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This archive contains references to articles from April 16-30, 2001. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, April 30

McGuinness to give evidence: UTV Internet

McGuinness accuses army: Belfast Telegraph

McGuinness to admit Bloody Sunday role: The Times

McGuinness to admit IRA role: The Guardian

Call for McGuinness to be arrested: BBC

Republican hardliner who dispelled doubters' fears over the move from bullet to ballot box: The Independent

Profile: Martin McGuinness: BBC

Credibility of findings depends on McGuinness: The Independent

McGuinness testimony will increase unionist anger: Irish Independent

McGuinness's bloody past: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Spilling the beans on Bloody Sunday: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

In from cold: Irish Independent (Editorial)

IRA steps into the unknown: Electronic Telegraph

'IRA war solidified Irish British relations': The Irish Times

The survivor: The Guardian

Adams praises Trimble 'skills': Belfast Telegraph

The ‘lost tribe’ gave help to the excluded: Irish News

Policing - what Tony Blair must do now: Belfast Telegraph

NIO refuses comment on amnesty: The Irish Times

Fundraising ban may be illegal: Irish News

Bomb victims won't go away: Belfast Telegraph

'No evidence' of Garda collusion: BBC

Sacrifice reverberated throughout globe: The Irish Times

Lodge protests at Drumcree ‘denial’: Irish News

Campbell is plotting Belfast's development: The Irish Times

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

O’Malley challenges Haughey on Arms Crisis: Irish Examiner

'No question' of invading the North, says O'Malley: Irish Independent

Unsatisfactory answers to difficult questions: The Irish Times

Truth must emerge from the murky past: Irish Independent

It is time the truth about Arms Trial was told: Irish Examiner

Sunday, April 29

Sinn Fein to be given offices in Commons: The Sunday Times

Three IRAs make one unholy trinity: Sunday Independent

Unionists need to produce intelligent answers: Ireland on Sunday

Double agent claim by former soldiers: Sunday Independent

British undercover agents want in from the cold: CNN

Spy intelligence weaves tangled web in conflict: Boston Herald

Sinn Fein hits out over sanctions: UTV Internet

Outrage as art world fetes the loyalist killer Michael Stone: Electronic Telegraph

Grief yields fruits of peace: Ireland on Sunday

Hunger strikers' deaths led to 'Ballot Box' strategy: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Republican dogma rooted in a bunch of lilies: Sunday Independent

Pipe bombers target RUC officer: BBC

Government under fire from the PUP: UTV Internet

Thanks, Jude, for debating independence for the north: Irish News (Apr. 28, Letter to the editor)

Orangemen march to Downing Street: BBC

Orange Order hardliner to fight election: The Sunday Times

Bloody Sunday probe hit by secrets row: The Observer

Ahern blunts his wider appeal: The Sunday Times

Three bailed over Omagh garden attack: BBC

Ex-RUC officers to fight smugglers: The Sunday Times

Villages want Gaelic test for homebuyers: The Observer

Celtic 'fans' to defy ban on bigotry: The Sunday Times

The killing fields: The Sunday Times

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Arms Trial record by second Army witness was doctored: Sunday Independent

'They can't get away with it': Ireland on Sunday

Political trial showed Arms Crisis was over: Sunday Independent

Saturday, April 28

Trimble sees peril even as N. Ireland enjoys prosperity: Boston Herald

Trimble announces plans for a single equality Bill: The Irish Times

IRA moles plead for protection: The Guardian

Sinister role of secret army unit : The Guardian

UTV fails to overturn Insight injunction: UTV Internet

UTV ban: behaviour intolerable says BIRW: Irish News

MoD accused of paranoia after a series of media injunctions: The Guardian

South African turmoil now threatens North peace deal: Irish Independent

Unionist squabble over torch bearer: Irish News

NI census avoids pitfalls of British survey: The Irish Times

Tiocfaidh ár lá...: (Editorial)

No meeting over election selection: BBC

Anniversary of man’s murder: Irish News

What we have we hold - INLA:

Bigotry must be enemy to us all: Irish News (Editorial)

Regret conveyed over 'republican solicitor' error: The Irish Times

Thugs ruin memorial garden for Omagh dead: Electronic Telegraph

Outrage as garden for bomb victims vandalised: The Irish Times

‘All have say in rights bill’: Irish News

Irish Up Over Parade: New York Daily News

Sick-buckets needed in the stalls: The Guardian

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Des O’Malley: “ A person of the highest integrity in every sense”: Irish Examiner (Apr. 27)

There was a gun across the road. It was trained on Des O'Malley: Irish Independent

Lynch's line on knowledge has not been shaken: The Irish Times

After 30 years, secret papers on Arms Crisis expected soon: Irish Independent

Friday, April 27

Adams rejects criticism over Good Friday Agreement: UTV Internet

Adams’ oration at burial of O’Hagan: Irish Examiner

Policing efforts hit by cut backs: UTV Internet

Lady Hermon steps up in North Down: BBC

North Down is litmus test: Irish News (Editorial)

Witness Detection: Irish Echo

Rupert, the Constitution, the FBI: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Nomination of Haass to NI role to be approved today: The Irish Times

DUP anger at Farren comments: Irish News

Files on 'Border Fox' sent to release authority: Irish Independent

Device defused during security alert: BBC

Memorial to Omagh dead vandalised: Belfast Telegraph

Any number of reasons to fill in the 2001 census: (Editorial)

Census ‘ignores Irish’: Irish News

Sligo's SF mayor hosts cross-Border talks: The Irish Times

The English question: The Guardian

NI arms inspector denies 'plot': BBC

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Beggs accuses Irish ministers on Arms Crisis: The Irish Times

Thursday, April 26

Adams calls for ‘political bonding’: Irish News

Loyalists target Sinn Fein MLA: BBC

Terrorist smuggling drives oil firms from Ulster: The Independent

BP denies smuggling forcing it to quit North: The Irish Times

Bomb found on railway line: BBC

Rail attacks 'will ruin economy': Belfast Telegraph

Riot was provoked — Priest: Irish News

Three policemen injured in riot leave hospital: The Irish Times

Rioters have run out of excuses: Irish News (Editorial)

US set to brand Real IRA as terrorist organisation: Financial Times

British election shapes up to be key contest: Irish Voice

Big US ideas for northern independence: Irish News

UTV to fight Insight court injunction: UTV Internet

A rebel republican: Irish Post

‘New plastic bullet is lethal’ says taoiseach: Irish News

Bloody Sunday relatives oppose soldier video link: UTV Internet

Family distress at 'republican solicitor': The Irish Times

Little girl puts tale of Omagh on record: Belfast Telegraph

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Haughey 'met IRA man' before arms crisis: Irish Independent Wednesday, April 25

Bomb experts attacked by crowd: BBC

Bomb threats on lines remind many of past: The Irish Times

Enemy within must be defeated: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Belfast Journal: In the Ulster Spring, Seeds of Peace Lie Dormant: New York Times

MoD blocks TV show on IRA double agent: The Guardian

FBI agent to testify against McKevitt: Irish Examiner


N Ireland racketeers drive out oil groups: Financial Times

Medical tests will play crucial part in Finucane case: UTV Internet

Finucane murder trial adjourned over report: Irish Independent

Bombers target convicted loyalist: Belfast Telegraph

Civic Forum sends out just one message: Irish News

Maskey to run for election in South Belfast: UTV Internet

Minister accused of funds new head bias: The Irish Times

Changing Agreement is 'fanciful,' says SDLP: Belfast Telegraph

Bilingual sign row could go to court: Irish News

Ulster 'an excuse' for Army cutbacks: Electronic Telegraph

Pitfalls in store as politically correct equality quirks creep into census: Belfast Telegraph

Stories of snipers and snogging: The Irish Times

Poll shows 34% against royals: The Guardian

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Lynch knew earlier of attempt on arms - Kelly: The Irish Times

Lynch Arms Crisis memos fail to rescue his reputation: Irish Independent

Lynch’s biggest mistake was not ousting Jim Gibbons: Irish Examiner

Lynch did not approve arms importation: The Irish Times

Tuesday, April 24

McGuinness told to 'stop whinging': UTV Internet

Ministers critical of ban from meetings: The Irish Times

A 'Watergate' not for printing: The Independent

Agent who infiltrated Provos admits involvement in killings: Belfast Telegraph

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Alerts cause rail disruption: BBC

Splinter Provo groups blamed for rail chaos: Irish Independent

This Belfast-Dublin fiasco has to stop: Irish News (Editorial)

Republicans deny RUC claim of dissident feuds: The Irish Times

IRA's street theatre fails to impress: Belfast Telegraph

A picture with a chilling message: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Family escape injury in gun attack: BBC

UVF suspected of gun attack on Bangor home: The Irish Times

RUC man's details found on alleged drink-driver: UTV Internet

Stobie trial could ‘fail’: Irish News

Finucane murder trial delayed: Belfast Telegraph

Castlereagh bastion braced for Sinn Féin:

Campaign begun with a splash: The Irish Times

Unionists praise removal of Easter rising memorials: Irish News

DUP hits out at council move on IRA memorial: Belfast Telegraph

‘Censorship inspired ’ my H-Block ' drama:

'Invisible' Border aim of new alliance: The Irish Times

Round up these rogues: Irish Independent (Editorial)

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Lynch defence of Arms Crisis role released: The Irish Times

Lynch recall of events not the same as Berry: The Irish Times Monday, April 23

RUC chief fears RIRA feud with the Provos: Irish News

Omagh bombers slammed by Ahern: UTV Internet

Real IRA in grenade attack on police station: The Guardian

Ahern calls on republicans for pre-election weapons move: Irish Independent

Mole may have fooled Irish group in Chicago: Chicago Sun Times (Apr. 22)

The inevitable result of violence: Irish News (Editorial)

Discordant notes despite farm crisis: BBC (Apr. 21)

IRA show of strength in South Belfast:

Anger as IRA men appear on street: Belfast Telegraph

Politics and religion are a bad mix: Irish News

IRA 'not behind' death threats: BBC (Apr. 21)

Sinn Fein spy returns to Derry: Irish News

Cardinal pledges to forge unity between churches: Irish Independent

Community policing will yield immediate results: Irish News

Adams unaware of talks offer — SF: Irish News

Death stalks the streets but never mind, peace prevails: Belfast Telegraph

The GAA must now embrace the spirit of the peace process: Irish News

‘Transcend Catholic Ireland label’: Irish News

A woman to be proud of: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Irish success story began with education: Houston Chronicle (Editorial)

The break-up of Britain: The Guardian

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

O'Malley to answer arms trial claims in TV series: Irish Independent

Sunday, April 22

A time to build trust: The Observer

Rupert owes IRS $700K: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Agent infiltrated Real IRA 'to avoid paying US taxes': The Sunday Times

RUC probes Londonderry blast: BBC

Is the Real IRA going to the dogs?: Sunday Independent

A more significant message than first appears: Ireland on Sunday

Flanagan wants to discuss security cuts with Adams: The Sunday Times

Top RUC man 'forced to quit': Ireland on Sunday

Conviction of Finucane killer is unlikely: Sunday Independent

Police hold DNA clue to Collins's killer: The Sunday Times

No joy in the battle against criminals: Ireland on Sunday

Religion gets down to bare bones: The Observer

Affluent Irish are beyond a joke: The Sunday Times

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Haughey alone should go before Arms Trial: Sunday Independent

When the state gets down and dirty: The Sunday Times

How keeping Lynch saved Haughey: Sunday Independent

Saturday, April 21

Saturday, April 21

UUP rebel demands pre-election move: The Times

As election looms the old prejudices emerge: Irish Independent

Arrest raises ceasefire fears: The Times

Provos' decision on prisoner could be explosive: Irish Independent

SF and Independents are gaining ground: The Irish Times

McGuinness challenged over 'death threats': UTV Internet

Warning over republican threats: BBC

RUC warns loyalists over death threats: The Irish Times

UDA guns back on the streets:

Ian Paisley jnr is 'no clone or chip off the old block': Irish Independent

Rodgers grasps NI's poisoned chalice: The Irish Times

Has the Good Friday Agreement brought peace to North Belfast?:

Gazing down the well of truth: The Irish Times

Link-up will mark crusade for peace: Belfast Telegraph

UDA youth refused bail in Protestant murder case: Irish Independent

Peace processes show similar flaws: The Irish Times

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Family of murdered garda allege Arms Trial link: The Irish Times

Fallon first on the force killed in modern Troubles: The Irish Times

Politics arena was always impure and far from simple: Irish Independent

Arms Crisis was old party's last hurrah: The Irish Times

Friday, April 20

Trimble wants progress on arms by June: The Irish Times

Trimble faces June 23 vote: The Times

SF to open talks on future soon: Irish News

Police service is top of any agenda: Irish News (Editorial)

Studies in comparative Northern victimology: Irish Echo

DUP defers decision on candidate: UTV Internet

North Down UUP to select new runner: BBC

Informer Planned to Split Dissidents: Irish Voice

FBI denies involvement in informer case: Irish Echo

The extraordinary tale of David Rupert: Irish Voice

The Real I(rrelevant)RA: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Omagh bomb trauma team completes its mission: The Irish Times

Spy case man sets poser for Provos: Irish Independent

King reaffirms U.S. peace efforts: Irish Echo

Dublin Castle gala event to honour Bill Clinton: Irish Independent

Politicians find civil service veterans slow to change: The Irish Times

Peace 'consolidating,' Ireland's leader says: Houston Chronicle

ORM blamed for Glen Road shooting:

Yabba-dabba-doo, we're back with a vengeance: Belfast Telegraph

Adams urges Blair to intervene: The Irish Times

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Jones 'tracked arms trial jurors': Irish Independent

Lynch 'considered sacking Gibbons': The Irish Times

What Lynch did and didn't know: Irish Independent

Thursday, April 19

Good Friday deal in crisis over arms, warns Trimble: Financial Times

Border poll would turn back clock: The Irish Times

Making sure you are counted in: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Weir to be replaced in May: UTV Internet

The 'Real' meaning of the London bomb: Belfast Telegraph

Not so much a celebration as an irritation: The Irish Times

England 'better off outside UK' says Tory: Electronic Telegraph

Talks on severance terms for RUC's reserve: The Irish Times

Adams raises ‘Saville’ concern: Irish News

Sinn Fein will reject Bloody Sunday report - MP: Belfast Telegraph

Why Saville may fail to uncover the whole truth: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Bending the law – sound like anyone?: Irish News

Honest Jack!:

Wednesday, April 18

McGuinness urges peace push: UTV Internet

Drifting dangerously in Northern Ireland: The Scotsman

Big U should not vote for Christmas: Irish News

North terror gang link to multi-million 'diesel' fraud: Irish Independent

‘Let expelled return home’: Irish News

Prolific killer on the Sinn Fein list of 51 names: Irish Examiner

'Real IRA' accused as activity is increased: The Irish Times

300 gather for parade: Irish News

Disease to determine summer parades: The Irish Times

Republican celebrations ‘alienated Protestants’: Irish News

Leader praises Irish successes: Dallas Morning News

Jubilee celebrations will silence the republicans: Electronic Telegraph

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

O'Malley got to read Col Hefferon's statement: The Irish Times

Arms Trial man to ‘sue government’: Irish News

Tuesday, April 17

Warning as RIRA blamed for bombing: Irish News

Bomb police turn to lab tests: BBC

Politics is the answer: The Guardian (Editorial)

Are these people ‘slow learners’?: Irish News (Editorial)

United Ireland ‘is achievable goal’: Irish News

Lily row rumbles on: UTV Internet

Patience and dialogue will help peace — Noonan: Irish News

Unionists, Alliance negotiating election deal: The Irish Times

Why I called the GAA a sectarian organisation: Belfast Telegraph

RUC ‘must be investigated’: Irish News

Ulster troops help farm cull: The Times

Border patrol uncovers chinks in armour: The Irish Times

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Minister seeks answers to Arms Trial revelations: Irish Independent

New Arms Trial inquiry may be ordered: The Irish Times

Monday, April 16

London bomb 'is typical Real IRA': Electronic Telegraph

Post Office bomb linked to previous Real IRA attacks: The Independent

Real IRA continues old fight: The Times

Bombers widen the republican divide: The Guardian

Irish mortar bomb made safe: The Independent

Ulster´s peace mole: Washington Times (Editorial)

Peace process "in deepest crisis": UTV Internet

Republican rivals mark Easter Rising anniversary: The Times

Provos feel the pinch: The Guardian

Breaking old taboos is the way to peace: Irish News

N Ireland parade cancelled: Financial Times

Ahern urges IRA leadership to make fresh gesture on arms issue: Irish Independent

Amnesty challenges candidates on support for human rights: Belfast Telegraph

Mafia type groups rule parts of NI, says cleric: The Irish Times

SF activist calls for release of republican prisoners: Irish Independent

New baton round stokes long-running controversy: The Irish Times

Farmers call for border to be sealed: Irish News

--- 1970 Arms Trial ---

Arms Trial judge unaware statement withheld: The Irish Times