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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from April 15-30 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Thursday, April 30

How South can help the unionists say Yes to deal: The Irish Times

IRA weapons blow to settlement for Ulster: The Times

Paisley takes ‘no’ fight to Europe: Irish News

'Informer' names leading IRA members: The Times

Patten brings useful attitude to new role: The Irish Times

Trimble’s ultimatum to party rebels: Irish News

Battle being waged within unionism: The Irish Times

Harassed farmers look to taoiseach: Irish News

Official Republicans welcome deal: The Irish Times

Mandela's men visit IRA prisoners: The Independent

Kelly believed Govt authorised action: The Irish Times

Wednesday, April 29

Education chief Riley may be lured to Ireland: Boston Globe

Danger of indecision: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Participants in Ulster talks advise Basques: Boston Globe

ANC's lesson for Sinn Fein: The Independent (Editorial)

Chris Patten is bound for foreign parts for that's where Belfast is: The Guardian

It pays to keep your mouth shut sometimes: Irish News

Cabinet dilemma over 'doomsday': The Irish Times

Patten 'will build RUC for whole community': Electronic Telegraph

OPEN AND SHUT CASE: The Times (Editorial)

Police reform a difficult job: Irish News (Editorial)

Guns, flags may hold key to RUC winning acceptability: The Irish Times

RUC complaints spark reform call: Irish News

Bush offered Ulster role: The Guardian

Military ‘knew of plot to kill Finucane’: Irish News

Veto for unionists stronger - Trimble: The Irish Times

NO...McCartney’s TV challenge: Irish News

Tuesday, April 29

Chris Patten to lead RUC review: Electronic Telegraph

Struggling to win the Northern high ground: The Irish Times

Adams seeks concessions in private No 10 talks: The Guardian

Paisley claim entirely false: Irish News (Editorial)

SF expected to vote on taking seats in assembly: The Irish Times

N. Ireland Pact Backers Campaign: Minnapolis Star Tribune

Empey accuses No side of scaremongering: The Irish Times

Call for IRA to identify graves of 'disappeared': The Times

How Lynch era came to an end: The Irish Times

Monday, April 27

Danger from north's new minority: Sunday Business Post

Parades Commission is out of step with reality: Irish Independent

Informer to name 25 in libel action: Sunday Business Post

Ahern wants Brits out at Crossmaglen: Sunday Business Post

Dance of the ministries: Sunday Business Post

Minister denies DUP claims of army pull-out: The Times

NIreland Protestants' March Blocked: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Poll a unique piece of history: Irish News

Britain ‘out of equation’ on north says taoiseach: Irish News

Accord gives hope for future, says primate: The Irish Times

Mowlam 'blew bugging operation on ex-bomber': Electronic Telegraph

A time and date that will never be forgotten: The Irish Times

UU fury at north politicians for Dail plan: Irish News

It's 'Cheerio girls' in sexist North: The Irish Times

Loyalist violence clouds launch of 'yes' campaign: Electronic Telegraph

Patriotism is fractured by new loyalties: The Times

Sunday, April 26

Irish Grim Despite Likely Accord OK: New York Daily News

Munster IRA holds onto its guns: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Chief of RUC will not serve next to bombers: Electronic Telegraph

Words of wisdom that cleared path for peace: The Sunday Times

SF's northern members back deal: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Catholic Student Slain Near Belfast: Washington Post

Notorious loyalist killers in countdown to freedom: The Sunday Times

Drumcree march looms: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Clinton offers Irish terrorists a fresh start: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein negotiator's home was bugged: Electronic Telegraph

Hooray, England doesn't exist: The Sunday Times

Saturday, April 25

Prisoners and parades: The Guardian (Editorial)

Loyalist paramilitaries back peace deal: Electronic Telegraph

Look at the state of the twitching Orangemen!: Irish News

Will the real David Trimble step forward?: The Irish Times

Trimble's troubles: Irish Independent

Belfast voices disgust at maiming of man, 79: The Times

North-South co-operation benefit to both economies: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein to see PM over talks concerns: Irish News

Mackey is refused visa to visit US: The Irish Times

No 10 denies Trimble call halted report: The Independent

DUP bluster sinks in sea of volatile voters: The Irish Times

Friday, April 24

Only McCabe killers will not be freed: Irish Independent

Terrorists may turn into local policemen: Irish Independent

Ulster parades crisis: The Guardian

Parades mess is no surprise: Irish News (Editorial)

Commission's credibility vanishing with members: The Irish Times

Hague faces revolt over release of IRA bombers: Electronic Telegraph

Adams predicts pact will be approved: The Irish Times

Links to break the chain: The Times

‘A heart and a hand for Ulster’: Irish News

Terror gang that murdered 16: The Independent

How we can best repay our debt to Mitchell: The Irish Times

Power deal may lead to first Sinn Fein mayor: Irish News

Forest refuge to be created for casualties of Troubles: The Times

Thursday, April 23

Ban on parade `could have blown peace process to bits': Irish Independent

Irish not resident here could vote says Bruton: Irish Independent

Blair blocks ruling on Drumcree march ban: Electronic Telegraph

Policing And Symbols: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Opponent of N. Ireland Pact Enters U.S.: Washington Post

Thatcher speaks of pessimism over Ulster peace deal: The Times

Dissident Unionists in Commons protest: The Guardian

Blair pledge on prisoner release: The Independent

SF must campaign for Yes vote: The Irish Times

Loyalist town mourns shot Catholic: Irish News

Catholics take job bias claims to Europe court: The Guardian

SDLP attacks SF's 'forked-tongue' stance: The Irish Times

Residents unite in bid to halt parade: Irish News

Wednesday, April 22

Lessons from South Africa for peacemakers in Northern Ireland: The Independent

For peace, the wolf must lie down with the lamb: Sydney Morning Herald

Unionism perishes if it yields to Paisleyism: Irish News

Appeal for calm after Ulster killing: The Guardian

Denial of recognition central to conflict: The Irish Times

RUC chief pleads for his force: Electronic Telegraph

UDP hits out at ‘no deal’ unionists: Irish News

Assembly members would have eligibility for Seanad: The Irish Times

Trimble given warning: The Independent

32-County republicans slam deal: Irish News

Tuesday, April 21

The victory of talk over terror in Northern Ireland: Nando Times

When Words Do Matter: Washington Post

Party leaders may team-up in Ulster: The Guardian

McAliskey Criticizes North Agreement: Sunday Tribune (only got this one today)

Silencing guns and dismantling unionism: The Irish Times

Realist Trimble sways them with his wiles: Sydney Morning Herald

Irish-America’s victory is that Clinton cares: Irish News

Freed terrorists can be jailed again, MPs told: The Times

SF ‘ruling nothing in or out’ over deal: Irish News

DUP claims majority of unionists oppose deal: The Irish Times

Peace deal 'may aid release of Scots Guards': Electronic Telegraph

Monday, April 20

This is an agreement for republicans to sanction, not approve: Sunday Business Post

Time for Trimble to follow the Adams line: Sunday Business Post

It's a question of who can perpetrate the biggest con: Sunday Business Post


N. Ireland Peace Passed Pat By: New York Daily News

Niggling ambiguities can save face: Irish Independent

Irish to Clinton: Thanks but No Thanks: Washington Post

Unionist threat to weed out 'No' voters: Electronic Telegraph

A new sort of Unionism: The Guardian (Editorial)

Pragmatism increases as debate continues: The Irish Times

‘Trust Adams and McGuinness, and let the past go’: Irish News

TRIMBLE'S TRIUMPH: The Times (Editorial)

Agreement must be focus of new loyalty: The Irish Times (by John Bruton)

I'll help Paisley, MP tells Trimble: The Guardian

The future is ours and not a sell-out in sight: Irish News

A rare moment to celebrate as UIster's old absolutes crumble: The Independent

Sinn Fein playing with peace claim: Irish News

The best chance ever for peace: The Times (by William Hague)

GAA to debate ending Rule 21: Irish News

McAleese refuses to meet with Republican SF chair: The Irish Times

Sunday, April 19

U.S. Pols Get Respect in Ireland: New York Daily News

The long, bloody path to Irish peace: Boston Globe

Peace may pull thorn of Northern Ireland from the side of Britain: Philadelphia Inquirer

Stay out of Ulster, Trimble warns Clinton: Electronic Telegraph

Major N. Irish Party Endorses Pact: Washington Post

The Belfast Agreement: who won and who lost: Sunday Tribune

Step forward, Mr Trimble: Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

It is Sinn Fein that should be saying sorry: The Sunday Times

Rank and file still to be convinced: Sunday Tribune

Ulster's peace trembles: The Observer

Sinn Fein to support only what it likes: The Sunday Times

Let us return, says IRA agent: Independent on Sunday

The Queen should hold her peace: The Sunday Times

Alliance party may be a casualty of new Assembly: Sunday Tribune


Americans take a break in Long Kesh: Electronic Telegraph

April 18


Now, the Squabbles: New York Daily News

Sinn Fein to take time pondering response to peace plan: The Guardian

Make or break day for man of contrasts: The Times

No ship should be lost for a lick of green paint: The Irish Times

Who's for and against: Irish Independent

Blair tries to rally Unionists before vote on peace deal: The Times

Unionist council poised for crucial vote: The Independent

Trimble's leadership on the line: The Guardian

IT IS not all over: The Irish Times

Pledge on plastic bullets: Irish News

Voters will face six proposals to ratify deal: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein to defer deal vote as opinions split: Irish Independent

Irish republic ‘will dissolve’ under the creation of a new Ireland: Irish News

April 17

Irish Not Sold On Deal - Poll: New York Daily News

Blair rides to Trimble's rescue as vote looms: The Guardian

NO TURNING BACK: The Times (Editorial)

How North and South can ensure deal works: The Irish Times

Turning the killers loose: The Independent

GAA must get rid of Rule 21: Irish News (Editorial)

Why Ulster should say `Yes': Irish Independent (by David Trimble)

Time to remember how close we came to the abyss: The Irish Times

Adams seeks to avoid party split: The Times

Website for Scots Guards slammed: Irish News

Politicians haggle over extent of RUC reforms: Irish News

April 16

What the Irish can learn from South Africa: Boston Globe

The Right People at the Right Moment: Los Angeles Times

Will violence wreck the Good Friday pact?: Philadelphia Inquirer

For N. Ireland Peace Pact, the Devil Is in the Details: Los Angeles Times

Ireland Goes Global: Washington Post

Time for IRA to lay down its arms: The Independent (Editorial)

Identity of interests still found: The Irish Times

Belfast is certainly no Oslo: Jerusalem Post

Give the agreement a chance, says 'News Letter': The Irish Times

Orangemen say No to Ulster deal: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble faces his biggest challenge: The Guardian

Details of prisoner release plan emerge: Irish News

Prospect of substantial majority in favour of deal: The Irish Times

Silent majority holds key to poll: Irish Independent

After the peace deal, what is it to be Irish?: The Independent

Even Tory unionists must hope North deal is carried: The Irish Times

Now to sell the deal: Irish Independent

Minnesota hosts help sow seeds of peace: Minnesota Star Tribune

Fighting talk by the man who likes to say no: The Times

Early release of prisoners gives Adams a boost: Sydney Morning Herald

April 15

The reasons to doubt Irish peace: Toronto Globe and Mail

Doherty May Gain Freedom: New York Daily News

Some N. Ireland Protestants Oppose a Visit by Clinton: Los Angeles Times

The Visionaries of the Irish Agreement: Washington Post

THE MIRROR CRACK'D: The Times (Editorial)

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Dublin frees IRA men in effort to boost peace deal: The Guardian

The shadow of prison will be hard to escape: Irish News

Peace opportunity must not be lost through violence: The Irish Times (by John Taylor)

Stalemate in the bearpit: The Times

Deal provides a moral basis: Irish News (Editorial)

The ghosts haunting Trimble as pathfinder: The Irish Times

We will work with Sinn Fein ­ UDP: Irish News

'No' campaign links Paisley to republicans: Electronic Telegraph

Euphoria of press tempered by dissent: The Times