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This archive contains references to articles from August 16-31, 2001. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Friday, August 31

Unionists split over policing support: BBC

Policing to spark a Unionist showdown: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Adams raps SDLP and government over policing:

Two key meetings by UUP soon: The Irish Times
Suzanne Breen

Trimble piles on pressure over weapons: Irish Independent

SF did not authorize Columbian trio: Irish Voice
Gerry Adams

‘No place for RUC in Bogota’: Irish News
Anne Madden

Good Cops, Bad Cops: Irish Voice
John Spain

' Reid ignoring loyalist violence' - SF: The Irish Times
Clare Murphy

Plans for 'on the run' paramilitaries on hold: The Irish Times
Paul Tanney

Paragraph 20 in the dock: Belfast Telegraph
Ben Lowry

Real IRA suspects extradited from Slovakia guns deal: The Guardian
Nick Hopkins

MPs condemn Hoey over Irish comment: Irish Post
Frank Murphy

Saville inquiry set to resume: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

New US consul visits City Hall: Belfast Telegraph

Thursday, August 30

Unionist policing row: UTV Internet

Former IRA go-between blasts Sinn Fein over police plan: Irish Independent

Call for rights body role on police force: The Irish Times
Suzanne Breen

RUC reform delay plays into hands of criminals: Irish Independent
Maurice Hayes

Police service for the north: The Irish Times

The Guns of Northern Ireland: Washington Post
John Bruton

Ceasefires warning after attacks: BBC

Ceasefire confusion after bomb attacks: The Times
Christopher Walker

UVF thought to be behind car bomb: UTV Internet

An attack on the entire community: Belfast Telegraph

Parties face tough task in salvaging agreement: The Irish Times
Suzanne Breen

RUC officers fly to Colombia as Adams denies Sinn Fein link: The Guardian
Steven Morris

US Congress to quiz SF on Colombia trio: Irish Independent
Susan Garraty

Ad Hoc finds its voice(s): Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Violent summer turns to autumn of discontent: The Irish Times
Paul Tanney

This sordid, little tribal war in Ardoyne ... and the squabble over the Agreement: Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

Playing the game... on and off field: Irish News
Jude Collins

It's time to prepare for a united Ireland: Irish Echo
John Kelly

McGimpsey stresses need to understand shared past: The Irish Times
Christine Newman

Tearing down the bricks of hate: Irish News
Bimpe Fatogun

Unionists need a little southern comfort: Belfast Telegraph
Lord Laird

Irish Forum gives New York mayor hopefuls the podium: Irish Echo
Pierce O'Reilly

Northern tourist board takes bullish approach: The Irish Times
Bernice Harrison

Wednesday, August 29

RUC to question suspect trio in Bogota: Irish Independent
Annemaria McEneaney and Martha Kearns

SF has no case to answer on Colombia Adams: The Irish Times
Michael Bradley

Irish official to visit suspected IRA members: Irish Examiner
Jim Morahan

Arrested Irishman 'angry at detention': BBC

Global Networking: Trading in Terror?: Time
Helen Gibson

Massive loyalist bomb defused in crowded seaside town: The Independent
David McKittrick

Ballycastle device could have been Omagh repeat: UTV Internet

SDLP issues warning to UDA chiefs: Belfast Telegraph

Glaring double standards not missed by all: Irish News
Brian Feeney

SDLP chief throws down gauntlet to republicans over police: Irish Independent
Dominic Cunningham

Members of GAA 'not convinced' on policing: The Irish Times
Clare Murphy

Unionism and a common purpose: Belfast Telegraph

Colonialism fuels Ireland's hatred, fear: San Francisco Examiner (Aug 24)
Conn Hallinan

August fraught with political intrigue: BBC (Aug 25)
Martina Purdy

Sinn Fein prepare for political talks: UTV Internet

Government is ‘sitting on its hands’: Irish News
Liz Trainor

School dispute still unresolved: BBC

North gets teaching aids to fight sectarianism: The Irish Times
Paul Tanney and Sebastien Bouvier

How hunger strike led Sinn Fein into politics: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Troubles' children fall victim to drugs: The Guardian
Steven Morris

Tuesday, August 28

Irish woman tells of prison visit to Colombia three: Irish Independent
Diarmaid Mac Dermott

Rebel links would prove ‘devastating’: Irish Examiner
Katie Hannon

Between a rock and a hard place: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Colombia's Zone of Fear: Washington Post (Aug 27)
Jose Miguel Vivanco

Another kind of black hole:
Danny Morrison

We must embrace the ‘new beginning’: Irish News
Eddie McGrady

Next Story ‘Unionists must unite’: Irish News
Kieran McDaid

MP has a naivenotion of unity: Irish News

New threat of dispute at school: The Irish Times
Clare Murphy

Republicans can’t side step policing: Irish News
Breidge Gadd

Rule 21: The RUC’s key to the GAA door:
Alison O'Brien

Hunger-strikers' action 'changed the struggle': The Irish Times

Monday, August 27

Heat turns up for IRA return to US blacklist: Sunday Business Post (Aug 26)
Barry O'Kelly and Niall O'Dowd

Irishman smuggles SOS from Colombian jail: Irish Examiner
Caroline O’Doherty

Government 'in constant touch' with arrested trio: The Irish Times
Declan Fahy

SF thrown into political panic as three are charged: Sunday Business Post (Aug 26)
Emily O'Reilly

US Playing with peace in Ireland and Colombia: Sunday Business Post (Aug 26)
Emily O'Reilly

Policing proposals unacceptable, Blair told: UTV Internet

Patten report man says policing plan `falls short': Sunday Business Post (Aug 26)
Frank Connolly

Trimble faces revolt over plan for RUC: The Times
Christopher Walker

Dynamic is there for real change: Sunday Business Post (Aug 26)
Tom McGurk

Solving policing: Sunday Business Post (Aug 26)

Divided it stands: The Guardian
Geoffrey Wheatcroft

Only humane path is that of peace: Irish News
Roy Garland

Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin launch strong campaigns to woo students: Irish Examiner
Mary Dundon

RUC challenged over `warning' on Omagh: Sunday Business Post (Aug 26)
Frank Connolly and Anton McCabe

Ombudsman ‘must look into RUC case’: Irish News
Frank McNamara

Remove borders in hearts and minds - Hume: The Irish Times
Joan Tobin and Marie O'Halloran

Judge quits inquiry into Bloody Sunday: The Independent
Robert Verkaik

North's victims must face their enemies for peace: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Terror bomb-testing site found after explosion: Irish Independent
Chris Anderson

The price of peace: The Irish Times
Jemimah Bailey

Back to the future with a sci-fi Ulster: The Sunday Times (Aug 26)
Gerry McCarthy

Sunday, August 26

The struggle takes on new kind of meaning for IRA prisoners: Scotland on Sunday
Jeremy McDermott

Bogota plot to kill Irish prisoners: The Observer
Martin Hodgson and John Hunter

Sinn Fein have lost the plot: Sunday Independent
Ronan Fanning

Pipe bombs shatter hopes, dreams of quiet neighborhood: Boston Herald
Jim Dee

FARC blunder will kill the peace process: Sunday Independent
Conor Cruise O'Brien

Glenholmes 'was IRA Cuban envoy': The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke, Nicholas Rufford and Tony Allen-Mills

A treacherous peace: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Peace process continues 'regardless': Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Hardliners tell Trimble to back DUP: The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Republican's arrest highlights concern over policing reforms: The Observer
John Hunter

Police in Ulster enraged by ban on tributes to officers killed: Electronic Telegraph
Alan Murray

GAA asks for time to consider policing: UTV Internet

Nationalists compete for Gaelic sports fans: The Observer
John Hunter

Known weapons dumps hold almost half of all IRA arms: Sunday Independent

Mulling over the juicy bits: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Sinn Féin arrogance: Sunday Independent

There's no easy answer to Omagh: The Observer
John Hunter

Omagh tip-off claim 'rubbish': Sunday Independent
Stephen Dodd

British 'are holding up bomb probe': The Sunday Times
Liam Clarke

Provos used drug runner to import arms: Sunday Independent
Joe MacAnthony

Zealots still singing out of tune: The Sunday Times
Chris Ryder

Some polls are more equal than others: Sunday Independent

Ulster's lesson for our Macedonian friends: Electronic Telegraph
Kevin Myers

Extra security ahead of GAA semi-final: UTV Internet

Saturday, August 25

Restart weapons process, IRA told: Irish News
Valerie Robinson

IRA's links with Farc and Eta revealed: The Guardian
Steven Morris

Fourth 'IRA member' arrested in Colombia in anti-rebel offensive: The Independent
Kim Sengupta and Jan McGirk

Colombia likely to free Irishman: BBC

Colombia's Peace Bid at Risk: Washington Post
Scott Wilson

Colombian Deal With Rebels Is Vexing U.S.: New York Times
Christoper Marquis

Executive can stay suspended until Colombian facts emerge, says UUP: Irish Independent
Deric Henderson

American public opinion turns against republicans: Irish Independent
Conor Cruise O'Brien

Los Trios Republicanos hit wrong notes with US: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Credibility: Irish Independent

War of words on policing:
Jenny Rea

Sinn Fein to launch 'policing campaign': BBC

Squaring up for the final showdown:

SDLP's backing for plan has tipped the balance: The Irish Times
Jim Cusack

Policing debate a poisoned chalice for the SDLP?:

Loyalist attacks force couple from home of 35 years: Electronic Telegraph
David Sharrock

Loyalists to continue attacks: UTV Internet

State pays top republicans £20,000 to help with prisoners: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

No room for vigilantes, O’Donoghue warns Sinn Féin: Irish Examiner
John Downing

They shoot children, don't they?: Irish Independent
Michael Mulqueen

Republican remanded over kidnap allegations: Irish News

Atheist halted by Angelus: Belfast Telegraph

Friday, August 24

Sinn Féin hears US concerns over arrest of IRA suspects: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Adams under fire over Cuba trip plan: Irish Voice
Jack Flynn

Arrests spark fears of Bush backlash: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

After Colombia arrests, Sinn Fein feels the heat in D.C.: Irish Echo
Susan Falvella-Garraty and Ray O'Hanlon

Arrests raise questions, says Cowen: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein faces White House battle: Irish Voice
Niall O'Dowd

IRA operatives in Latin America: Washington Times
Austin Bay

The Three Amigos: Irish Voice
John Spain

British must move on demilitarisation now:
Alison O'Brien

SDLP hits back at Hoey’s ‘outburst’: Irish News
Frank McNamara

Minister urges IRA to renew arms pledge: The Irish Times
Éibhir Mulqueen

DUP canvass support to 'block' police plan: BBC

Police reforms will go ahead - government: UTV Internet

Appeals grow for unionists to unite on police: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Bishops' police stance criticised by two priests: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

SDLP defends decision to join policing board: Irish News
Seamus Mallon

Decent policing is still a long way off:
Des Wilson

GAA faces spectre of SF dictating attitude towards policing reform: The Irish Times
Sean Moran

A crucial move on policing: Irish Voice

Policing deal is not worth the candle without Sinn Féin:

Government urged to act over pipebombings: UTV Internet

Crackdown call on UDA: Belfast Telegraph
Darwin Templeton

A climate of fear is stalking streets: Belfast Telegraph

Sick attacks disgust us all: Irish News

Fahey fears SF holding power sway: Irish Independent

'250,000 Protestants moved during Troubles': Belfast Telegraph
Marie Foy

Thai share scam duo claim IRA links are 'laughable': Irish Independent
Sean O'Driscoll

Loyalist march will pass flashpoint area: The Irish Times
Paul Tanney

Gardaí contact IRA in murder probe: Irish Examiner
Cormac O’Keeffe

Thursday, August 23

IRA suspects on bomb charges: The Guardian
Steven Morris and Martin Hodgson

IRA suspect 'made secret trip to Colombian rebels in 1998': Electronic Telegraph
Jeremy McDermott and David Sharrock

Suspected IRA man’s family appeal for his safety in prison: Irish Examiner
Katie Hannon

British military contacts in Bogota revealed: The Irish Times
Jim Cusack

US questions Sinn Féin's stance on peace: Financial Times
Richard Wolffe

DUP Colombia move: UTV Internet

Charges against alleged IRA men in Colombia ‘a blow for peace’: Irish Examiner
Alan Erwin

FARC leader says trio there to discuss views: The Irish Times

Colombian Deal With Rebels Is Vexing U.S.: New York Times
Christopher Marquis

Contrasting waves of condemnation: Irish News
Jude Collins

DUP urges 'block' to policing plan: BBC

SDLP’s strategy to win over hearts and minds: Irish News
Liz Trainor

To keep his pledge, Tony Blair should blame the IRA terrorists: Electronic Telegraph
Kate Hoey

Unionists Will Say "Yes": The Irish Times

Paramilitary-style attacks double: BBC

Partnership is key to sustaining NI process: The Irish Times
Colin Harvey

Independence is not so daft: (from Irish News)
Paul Fitzsimmons

Loyalists leave pipe bomb at office used by McGuinness: Irish Examiner
Alan Erwin

Court turns down bail for Real IRA suspects held after hotel swoop: Irish Independent
Diarmaid Mac Dermott

A foundry of ideology: Irish Post
Liz Curtis

NI Protestants feel isolated - Daly: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Why we are Protestants: The Times (Aug22)
Helen Rumblelow

Wednesday, August 22

Police reform 'will go ahead without Unionist backing': The Independent
Nigel Morris

Optimism for Ulster policing board: The Herald
Deborah Summers

UUP want SDLP 'to exclude Sinn Fein': UTV Internet

UUP and DUP set to back policing proposals: The Irish Times
Jim Cusack and Paul Tanney

GAA wants time to consider plan: The Irish Times
Sean Moran

Unionist urges expulsion of SF if arms logjam continues: Irish Independent
Sean O'Driscoll

Backing for new security force 'should not be under-estimated': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Policing in NI is key to peace: The Irish Times
Vincent Browne

Whatever the PSNI is it ain’t the RUC: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Good sense of the SDLP: Boston Herald

Historic move on policing welcome: Belfast Telegraph

Acid test ahead on police reform: Ireland on Sunday (Aug 19)

Provos facing US probe as three charged: Irish Independent
Susan Garraty and Tom Brady

SF told of disquiet over Colombia by US embassy: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Dancing with the drug devil could cost the IRA dearly: Irish Examiner

Jungle trio's real intentions are still unclear: Irish Independent

Drugs row splits Republicans: Ireland on Sunday (Aug 19)

Mainland snub stuns unionists: The Guardian
Steven Morris

Blair must consider poll, warn Sinn Féin: Irish Examiner
Ian Graham

We're Brits and we're proud of it: The Guardian
Jeffrey Donaldson

Poll proves unionism is an embarrassment to Britain: Irish Examiner

John Bull's other island: Irish Independent

British opinion is important: Irish News

Report shows progress of Catholics in workplace: The Irish Times
Suzanne Breen

Minister condemns UDA parade: BBC

They shoot children don't they?: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Kennedy

'Real IRA' faces civil suit: Washington Times
Michael Appleton

Minister slams author of life story: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Inquiry's reserve judge resigns: BBC

Tuesday, August 21

Catholics urge young to join Ulster police: Chicago Tribune
Liz Sly

Nationalist party backs N. Ireland police plans: Boston Herald
Jim Dee

SDLP puts its weight behind police reforms in Ulster: The Times
Richard Ford

White House backs N Ireland reforms: Financial Times
Richard Wolffe

Grasping a rare opportunity to make a real difference: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein on police reforms: UTV Internet

GAA repeats Rule 21 pledge: BBC

Nationalists urged to join new force: Irish Independent

We must help to bridge the gulf of distrust: Irish News
Seamus Mallon

SDLP to split over policing?:
Anthony Neeson

Backing policing a high-risk move: The Irish Times
Jim Cusack

Trust is key to success of new force: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times
Kevin Myers


Don’t jump the gun over IRA: Irish Examiner

Rebel radio tap reveals IRA's Semtex plot: The Independent
Jan McGirk

Spooks spin story of Colombia's captured trio: Sunday Business Post (Aug 19)
Emily O'Reilly

FARC-ical Episode:
Danny Morrison

Class divisions becoming blurred: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Surge in support for Irish unity: The Guardian
Jonathan Freedland

Unrequited love: The Guardian

Sectarian attacks start again:
Barry McCaffrey

DUP accuses republicans of 'low-level' violence: The Irish Times
Suzanne Breen

RUC defends paramilitary group march: Irish Independent

We’re willing to meet Wright’s father — INLA:
Allison Morris

CIRA prisoners end fast: Irish News
Valerie Robinson

Whose law appoints Queen's successor?: The Australian
Margaret Kelly

Monday, August 20

IRA was testing super bomb, police claim: Sydney Morning Herald
Paul Daley

Experts cast doubt on IRA 'super-bomb': Electronic Telegraph
Ted Oliver

Colombia: CIA played major role: Sunday Business Post (Aug 19)
Barry O'Kelly

Colombia may deport IRA trio this week: The Times
David Adams

Colombian army fears terrorist links between Farc, Eta and IRA: The Independent
Jan McGirk

IRA suspects 'gave rebels bomb training': BBC

No more warm welcomes at the White House: Irish Examiner
Carl O'Brien

SF drive to reassure US on ceasefire: Sunday Business Post (Aug 19)
Emily O'Reilly

What would America do about a Latino Gerry Adams?: Electronic Telegraph
Lionel Shriver

SDLP likely to accept RUC reforms: The Times
Ted Oliver

Northern bishops favour plan for police service: The Irish Times
Jim Cusack and Patsy McGarry

Policing plan is British failure, says Sinn Fein: Irish News
Anne Madden

Noonan tells Sinn Fein to give peace a chance: Irish Examiner
Fionnan Sheahan

Is SF's fall from grace part of a bigger picture?: The Irish Times
John O'Farrell

Surviving the ripples of the agreement: Irish News
Roy Garland

Peace process need not fail: Sunday Business Post (Aug 19)

No proof to compromise IRA backing for peace: Irish Examiner

We want unity but we've a funny way of showing it: Sunday Independent (Aug 19)
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Between Hope and History: Los Angeles Times (Aug 19)
Tom Hayden

15,000 UDA members march in Belfast: The Irish Times
Paul Tanney

Sunday, August 19

Behind-scenes events drive peace process: Boston Herald
Jim Dee

SDLP to support updated RUC plan: The Sunday Times
Chris Ryder

Unionist disunity looms over policing plans: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Hume should hang up his boots: The Sunday Times
Chris Ryder

British agent at heart of Omagh: Sunday Herald
Neil Mackay

IRA's not the problem, Ulster police are: Chicago Sun-Times
Andrew Greeley

Reluctant gardai won't seize known IRA arms: Sunday Independent

Secret services ‘knew about IRA links with Colombians for years’: Scotland on Sunday
Francis Elliott and John O’Farrell

IRA tested 'napalm' bomb in jungle: The Sunday Times
Tony Allen-Mills, Liam Clarke and Nicholas Rufford

'Clean' weapons lured IRA to Colombia: Sunday Independent
Geraldine Niland

Gangsters, not freedom fighters: Electronic Telegraph
Andrew Alderson, Jeremy McDermott and Ted Oliver

TUAS ambiguity may explain Colombian operation: (from Sunday Tribune)
Ed Moloney

Bogota Three show off Sinn Fein's Achilles heel: Sunday Independent
Martin Bright

IRA blunder in the jungle sparks US rage: The Observer
Martin Hodgson, Henry McDonald and Peter Beaumont

The IRA has betrayed its old American friends: Electronic Telegraph
Jenny McCartney

The 'Untouchable' slips up over a little trip to Colombia: Sunday Independent
Alan Ruddock

Drugs, guns and Semtex: any deal will do: Sunday Herald
Neil Mackay

The self-sacrificing Niall Connolly I knew: Sunday Independent
Michael Sheridan

Arrested IRA members are "on their own": (from Sunday Tribune)
Ed Moloney

'The Good Friday agreement is a joke ... the IRA will never give up their arms': Sunday Independent
Stephen Dodd

A treacherous peace: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Time to end Sinn Féin's free run in politics: Sunday Independent
Frank Callanan

Sinn Fein's hypocrisy: The Sunday Times

Break the mindset: The Observer

It is now up to Hume to say 'yes': Sunday Independent

IRA linked to Thai share 'scam': The Observer
Martin Bright and Antony Barnett

Parade commemorates loyalist feud victim: BBC

Power to the quango: The Observer
Austen Morgan

Noonan to steer greening of FG: Sunday Independent

Blair urged to end Labour ban in Ulster: The Sunday Times
Eben Black

'Birmingham Six' Hill rejects pay-out under £1m: The Observer
Nick Paton Walsh

Saturday, August 18

Sinn Fein rips `flawed' proposal to overhaul RUC: Boston Herald
Jim Dee

Reid calls for support on 'radical' police plan: The Independent
Nigel Morris and Paul Waugh

Catholic Church isolates Sinn Fein over RUC reform package: Electronic Telegraph
David Sharrock

Police plan puts pressure on SDLP: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

DUP slam police proposals: UTV Internet

Delicate reform process will take a long time: The Irish Times
Jim Cusack

Perceived green 'tint' will spark unease in the ranks: Irish Independent

Donaldson names price on IRA arms: Irish News
Anne Madden and Sharon O’Neill

IRA suspect is Sinn Fein's Cuba envoy: The Times
Christopher Walker, David Adams and Daniel McGrory

IRA suspects 'to be deported': BBC

Trio's trip to jungle costs IRA dear: The Guardian
Jamie Wilson, Richard Norton-Taylor, Martin Hodgson and Julian Borger

IRA could face return to terrorist group list in US: The Irish Times
Elaine Lafferty

US turns on republicans over links with rebels and Castro: Irish Independent

The Black Operation: Irish Independent
Michael Mulqueen

The Colombian connection: Financial Times
Peter Taylor

How Sinn Fein relys heavily on US dollar: The Independent
Andrew Buncombe

Arrests make future bleaker: The Irish Times
Brian Feeney

The Agreement I supported is now a shameful circus: Belfast Telegraph

Democracy versus tribalism — the choice for Ireland has not changed: The Times
Paul Bew

Division streets / Real peace has not come to Northern Ireland; it's time for President Bush to get involved: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Nick Smyth

Well-travelled road to disagreement: Irish News
Andrew Boyd

It's time for politicians to face facts on arms: Irish Independent


Omagh tape backs tip-off claims: The Guardian
Nick Hopkins

Bereaved relatives welcome probe into RUC’s failure to stop Omagh: Irish Examiner
Carl O’Brien

Murky history of 'new' Omagh claims: Electronic Telegraph
David Sharrock

Ombudsman blasts critics: UTV Internet

'All-Ireland economy' debate: Irish News (Aug 17)
Andrea McKernon

Detouring St. Pat's Parade: New York Daily News (Aug 17)
Dick Ryan

Old Firm plans a blow to the SNP: The Times
Tom Baldwin

Friday, August 17

Sinn Fein rejects policing plan: BBC

Bush urged to cut off Sinn Fein's funding: The Times
Christopher Walker

US newspapers criticise IRA: The Irish Times
Monika Unsworth

Colombian prosecutors yet to charge IRA suspects with training terrorists: The Guardian
Steven Dudley

IRA 'nature lovers' stick to their guns as army evidence unravels: Irish Independent

SF called on to explain link to men held in Colombia: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Sinn Fein Colombian view: UTV Internet

Ferris urged to denounce 'Provo' trio being held in Bogota: Irish Independent

Adams, McGuinness and Chairman Mao: Belfast Telegraph
Eric Waugh

This Agreement is no more: The Guardian (Aug 15)
Henry McDonald

Quest for peace that must go on: Belfast Telegraph
David Ervine

Insulted once too often?:
Des Wilson

Ulster peace no easier: San Francisco Chronicle (Aug 16)

Disarmers don't make bombs: Baltimore Sun (Aug 16)

It is not enough that the IRA just does nothing: Irish Examiner

SF is 'wedded to peace process', O Caolain says: The Irish Times
Tim O'Brien

Revealed: the evidence that forced a new Omagh inquiry: The Guardian
Nick Hopkins

'He had been making a bomb. I told my RUC handler an attack was imminent': The Guardian
Nick Hopkins

Omagh bomb victims remembered: BBC

Public interest forced inquiry despite RUC denials: The Guardian
Nick Hopkins

Living with the aftermath of Omagh: BBC

North community schemes used as springboard for attacks: Irish Examiner
Joe Oliver

Protestants find a growing tolerance, bishop claims: The Irish Times

RTE to screen reporter’s ‘troubled’ journey: Irish News
Kieran McDaid

Support hunger-strike plea — RSF:

Baseball Bats Used in Euro Violence: Minneapolis Star Tribune
Beth Gardner

Thursday, August 16

Blair faces crisis on IRA: Belfast Telegraph

IRA has not gone away, says Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph
David Sharrock

Arrested IRA man is Sinn Fein's fixer in Latin America: The Guardian
Rosie Cowan

Cartel links of the IRA's man in Havana: The Herald
Ian Bruce

IRA’s motives questioned: Irish News
William Graham

ETA group here to meet leading republicans: Irish Independent

Rebels trying out IRA bombs, tactics for last six months: Irish Independent

Hume and Ahern to discuss stalemate: The Irish Times
Jim Cusack

Democracy can't ignore illegal arms: The Irish Times
John Bruton

Republicans hit out at Reid and Mandelson: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

'No consultation' over policing plan: BBC

Revised policing plan to reflect Patten report: The Irish Times
Monika Unsworth


Republican tactics hindering unity: The Irish Times
David Ervine

Unrequited love for the ‘homeland’: Irish News
Jude Collins

Husband of Omagh victim accuses police of cover-up: The Independent
Nigel Morris

Police chiefs remember at Omagh: UTV Internet|

Lest we forget: Irish Independent

The Calm After the Storm: Irish Post
Stephen Martin

180 UDA attacks this year, says Sinn Fein: The Irish Times
Suzanne Breen

‘Forces made a mistake’: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Most Donegal Protestants 'identify with Irishness': Irish Independent

Loyalist killer Stone turns artist: Irish Voice
Brian Rohan

Row over paper’s Irish comments: Irish Post
Catherine Jackson