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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from April 16-30, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Friday, April 30

Blair and Ahern prepare for more peace talks: BBC

MP's Finucane IRA claim sparks outrage: Irish News

Public 'demanding' dialogue on parades: The Irish Times

No justification for not talking: Irish News (Editorial)

Orange Volunteers admit pub bomb: The Irish Times

Three accused of terror plot: The Times

Ulster-Scots backers hit out at ‘mockery’: Irish News

Thursday, April 29

Telling of victims' stories a vital part of peacemaking: The Irish Times

Church hierarchy rapped over sectarianism report: Belfast Telegraph

Hume's 30-year career honoured: The Irish Times

Orangemen 'should talk over parades': Belfast Telegraph

London to probe Belfast lawyer's murder: BBC

Finucane truth must be known: Irish News

IRA to be granted graves immunity: The Independent

Republic boosts spending on north: Irish News

Wednesday, April 28

Met chief launches new Finucane probe: Belfast Telegraph

This is no time to park peace process: Irish Independent

Kosovo and Ulster - The alarming parallel.: Belfast Telegraph

Blair and Ahern discuss 'difficult' peace: BBC

Trilateral talks bid to break impasse: Irish News

Immunity over IRA victims' bodies: Electronic Telegraph

Retrieval of bodies could begin before end of May: The Irish Times

Little hope of impasse in North being resolved this side of summer holiday: The Irish Times

Fury at lodge fallout over Omagh Mass: Irish News

Church urged to fearlessly tackle sectarianism: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday witness shock: Irish News

Tuesday, April 27

Patten member urges radicalism: Belfast Telegraph

Adams keeping his own counsel: Boston Globe

Unionists and SF bid to meet on Hume plan: Belfast Telegraph

Poll shows increased support for agreement: The Irish Times

Talks face summer deadline: The Independent

NIO denies Paisley's claim of parking talks: The Irish Times

Mitchell hopeful of N Ireland breakthrough: BBC

Time to stop asking IRA to give up arms: The Irish Times

Front Line in Ulster Conflict Is Measured by Feet: New York Times

More to SDLP proposal than meets the eye: by Malachi O'Doherty (BBC)

Murdered loyalist linked to Nelson killing: Irish News

'Almost 1,000' Catholics applied to join RUC: The Irish Times

IRA ‘taking slice of cross-border smuggling’: Irish News

UUP man awaits Orange decision: The Irish Times

'It is Scotland that binds the whole Union together. If Scotland becomes independent, it should take Ulster with it': The Times

Defying global anxieties, Ireland's economic good times roll: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Monday, April 26

SDLP shifting closer to SF on arms: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Finding a way forward: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

A radical suggestion ­ legalise the IRA: Sunday Business Post

Bad Summer Ahead: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

No going back to the old ways: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Nothing ruled out to end impasse, Ahern: The Irish Times

World will shun us if we fail - Mallon: Irish News

Sinn Fein warns of peace process collapsing: BBC

The victims issue: reconciliation or just new tactics?: Irish News

McGuinness urges UUP rethink on Hume plan: The Irish Times

Trimble’s Vatican visit is result of real reform: Irish News

Orangemen consider mobilising members: The Irish Times

Sign of hope on marching: Irish News (Editorial)

BBC makes Bloody Sunday plea : BBC

Sunday, April 25

Patton leaving Orange Order: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)


"Restorative Justice" will lead to cantonisation of civil liberty: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

Hume bid to break deadlock: BBC

IRA seeks link in arms deal to scrapping RUC: The Sunday Times

What way forward for the peace process now?: Sunday Independent

Soldiers face quiz on Nelson murder: The Sunday Times

Who killed Rosemary?: The Sunday Times

Saturday, April 24

From the ruins of conflict we need to build consent: Belfast Telegraph

Adams claims agreement `suspended': Irish Independent

Denial by man named in IRA bomb inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

Bombing inquiry a welcome move: Irish News (Editorial)

Politicians to blame for this peace process deadlock: Irish Independent

North's churches 'trapped in divide': The Irish Times

Anti-Catholicism water under Boyne bridge?: Irish News

Harassment of lawyers is denied: The Irish Times

RUC ‘tried to recruit men’: Irish News

Police body hears of report 'backlash': The Irish Times

Friday, April 23

Only the police can get justice for Rosemary: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble meets the Pope: BBC

Historic meeting far from popular at home: The Irish Times

Trimble decision deserves applause: Irish News

RUC criticised at US Congressional hearing: The Irish Times

‘RUC failing to protect Catholics’: Irish News

Public angry at obduracy of SF and UUP, says McGrady: The Irish Times

Time standing still at sectarian interface: Irish News

Unionist party negotiator is arrested: Electronic Telegraph

Thursday, April 22

'Fundamental' faults in Ireland: Belfast Telegraph

RUC `know loyalist gang who killed lawyer': Irish Independent

MacCionnaith urged to back up his claim: Belfast Telegraph

Conclusions on collusion: Belfast Telegraph (by Ken Maginnis)

Nelson’s claims stand up - taoiseach: Irish News

Ahern 'satisfied' with Nelson inquiry: The Irish Times

Holy silence on Trimble’s Pope meeting: Irish News

A chance for the churches to rescue the peace: The Irish Times

Alliance chief to stand in Europe: Irish News

If there is no progress, North process will be parked: The Irish Times

Paper 'reveals' IRA bomb suspect: BBC

Commission set up to find disappeared: Irish News

Councillor brands Irish street name ban ‘absurd’: Irish News

Wednesday, April 21

Eamonn McCann: Belfast Telegraph

'US policing probe has snubbed me': Belfast Telegraph

IRA link to Collins murder: Belfast Telegraph

Irish Attorney Murder Probe Urged: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Nelson's work honoured: The Irish Times

Loyalists ‘waging war of ethnic cleansing’: Irish News

Orange anger at Trimble meeting Pope: BBC

Sectarianism will not help tourism: Irish News (Editorial)

Job disparity in North 'a blight': The Irish Times

The writing on the wall makes very little sense: Irish News

Peace deal ‘is being vandalised’: Irish News

President lauds culture of consensus: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday: Heath outburst whips up storm: Irish News

Most voters expect Scottish independence within 10 years: The Guardian

Tuesday, April 20

Nelson protection 'wasn't requested': Belfast Telegraph

Tactical Shift Hinted In N. Ireland Talks: Washington Post

Talks to continue despite deadlock over IRA weapons: Electronic Telegraph

New body puts weight behind peace process: Irish News

CHANGING GEAR: The Times (Editorial)

Peace process should be seen through: The Irish Times

Pope visit sparks unholy war of words: Irish News

Ulster's silent bystanders see a bleak future: The Times

‘Lessons of agreement’ conference premature: Irish News

Inquiry refusal angers Wright father: The Irish Times

Sir Ronnie challenged over arms allegations: Irish News

IRA targets profitable smuggling business: The Irish Times

Nelson group in UN plea: Irish News

Monday, April 19

Molyneaux says peace costing unionists dearly: Belfast Telegraph

Peace campaigner challenges loyalist paramilitaries: by Henry McDonald (The Observer - April 18)

Iceberg ahead warning for pact: Belfast Telegraph

Hero's son `offered' bribe by British spy: Sunday Business Post

Talks tackle peace impasse: BBC

‘We never agreed to deliver IRA weapons’: Irish News (by Martin McGuinness)

Arms row will kill peace deal, says Adams: The Times

Evolving true political animals, not scapegoats: Irish News

Crisis Week For Process: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Dissidents on terror spree: Irish News (Editorial)

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Plea to church at Drumcree: Irish News

Flanagan may support inquiry: The Irish Times

Reform ‘must not exclude’ RUC: Irish News

Inquiry urged into loyalist bombings: Irish News

Sunday, April 18

North in Serbia's shadow: Sunday Independent

Irish families fall victim to sectarian 'cleansing' : The Sunday Times

Governments may suspend talks: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Make your peace, orders Blair: The Observer

Ulster leader's Vatican visit to offer new hope: Electronic Telegraph

Early releases may be ended: The Sunday Times

More Catholics join RUC as ceasefire holds: Electronic Telegraph

What are the Provos up to?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Do not betray the people of Northern Ireland: The Observer (by Mo Mowlam)

Why Democracy Can Survive Sinn Féin in Government: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Orange Order marches into dangerous territory: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein stares down the barrel: Sunday Independent

Nationalists 'planned to kill Irish defence minister': The Sunday Times

Think-tank targets NI peace: BBC

Tycoons forget rivalry to fund Irish chair: The Sunday Times

Saturday, April 17

Trimble confident about agreement: The Irish Times

Trimble ready to do deal on guns - Paisley: Irish News

Warrant out for freed IRA 'Mata Hari': Electronic Telegraph

IRA assurance on Disappeared: Belfast Telegraph

Pressure on Mowlam over solicitor's death: BBC

No room for bias in RUC says Flanagan: Irish News

Alliance leader accuses Trimble of negativism: The Irish Times

Unionists need friends if they are to be influential: Belfast Telegraph

Setback for North `day of harmony': Irish Independent

For God and Ulster: The Irish Times

Study puts IRA top of killing league: The Times

The fiery mix: The Irish Times

Peace process train parked because of wrong kind of no: Irish News

Getting that British feeling: The Guardian (Editorial)

Friday, April 16

Ulster in Tories' 'Senate' seat plan: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists come out fighting for the RUC: Belfast Telegraph

Crisis meeting to save Ulster deal: Electronic Telegraph

Hillsborough 'only way forward', Trimble claims: The Irish Times

Families of the disappeared slam delay in amnesty laws: Irish News

IRA must face up to the grotesque reality: The Irish Times

American Congress cuts RUC funding: Irish News

Concerns being acted on at last: The Irish Times

Rosemary laid down her life for justice - Mgr Faul: Irish News

Alliance accuses Government of 'cherry-picking' on early releases: The Irish Times