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This archive contains references to articles from April 1-15, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Thursday, April 15

Propaganda claims another victim: Belfast Telegraph

Protestants get less peace cash : Belfast Telegraph

Blair and Ahern to try again: BBC

IRA 'prolongs pain' of victims' families: Electronic Telegraph

Deal 'is up to Ulster parties': The Times

Trimble, Blair, Mowlam and Ahern should take a gamble on weapons: The Independent

Adams asks if Belfast Agreement set aside: The Irish Times

Republicans should have confidence to break impasse: Irish News (by Ruairi Quinn)

Come quietly, Gerry: The Times

Spirit of the declaration should not be rejected: Irish News

US move to end FBI training of RUC: The Irish Times

Gardai ‘warned family of threats’: Irish News

UUP paper admits 'erosion' of vote: The Irish Times

Three out of four Scots back the Union: Electronic Telegraph

Wednesday, April 14

Guns, IRA pride and peace in our time: The Guardian

Arms impasse: Decommissioning obligations must be met: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Sinn Fein Rejects Proposal to End Impasse Over Disarmament: New York Times

Ervine and SF reject the declaration: Irish News

Ulster prisoner releases may be halted by arms deadlock: The Times

Balcombe Street gang freed: BBC

No party is going to miss the political gravy train: Irish News

New hero needed to end North impasse: The Irish Times

One in five of Nelson team is English: Irish News

Four questioned over murder of IRA informer: The Irish Times

Council’s cash sends bands to Drumcree: Irish News

Tuesday, April 13

No future for Keenan's fantasy island politics: Belfast Telegraph

`Too much effort has been made, too much gained for it to be thrown away': Irish Independent

IRA is behind assaults, says FAIT: Belfast Telegraph

UN man a big player in RUC's future: Belfast Telegraph

Real IRA planning return to violence: Irish News

Peace talks resume at Stormont: BBC

Clue to IRA missile test-firings: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble senses grounds for optimism on arms : The Guardian

SF claims deal is set to be reviewed: Irish News

Finding the middle ground has got no easier: The Irish Times

A week of reconciliation: The Guardian (Editorial)

Declaration defines SF moment of truth: The Irish Times

The Stormont deal cannot be rewritten: Irish News

Hillsborough Declaration helps clarify commitments: The Irish Times

UN expert raises fears over RUC: The Times

Proposed reconciliation day vague and premature: The Irish Times

Gracey denounces plan for loyalist picket of church: Irish News

RUC chief hits back at critical UN report: Electronic Telegraph

Mowlam to meet UN human rights official: The Irish Times

Nelson witnesses must talk to us - police chief: Irish News

Monday, April 12

Ahern must prevail over SF: Irish Independent

Hillsborough a fudge too far: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Keeping the terrorists at bay: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Fixer Ahern does serious damage: Sunday Business Post

Blair and Ahern may duck talks: Electronic Telegraph

Republicans insist no weapons will be placed `beyond use': Sunday Business Post

BBC says sorry to DUP leader: Belfast Telegraph

A deal too far for Ahern?: Sunday Business Post

Blair and Ahern may duck talks: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists reject army bases offer: The Independent

Bishop pleads for solution to arms deadlock: The Times

Declaration fails to lift pessimism of parties: Irish News

NI talks leaders voice cautious optimism on arms: The Irish Times

Our patriots fought for unity of people’s hearts: Irish News

We are on the threshold of great change: Irish News (by Reg Empey)

THUNDER IN ULSTER: The Times (Editorial)

No going back to violent past: Irish News (Editorial)

Garvaghy spokesman is warned: The Irish Times

Ulster worst for threat to lawyers: The Independent

Loyalists resume picket protest at Catholic church: The Irish Times

Omagh bid to welcome refugees is rejected: Irish News

Sunday, April 11

NI peace declaration defended: BBC

IRA guns are `not silent', says Faul: Sunday Independent

Blair plans cut in Ulster troops as sop to IRA: The Sunday Times

Sinn Féin doesn't want to walk away: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Put your trust in the men who really want peace: The Sunday Times

Decommissioning -- A Way Out?: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Sinn Fein could start by disarming its falsehoods: The Sunday Times

Sinn Féin in never-never land: Sunday Independent

IRA weapon stocks lower than publicly claimed: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Ex-terrorists 'police' petty crime: The Sunday Times

We are terrifyingly close to the brink: Sunday Independent

Self-confessed bigot joins the Orange rulers: The Sunday Times

Saturday, April 10

IRA calls halt to beatings: Belfast Telegraph

Last-ditch summit on Ulster arms: The Independent

A Failure To Comprehend: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Blair must tell the loyalist clowns that the game is up: Irish News

SF warns it cannot deliver: The Irish Times

Questions requiring answers from SF: The Irish Times

Balcombe Street Gang to be freed: The Guardian

Advocates of war turned to peace: Irish News

Trimble’s bid to avert new church picket: Irish News

Homeowners near Drumcree sell up: The Irish Times

SF fury at unionist’s ‘Serbs’ comparison: Irish News

Anger over IRA graves amnesty call: BBC

SF highlights disquiet at Nelson murder inquiries: Irish News

Ireland '99: richer in wealth, poorer in spirit: Irish Independent

Murdered friends’ parents honoured: Irish News

Heaney 'too Irish' for Poet Laureate: Electronic Telegraph

Friday, April 9

Stormont talks hit new dissent: Belfast Telegraphd

Biting the bullet: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Blair's pledges prise open door to a great Friday: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein Rejects Plan to End Stalemate: Washington Post

Now loyalists balk at giving up arms: The Guardian

Arms deadlock on both sides: Irish News (Editorial)

Balcombe Street gang to be freed: BBC

SF calls for end to emergency legislation: Irish News

Loyalist plan for picket heightens fears in Portadown: The Irish Times

Warning from RSF over new ‘alliance’: Irish News

Thursday, April 8

IRA will not reveal graves: Belfast Telegraph

Is this IRA surrender?: Belfast Telegraph

SF raises hopes of moves on weapons disposal: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein signals tougher stance over weapons: The Guardian

A reversion to violence is possible: The Irish Times

‘No’ camp unionists sacrificing public good says UUP: Irish News

Gardai doubt guns were for IRA dissidents: The Irish Times

Unionist lays out terms for united Ireland: Irish News

Wednesday, April 7

Dublin is stalling on releases - IRA inmates: Belfast Telegraph

Dissident republicans in talks over new alliance: Irish News

Decommissioning ultimatum guaranteed to stiffen spines: The Irish Times

A ball game fit for our future: Irish News (Editorial)

Adams might set right what has gone wrong: The Irish Times

Victims ‘in fear’ of tricolours: Irish News

Anti-agreement unionists 'going through motions: Irish Times

Tuesday, April 6

Orange in talks policy shift: Belfast Telegraph

Marching season off to peaceful start: BBC

Claim that nationalists spurn talks 'nonsense': The Irish Times

A good day for the peacemakers: Irish News

Former priest says IRA must not be humiliated: The Irish Times

Reconciliation ‘must focus on the living’: Irish News

Peace in the balance: The Guardian

Loyalists to resume Harryville protests: Irish News

A republic in name despite constitution conundrums: The Irish Times

Victims group set to remove Irish tricolours: Irish News

Monday, April 5

Easter fudge won't sweeten anyone: Sunday Business Post

Row breaks out over IRA graves ceremony: Belfast Telegraph

Six weeks to end ambiguity: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Dublin bombings: new revelations: Sunday Business Post

Growing unionist swing against peace deal revealed in new poll: Irish Independent

Peace process 'in crisis': BBC

Adams stance reassures Dublin: The Irish Times

Conflict will return, IRA leader says in Easter message: Electronic Telegraph

An April fool after a year of waiting: Irish News (by Danny Morrison)

UUP asks leader to get declaration clarified: The Irish Times

Weapons test: Sydney Morning Herald (Editorial - scroll down the page)

Dr Empey says Drumcree has damaged church: The Irish Times

Time and compassion can heal old wounds: Irish News

BBC staff given word of warning: Irish News

St Patrick has America's Scots green with envy: The Times

Occupation ‘source of hardship’ for area: Irish News

Sunday, April 4

Disarming the IRA: Boston Globe

IRA authorises attacks on Loyalists: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Hopes fade for IRA arms deal: Electronic Telegraph

IRA 'ready to hand in arms': The Sunday Times

IRA must make leap of faith on weapons: Sunday Independent

Bomb that could cripple peace: The Observer

Pessimism surrounds NI talks: Sunday Independent

British army returns GAA's land after 25 years: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Irish America a Battleground for Agreement: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Toddlers in combat jackets have been the Easter symbol of Belfast for too long. At last this day signifies new life again: The Observer

An Isle of Two Minds Seeks A Language of Compromise: Washington Post

Hillsborough Declaration leaves Adams and McGuinness between a rock and a hard place: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Sinn Féin should follow Trimble's example: Sunday Independent

The peace process still fights against the sordid realities: Independent on Sunday

Joint declaration gives peace another chance: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Fears over new IRA rebel group: The Sunday Times

Haughey's call saved Ben Dunne from IRA death: Sunday Independent

Saturday, April 3

The IRA's opportunity: Boston Globe (Editorial)

There is no gain without pain: Belfast Telegraph

Defections leave Trimble and new deal in jeopardy: Electronic Telegraph

Adams warns public against ‘deal’ optimism: Irish News

Mowlam: No going back to violence: BBC

Mistrust must be laid to rest: Irish News (Editorial)

Adams insists SF cannot deliver decommissioning: The Irish Times

Up in arms over decommissioning: Irish News

When will the IRA ever decommission?: Irish Independent

Birth of a many-headed beast giving midwives big problems: Irish News

Fisherman who must reel in the weaponry: The Times

There's still a long way to go before peace reigns: Irish Independent

Parties faced with choice to agree or lose peace: The Irish Times

PM ‘wanted to release prisoners a year early’: Irish News

Picking apart the texts of peace: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein asks BBC to drop anthem: Irish News

Families of dead IRA men reject SF presence at graves: The Irish Times

INLA version of Wright’s murder ‘is a whitewash’: Irish News

The Scots should seek independence: The Independent (Editorial)

Friday, April 2

Will Sinn Fein pick up the gauntlet?: Belfast Telegraph

Fury over umbrella title for the RUC: Belfast Telegraph

Ulster Talks Miss Goal but Blair Sees Gains: New York Times

Clinton tried to win SF support for declaration: The Irish Times

All sides speak out for day of reconciliation: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein must bite on the bullet: The Guardian

Agreement is the only just way forward: Irish Independent

Illusionists are taking the public for a political 'spin': The Irish Times (by Robert McCartney)

Clouds over Ulster talks as they end in sunshine: Electronic Telegraph

Fudge allows Trimble to endorse the declaration: The Times

The long Good Friday: The Guardian (Editorial)

A HOLDING AGREEMENT: The Times (Editorial)

Triumph for diplomacy: Irish Independent (Editorial)

The Art Of The Possible: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Ireland cannot live in this limbo land for much longer : The Independent (Editorial)

Reconciliation must be found: Irish News (Editorial)

'This deal will split Unionist movement': The Independent

The text of the declaration: The Times

McMichael warns of threat to agreement: The Irish Times

How we killed Wright - INLA: Irish News

Pathway to murder of a marked man: Irish News

Disappeared man ‘dealt IRA huge blow’: Irish News

Thursday, April 1

Arms and the IRA: Torotno Globe and Mail (Editorial)

Donaldson says no shifting on guns: Belfast Telegraph

In N. Ireland, Peace Plan Hangs by Thread: Los Angeles Times

Britain, Ireland Struggle to Save Peace Deal: Washington Post

Steps Towards Understanding: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Sinn Fein in greatest danger of being losers: The Irish Times

Hunt for peace goes to the outer limits: The Times

Wounds of the past go too deep for instant remedies: The Irish Times

Paisley wants Trimble to declare 'bottom line': The Irish Times

FEC retires with pride: Irish News (Editorial)

Bringing it all back home: The Irish Times

Mitchell memoirs reveal ‘shocking’ Paisley encounter: Irish News

Trimble: start disarming or accord is dead: Sydney Morning Herald