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This archive contains references to articles from August 16-31, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Thursday, August 31

Hume steps back from front line: The Guardian

Architect of peace takes richly deserved break: Irish Independent

Hume: the greatest statesman of his generation: Irish News

We owe a debt to John Hume: Irish News (Editorial)

Families flee homes on estate poisoned by hate: Electronic Telegraph

Attacks were not sectarian - residents: Irish News

Feuding loyalists forcing families to flee homes: The Independent

Friends turn on each other in Carrickfergus: The Irish Times

Marchers ‘broke deal on LVF flags’: Irish News

Trimble’s bid to help quell Loyalist feud: The Scotsman

Trimble critical of Adair rearrest: The Irish Times

Informer faces new charges: Irish News

Twists and turns of the Stobie case: Irish News

Mediator must be found to put stop to rival warfare: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Policing reform in Northern Ireland: Financial Times (Aug. 30)

A revealing picture: (Editorial - Aug. 30)

Shipyard clue to bomb that killed lawyer: Electronic Telegraph

Relatives braced to relive Omagh: The Irish Times

Omagh relatives to get evidence: BBC

Two asked republicans to give evidence: The Irish Times

Welcome move on soccer bigots: Irish News (Editorial)

Wednesday, August 30

Ulster fears as UDA vows to avenge shot girl, 11: The Guardian

Friends claim loyalists aimed to kill girl and all her family: Irish Examiner

Daddy, I can't breathe' gasps shot Ulster girl: The Times

Police hold three over shooting of girl by feuding loyalists: The Independent

Relatives 'intimidated' since killings: BBC

It’s because they can’t see the big picture: Irish News

Mad Dogs and Ulstermen: Baltimore Sun (Editorial - Aug. 29)

World trouble spots put our own dilemma in perspective: Belfast Telegraph

SF alleges intelligence files leak: The Irish Times

Nelson bomb part traced to shipyard: Belfast Telegraph

Mallon warns over police Bill future: Irish Examiner

McGrady questions SF stance on Patten: Irish News

Group fears legal reforms may not be enacted: The Irish Times

The trouble with Harryville . . .: Belfast Telegraph

Medal for NI prison staff: BBC

Level of North-South co-operation 'unprecedented': The Irish Times

Passport to happiness or a recipe for racism?: Belfast Telegraph

McGuinness says Irish passports give unionists hassle-free travel: Irish Examiner

Sleepless nights and odd bedfellows: The Irish Times

Tuesday, August 29

Victim's house set on fire: The Times

Shankill leaders appeal for calm: BBC

Peaceable murder: National Post (Editorial - Aug. 28)

Power fuels terror feuds of all shades: Belfast Telegraph

Why don’t our leaders tell it like it is?: Irish News

The lawyer caught between a rock and a hard place: The Independent

Finucane inquiry reveals widespread collusion: Irish Examiner

Pacts of politcial life: Belfast Telegraph

When bigotry takes on a life of its own: The Irish Times

Real IRA give actor paramilitary send-off: Irish Independent

Outlook was bleak as May deadline loomed: The Irish Times

Irish passport offices to open in the North:

Return of Reagan Democrat factor: Irish News

Not one of us: The Guardian

Monday, August 28

Loyalist denies turf war truce: The Guardian

British Army weapons used in Shankill: Sunday Business Post (Aug. 27)

Men released after feud murder quizzing: BBC

Time for UDP to shut up shop: Sunday Business Post (Editorial - Aug. 27)

Dove shoves loyalist top dog back in his cage with little chance of release: Irish Examiner

Police keep watch on militant loyalists: Irish News

Loyalists in tactical cul-de-sac: Sunday Business Post (Aug. 27)

'Ethnic cleansing' in Northern Ireland: The Australian

Terrifying turf war results in week of tragedy down the Shankill Road: Irish Examiner

The fall and fall of lower Shankill Road: Irish News


Unionists in talks went 'for the man, not the ball': The Irish Times

McCabe's killers may have sentences increased: Sunday Business Post (Aug. 27)

Cook stresses partnership in peace process: The Irish Times

Orange leader urges 'new unity': Belfast Telegraph

Quiet finale for marchers: Irish News (Editorial)

Thatcher's escape helped IRA, says bomber: Electronic Telegraph

Brighton bomber thinks again: The Guardian

Sunday, August 27

Mandelson orders in hundreds of extra troops: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalists locked in feud: N. Ireland paramilitary units run amok: Boston Herald

Revealed: Nazi roots of the thugs who threaten peace: The Observer

This is why they're dying in Belfast: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalist gangs engage in a bitter match of murder and futile tit-for-tat violence: Ireland on Sunday

Security forces created Shankill UDA: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Battle for the soul of loyalism: Ireland on Sunday

Unionism divided by a mad dog: The Sunday Times

Blood on the streets is a mad dog's strategy: Sunday Independent

Mandelson moves to jail Adair's allies: The Observer

Mandelson may rue his presumption: Sunday Independent

I'm nobody's hero, says Mandelson: Electronic Telegraph

Naive about the loyalists: Sunday Independent

Protestant conflicts fan flames of change: Boston Herald

Peter's penance: Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

Mad Dogs and Loyalists: Scotland on Sunday

The mad dogs of Ulster have only nihilism left to chew on: Independent on Sunday

Less a feud, more like civil war: The Sunday Times

The bogus rules for a phoney ceasefire: Electronic Telegraph

Unionism writhes in its death throes: Ireland on Sunday

Caught in crossfire as mayhem erupts: Sunday Independent

Infighting, police reforms snarl Irish peace process: Boston Herald

IRA dissidents plan hunger strikes: The Observer

Minister in Loyalist warning over price of feud: Ireland on Sunday

Loyal order leader attacks RUC change: BBC

Emblems of peace - not dissension: Ireland on Sunday

Return hope for Ulster exiles: The Sunday Times

Cache of bombs found in wood: The Observer

Pitiless death in Dundalk: Sunday Independent

IRA backs away from legal battle over McCabe killers: The Sunday Times

Grassroots unhappy with IRA's treatment of Provo paedophile: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Phones reveal trail of Omagh bombers: The Sunday Times

Don't play the wrong instrument here: Independent on Sunday

Unionist fury over plan for Irish passport office: The Sunday Times

Buddhists bloom as the men in black fade: Sunday Independent

Saturday, August 26

UDA buries second loyalist feud victim: The Guardian

Bizarre pop songs precede loyalist paramilitary funeral: Irish Examiner

Loyalist 'still committed' to agreement: BBC

Forced out of her house by Ulster's culture of hatred: The Scotsman

Loyalist paramilitaries arming themselves to the teeth for a long and bloody war: Irish Examiner

Paramilitary lure endures in Shankill's deprivation: The Irish Times

Derry not hit by loyalist feud: Irish Examiner

Life of luxury for gangsters: Irish News (Editorial)

Loyal order parades re-routed: BBC

Fianna Fail's gamble of dealing with Sinn Fein: Irish Independent

Sectarianism tackled: Irish News

Powell 'plotted against Mowlam': The Times

Quest for independence led envoys to Adams: The Irish Times

Friday, August 25

Brit troops wary in wake of loyalist feud killings: Boston Herald

In Northern Ireland, it is Protestant vs. Protestant: Washington Times

'It is friend against friend': The Guardian

Protestant church leaders call for mass meeting to oppose loyalist feud: Irish Examiner

Clergyman might play mediator role: The Irish Times

Terrorists vow revenge as victim is buried: The Times

No paramilitary trappings for funeral: The Irish Times

Funeral of man killed by ‘mistake’: Irish News

RUC seize loyalist guns 'meant for pub massacre': Electronic Telegraph

Dead man's brother on arms charge: The Irish Times

The man responsible for latest outbreak of violence is best kept behind bars: Irish Examiner

Why the Mad Dogs won't derail the peace process: The Independent

Video footage used to trap Adair:

Mad Dog: Electronic Telegraph

Whither loyalism?:

We demand the peace we were promised, says Cecil Walker: Belfast Telegraph

Irish-Americans may desert Gore for Bush: Electronic Telegraph

Noonan would not 'at present' sit with SF: The Irish Times

RUC reform is top of the agenda: Belfast Telegraph

'Next question...': Irish Post

Thursday, August 24

Father, 21, killed in loyalist feud: Electronic Telegraph

Murder before mediation, vow Loyalists set on revenge: The Scotsman

Heavy patrols in Belfast as loyalist funerals prepared: The Irish Times

Mandelson says loyalist ceasefires are unbroken: Electronic Telegraph

Exposure sealed fate of notorious activists: The Independent

SDLP backs Mandelson: Irish Examiner

UVF ‘must rethink march on Shankill’: Irish News

Arms deals and terrorist displays landed Adair back in jail, says RUC: The Guardian

Mad Dog finds peace is bad for business: Irish Examiner

Adair has broken no law, say supporters: The Independent

Mandelson faces strong criticism over Adair jailing: The Irish Times

Mad Dog no longer top dog in tougher jail: The Times

Unwanted guest at model jail: The Guardian

Loyalist vs. loyalist: Plumbing the depths of an Ulster struggle: Boston Globe

Protestants battling each other: Toronto Globe and Mail

All this done in the name of the union: Irish News

One step forward in Ulster, but many more to come: The Independent

Seeking the stolen sense of North's loyalist self: The Irish Times

An ideology coming apart at the seams: Irish News

Loyalist divisions on the Shankill: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Lawlessness and disorder: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Mandelson had no choice but to jail Johnny Adair: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Shadow over the Shankill: (Editorial)

PUP activist vows to continue despite attack: The Irish Times

Political earthquake that could rock Ulster: The Scotsman

Legal challenge to jail move: BBC

National questions `have now eased' says poet Heaney: Irish Independent

Arms cache thought to have links to O'Hare: The Irish Times

I won't attack other unionists: Burnside: Belfast Telegraph


Wednesday, August 23

British Arrest Protestant Militant After Violence in Belfast: New York Times

Loyalist warns of more killings: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalists braced for Adair backlash: The Times

Stalemate as Magee prepares `difficult' mediation: Irish Independent

Loyalists need to get their act together - SF: Irish News

'Mad Dog' pushed police too far: The Times

Where the bark of a 'Mad Dog' bites harder than fear: The Irish Times

Mandelson gambles all on removing Adair: Belfast Telegraph

‘Venomous hatred’ of Catholics: Irish News

'Loyalists will have to fight, there's no other way': The Independent

Security review after loyalist deaths: BBC

Mandelson's dilemma on prisoner releases: The Guardian

UDA switches its fire to politicians: The Times

Reality of deal's hard sell now to the fore: Belfast Telegraph

The reluctant Green Jackets who patrol the streets: The Independent

It's like the wild west, says mother as family flees warfare: The Guardian

Respectable face of loyalism on the wane as hardline gunmen return: Irish Examiner

Hatred drives thirty years' war between loyalist factions: The Times

Shankill war is all about the agreement: The Irish Times

Unionist? Certainly: Progressive? Hardly: Belfast Telegraph

This is what comes of freeing terrorist criminals: Electronic Telegraph

Internalising the Troubles: The Guardian

Why gangsters hold sway in the Shankill: The Times

Shankill Road was always tough, and it's getting tougher: The Independent

GUNLAW IN BELFAST: The Times (Editorial)

Loyalist or republican – ex-prisoners who commit crimes must be jailed: The Independent (Editorial)

Restoring calm on the streets of fear: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

A Feud That Must Be Stopped: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Shankill shadow falls on US trip: Irish News (Editorial)

We Tories are uneasy: The Guardian

The Omagh bomb....: Belfast Telegraph

Reg and Pat in double act: Irish News

Hume has done great work but it’s time for the SDLP to review its leadership: Irish Examiner

A footballing nation with an identity crisis: Irish News

Tuesday, August 22

Double murder scuttled ceasefire agreeement:

Gunmen strike as feud escalates: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist feuding brings Brit troops: Boston Herald

Fears of loyalist massacre prompt return of troops: The Independent

They call this a ceasefire: Electronic Telegraph

End gang warfare - Mandelson: BBC

TD calls for statement on loyalist ceasefire: The Irish Times

McLaughlin warns against expelling PUP politicians: Irish News

Knock on the door mother had dreaded for years: The Times

Has paramilitarism taken on political correctness?: Belfast Telegraph

Rivals in the violent underworld of Unionism: The Independent

Loyalist order breakdown will see body count rise as feud escalates: Irish Examiner

Ruthless Adair pursues goal to control Shankill: The Times

'Mad Dog' turf war threatens Ulster peace: The Guardian

Phoney peace where fear and death rule: Irish Independent

The background to the violence: Belfast Telegraph

The day the British sold Mad Dog a pup: The Times

Bitter turf war shows the bloody rift in loyalism: Irish Independent

Send them back to jail: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Removing the ringleaders: The Scotsman (Editorial)

Gun law must never be accepted: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

A naked territorial battle between racketeers: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Belfast's turf wars: The Guardian (Editorial)

Blood on the streets: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Shankill in the grip of anarchy: Irish News (Editorial)

North 'not priority': The Irish Times

Sinn Fein's bad idea: Washington Times (Editorial)

Violence can only destroy a good idea: Irish News

Dead soap star was on Real IRA garda list: Irish Independent

NI pushes trade in US: BBC

Monday, August 21

Two men dead in Belfast shooting:

Loyalists warned over violence: The Guardian

Loyalist attacks spark fears of new vendetta: The Times

'Mad Dog' at heart of convulsions in loyalist Belfast: The Independent

'Culture festival' shows loyalist rivalries that threaten Ulster peace: Electronic Telegraph

Fears of loyalist feud grow after weekend of violence: The Irish Times

Restoring peace on the Shankill: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Loyalist wants terrorist gang legalised: Irish Examiner

A loyalist split threatens the peace process: Irish News

Where is this peace?: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Send Adair back to jail: Irish News (Editorial)

Terror groups aim to wreck peace process: Irish Examiner

McCoubrey ‘did not expect UFF’: Irish News

`Mad Nick' O'Hare dies in hail of bullets: Irish Independent

No one surprised at shooting of 'Mad Nicky': The Irish Times

Groups dedicated to terror: Irish Examiner

A potent threat to peace and political stability: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Ulster's role in US poll fight priorities: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists ‘humiliated’ - MP: Irish News

The way we wear: how the RUC uniform fits into history: Belfast Telegraph

Ageing SDLP badly needs new blood: Irish Independent

Hume glimpses promised land: Irish News

Peace party: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Principles and vision remain firm: Irish News

Common issues could be prioritised by British-Irish body: Irish Examiner

Bloody Sunday probe delayed: Belfast Telegraph

Memorial marks 'forgotten' atrocity: BBC

Sunday, August 20

Six injured as terrorists spray pub with bullets: Electronic Telegraph

Government condemns Belfast violence: BBC

Ex-Maze inmate in loyalist gun battle: The Observer

Red, white and blue terror in the night: Independent on Sunday

Loyalist feud fuels mayhem in N. Ireland: Boston Herald

Terror stalks the war-torn borderland: The Observer

Hit list targets 80 nationalists: The Sunday Times

Florida Four may be part of larger IRA gun ring: Miami Herald

Hard truths for a town of tears: Sunday Independent

Omagh relatives told to buzz off by ex-IRA bomber: Ireland on Sunday

Killers of `unimportant punters' will never have to face justice: Sunday Independent

Action, not just words, needed now on Omagh: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Drowning in the culture of silence: The Sunday Times

SF stuck in shifting sands of triple-speak: Sunday Independent

RUC is the final hurdle for the agreement: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Currie calls for GAA link in NI police: Sunday Independent

Ardoyne 83 who won’t be forgotten: Ireland on Sunday

A constitutional conspiracy: Electronic Telegraph

RUC chief told not to touch 41 republicans: The Sunday Times

The ball is in Sinn Féin’s court: Ireland on Sunday

Gavan Kennedy reports for from the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles:

UDP's electoral future threatened - White: BBC

Talent gap problem for party: Ireland on Sunday

Winning over the majority: The Observer

The SDLP’s indelible mark on Irish peace: Ireland on Sunday

Generous to a fault may be SDLP's sad epitaph: The Sunday Times

Anti-Irish views alive and well in London: Ireland on Sunday

Soldier claims SAS troops fired on Bloody Sunday: The Sunday Times

RUC tries to block football friendship: Ireland on Sunday

Irish League is caught offside: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, August 19

Ex provos form new Real IRA unit: Irish Examiner

Omagh families picket 'fun' night: Electronic Telegraph

Deputy mayor's house attacked: BBC

Attacks must be stopped: Irish News (Editorial)

Where hope and history meet:

RUC optimism misplaced says SF: Irish News

Celebration may be muted for SDLP's 30th birthday: The Irish Times

‘United’ talk angers Unionists: Irish News

A long, slow process: Belfast Telegraph

Para is paid £40,000 for key evidence: Electronic Telegraph

Key Bloody Sunday witness found: The Guardian

Former mayor of Derry criticises Saville inquiry: The Irish Times

Inquiry soldier fears for his life: The Times

Another Irishman in the White House?: The Irish Times

No more British statues says SF: Irish News

Intercultural unit learning to respect differences: The Irish Times

Friday, August 18

Leaders call for end to wave of sectarian strife: Irish Independent

Houses attacked with paint bombs: BBC

Hate thy neighbour: Irish Examiner

Resources could best be spent tackling causes: The Irish Times

The deafening sound of silence: (Editorial)

Last hurrah for the RUC recruits: Electronic Telegraph

Time to stand back, revisit Patten's radical vision: Irish Echo (by Adam Ingram)

The last parade: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Thiepval raid to uncover Finucane collusion:

Harsh reality of a liberal democracy: Belfast Telegraph

Gore Blows It On Irish Platform: Irish Voice

Ireland to the fore: Irish Echo

Trimble facing a difficult time at the unionist helm: Irish Independent

Unionists furious over Adams’ united Ireland remark: Irish Examiner

A tribal mentality: Irish Post

Sinn Fein and unionists unite to seek investment in Ulster: Financial Times

NIO to pay Bloody Sunday witness: BBC

Storm over protection package for ex-Para: Belfast Telegraph

Prisoners to leave Maze for Maghaberry: The Irish Times

Thursday, August 17

Sinn Fein challenges UDA to say if it is on ceasefire: The Irish Times

UFF on ceasefire ‘until shots fired’: Irish News

RUC ... passing of an era: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists 'better off' in united Ireland: BBC

Unionists and a united Ireland: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

UDP now has doubts about alleged attack by the IRA: The Irish Times

Maze officials knew of threat to Wright’s life: Irish Examiner

Maze inmates down to four: Belfast Telegraph

March mediator to resume talks: BBC

Humbert school honours Reynolds for peace role: The Irish Times

Wednesday, August 16

UFF leader is hurt in pipe bomb explosion: The Times

Loyalist’s bomb claim rejected by Sinn Fein: The Scotsman

Simply the worst: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Why should we believe Adair?: Irish News (Editorial)

Houses in nationalist, loyalist areas attacked: The Irish Times

Belfast's long hot summer: The Guardian

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

DUP election ‘will test unionist opinion’: Irish News

Omagh remembers with silence: Electronic Telegraph

Low-key memorial to the dead of Omagh: The Independent

Memories are all too clear of that awful August day: The Irish Times

No moral norms but grief remains constant: Belfast Telegraph

Survivor bears her scars into a brave new world: Irish Examiner

'Real IRA' fundraising function going ahead: The Irish Times

Government urged to seize bank funds held for republican prisoners: Irish Independent

Intransigence of the north’s civil servants: Irish News

Call for resources to promote equality: The Irish Times

RUC is targeted by rioters at bonfire: Irish News

Army now `battling' with British for new recruits: Irish Independent

Six issue demand for public apology: Irish News

History is made by Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral: The Irish Times