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This archive contains references to articles from August 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Tuesday, August 15

Tit-for-tat warfare on way, says loyalist: The Times

'Sectarian' attacks on homes: BBC

Loyalist attacks on Catholic homes increasing: The Irish Times

Omagh victims remembered: BBC

Call for governments to seize terrorist funds: Irish Examiner

Ahern and Blair issue joint Omagh statement: The Irish Times

Omagh plagued by bomb hoax calls: Irish Examiner

Families will gather to remember Omagh's dead: The Irish Times

Finding kindness in a senseless act of evil: Irish Examiner

Lest we forget: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Omagh has not been forgotten: Irish News (Editorial)

Innocents are still the losers: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Sick spectre of sectarianism still rampant in the North: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Marking a milestone in history of sectarianism: Belfast Telegraph

Garda morale at stake over McCabe issue: Irish Independent

Moments of glory tainted with conflict: Irish News

Woman who bought guns for IRA jailed: Electronic Telegraph

Eight months added to gun buyer's term: Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

IRA gun buyer gets 20 months: Miami Herald

Monday, August 14

LVF threat follows attacks on homes: Electronic Telegraph

Second loyalist group threatens to quit ceasefire: Irish Independent

RUC to step up profile at flashpoints: The Scotsman

UDA blamed for attack on homes: BBC

Ulster's background violence fails to quell its growing optimism: The Independent

Solidarity will set us on the path to peace: Irish News

House of Welcome greets past foes: Belfast Telegraph

Silent streets will voice the anguish of Omagh: Irish Examiner

Omagh bombers who will never be jailed: The Times

Omagh families want dissident fundraising stopped: The Irish Times

Dissidents set to challenge Sinn Fein in West Belfast: The Times

Demilitarisation ‘irresponsible’: Campbell: Irish News

RUC accused of 'provoking' marchers: BBC

Peaceful parade may hold key to Drumcree: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Compromise In Derry: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Finucane team lifts Army files in search for killer: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist dismay at Boyne plan: The Times

Internment anniversary marked: The Irish Times

A man representing all the people of Belfast?: Irish News

Protestants not anti-Catholic, says Moderator: Electronic Telegraph

Sunday, August 13

Release of Det Garda McCabe's four killers is almost `a certainty' Key intelligence sources claim: `It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when': Sunday Independent

'I will never surrender to the British': The Observer

McCabe's silent watch on Sinn Fein: The Sunday Times

A land of double standards where prisoners are a part of politics: Sunday Independent

Victims' forgiveness spurs N. Irish peace: Boston Herald

Carrickhill will not be broken: Ireland on Sunday

LVF backs shooting threat: BBC

Blair in secret talks over amnesty for IRA fugitives: The Sunday Times

Two years on, Omagh still waits for justice: Ireland on Sunday

New Real IRA suspects linked to Omagh bomb: The Sunday Times

There's no such thing as being Protestant or Catholic - we're all one: Ireland on Sunday

Some call it peace: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Rough justice for Ulster's 'paedophiles': The Observer

Making a big noise with the death of the riot season: The Sunday Times

N. Ireland Boys walk in peace through Derry: Boston Herald

Thousands attend Protestant parade: BBC

Parades body 'jeopardises' Drumcree deal : The Sunday Times

Activist is loyal to peace in Sandy Row: Boston Herald

No joy, just heartache and pain: Ireland on Sunday

Just 'one more dead Catholic' as far as the RUC are concerned: Ireland on Sunday

Police handed secret army files on Ulster: The Sunday Times

The man that David Trimble trusted with his political future and a resignation letter: Sunday Independent

Confident McGuinness hits out at his critics: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, August 12

Bomb alert ahead of NI march: BBC

Security forces foil republican 'spectacular': Electronic Telegraph

Police foil Ulster 'parade bomb' plot: The Guardian

Alert closes rail line in run-up to parade: The Independent

On the right path ... : Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist cracks open up over new threat to Catholics: Irish Independent

UFF cannot hijack peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Murals of 'Troubles' Draw Passions, and Tourists: New York Times

Call off these attacks, urges SDLP: Belfast Telegraph

Hume renews plea for peace following bomb interception: Boston Herald

It's politically correct now never to mention the past: Irish Independent

Defining Victims of Violence: (August 11)

Gardaí arrest two men believed to be members of Republican Sinn Féin: Irish Examiner

Watering down of Patten unnecessary: The Irish Times

Fashion Police: Police officers are the best judges of what they should wear: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Robberies in North increase as security falls: Irish Examiner

Group therapy helps young people raised in war: The Irish Times

Friday, August 11

City bomb outrage thwarted by police: Belfast Telegraph

New uniform 'will make the RUC a laughing stock': Electronic Telegraph

'Flagship parade deal provides hope': BBC

'Big time' politics and the ban on Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph

Derry sets an example for all: Irish News (Editorial)

RUC criticised on roadblock response: BBC

No-win situation for the police: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Call for probe into RIR blunder: Irish News

Adams asserts British collusion with loyalists: The Irish Times

Sir Josias Cunningham: The Guardian

Republican supporters stand by Basque ties: Irish Independent

Police attacked after UFF report: BBC

UFF issue death threats:

Secret Meeting: Irish Echo

Crime and Punishment: Restorick mother is denied compensation: Electronic Telegraph

Thursday, August 10

Adams says army presence must end for peace to survive: Irish Examiner

Move to give Northern politicians a role in the Dáil and Seanad: Irish Examiner

Northern nationalists have no right to a Dáil seat: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Commission hails nationalist bands’ move: Irish News

Loyalists re-routed from Lower Ormeau: Irish Examiner

Integrated education needs Mo: The Irish Times

Marches and positive steps: Irish News (Editorial)

Unionist president killed in car crash: The Times

Ulster Unionist chief is killed in head-on crash: Electronic Telegraph

North, South politicians pay tribute : The Irish Times

Wednesday, August 9

Outrage at republican funds meeting: Electronic Telegraph

Owen wants McDowell's opinion on McCabe case: The Irish Times

FG should accept assurances on McCabe killers: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

British moves on policing will not help peace: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

Decision due on Apprentice Boys' march: The Irish Times

For many loyalist prisoners their real education began in prison: Irish Examiner

Republican prisoners’ quest for knowledge: Irish News

An alternative festival with a small 'p' for politics: The Irish Times

Supporters of PUP let down by flag waving: Irish News

O Bradaigh says Assembly doomed: The Irish Times

Republican Sinn Fein proposes federation: Irish News

Sinn Féin may run in two Tipp constituencies: Irish Examiner

BNP violence fear at church parade: Irish News

New guidebook to west Belfast: The Irish Times

Great escape: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Tuesday, August 8

Ulster arms find increases terrorist fear: The Times

Dissident republicans linked to North arms haul: Irish Independent

Dissident republicans step up plans: The Irish Times

Dissidents are going nowhere: Irish News (Editorial)

Terrorists demand political status: The Scotsman

Prison officers oppose segregation: BBC

It’s not easy when the walls come down: Irish Examiner

Fresh salvos fired in battle of who is to blame for mayhem: Belfast Telegraph

Worth More than Just 'Fags': by Tommy Gorman (The Observer)

Ruling delayed on NI parade: BBC

Unionists press commission on Ormeau march: Irish News

Clubs accuse commission: The Irish Times

Groups clash over Catholic parade plan: Irish News

And the disputes go marching on: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Adams to lead fight to reduce security presence in South Armagh: Irish Examiner

Ulster's terror on the net: Belfast Telegraph

Police probe INLA link to murder: BBC

Setting the scene for grim task: Irish News

Inquiry into Wright corpse photos: BBC

Monday, August 7

Still sharp bends on twisting road to peace: Irish Independent

Irish ‘hypocrites’ say DUP: Irish News

Clarity needed on policing: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Garda killers eligible for early release: Irish Examiner

Bomber's claim of being a victim angers unionists: The Irish Times

Sean Kelly is a victim: SDLP: Irish News

Absurd precedent for terrorist releases set: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Forgiving is something for all to do: Irish News

Decision due on NI parade: BBC

Apprentice Boys closer to deal on controversial Derry march: Irish Examiner

‘Ormeau ruling is key to parade’: Irish News

A march to parade's end: Toronto Globe and Mail

Who is Observing Whom?: G21

Orange hall destroyed by fire was being rebuilt after previous attack: The Irish Times

Army will retain land used for bases: Irish News

Sunday, August 6

Real IRA's Balkan arms route is still open: The Observer

SF price for FF pact: free McCabe killers: Sunday Independent

Advisers say Ahern wrong on prisoners: The Sunday Times

Ahern's doublethink on releasing killers: Sunday Independent

Sinn Fein's own goal with McCabe killers: Ireland on Sunday

Fairness means no exceptions: Sunday Independent

Double standards stand in the way of real Irish unity: The Sunday Times

Let killers of Garda go free: Sunday Independent

Adare and the unpalatable facts: Ireland on Sunday

The Government must keep its word: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Loyalist threat over jail segregation: The Sunday Times

UC most certainly no RAF fighter command: Ireland on Sunday

Jarndyce and Jarndyce in Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Opus: secrets and lies: The Observer

North's silent land war: Ireland on Sunday

Allow the victims tell their stories: The Observer

Fish-shop bomber is now willing to make amends: Ireland on Sunday

Garda investigate terror groups' racketeering: The Sunday Times

Riot fears as Apprentice Boys prepare for march: Ireland on Sunday

Army intelligence blunder let IRA kill SAS captain: The Sunday Times

Saturday, August 5

Freed Shankill bomber regrets 'accident' : The Guardian

Unionists slam Kelly’s attempts to ‘justify’: Irish News

IRA have nine in prison: The Irish Times

Garda McCabe furore will simply not go away: Irish Independent

Why Jerry McCabe's killers should be freed: The Irish Times

Ex-prisoners struggle to find work, normality: The Irish Times

Rocky road for nationalists: Irish News

Anger at Sinn Féin’s refusal to fly Union Jack: Irish Examiner

Trimble joins Union Flag row: BBC

Terrorists are winning control of Belfast streets: Irish Examiner

We've lost focus on decommissioning: Irish Independent

Empey brushes aside language barrier: The Irish Times

Choppers to replace demilitarised bases: Irish News

Decision to give Clegg backpay condemned: Irish Examiner

Hasten the day when all can visit in peace: Irish News (Editorial)

NI Police Bill critics should realise radical goals: The Irish Times

RUC officers 'unhappy' at severance package on offer: The Irish Times

Mowlam regrets her blunt style: The Times

Republicans left, right and centre: The Guardian

Lessons for SNP in the Ulster shake-out: by John O'Farrell

Friday, August 4

RUC reform proposals yet to be published: Irish News

Flawed Police Bill could endanger agreement: The Irish Times

Opening the Bloody Sunday can of worms: The Times

SF in fresh flags row: BBC

Suspect community: Irish Post

Stereotyping Ex-prisoners: (August 3)

Unpalatable Manoeuvrings: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Shankill Bomb was a terrible tragedy - Sean Kelly:

Poll 'rejects' loyal order parades: BBC

Threat to escalate Drumcree: Irish News

Bandsmen may take court action: BBC

March virtually assured on Garvaghy Road: Irish Examiner

The ‘greening’ of the Grand Old Party: Irish News

GOP's Irish breakthrough: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Clegg gets £25,000 for lost pay while in jail: The Independent

Spectre of breakaway Scotland aired at Whitehall: The Scotsman

Thursday, August 3

No early release for IRA killers: The Times

Pressure mounts to free killers: BBC

FG warns Ahern on McCabe killers : Irish Independent

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

No more 'political' excuses acceptable: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

One version for Dublin and another for Belfast: The Irish Times

Logic can never become a substitute for thinking: Belfast Telegraph

Healing and learning can take time: Irish News

Prisoners claim fire result of intimidation: The Irish Times

No agreement in parades issue: BBC

RUC ‘out to raise tensions’: Irish News

Parades Commission faces loyalist fury for giving names to Sinn Fein : The Scotsman

Residents vote on contentious parades: BBC

Wanted: super judge for Bloody Sunday: Electronic Telegraph

Policing issue on talks agenda: BBC

Essential purpose of Patten is being overlooked : The Irish Times

Sinn Fein denies ‘IRA evictions’: Irish News

TV3, TG4 seek inclusion in cable package to North: The Irish Times

Taylor would 'welcome' UUP challenge: BBC

INLA link suspected in man's death: The Irish Times

Wednesday, August 2

Sinn Fein call for IRA men's release: Electronic Telegraph

Killers of Garda McCabe could be out in autumn: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday inquiry delayed as former judge quits : The Guardian

NIO setting more tests for Sinn Fein: Irish News

Police Bill is not faithful reflection of Patten: The Irish Times

Drumcree violence ‘provoked’ says order: Irish News

Irish richer than British: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Barriers of mistrust start to come down: Irish News

The North exploits its post-conflict tourist cache: The Irish Times

Taking a taxi tour of the Troubles spots: The Irish Times

Republicans try to woo Irish vote: Irish News

Tuesday, August 1

IRA killers of Garda McCabe to take legal action to secure early release from prison: Irish Examiner

McCabe's killers won't be freed, say gardai: Irish Independent

Policing top of Ahern’s agenda: Irish News

Dublin shows its hand in cherrypicking deal: Belfast Telegraph

UVF Young Guns plan revenge: Irish Examiner

Army post in IRA heartland coming down: Electronic Telegraph

Belfast’s evolution as a city of ghettos: Irish News

Mandelson's folly: by Austen Morgan (The Observer)

Clouds over an Ulster summer: Belfast Telegraph

Don't go, Mo: The Guardian

RIGHT HONOURABLE ROTTERS: by Anthony McIntyre (The Politician)

Talks may end march deadlock in Derry: Irish News

Long Kesh Christians who won the respect of all:

Family homeless after arson attack: The Irish Times

Ex-prisoners hit out at life on the outside: Irish News

UU minister urges action on arms: Belfast Telegraph

Bloody Sunday probe member quits: BBC

RTE ‘blackout’ in north ends tonight: Irish News

Art has not reflected our grief : The Irish Times