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This archive contains references to articles from April 1-14 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


April 14

How a prophet of peace may have ended Ireland's war: Boston Globe

Kudos for Mitchell: New York Daily News

Clinton's task: Keep US focused on Ireland's future: Boston Globe

Ireland's hopeful Easter: Toronto Globe and Mail (Editorial)

Hope in Ireland: Times of India (Editorial)

Prisoners are part of the deal: Irish News (Editorial)

Belfast's First March of Season Ends Peacefully: Washington Post

Extremists must not win, says parades chairman: The Times

Now for the referendum, when the people's voice will be heard: The Independent

In Ireland, for once, politicians have taught the cynics a lesson: The Guardian

The Clinton peace factor: Irish Independent

Peacemaker Mitchell was the choice of providence: Irish News

Paisley begins campaign to undermine deal: Irish Independent

Disarming terror will not guarantee peace, says Hume: Electronic Telegraph

Two sides, one voice: The Guardian

Chance to overcome legacy of division: The Irish Times (by Dick Spring)

Hume: The long road to peace: Irish News

£60m campus in west Belfast to go ahead: The Irish Times

April 13

It will shake unionism to its foundations: Sunday Business Post

Adams asks IRA faithful to back pact: Boston Globe

This is no `deal' for nationalist Ireland: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Much can go wrong, but much more looks right for the future: Irish Independent

Blair, Mitchell Fear Violence in N. Ireland: Washington Post

Troubles no more: Sydney Morning Herald (Editorial)

Fear for Ulster weapons deadline: Electronic Telegraph

Much can go wrong, but more looks right: The Independent

Trimble ­ the man who would be king: Irish News

Risky differences: The Guardian

McGuinness in call for a united republican front: Irish News

Mitchell fears collapse of deal in 18 months: The Times

At last we can all be children of the future: Irish News

Grassroots SF supporters back leadership at rallies: The Irish Times

Ahern’s weapons goal: Irish News

McAliskey returns to North with daughter: The Irish Times

April 12

Path of violence that led Adams to the talks: The Sunday Times (missed this one)

In N. Ireland, Skepticism Vies With Optimism: Los Angeles Times

Amateur Envoys Made It Happen: New York Daily News

Mitchell's winning strategy: He sequestered negotiators: Boston Globe

Irish Spring: Toronto Star (Editorial)

Ireland united -- in peace: Philadelphia Inquirer (Editorial)

Peace in Northern Ireland: Jerusalem Post (Editorial)

Irish Triumph: Washington Post (Editorial)

Who's crucified now?: Sunday Tribune

Blair calls in Major to help keep Irish peace: The Observer

Why are these Unionists still arguing?: The Sunday Times (by John Taylor)

Why Stormont reminded me of Animal Farm: Sunday Tribune

For George Mitchell, a challenge of a lifetime: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Other dreams on the agenda: The Sunday Times

Nationalists advance inexorably, making love not war: Sunday Tribune

Peace may cost jobs in Ulster: The Sunday Times

Enlightened pragmatism: Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

Long march reaches the crossroads: The Observer

New Writing on the Wall: Washington Post

Yes, it's going to work: Independent on Sunday

Trimble's work has just begun: The Observer

Just the beginning: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Opinion divided over decommissioning: Sunday Tribune

Belgian voting system favours majority party: Sunday Tribune

No peace in Paisley's pulpit: Independent on Sunday

April 11

European context helps underpin Northern accord: The Irish Times

THE PATH TO PEACE: The Irish Times (a full Section devoted to history, background & analysis of yesterday's agreement)

Clinton's Support Played Major Part In Clinching Deal: Washington Post

Hail warriors of peace: The Times (by John Major)

The Troubles: is this peace at last?: Sydney Morning Herald

Why this deal will never bring peace: Irish Independent

What we saw unfold was Britain's finest attempt to solve the problem: The Guardian

Historic accord brings peace to N.Ireland: Times of India

Irish breakthrough: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Ireland's peace is worth the candle: The Independent (Editorial)

The ground has been prepared for peace: The Irish Times

All change ... the word from Stormont is ‘yes’: Irish News

Now the guns must be silenced: Hong Kong Standard (Editorial)

The man who held up history: The Times

A brave new world: Irish Independent

Region's politicians hail accord : Albany Times Union

Northern Ireland: Many heroes: Minneapolis Star Tribune (Editorial)

Gladstone's heir: The Guardian

George's bittersweet adieu: Irish Independent

Notorious killers will be freed early: Electronic Telegraph

The long road ahead to stability: The Guardian

Mr Clinton played his part in creating history: Irish News

The long road to peace: how blood enemies learned to talk: The Independent

April 10

The Agreement

‘The Deal is Done’..The first steps to true Peace in Ireland: Irish News

"Historic agreement" marks a new beginning: The Irish Times


The day's Earlier Stories and Analysis

The land that forgot time: The Guardian

Provos stay rock solid behind Sinn Fein tactics: Irish Independent

Belfast Mob Tries To Derail Talks: New York Daily News

Learning the hard way about true meaning of equality: Irish Independent (Editorial)

N. Ireland Negotiators Work Past Deadline: Washington Post

Ulster talks go to the brink: Electronic Telegraph

We are standing at the crossroads: Irish News (Editorial)

All seasons, all hopes, all emotions in one day: The Irish Times

An Irish lesson - look to the last power-sharing agreement: The Independent

Can Blair turn the tide of Irish history?: Irish News

New peace wall reflects Ulster's hard reality: The Times

A miracle talks have got so far: Irish News

Loyalists vent their anger in the shadow of Carson: Irish News

Show produces frenzy far from talks gravitas: The Irish Times

Protestants led astray says rector: Irish News

Key players in the Stormont talks: Irish News

April 9

CRUNCH TIME IN NORTHERN IRELAND: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Paisley's fire rages, but Ireland now cool: Boston Globe

Whispers of Hope in Belfast: Washington Post

We're nearly there, says upbeat Blair: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble urges Sinn Fein to say the `war is over': Irish Independent

How could Blair get it so wrong?: The Irish Times

‘Stand firm on Orange card’ ­ SF: Irish News

Winds of change sweep through unionism: Irish Independent

Trimble: history-maker or historical footnote?: The Irish Times

Clinton makes a difference in Ulster peace process: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Splinter group opposed to peace: The Independent

Battle for republicans may only be beginning: The Irish Times

Non-stop talks as deadline approaches: The Times

RUC men may list 'loyal interests': Irish News

April 8

Clinton Pushes N. Ireland Foes: New York Daily News

Unionists balk at pact on N. Ireland: Philadelphia Inquirer

Blair fights to save Ulster deal: Daily Telegraph

Blair in Belfast To Join Peace Talks: Washington Post

No Pain, No Peace: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The final hours: The Guardian (Editorial)

Defining Moment: The Times (Editorial)

Full of sound-bite and hurry ... worth what?: Irish News

Unionists determined to super-impose assembly: The Irish Times

Trimble plays a wild card in the endgame: Irish Independent

Ghosts of Stormont: The Times

Priorities of North and South are worlds apart: The Irish Times

Alderdice blames govts for difficulties: The Irish Times

April 7

Bertie scores better in talks style mismatch: Irish Independent

Women's Coalition shows Ireland a way: Boston Globe

Ulster rivals split over peace terms: The Times

Belfast Talks Head Down to the Wire: Washington Post

Unionists bent on stopping Trojan horse at gate: The Irish Times

Muted Miracle: The Guardian

Anglo-Irish Agreement put Dublin in the picture: The Irish Times

RSF disputes Sinn Fein’s numbers game: Irish News

IRA cleared way for SF to enter assembly - RSF: The Irish Times

Mayhew says RUC could be undermined by inquiry: The Irish Times

How can Labour stop Scotland slipping out of the British state?: The Independent

April 6

RUC reform must not repeat Boundary Commission fiasco: Sunday Business Post

N. Ireland talks try to seal deal in 4 days: Philadelphia Inquirer

We can't ignore demographics: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Ahern caught in frantic round of talks: Irish Independent

The big question now is: will David Trimble blink?: Sunday Business Post

Blair ready to dash to Belfast as hopes rise: Electronic Telegraph

Partition is an aberration: Irish News (Editorial)

CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT: The Times (Editorial)

Profile: George Mitchell: Man in the middle: The Guardian

A move to pleasures of prosperity already seen: The Irish Times

What we do from this point on will shape Ireland for the 21st century: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Ulster moves toward its Mandela moment: The Independent

Why Sunningdale failed: The Irish Times

Up against the wall as time runs out for the peace deadline: The Times

Failure of peace talks is ‘the devil’s agenda’: Irish News

CIRA calls for 'willing hands': The Irish Times

IRA leader defects: Irish News

April 5

Irish peace talks in the homestretch: Boston Globe

Unionists raise hopes for Ulster peace: Electronic Telegraph

Britain gets Adams peace deal offer: The Sunday Times

Irish Peace Would Be Mitchell's Moment: Washington Post

Profile - David Trimble: Independent on Sunday

Decommissioning Re-emerges as Obstacle to Agreement: by Ed Moloney

Unionists threaten walkout: The Observer

Save us from the mafia of tribal terrorists: The Sunday Times

Adams faces showdown with dissidents: Independent on Sunday

Orange Order plans major reform: Sunday Tribune

Peace clock close to unwinding: The Observer

Tutor snubs ex-IRA man's peace moves: The Sunday Times

April 4

`Bloody Sunday' death site surveyed: Philadelphia Inquirer

Secret deal for Ulster: The Guardian

Time to surrender the old hatreds: The Independent (Editorial)

Long and painful road to get to agreement: The Irish Times

Who could have luck in a Stormont poker game?: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday inquiry could offer immunity: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble may be ready for a bold move: The Irish Times

Cool response to parade ban on both sides: Irish News

Behind closed doors: Irish Independent

Making peace is a low-key affair at the cutting edge: The Irish Times

Belfast peacelines return to keep warring factions apart: The Independent

Unionist blocks anti-violence treaty: Irish News

April 3

Bluff or Bottom Line?: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Taoiseach in trouble as Stormont stakes are raised: The Irish Times

Gardai thwart plans to wreck peace process: The Irish Times

Negotiator looks to future but likes ghosts of past: The Irish Times

Car bomb plot foiled: The Guardian

Renegades unite to threaten talks: Irish Independent

BLAIR'S BOTTOM LINE: The Times (Editorial)

No time to despair - where there's talk there's hope: The Independent

SF call for Dail seats: Irish News

Nelson offered millions to ‘tell the truth’: Irish News

Narey inquiry praises work of governor at Maze: Electronic Telegraph

Sectarian strife ‘won’t go away’: Irish News

Not definitive articles: Irish Independent

Unionists' `Taylor made' bottom line demand: Irish Independent

Lawyer's sinister death that still haunts Ulster: The Independent

Britain Faults U.N. NIreland Report: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Women have a case to put: Irish News (Editorial)

Arpil 2

Challenge for Ahern is to bring along wary public: The Irish Times

Ulster deal hinges on No 10 meetings: The Times

SF's chief negotiator hopes for end to conflict: The Irish Times

Mowlam in push for RUC reform: Electronic Telegraph

RUC murder reopened: Irish News

A precious opportunity not to be missed: The Irish Times

Pre-troubles north was not ‘a great wee place’: Irish News

Archbishop opposes Constitution changes: The Irish Times

Wall won’t come tumbling down: Irish News

April 1

Truth first: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Endgame proves the hardest: Irish Independent

Blair and Ahern push to meet April deadline: The Guardian

The NIO’s biggest leak is of parity for nationalists: Irish News

A Connollyite and Carsonite and a determined man: The Irish Times

Life on the frontiers of Belfast’s troubles: Irish News

SDLP strongly opposed to UUP line on assembly: The Irish Times