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Thursday, August 31

No Stormont assembly without an Irish language Act – Gerry Adams: Irish Independent
Siobhan Fenton

Five Stormont parties back Irish language act as Adams warns there'll be no assembly without legislation: Irish News

Parties are 'useful idiots' on Irish – Allister: The News Letter

Gregory Campbell tells Gerry Adams to learn from Garth Brooks: Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

Foster to ask if Sinn Féin serious about making Stormont work: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Foster tries to silence critics over DUP commitment to Northern Ireland talks deal: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Lord Kilclooney says nationalists 'are not equal' to unionists: Irish News
John Manley

Bank statement proves that Sinn Féin calls for Irish language act simply do not add up: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Political crisis 'no excuse' for legacy cases delay: Irish News
Allison Morris

End this pointless stand-off and give us some governance: Belfast Telegraph

'Genuine progress' made on Common Travel Area and Good Friday Agreement – Barnier: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

We are determined to avoid a physical Border in Ireland: The Irish Times
Philip Hammond

"We need a Northern Irish peace envoy," Irish America speaks out: Irish Voice/
James Wilson

US special envoy to the North – Joint UK-Irish effort needed: Irish Examiner

SDLP wants Belfast council to reject Donald Trump White House invite: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

UUP veteran told to 'check your history books' over history of US Consulate in Belfast: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

Irish unity needs the Northern Ireland Assembly to be firing on all cylinders: Belfast Telegraph
Anthony McIntyre

Remember the third tribe of Ulster: The Irish Times
Newton Emerson

Sinn Féin biggest spenders as all Northern Ireland parties' expenditure exceeds income: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Ex-UUP MLA and a former electoral officer among new Human Rights Commissioners: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Relocating bomb squad 'could save lives', says DUP MP: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Councillor McShane assaulted police officer during Twelfth parade: Belfast Telegraph
Nevin Farrell

PSNI 'actively investigating' new dissident grouping: ITV

Investigation into Twitter trolling of chief constable also found serving officers had posted racist comments online: Daily Telegraph
Martin Evans

PSNI hired security firm to trace Twitter accounts of alleged trolling officers: The News Letter

New IRA inmates 'acting the goat' to put pressure on prison staff: Irish Mirror
Jilly Beattie

DUP and SF hit back at 'imbalance' claims: The News Letter

Lopsided process will not deliver for victims: The News Letter
Doug Beattie

Simon Coveney 'to address Kingsmill inquest issues': Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Garda to censor any Troubles files it gives to HIU – MLA: The News Letter

UUP says Dublin hiding behind national security with regards legacy cases: Irish News

Ian Gow's widow slams 'cloud cuckoo land' probes into Troubles soldiers: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Victims demand equal disclosure from governments for Troubles probes: The News Letter

GB Troubles group brings healthcare appeal to Belfast: Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

Willie Frazer's UDR dad 'never terrorist suspect', says Northern Ireland Troubles enquiry team: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Police and army ordered to disclose files over Miami Showband massacre: Portadown Times

Intelligence files in Miami showband massacre case must be disclosed: The Irish Times
Alan Erwin

Women vow to stay in museum until exhibition is removed: Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Enniskillen bomb victim 'touched by sincerity' of Princess Diana: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

EU overspends £3.4million on translation services – and IRISH is the priciest: Daily Express
Alix Culbertson

Wednesday, August 30

Coveney meets NI leaders in push to restore Executive: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

'Cynical games' over Stormont talks slammed by Farry: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Peace body boss's proposal to end political logjam in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

DUP won't share equal power with nationalists: Irish News
Brian Feeney

High time MLAs got back to work for us: Belfast Telegraph

Legacy is yet another reason to pause over Stormont: The News Letter

Trump administration proposes the abolition of NI special envoy: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Arlene Foster to lead victims delegation at meeting with Taoiseach: Belfast Live
Chris Sherrard

Look past the DUP, and there is fresh thinking in unionism: Irish News
Jim Gibney

Brexit is threat to 'nearly all parts of Irish life' – Taoiseach: Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

UK yet to provide a response on Border – Juncker: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

Northern Ireland 'should stay in the customs union after Brexit': Belfast Telegraph

Coveney urges NI businesses to lobby MPs for a soft Brexit, warning that Ireland cannot stay quiet: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

Why Ireland should seriously consider Irexit: The Irish Times
Ray Kinsella

Irish language signs being attacked by loyalists in the Newry area: Sunday World

Sinn Féin call for united stand over loyalist feud in Larne: Belfast Telegraph
Eamon Sweeney

Flag with Paras insignia put up outside Catholic Church in Antrim: Irish News
Connla Young

Arrest warrant for man who stole Ulster flag from Twaddell camp: The News Letter

Up Close investigates Marine turned bombmaker: ITV
Sharon O'Neill

Republicans in Portlaoise prison demand Burger King or hotel food for bizarre reason: Irish Mirror
Jilly Beattie and Cormac O'Shea

Anger as MoD invites veterans to aid 'witch-hunt' inquests: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

'Come clean on Troubles' – Minister: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Gerry Adams denies Sinn Féin have information on murder of Louth man: Dundalk Democrat
Donard McCabe

Irish court could be used to give evidence at Kingsmill inquest: Belfast Telegraph

IRA Volunteer Eamonn 'Bronco' Bradley remembered 35 years after being shot dead by British Army: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

New documents reveal IRA man died in British army ambush: Irish News
Connla Young

Declassified files – Hume claimed Molyneaux attempted secret Dublin back-channel: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Declassified files – Official's private alarm at paratroopers' role in 1992 Coalisland riots: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Thousands of construction jobs waiting on DUP deal, say experts: The News Letter
Michael McHugh

Buzzing Belfast is learning to leave its troubles behind: Irish Voice/
Ciaran Tierney

Pull out the stops and bring Neil Lennon to Ibrox: Sunday World
Hugh Jordan

Tuesday, August 29

Labour insists Irish border solution should take 'as long as necessary': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Brexit – NI issues on table as talks resume in Brussels: BBC
John Campbell

Foreign Minister Simon Coveney wants clarity of North/South border: Irish Mirror
Padraic Halpin

'Delusional' UK cannot have its cake and get to eat it, too: Irish Examiner
Oliver Mangan

Position paper on NI a useful contribution, but much work still to be done: Irish News
Conor Lambe

Veteran ex-mandarin – Direct rule only realistic alternative to Stormont: The News Letter
Sam McBride

UUP calls for Northern Ireland Brexit council to fill Executive void: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Party conferences could delay fresh drive for Assembly restoration: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

DUP warned over Sammy Wilson's direct rule comments: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

SF is causing impasse, and so the party must not be rewarded: The News Letter

Already, the Stormont talks would seem forlorn: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Until Brokenshire makes DUP and SF fear failure, there will be no Stormont deal: The News Letter
Alex Kane

SDLP Leader Colum Eastwood calls on Sinn Féin to take Westminster seats to help prevent new Irish border: Derry Now

Hazzard dismisses call to end abstentionism: Irish News

SF continues to lobby officials it once directed: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Fianna Fáil again rejects talk of a coalition with Sinn Féin: Irish News

Boundary Commission advances plan to axe Belfast constituency: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Housing Exec spent £116k making homes close to bonfires safe: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

My friend Sean – a patriot who turned from terror to become an inspiration (Aug 27): Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Widow of MP killed in bomb blast hits out at Northern Ireland inquiry: Daily Telegraph
Ben Farmer

Legal letters to Troubles soldiers 'worrying', says ex-Army chief: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Campaigner calls claims about father 'disgraceful': Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Willie Frazer to meet Taoiseach Leo Varadkar: Irish News
Connla Young

Frazer calls on Varadkar to hand over Kingsmill files or face protest: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

'It's ignorance' – Sinn Féin calls for apology after junior minister blames party for Dublin-Monaghan bombing:
Hayley Halpin

Pub bombing families boosted by support from new football fans group: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Adams urged to come forward with any information he has on murder of Tom Oliver:

Declassified Files – Robinson briefed NIO, who pinned their hopes on him: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Declassified Files – Paisley told minister he once could talk to UDA chief: The News Letter

State papers offer one rough draft of history: Irish News
Fionnuala O Connor

Foyle Pride overshadowed by councillor's criticism of PSNI: Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Graffiti in east Belfast 'appalling, not representative': ITV

Northerners reassured over public services card requirement for passports: Irish News
John Manley

Corbyn's soft Brexit 'solution' would make reality of the Brexiteers' lies: The Irish Times
Toby Moses

No, the EU is not profoundly undemocratic, secretive and expansionist: Belfast Telegraph
Dennis Kennedy

It is time to restate the case for a federal solution: The Herald
Kenny MacAskill

Monday, August 28

Brokenshire to query North's leaders on prospects for Stormont talks: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

DUP-Tory committee to press ahead with £1billion spend: Irish News
Connla Young

Taoiseach 'very confident' no border controls after Brexit: Irish Examiner
Elaine Loughlin

Irish politicians welcome British Labour Party favouring 'soft Brexit': The Irish Times
Harry McGee

UK politicians finally wake up to Border issues – giving us hope of a better deal: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

Labour change tack on Brexit; Game changer?: Irish Examiner

A haze of confusion on border: Southern Star

Pushing the Irish unity agenda could backfire on the South: The Irish Times
Brian Walker

Sinn Féin could be power-brokers if electoral dice fall its way: Irish News
Deaglan de Breadun

'FF voters are alarmed by talk of SF deal': Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Brian Hayes says 'fascist IRA' lost to Sean O'Callaghan (Aug 27): Sunday Independent
Jody Corcoran

The IRA killer ready to save me (Aug 27): The Sunday Times
Douglas Murray

Struck by the truth of Sean O'Callaghan's moral restitution (Aug 27): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Mark Durkan – 'I regret that only Derry voice in Commons is Gregory Campbell' (Jun 13): The Irish Times
Freya McClements

British government officials knew about loyalist Glenanne Gang: Irish News
Connla Young

Declassified Files – RUC and Army work in South Armagh 'hitting the IRA': The News Letter
Tess Davidson

West Belfast an 'alternative universe' says government official: Irish News
Eamon Phoenix

State Papers revealed – Proposals to put Irish elk on new NI pound coin prompted royal row in 1986: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Rest peacefully, Countess Mountbatten – An inspiration on coping with grief, and terror (Jun 18):
Lee Cohen

Police and support staff accused of racist, sexist and sectarian tweeting: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Police Ombudsman says controversial social media account not linked to PSNI: Irish News
Connla Young

BBC's Nolan denies 'demonising' DUP in post General Election coverage: Belfast Telegraph
Jonathan Bell

Airport quids in thanks to visitors from the Republic (Aug 21): Belfast Telegraph

Catholic priests from Romania being recruited to serve in Ireland: The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Why unionists shouldn't be too smug over Scotland's struggling economy (Aug 25): Scottish Daily Record
David Clegg

The Tories' DUP alliance creates opportunities for Labour (Jun 13): New Statesman
Stephen Bush

Sunday, August 27

London is committed to Stormont, says NIO in response to Sammy Wilson: The News Letter

Sinn Féin slams DUP call for Direct Rule: Belfast Telegraph

Stormont needs major surgery, not another sticking plaster: Irish News
Patrick Murphy

Reassuring remarks from Sammy Wilson on direct rule: The News Letter

'Pragmatism before pride': Irish World
Conor McGinn

The Future Of Northern Ireland – What Is Going Wrong?: Eurasia Review
Crawford Gribben

IRA informant Sean O'Callaghan died not in a pool of blood but in a Jamaican swimming pool: Boston Globe
Kevin Cullen

Slab's nemesis: The Sunday Times
John Burns

Adams urged to help new inquiry into IRA murder: Sunday Independent
Philip Ryan

Thousands of elderly British Army veterans face a new witch hunt over the deaths of suspected IRA terrorists: Daily Mail
Mark Nicol

If politicians can't agree a Troubles memorial, someone else should build it (Aug 24): Irish News
Newton Emerson

Ulster Scots history is at the heart of NI but £140m funding for it is absurd: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

Many east Belfast landmarks have long-forgotten Irish roots, as Ivan Little discovers on a bus tour: Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Mutilated IRA victim's art to be shown for first time since his death: The News Letter
Adam Kula

'It was the biggest parade we've had' – Over 1,000 people celebrate Foyle Pride in Derry: Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Over 17,000 take part in Royal Black's 'last Saturday': The News Letter

Let's hope Pope Francis can weather Vatican storms and pay us a visit: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Lessons in our shared Christian heritage found in west Cork (Aug 21): The News Letter
Andy Pollak

If Northern Irish women can now have an abortion in England, why not here? (Aug 22): The Guardian
Goretti Horgan

Division on abortion necessary to protect human rights, says Bruton: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

Manchester United fan John's book tells how club tackled sectarianism in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Cate McCurry

Celtic fans charged with wearing 'IRA shirts' during Linfield game at Parkhead (Aug 25): Scottish Daily Record
Paul O'Hare

--- State Papers ---

Declassified files – Catholic primate hoped that SDLP would defeat Sinn Féin (Aug 25): The News Letter
Sam McBride

British efforts to influence choice of new Archbishop of Armagh revealed (Aug 25): Irish News
Eamon Phoenix

Declassified files – People 'wouldn't sue Martin McGuinness' (Aug 25): The News Letter

Saturday, August 26

UK accused of 'magical thinking' over Brexit plan for Irish border: The Guardian
Jennifer Rankin

'It's NOT a game' Davis lashes out at EU in Brexit Northern Ireland 'bargaining chip' row: Daily Express
Helene Perkins

Brexit – Controls on Irish border inevitable, warns Bruton: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Mary McAleese fears border checks are inevitable post-Brexit: BBC

UK's Magical Thinking Over Post-Brexit Irish Border – The Drummully Polyp Is Why The EU Is Wrong:
Tim Worstall

Irish alarm over latest Tory Brexit split: Irish News

Sinn Féin's O'Neill slams civil servants over cuts to Northern Ireland health service: Belfast Telegraph

DUP MP – It is now time for direct rule: The News Letter
Stephen Gamble

Powersharing talks remain a priority, insists UK Government amid scepticism: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin's abstentionism does a major disservice, says John Bruton: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

IRA informer O'Callaghan was my friend and I even put him up at my home – UUP councillor: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

McGuinness rang IRA informer for advice – Trimble: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Informer took murder secrets to grave: Irish Examiner
Michael Clifford

Informer O'Callaghan's role in peace deal shouldn't be forgotten: Belfast Telegraph
Dean Godson

Informers such as O'Callaghan were key to countering IRA: The News Letter

IRA killer who made some atonement for his crimes: Belfast Telegraph

'Additionality' adds up to one for you, one for me: Irish News
Newton Emerson

Foyle Pride parade 'snub' to Derry police: Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Ulster Scots Agency defends £140m bid for public funding: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Punishment shooting left Derry man with 'the worst injuries solicitor had ever seen', court hears: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn MacDermott

Aviation group urges James Brokenshire to end four-year Maze site ban: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Judge refuses PSNI's High Court appeal for disclosure of loyalist informer files: Belfast Telegraph

Nairac buried in Louth forest after being shot by IRA, book claims: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Stiff Little Fingers' Jake Burns still outraged after 40 years and ready to rock hometown at anniversary gig: Belfast Telegraph

Protestant musicians and Irish dancers to perform together at Croke Park: Irish News

It's a real game of two halves as young GAA and rugby stars unite through sport: Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

I still back independence but the SNP needs to get smarter: The Herald
Kevin McKenna

--- State Papers ---

Declassified Files – NIO believed Robinson was pondering independent NI: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Former Taoiseach Charles Haughey was ruled by his emotions, state papers reveal: Irish News
Eamon Phoenix

Declassified Files – SDLP MP told of 'golden moments' with Paisley: The News Letter

State Papers revealed – NIO under fire for giving only 'safe Catholics' top public jobs: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Declassified Files – Government offered churches £600,000 to work together: The News Letter
Sam McBride

West Belfast priests' dinner with British officials: Irish News
Eamon Phoenix

Friday, August 25

Danny Morrison warns of slim prospects for Stormont's restoration: Irish News
John Manley

Sinn Féin 'putting Irish before hip operations': The News Letter

Sinn Féin's O'Dowd warns Stormont Executive will not bring 'utopian society': Belfast Telegraph

Stop harassing unionists about a united Ireland: The Irish Times
Graham Gudgin

'Shocking, daft, mad' – DUP founder on £140m Ulster-Scots plan: The News Letter

How keen is thon DUP on Ulster-Scots and the hamely tongue?: Irish News
William Scholes

In death, as in life, Sean O'Callaghan continues to divide friend and foe: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Sean O'Callaghan 'shunned IRA's squalid sectarianism': The News Letter

Was ex-IRA man Sean O'Callaghan truly remorseful?: The News Letter

'Informer' had courage to tell the truth as he tried to make amends: Irish Independent
Andrew Lynch

DUP MP hails Sean O'Callaghan – who was once a man of war, but would go on to become a man of peace: Belfast Telegraph
Jeffrey Donaldson

The meaning of Sean O'Callaghan: The Spectator
Dean Godson

My statue, your statue – we put our divisions on a plinth: Irish News
Alex Kane

Senators alerted to MacBride threat: Irish Echo

Sinn Féin and SDLP condemn 'senseless' attack on Orange hall: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Nationalist residents claim unionists held 'unnotified protest' during loyalist march: Irish News
Connla Young

Two men arrested in Londonderry accused of loyalist paramilitary activity: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Féin frontbencher favours coalition after next election: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Sinn Féin reveal they haven't decided if they will run a candidate in next year's Presidential election: Irish Mirror
James Ward

Families sue over 1972 shooting by Army: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

Army depletion bad news if Brexit is hard: Irish Examiner
Sean O'Riordan

Sinn Féin councillor warns of terror threat to Galway: Connacht Tribune
Dara Bradley

--- State Papers ---

Haughey's perceived failure to criticise terrorism on US visit angered Thatcher: The Irish Times
Eamon Phoenix

Haughey did not want IRA's Gibraltar dead flown back to Dublin: Irish Independent
Michael McHugh

Charlie Haughey 'admired and feared Margaret Thatcher': The Irish Times
Eamon Phoenix

State Papers revealed – Molyneaux believed SDLP had no interest in making NI work and wanted a nationalist police force for nationalist areas: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Peter Robinson believed the Union was 'finished' in records released from 1991: Irish News
Eamon Phoenix

Declassified files – Paisley and Molyneaux 'prepared to make massive concessions': The News Letter
Sam McBride

Ian Paisley 'favoured fundamentalists over DUP deputy leader Peter Robinson': Belfast Telegraph

State papers – Martin McGuinness's softer tone under scrutiny: The Irish Times
Eamon Phoenix

Role of the late Martin McGuinness within republicanism highlighted in previously confidential files: Irish News
Eamon Phoenix

British considered blowing up roads around Border region: Irish Independent
Michael McHugh

Relief at DUP men's jobs: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Declassified files – Parents of Michelle O'Neill's cousin 'did not want him in the IRA': The News Letter
Sam McBride

Tense atmosphere over killing of British army duo at IRA funeral: The Irish Times
Eamon Phoenix

Thursday, August 24

'It's like east & west Germany' Irish MEP's shock bid to SNATCH Northern Ireland from UK: Daily Express
Chris Campbell

EU will not discuss Border proposals at Brexit talks: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Eastwood accused of U-turn on Brexit link to Irish unity: The News Letter

Border focus is a distraction from EU special status risks: Irish Independent
Brendan Keenan

What Does Brexit Mean for Northern Ireland?:
Jrg Schindler

Brexit position papers packed full of details that tell us nothing: Irish Examiner
Daniel McConnell

EU court has long been a red rag to Brexiteers – but stance may soften: Irish Independent
John Downing

The absence of local government felt every day: Irish News
Allison Morris

Sinn Féin continues its irresponsible Stormont nonsense: The Irish Times
Newton Emerson

Cleric's call for Troubles day of reflection gets cold shoulder from victims groups: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Ulster-Scots board man – We didn't approve £140m bid: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Northern Ireland vote figures are 'proof first-past-post unfair': Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

In an uncertain world, shoddy deals rule (Jun 20): Irish News
Tom Collins

Should Labour stand in Northern Ireland?: The New European
David Barker

IRA graffiti daubed on Orange Hall ninth reported incident this year: Belfast Telegraph

Next year we cannot allow the law to be flouted over bonfires: The News Letter
Trevor Lunn

Alarm over sectarian attacks in Derry's Waterside (Aug 23): Irish News

Compared to crisis in hospitals, issues at Stormont are distinctly trivial: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

IRA leader turned informer Sean O'Callaghan dies on holiday: The News Letter

Nationalist venerated by GAA clubs was a supporter of the slave trade: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Free Derry Corner – an enduring icon of the civil rights generation (Aug 11): Derry Journal
Eamonn McCann

London newspaper in apology to Peter Robinson over false terrorism claim: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Garda diversity (Jul 29): Irish Examiner

Wednesday, August 23

Coveney says time running out for border deal: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Government rejects British proposals on invisible border: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

Ireland won't be used as a pawn in Brexit talks, says Brokenshire: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

DUP bristles over Dublin threat to wield Brexit veto: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Beware Brits bearing gifts and Trojan Horses on the border: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Brokenshire ready to kick-start fresh talks: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

New attempt to solve power-sharing deadlock in North: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

NI parties need to engage to see power sharing re-established: The Irish Times
Pat Leahy

We don't need SF and DUP to love each other – we just need them to stand up for their voters: Irish Independent
John Downing

Jamie Bryson – SF don't want equality, they want Carson's statue smashed to pieces: The News Letter
Graeme Cousins

Sinn Féin scoffs at Bryson claim it wants to topple Carson statue at Stormont: Belfast Telegraph
Allan Preston

Why toppling Carson's statue at Stormont is the height of nonsense: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

Sinn Féin pushes for statues of female Irish republicans at Belfast City Hall: Belfast Telegraph

Man whose Derry home was attacked with pipe-bomb speaks out: Derry Journal
Niall Deeney

Unionist and nationalist politicians come together to oppose sectarian violence: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Derry must show true political leadership once again: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Ardoyne residents' group members convicted over 'un-notified public procession': Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Nationalist residents' group members get conditional discharge over parading deal protest: Irish News

'Stop gurning to daddy' says MP after Poots tweet complaint: The News Letter

Victims challenge cleric on 'day of acknowledgement': The News Letter

New evidence sparks probe into IRA murder of farmer: Irish Independent
Cathal McMahon and Ciaran Moran

New benefits system problems for Irish passport and NI driving licence holders: Irish News
Suzanne McGonagle

Stormont rejects concerns over Irish passport as benefit ID: The News Letter

Call for Stormont to approve North-South interconnector plan: Belfast Telegraph

Vital North-South Interconnector moves a step closer: The News Letter

Irish identity – Time to renew the Republic: The Irish Times

Sectarianism suffered by half of Scottish football fans, fans' survey finds: BBC

Tuesday, August 22

Sinn Féin calls for talks to resume next week but DUP says it's a 'stunt': Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Fresh round of Stormont talks on agenda as James Brokenshire travels to Dublin: Irish News
John Manley

Timing is immaterial – it's the desire for success that matters: Irish News
John Manley

It's time to accept our congenital farce of a political process is redundant: The News Letter
Alex Kane

It's time for deadlock at Stormont to end: Belfast Telegraph

Taoiseach warns UK that Ireland may stall on deal: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

'They have the best deal now!' Irish PM lashes out at UNREALISTIC UK Brexit trade plans: Daily Express
Aurora Bosotti

US-Canada border would not work in Ireland, Varadkar says: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

UK to urge 'close co-operation' on cross-border legal disputes after Brexit: Belfast Telegraph

Mid Ulster Council could introduce bonfire permit system: Irish News
Connla Young

Stakeknife could face perjury charges, says senior police officer: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Pipe bomb thrown at home by loyalist paramilitary gang, PSNI say: Belfast Live
Sarah Scott

Family targeted because they're Catholic, says gun attack victim: Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Four families forced out of homes in Derry's Waterside following sectarian attacks, councillor says: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Three face trial linked to murder of ex-UDA boss: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Donnelly

Our most divisive memorials are parades, not statues: Irish News
Fionnuala O Connor

IRA victim – Reflection day idea tied my stomach in knots: The News Letter

Papal visit to Northern Ireland would be signal we've moved on, says Belfast priest: Belfast Telegraph
Denise Calnan

Dublin/Monaghan bombings – 'We need to know extent of British state involvement with this loyalist gang':
Seán Crowe

How I wished dad had lived to see great-grandchildren grow up – pub bombs campaigner: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

The State of Us – Irish nationalism needs a revolution: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

Play exploring sectarianism in Northern Ireland wins James Tait Black Prize: Belfast Telegraph

Northern Ireland unites in concern over killer's light jail term (Aug 16): The News Letter

Just one-third of the public feels the EU has benefited them (Jun 20): Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

When it comes to Brexit, the EU establishment is obsessed with its own self-interest: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Monday, August 21

Call for Brexit talks to focus first on trade is 'sensible' – Varadkar: Irish Independent
Nicola Anderson

NI could lose out on millions of pounds worth of peace funding warns Peter Hain: Irish News
Gareth McKeown

Ireland being used as 'hostage' in Brexit negotiations: Irish News
Gareth McKeown

'UK wants to eat its cake AND ours' Irish MEP warns Brexit will destroy Ireland relations: Daily Express
Alix Culbertson

Brexit deal will be more important than 1921 treaty – MEP: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

Leo rules out 'technical fix' in place of border checks: Irish Independent
Philip Ryan

Harold Good's proposal merits serious attention: Irish News

Irish politicians should avoid the united Ireland cul-de-sac (Aug 20): Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Sinn Féin calls for power-sharing talks to resume: RTE

Fianna Fáil risks unleashing demons of a darker populism: Irish Independent
Ed Brophy

UUP and DUP reps attend fewest flags commission meetings: Irish News
Brendan Hughes

PSNI investigating threat made following loyalist band parade: Irish News
Gareth McKeown

'Linen Memorial' to victims: The News Letter

Martin McGuinness grave has become 'place of pilgrimage': Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Living in limbo on the daily commute to Derry (Jun 22): The Irish Times
Freya McClements

Border issue and social media chatter make Ireland a viable Isil target: Irish Independent
Wayne O'Connor

Why Ireland needs Church-State separation: Galway Advertiser

The State of Us – Irish identity is no longer fit for purpose: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

'We can't compare Pope's visit to 1979, it is a different place': Irish Independent
Denise Calnan

Hibs boss Neil Lennon says no place for sectarianism in football: The Scotsman
Graeme Murray

Why nationalism cannot be wished away or masked by a change of name: The Herald
David Torrance

SNP must re-emphasise nationalism as a positive: The Scotsman

Hard Brexiteers want out at all costs (Aug 17): RTE
Sean Whelan

Sunday, August 20

Brexit – Former NI Secretary's warning over peace funding: BBC

Brexit Secretary warns EU over repeating negotiations 'with the clock ticking': Belfast Telegraph

Brexit could leave Irish peace programme at risk, campaigners warn: The Guardian
Jamie Doward

Theresa May will explore potential for post-Brexit peace funds targeting north (Aug 16): Irish News
John Manley

Bordering on the ridiculous: The Sunday Times
Stephen O'Brien

British boxing clever in Brexit border paper (Aug 20): Irish News
Patrick Murphy

Northern Ireland a periphery figure in the Brexit debate: Belfast Telegraph

Cruise ship gave safety warning letter to Belfast-bound passengers (Aug 2): Irish News
Brendan Hughes

Provos turned their backs on 'Flat Cap' after £15k Regency Attack payment: Sunday World
Patricia Devlin

Church support for Troubles 'day of acknowledgement': BBC

Row over new film on IRA Maze prison escape: ITV

Ratepayers' money sends Councillor Debbie Coyle to university (Aug 1): Impartial Reporter
Meadhbh Monahan

Féile celebrates an inclusive and tolerant Ireland (Aug 16): Irish News
Jim Gibney

State of Us – Ireland's story doesn't make sense any more: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

One year to go before the world's Catholics descend on Dublin:
Gráinne Ní Aodha

I'm a Belfast Protestant but I'm an Irish writer (Aug 9): The Irish Times
Rosemary Jenkinson

What the death of an Irishman who lost his life fighting for Britain can tell us about the stupidity of Brexit (Aug 17): The Independent
Robert Fisk

Catholic Church calls for action on religious hate crime (Aug 15): The Scotsman
Scott Macnab

Revealed – The unionist Twitter trolls who shame Scotland (Aug 13): The Herald
Peter Swindon

Nicola Sturgeon admits 'national' in SNP could be 'problematic' (Aug 18): The Scotsman
Tom Peterkin

Saturday, August 19

Unionists and SF will sit in Leinster House and govern Ireland if loyalists can be persuaded: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

How a united Ireland would work (Aug 18): The Irish Times
Christopher Kissane and David Kenny

Theresa May's border problem will be convincing right wing press in Britain: Irish News
Newton Emerson

Republican protestors accused of 'shameful' abuse during parade: The News Letter

Loyalist parade passes off without incident in Rasharkin: Belfast Telegraph

'Verbal abuse should not be rewarded by Parades Commission' – MLA: The News Letter
Neill Cobain

UUP plan to call on Council Chairman to retract McElwaine comments: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Belfast City Hall Christmas messages in three languages: BBC
Mark Simpson

PSNI chief hits back over criticism of officers taking part in Pride parade: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

PSNI Chief Constable apologises over Omagh commemoration no-show: Belfast Telegraph

Confidence in Public Prosecution Service hits 10-year high, new survey shows (Aug 10): Belfast Telegraph

Car and home attacked by masked men in Co Antrim: Belfast Live
Sheena McStravick

Paramilitary attack in Antrim 'is second time young family have been targeted': Irish News
Bimpe Archer

Bigot who assaulted two women avoids jail: Belfast Telegraph

Pub bombings – police wait on BBC response over ex-IRA bomber tapes: Birmingham Mail
Nick McCarthy

TUV man slams new 'Maze' movie as 'romanticising terrorism': The News Letter

SF abstentionism 'will mean £70m NHS cuts': The News Letter
Niall Deeney

Married and gay in Northern Ireland – A 'strange limbo': The Irish Times
Una Mullally

Judge kicks out UVF thug's case against Sunday World in boost for press freedom: Sunday World
Richard Sullivan

Irish border haulage firms 'depend on free movement' (Aug 16): ITV

No tariffs plan 'may see British firms flock to NI': Belfast Telegraph

Brexit – Scots and Welsh governments may be frozen out of talks: The Scotsman
Arj Singh

Rangers fan appears in court on sectarian songs rap: Scottish Daily Record

Friday, August 18

Time to push for special status in North during Brexit talks, says MEP: Irish Independent
Sarah Collins

Fine Gael TD vows to give NI a voice in Brexit debate: Belfast Telegraph

Michel Barnier to offer EU funding for Northern Ireland to soften impact of Brexit: Daily Telegraph
James Rothwell

A united Ireland is the only practical solution to Brexit: The Independent
Mary Dejevsky

Why my friend John Foster is wrong about Europe and the Union: Belfast Telegraph
Dennis Kennedy

The government is abdicating responsibility for the Irish border after Brexit: New Statesman
Conor McGinn

A hard Brexit would suit Sinn Féin in the short term: Irish News
Alex Kane

Brexit and Ireland – how could the UK avoid a return to border posts?: The Guardian
Dan Roberts

What is the Good Friday Agreement? When was it drawn up and what did the Anglo-Irish deal involve?: The Sun
Tom Michael

Republican's killing highlighted impact violence has on fragility of peace process: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Anger as MLAs left out of budget cut talks due to Stormont mess: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

An Dream Dearg call for meeting with Brokenshire: Belfast Media
Conor McParland

Why there are no winners when both communities try to fight fire with fire: Belfast Telegraph
Eilis O'Hanlon

Knowledge over violence will always win the war: Impartial Reporter
Shona Morrison

Action needed over provocative bonfires (Aug 17): Irish News

Willie Frazer to discuss Dublin protest with Garda Siochana: The News Letter

Former loyalist paramilitaries show no need for 'expensive deradicalisation programmes' (Aug9): Irish News
Bimpe Archer

Ceremony in memory of Derry Hunger Striker: Derry Journal

Stitching together the north's Troubled past: Derry Journal

Devolution is key to enhancing education: Belfast Telegraph
Peter Weir

Weaker sterling drives 80% rise in visits to North from Republic: Irish News
Francess McDonnell

Belfast is so very near yet still seems as far away as ever: Irish Examiner
Alison O'Connor

Police sports club may tackle EU body in court following funding snub: Belfast Telegraph
Jim McDowell

Hope shines through the despair as couples vow the fight for marriage equality in Northern Ireland will go on: Irish News
Bimpe Archer

The eyes of LGBT people around the world are now on Theresa May, says campaigner for same-sex marriage: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

The Ferryman's Laura Donnelly on how her uncle's murder inspired the IRA drama (Aug 8): The Guardian
Claire Armitstead

Lodge Life – Pupils discover more about Orange heritage (Jun 29): The News Letter

Cops hunt for bigot football fans who chanted sectarian songs at train passengers (Aug 16): Scottish Daily Record

Rangers and Celtic fans show united front in calling for anti-bigotry law scrapping: The Herald
Martin Williams

Andrew O'Hagan's romantic view of Scottish independence is nonsense: The Guardian
David Torrance

Thursday, August 17

U.K. Sets Out Goals for an Open Irish Border. Trade Is More Complex.: New York Times
Stephen Castle

Brexit Loophole – Northern Irish can become EU nationals, says David Davis: Daily Express
Alix Culbertson

UK's 'blueprint' for border after Brexit splits opinion down familiar party lines: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

UK's 'totally unworkable' Brexit plan raises new fears over Border: Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle and Colm Kelpie

Brexit plans about protecting NI interests – Brokenshire: ITV

Decision on physical customs posts 'up to EU': Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Nigel Farage says plans for Irish border after Brexit 'a concern' as Coveney says Ireland will be 'stubborn': Irish Independent
Jon Vale and Kevin Doyle

UK government rejects EU claim that its Brexit customs plan is 'fantasy': The Guardian
Andrew Sparrow and Lisa O'Carroll

Ireland must prepare for hard border, warns Simon Coveney: Irish Examiner
Elaine Loughlin and Daniel McConnell

Britain's Brexit border proposals are 'delusional', Sinn Féin says: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

'A recipe for chaos' – UK Brexit plan provokes alarm along Irish border: The Guardian
Lisa O'Carroll

The Whitehall paper is a start but don't bet on it being a Brexit blueprint: Irish News
John Manley

Don't panic yet, but our ability to influence Brexit outcome is done: Irish Independent
Shane Coleman

Leo Varadkar's ideas on Brexit could be a game changer ... it's time unionists embraced them: Belfast Telegraph
Alban Maginness

The complexities of the border are not even close to being resolved: The News Letter
Ben Lowry

The UK government's border proposals for Ireland are absurd: The Guardian
Fintan O'Toole

The EU is becoming less hospitable for Ireland – it's time it joined Britain in leaving: Daily Telegraph
Ray Bassett

Border paper offers some clarity but still a long way to go: Irish News

Brexit proposals – Irish solution to a British problem: Irish Examiner

Widow of murdered Kevin McGuigan '100% believes' shooting was sanctioned by leadership of the IRA: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Northern Ireland body appoints new advocate for victims of Troubles in Britain: Belfast Telegraph
Aaron Tinney

Republican rebel songs becoming the new loyalist target: Irish News
Newton Emerson

Councils 'should be handed extra powers while Stormont is suspended': Belfast Telegraph

Mystery over recipient of watchdog's £6k fine linked to NI political donation: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Three men arrested under Terrorism Act after North and West Belfast searches: Belfast Live
Sarah Scott

Dissident republicans behind arms cache won't win – Middleton: Derry Journal
Kevin Mullan

Ardoyne mouthpiece Dee Fennell in cahoots with hood Gary Devlin: Sunday World
Paula Mackin

MLA – Londonderry youngsters carry out 'disgusting act of evil': The News Letter
Andrew Quinn

Soldier's widow saddened by 'ignorance' after poppy wreaths burnt on Derry bonfire: Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Ulster Unionist speaks out over burning flags: The News Letter

Hyde Park bomb suspect issued with court papers: The News Letter

Hyde Park victim's brother – 'If our kid had died in battle he knew what he was going there for. No one deserves to die like he did': The News Letter

DUP backs Edwin Poots as gay Tory MP raps tweet: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria Leonard

Same sex marriage – Bitter disappointment for marriage equality campaigners as challenge fails: Belfast Live
Jilly Beattie

Wednesday, August 16

No return to Irish border posts, UK insists in Brexit plan: The Guardian
Heather Stewart and Henry McDonald

Dublin welcomes 'more clarity' from UK on Brexit plans: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Brexit customs proposal a big ask, says Mairéad McGuinness: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Tory David Davis warned peace in Northern Ireland must not be a Brexit bargaining chip: Daily Mirror
Mikey Smith and Ed Carty

Brexit – Irish customs 'need more staff' for border challenge: BBC
Claire Noble

Platform – Theresa May on Brexit and the border: Irish News
Theresa May

London does not seem to be deviating from position of 'hard' Brexit: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

UK wants cake and a licence to eat it with its customs proposals: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

Britain reveals that it wants it all and then some more: Irish Examiner
Elaine Loughlin

Britain is playing 'hokey cokey' politics over Europe – but with Brexit there will be no winners: Irish Independent
Kevin Doyle

Theresa May asks the right questions but we need answers: Irish News
John Manley

Brexit – Border dilemma must focus minds: The Irish Times

British government finally sets out proposals on Brexit: Irish News

UK's Brexit posturing is the stuff of fantasy: Irish Independent

Irish language campaigners hand letters to NI secretary: ITV

Irish language protest outside Hillsborough Castle a 'stunt': The News Letter

Unless SF ditch their red lines, direct rule is the way forward: The News Letter

United Ireland will not be based on '50% plus one' (Aug 15): The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

Fianna Fáil/Sinn Féin coalition would be positive move for northern nationalists: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Paramilitaries 'exploiting political vacuum': BBC

Man (48) arrested over paramilitary-style shooting in Derry: Belfast Telegraph

Paramilitary 'punishment' attacks destroy lives and blight communities... we can turn a blind eye to them no longer: Belfast Telegraph

PSNI investigating after man tells Willie Frazer IRA did not "kill enough" of his family: Belfast Live
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Questions surround £6,000 fine linked to Northern Ireland political donation:
Niall McCracken

GARC parade against Orange march deal strayed from route to 'avoid a riot', court hears: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Unionists undecided on Mid Ulster bonfire meeting: Irish News
Connla Young

Bogside bonfire 'flag-burning sectarian hatefest': Londonderry Sentinel

Poppy wreaths burnt on bonfire in Derry's Bogside: Belfast Telegraph

Missiles thrown at police and residents at Londonderry Bogside bonfire site: Belfast Telegraph

'Madness' at bonfire site overnight condemned: Derry Journal

Attempt to 'demonise' young bonfire builders – claim: Derry Journal

Pub bombs victim who was robbed of chance to see his beloved grandchildren grow up: Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Husband of Omagh bomb victim turned to drink and almost ended his own life: Belfast Telegraph
Leona O'Neill

Where's Donald Trump's Ambassador to Ireland?: Irish Voice/

Green MLA Clare Bailey takes DUP's Edwin Poots to task over tweet: BBC

Limerick's forgotten Orange heritage (Aug 14): Limerick Post

Sturgeon – UK's Brexit customs union plan 'daft': BBC

Why customs union may be the UK's first step back into the EU: The Herald
Iain Macwhirter


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