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This archive contains references to articles from August 16-31, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


August 31

Violence flares briefly as rioters attack Belfast police station: Boston Globe

Blair blueprint to woo Unionists into talks: The Times

August 30

British ambassador knows the value of St. Patrick's Day: Boston Globe

Let those without sin cast the first stone...: Irish News

Unionist anger at prospect of talks with Sinn Fein: The Times

IRA allies invited to peace table: Boston Globe

Pressure on Trimble to join talks: Daily Telegraph

Peace move gets guarded optimism: Philadelphia Inquirer

Talks invite a historic mark: Irish News (Editorial)

Supposing The Talks Succeed?: The Irish Times (Editorial)

History awaits for Trimble: Irish News

Blair not for turning is Mowlam's message: The Irish Times

Trimble plays down importance of talks date: The Irish Times

Republican talks with British latest in long line: Irish News

August 29

Mowlam invites Sinn Fein to full-scale peace talks: The Times

Anger at Mowlam's 'consent' comments: Irish News

Talk or walk?: The Times (Editorial)

Trimble warns on decommissioning: The Irish Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

March re-route fails to appease angry residents: Irish News

Priest in Garvaghy Road protests to leave Ireland: The Irish Times

Distorted logic of McCartney: Irish News (Editorial)

August 28

Leap of faith call prompts atheism in unionist ranks: The Irish Times

British neglect which is starving equality: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Ulster arms body 'a failure': Daily Telegraph

TV link-up a chance to note unionist sensitivity: The Irish Times

Recent IRA bomb factory find was biggest ever: The Irish Times

Hutchinson says dissident LVF could be wiped out: The Irish Times

Ruthless assassin who found religion: Irish News

McGuinness refused legal aid for action: The Irish Times

Garda file on Dublin bombs not released: The Irish Times

August 27

The next Mrs Robinson: The Times (Editorial)

Protestant revival of the conspiracy theory: Irish News

Britain, Ireland agree to set Ulster arms panel: Boston Globe

London and Dublin set up disarmament body: The Times

SF chairman rules out proximity talks: The Irish Times

Prisons hold key to talks: Irish News (Editorial)

U2 leave peace process to politicians and rock Belfast: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein set to join Ulster talks: Daily Telegraph

August 26

General's arms role discussed: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Group plans to help families who fled Border areas to return: The Irish Times

SF blames British security for hoax bomb: The Irish Times

August 25

Mallon backs Hume for president: Irish News

Mowlam to issue talks invitation to Sinn Fein: The Times

Blair must meet Adams: Irish News (Editorial)

SF confident of meeting within weeks: The Irish Times

Modern Ireland remembers patriot quietly: Boston Globe

The Irish language movement is allied to separatism: Irish News

Symbols reflect our segragated mindsets: Irish News

Dropped signs fuel equality debate: Irish News

UUP 'not convinced' by latest ceasefire: The Irish Times

August 24

Blair and Adams to meet for talks on peace deal: Sunday Telegraph

Unionists set to hold talks with Sinn Fein: The Sunday Times

August 23

Courts must deal with LVF: Irish News (Editorial)

Loyalist defies LVF threat: Irish News

August 22

UUP faces tough decisions on talks strategy: The Irish Times

Decommissioning body to operate by talks date: The Irish Times

IRA hawks under scrutiny amid fears of 'defections': Daily Telegraph

No revenge over Portadown pub arson attack says LVF: Irish News

Sinn Fein demands disarming of police: The Irish Times

Timing 'not ideal' for Hume candidacy: The Irish Times

Does Blair know how to save the Union?: The Times

August 21

Chasm of mistrust must be bridged: The Irish Times

Policies and vision of the SDLP have stood the test of time: The Irish Times

Ex-student leader to take legal challenge: Irish News

Court ruling on SF legal challenge: Irish News

Ceasefire allows Ulster its quietest month in years: The Times

SDLP 'gags' councillor over Hume article: Irish News

August 20

Mr Trimble's Rubicon: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Anger as IRA men move out of high security: Daily Telegraph

Hume wouldn't be seen as impartial - C of I gazette: The Irish Times

Former Derry mayor fined over Orange obstruction: Irish News

rish language is not a threat: Irish News (Editorial)

August 19

'Loss of leader will not mean collapse': The Irish Times

Mowlam accused of 'facilitating' the IRA: Irish News

Loyalists take lessons in winning sympathy: The Times

QUB students union ditches Irish signs: Irish News

Irish signs must stay: Irish News

August 18

IRA 'factories' used to develop weapons: The Irish Times

Priest at centre of protests moves to Belfast: The Irish Times

Putting a hair-raising gloss on the facts: Irish News

Unionists at a crossroads: Irish News (Editorial)

Bitterness is blowing up in evangelic circles: Irish News

Loyalists to curtail flashpoint marches: Daily Telegraph

Trimble to meet Catholic Church leaders over talks: The Times

August 17

Selling Blair: Philadelphia Inquirer

August 16

Hume sets out SDLP blueprint for talks: Irish News

Ex-IRA supergrass says the truth hurts: The Irish Times

Soldiers 'kept in jail to appease the IRA': The Times

Trimble and Archbishop to meet soon: The Irish Times

Why fewer souls go the distance for St Patrick: The Times

Dark secrets of Fermanagh fields: Irish News

RUC terrorised family claim: Irish News

IRSP claims members threatened to support ceasefire: The Irish Times