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This archive contains references to articles from April 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


April 30

Heed call for parades talk: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA bomb warning fails to close M25: Electronic Telegraph

Economic disaster if union ends - Taylor: The Irish Times

The Forum vote didn't matter, this time it does: Irish News

Newcomer fails to cramp the style of an old goer like Paisley: The Irish Times

DUP digs up 'dirty tricks' on Trimble: Irish News

Loyalists riot in Maze prison: The Times

Price to pay, warns UFF: Irish News

April 29

SF excluded from the talks by own words and deeds: The Irish Times (by John Major)

Critical Poll for North: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Ervine tells of ceasefire worries: Irish News

Trimble is confident of doing business with Blair: The Irish Times

Mayhew admits that IRA was in control of Maze H-blocks: The Times

April 28

Hume hoping for a Labour victory: The Irish Times

Sectarian divide makes mockery of democracy: Irish News

Labour committed to finding a settlement: The Irish Times (by Tony Blair)

Politicians of the people, yet poles apart: The Irish Times

Ahern condemns Bruton peace role: The Irish Times

RUC blocks Orangemen: Irish News

April 27

Dublin holds Maze escaper: The Sunday Times

April 26

UK citizens blind to lack of democracy: Irish News (first sentence missing)

Reject compromises on marches - Patton: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein hopes for Blair victory: Irish News

Mallon 'quietly confident' of holding seat in the dales: The Irish Times

Rabbi hits back at Irish News over report: Irish News

2 bombs snarl traffic in England: Philadelphia Inquirer

IRA motorway blasts 'bid to murder drivers': Irish News

April 25

With the nationalist vote split Ken can be cocky: The Irish Times

Trouble feared over Dunloy march proposal: Irish News

Denton affair fall-out may harm community relations: The Irish Times

April 24

Hume may be losing faith in Sinn Fein: The Irish Times

Seats matter more than percentages in election: The Irish Times

Adams appeals for unionist recognition: The Irish Times

Action man Robinson should romp home: The Irish Times

SDLP's policy left us divided: Irish News (by John Alderdice)

April 23

Weasel words slither round duty to save life: Irish News

Adams looks to Labour to revive peace process: The Irish Times

IRA's London hoaxes spark paper frenzy: Irish News

Sitting MP for South Antrim can't lose at polls: The Irish Times

April 22

IRA brings London to a standstill: Electronic Telegraph

Democracy's double: The Times (Editorial)

Oldest parliamentarian looks safe: The Irish Times

Consensus, not consent, welcomed by Orangemen: The Irish Times

April 21

PUP blames church fire on Protestants: Irish News

Sign of hope amid all the DUP 'conspiracies': Irish News

Fight goes on for IRA, says Adams: Electronic Telegraph

'No tit-for-tat deal' on march: Irish News

Defence of Drumcree makes Trimble safe bet: The Irish Times

Ex-IRA insiders follow SAS authors into print: The Times

April 20

IRA gunmen stalk top political targets in Britain: The Sunday Times

Seized rifle gives clue to IRA deals: Electronic Telegraph

April 19

Mallon asks leaders to act on North: The Irish Times

Industry counts cost of latest IRA disruption: The Times

Explosions in England snarl traffic but do little damage: Philadelphia Inquirer

Abraham Lincoln inspires favoured man: The Irish Times

Sham fight for parish council at Stormont: Irish News

Apology over rabbi's remarks: Irish News

April 18

Man charged with three IRA murders over 19 years: The Times

Decision to review soldiers' sentences angers nationalists: The Times

Paisley takes a cut at the uncircumcised: The Irish Times

April 17

NI needs Mowlam's kind of grace under pressure: The Irish Times

A lesson for the rabbi: Irish News (Editorial)

Unionist's march claim questioned: Irish News

Sinn Fein practises the art of divide and conquer: The Irish Times

April 16

Taylor faces the Robinson factor: The Irish Times

All change - but we're not calling the tunes: Irish News

Trimble hopes for peaceful Drumcree: The Irish Times

Cold water ruins vision of day out at Drumcree: Irish News

April 15

Larne blockade action will do Beggs no harm: The Irish Times

Independence key to effective church: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein spares Hume in attack on SDLP thinking: Irish News

April 14

Sniper gang 'top IRA terrorists': Electronic Telegraph

Lethal rifle procured to pierce body armour: The Irish Times

The IRA has legitimised exclusion of Sinn Fein: Irish News

Catholics flee their homes as loyalists riot in Belfast: The Times

Religion 'back' as a dynamic of conflict: The Irish Times

'Big Bob' faces biggest test: The Irish Times

April 13

NewsAnalysis: Northern Ireland's resolute violence: Boston Globe

Mowlam stricken by brain tumour: Electronic Telegraph

April 12

IRA cripples nationalism: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA sniper unit killed 11 soldiers and police in Armagh: The Irish Times

Ready to grasp power in the heartland of unionism: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein hopes hit by DUP withdrawal: The Times

IRA actions may not dent 'bullet-proof' SF voting base: The Irish Times

IRA returning to long war strategy - Spring: The Irish Times

Fighting fire with fire: The Irish Times

April 11

Truce hopes doomed as IRA shoots woman PC: Electronic Telegraph

Peace claim rings hollow: Irish News (Editorial)

Fanning the Flames: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Violence by revamped IRA may spur loyalists: The Irish Times

Adams calls for election pact: Irish News

April 10

Drumcree issue more vital than ceasefire: The Irish Times

Search for 'champion Taig' to oust McCrea: The Irish Times

Anti-Catholic books on sale: Irish News

'A vote for Sinn Fein is a vote for the IRA': Irish News

McAliskey bail appeal refused again: The Irish Times

April 9

Getting shrill over Aintree but not a murder: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein looks to Mowlam for peace: Electronic Telegraph

Rivals set for battle on streets of West Belfast: The Irish Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Decision on Scots guards 'within days': Irish News

April 8

Archbishops appeal for church arson attacks to end: The Times

Arson 'reaction to Paisley': Irish News

Democracy was the real winner at Aintree: The Times (Editorial)

Dynamite is a loser in the battle for US minds: Irish News

Paisley says UUP on a plan of 'folly and failure': The Irish Times

April 7

Adams silent, but odds on he was not too impressed: The Irish Times

Historical traditions do not reflect past reality: Irish News

Positive response by SF to appeal for ceasefire: The Irish Times

OUT OF THE RACE: The Times (Editorial)

UK Labour rules out early talks with SF: The Irish Times

Exploiting a National evil: Irish News (Editorial)

Anglo-Irish elite given wide berth by embassy: The Times

April 6

IRA wrecks Grand National: Electronic Telegraph

Church fires raise fears of Ulster flashpoint: Electronic Telegraph

April 5

Why the IRA should restore its ceasefire: The Irish Times (by Sen. Kennedy)

The IRA Must Choose: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Orange factions struggle at the edge of the abyss: The Irish Times

Headless chicken' lays moronic manifesto egg: Irish News

April 4

Congressmen ask that ex-IRA man be let stay: The Irish Times

SF moves to dampen ceasefire speculation: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein seeks votes with vigilantes: The Times

Nationalist 'voter hotline' in bid to stop unionist victory: Irish News

April 3

New IRA ceasefire imminent - report: Irish News

Pre-election ceasefire unlikely, says Portillo: The Irish Times

British Labour to drop goal of Irish unity by consent: The Irish Times

Ulster alert over released man: Electronic Telegraph

April 2

This wild aggression is just par for the course: Irish News

Sinn Fein MPs will 'attend' Commons: Irish News

SF should sit in Commons: Irish News (Editorial)

Party faithful look on Mallon as heavyweight: The Irish Times

Northern Ireland: Gunmen cheered at Sinn Fein rally: The Times

Arson attack targeted on Drumcree leader: The Irish Times

April 1

IRA called unlikely source for Oklahoma detonator: Boston Globe

Christians face difficult choice as marching season begins: The Irish Times

Loyalist marchers agree on taking the road to peace: Electronic Telegraph

Orange Order may expel Spirit of Drumcree: The Irish Times