

Monday, April 24

Dublin and London in race to rescue deal: The Independent

Blair is told IRA will keep arms: Electronic Telegraph

McGuinness places onus on Blair: The Irish Times

Easter anger rises on peace impasse: Belfast Telegraph

Feeling among Stormont parties that Mendelson’s tenure hasn’t long to run: Irish Examiner

Time is running out, warns Archbishop: The Irish Times

The blame game leads only to a fool’s paradise: Irish News

Mandelson recall heralds Blair relaunch: Irish Independent

Marching to the same old tune to commemorate the Easter Rising: The Scotsman

Marching season begins: BBC

Why Ulster got spiked: The Guardian

Some fear nationhood over bombs and bullets: The Irish Times

WP demands ‘collusion’ inquiry: Irish News

Army crash in Armagh may have left two dead: Sunday Business Post (April 23)

Rally told of abandonment of 1916 ideals: The Irish Times

Dublin to press UK on Hamill mob death: Irish News

N. Irish soccer team tackles religious differences: Dallas Morning News (April 21)

Sunday, April 23

Easter Gloom in Northern Ireland : Washington Post

Easter statements in N. Ireland show unacknowledged progress: Boston Herald

Government may soften stance on IRA weapons: The Sunday Times

Can 'beyond use' satisfy unionists and republicans?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

There's still reason for optimism on North: Ireland on Sunday

The Good Friday Agreement may be down, but it is by no means out: Sunday Independent

Trimble faces party battle to end Orange link: Electronic Telegraph

Why Trimble is right to say the future is not orange: The Sunday Times

Not all the Unionists have their blinkers on: Ireland on Sunday

Remembering real republicans: The Sunday Times

Mandelson set to quit as Ulster Secretary: The Observer

Rathfriland rocked by rising tensions: Ireland on Sunday

Omagh suspects to be named on net: The Sunday Times

McGuinness may testify at Bloody Sunday inquiry: Independent on Sunday

Loyalist terrorist groups in drugs war: The Sunday Times

Saturday, April 22

Peace hopes at an all-time low, claims Adams: Electronic Telegraph

Dissident republicans threaten fresh violence: Irish Examiner

Adams criticises CIRA call for elections boycott: The Irish Times

Adams calls for bigger Easter rallies: Belfast Telegraph

Time for Unionists to lose the sashes: Irish News

Leaders still desperately trying to revive deal: Irish Independent

Mandelson refuses to testify at US hearing: Irish News

We're into fantasy land: Belfast Telegraph

RUC will review its failure to prosecute Omagh bombers: The Independent

Omagh justice is the priority: Irish News (Editorial)

Two needs of Omagh: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Orange Ormeau march is blocked: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalists and republicans ‘squaring up’ to each other: Irish News

Writing on wall spells out peace hopes: Belfast Telegraph

Friday, April 21

Summit Fails To Resolve N. Ireland Stalemate: Washington Post

Blair optimistic after Ulster talks: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble fears apathy of voters: The Times

Gloomy Trimble attacks 'stubborn' IRA: The Guardian

Trimble stakes his future on the drive to modernise: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein 'not fit' for government: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalists' anger over IRA statement: BBC

IRA mesage significant - Kelly: Irish News

IRA expected to give new pledge on arms: The Independent

Governments limber up for another crack: The Irish Times

Even if Good Friday Agreement dies, Northern Ireland peace can survive: Boston Globe

Good Friday Agreement has delivered much for all sides to be grateful about: Irish Independent

Hopes high peace process could be back on track: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Premiers give IRA example: Irish News (Editorial)

Torture of hope in Belfast's endless conflict: The Times

CIRA in ‘war will go on’ warning: Irish News

Mandelson move possible: BBC

Omagh victim to be reburied in England: The Times

Inquests planned into SAS killings: Irish Examiner

Thursday, April 20

IRA Cites British ' Lack of Will': Minneapolis Star Tribune

IRA offers 'permanent peace' but still no guns: The Independent

Provos put paid to hopes for arms disposal: Irish Independent

Army has to move: Provos: Belfast Telegraph

Mitchell is optimistic despite IRA Easter call: Irish News

Further NI meeting for premiers: BBC

Clear direction awaited at crucial Easter milestone: Belfast Telegraph

Mitchell predicts peace, despite setbacks: The Scotsman

Reality, not theory, holds the key to mutual understanding: Belfast Telegraph

A Bid for Compromise in Ulster: New York Times (Editorial)

Good Friday two years on: The Guardian (Editorial)

IRA statement offers little hope: Belfast Telegraph

Irish-America hasn’t taken the ‘snake oil’: Irish News

Cowen rejects Trimble's remarks: The Irish Times

A sinister crime: The Guardian

Two IRA men arrested after gardai seize pistol: The Irish Times

£65m bill for inquiry into Bloody Sunday: The Independent

The IRA informer who kept gardaí on track in search for Shergar: The Examiner (April 19)

Wednesday, April 19

Blair urges caution on Ulster talks: Boston Globe

Blair sees 'possibilities' to salvage Ulster pact: Electronic Telegraph

Silence fills the gaps in bad day for words: The Scotsman

Why return now,Tony?: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble demands arms hand-over as deadline looms: Irish Examiner

Trimble faces poll defeat as dissent grows: The Times

Everyone seems to be taking baby steps: The Irish Times

Electorate will vote for the real no-man: Irish News

The price of devolved power: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

ULSTER ENDGAME: The Times (Editorial)

All parties must be at table to save peace in North: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

House that's built on shifting sand: Belfast Telegraph

The only buzz now is the moaning of civil servants: The Irish Times

Garda chief calls for thorough mole inquiry: Irish Independent

Wording of memorial plaque angers victims group: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, April 18

Blair to hold talks with Ulster leaders: Electronic Telegraph

Once more into the breach of Irish peace talks: The Independent

Can Mr Blair narrow the gap?: Belfast Telegraph

From bomber to peace negotiator: Irish News

Quinn puts peace onus on both governments: Irish Examiner

Turning the blame game into art form: Irish News

Unionists debate Orange Order ties: BBC

The unassuming hero of the peace process: Irish News

Orange Order claims share of UUP holdings in event of split: The Examiner

Orange vote short changes electorate: Belfast Telegraph

Orangemen plan to picket C of I General Synod: The Irish Times

Sectarianism still has claws: Irish News (Editorial)

Omagh families compile file on bombers: Irish Examiner

Parade restrictions follow tension: BBC

Saville girds for trek to a distant goal: The Irish Times

Monday, April 17

Plan to rescue peace pact with IRA statement: The Times

IRA must 'face up to' arms issue: BBC

Breaking N. Ireland impasse: Boston Herald

Ulster Unionist Leader Disavows Militants: New York Times

Diminishing power of the order: Irish News

Orange anger at threat to Unionist link: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble seeks path of least resistance on Orange links: The Scotsman

Trimble prompts fight for the soul of Unionism: The Independent

Reforming the Orange linkage: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Let's shake on it, Mr Adams: The Irish Times

Clock is ticking in North peace gambit: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein must address issue of ‘ownership’: Irish News

Labour wants Sinn Fein's US backers named: The Observer (April 16)

Sinn Fein and IRA `all the same' says Harney: Irish Independent

Man with a past who is in for the long political haul: Irish News

Inquiry on claims gardai 'worked for IRA': The Irish Times

RUC in probe on IRA links claims: Belfast Telegraph

Web bid to close the Net on Omagh bombers: Irish Examiner

Trimble backs Patten on devolving police: The Irish Times

Sunday, April 16

IRA offered new 'war is over' deal: The Observer

SDLP needs Good Friday institutions to be restored: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Rhyme, reason fail in Northern Ireland: Boston Herald

Your move Ahern, we're waiting: The Sunday Times

Trimble in break with Orangemen: Electronic Telegraph

Election could be nightmare for Trimble: Ireland on Sunday

Sinn Féin must tame its paramilitary monster: Sunday Independent

Why North could become a whole new Hong Kong: Ireland on Sunday

Peace and prosperty for Northern Ireland: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Irish soldier aided IRA, says ex-Provo: The Observer

Loyalists target republican politicians for assassination: Sunday Business Post

UDA say they are not targeting Stobie: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Hogg quizzed over Finucane murder: Electronic Telegraph

RUC awards ring hollow from `Troubles': Boston Herald

Irish Constitution may bar SF from government: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

SDLP man hopes to toll the knell for unionist supremacy: Ireland on Sunday

Ahern appeals for public to turn in Omagh bombers: The Sunday Times