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This archive contains references to articles from August 16-31, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, August 31

Old tensions and quarrels haven't gone away: Sunday Business Post

Only winners in draconian laws are the securocrats: Sunday Business Post

An Phoblacht joins other media in condemning RIRA: Sunday Business Post

Irish Visit Now Aims To Bolster Peace Pact: Washington Post

Without peace there will be no prosperity: Irish News

IRA in search for its secret victims: The Times

Appeal for disclosure on graves of victims: The Irish Times

Trimble denies going soft on IRA arms: BBC

History has created a society full of disdain: The Irish Times

Irish language is for all the nation’s children: Irish News

SF unwilling to accept new terms not: The Irish Times

IRA tells renegades: 'Disband': BBC

Women’s role is welcome: Irish News (Editorial)

Schools 'not doing enough for a more plural society': The Irish Times

McAleese hails tough stance: Irish News

Sunday, August 30

Finding the will to beat terrorism: Boston Globe (by Tony Blair)

Unionists tell IRA: you can keep the guns: Electronic Telegraph

Police stalk Real IRA's Omagh bomb 'engineer': The Sunday Times

Growing concern regarding proposed legal changes: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Don't go soft on men of evil: The Sunday Times

Late deal forces annual review of conviction powers: The Observer

Revealed - men who led INLA to peace: The Sunday Times

More evidence of cover-up in 1976 murder investigation emerges: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

US to include RIRA and 32 Sovereignty on terror list: The Examiner

Ireland deserves new myths and new heroes: The Sunday Times

Alderdice losing bid to become Speaker: The Sunday Times

Catholics go cool on love affair with Labour: The Sunday Times

Saturday, August 29

Get on with the process: Irish News (Editorial)

Bomb handlers lacking car-theft expertise: The Irish Times

Clinton to push for permanent peace: BBC

Trimble says Adams could be a Michael Collins: The Irish Times

Drumcree dissenters spark rift in Order: Irish News

Sinn Fein to be stronger in bomb aftermath: Irish Independent

History shows harsh measures can work: The Irish Times

Kneejerk legislation not the best answer: Irish News

Sullivan to be next US ambassador: The Irish Times

Friday, August 28

First Ulster terrorists will go free in 11 days: Electronic Telegraph

Euphoria over but Clinton determined peace will hold: The Irish Times

No camp to tackle President Clinton: Irish News

Experts piece together Omagh bomb clue: BBC

'Real IRA' split believed to have delayed ceasefire: The Irish Times

Trimble raps SF on security: Irish News

Thursday, August 27

Still brokering the peace: Irish Independent

Clinton to pay his respects to Omagh victims: Electronic Telegraph

'Real IRA' likely to announce a total ceasefire: The Irish Times

Wrong tactics, wrong target: The Guardian

Persuasion the key not repressive legislation: The Irish Times

Less of the emoting and more clear thinking please, Mr Blair: The Guardian

Public opprobrium main threat to RIRA: Irish News

Thrown out of court: The Guardian

Unionism 'facing greatest threat': The Irish Times

Stormont 'phase' on road to free Ireland - Adams: BBC

Bomb suspect ‘aided Narrow Water’ claim: Irish News

Mallon urges two sides to make space: The Irish Times

Wednesday, August 26

Blair's difficult task trying to please all: Irish Independent


Bomb gang in crisis talks as noose tightens: Irish Independent

'Draconian' laws to catch Omagh murderers: Electronic Telegraph

Political posturing: The Guardian (Editorial)

New laws may be dangerous: Irish News (Editorial)

It's legalised internment - but welcome across Ireland: The Independent

Measures taken in wake of atrocities ‘rarely effective’: Irish News

LVF claims PUP behind early release veto: The Irish Times

Dissident defends ‘vilified’ leaders: Irish News

When Irish hands are grasping: The Times

North's DPP to decide on SF woman's warrants: The Irish Times

'One day I'd like to bring my son to Ireland': The Times (interview with George Mitchell)

Committee needed to sort out quangos: Irish News

Tuesday, August 25

Blair set to recall MPs over Omagh: Electronic Telegraph

The secret power struggle that spawned Omagh: The Times

Ideals of patriotism sullied by bombers: The Irish Times

Arresting the bombers is not about internment: The Guardian

Omagh starts to rebuild its shattered life: The Times

Blair reaffirms the political path to peace: The Irish Times

Commission restricts Protestant parades: BBC

Monday, August 24

Mickey McKevitt: life and times of a quartermaster: Sunday Business Post

Innocent until proven guilty?: Sunday Business Post

Mere anarchy is loosed but the centre holds: Sunday Business Post

`Real' IRA's act of self destruction: Sunday Business Post

Hopes rise that IRA is ready to give up weapons: The Times

Loss of "Real IRA" makes Adams's position more difficult: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Pipes audible only to the faithful?: The Irish Times

Omagh seeks a return to normal life: The Independent

Blair slips up over 'option' of an SAS assassination: The Times

Pharisees must accept we are all responsible: Irish News

Ceasefire isolates bombers: The Times

U.S. Visit Unites N. Ireland Teens: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Blair to announce terrorist curbs: Electronic Telegraph

A new attitude to the language: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Sovereignty couple 'not in hiding' claim their friends: Irish News

INLA halt was on cards for months: The Irish Times

Omagh 'not last atrocity' - Ahern: BBC

Sunday, August 23

Peace will survive the Omagh blast: Boston Globe (by Bertie Ahern)

Is Adams Another Collins?: Los Angeles Times

United in grief, Irish reflect: Boston Globe


There is no consolation for the grieving of Omagh but this: these bombers are men of the past. We will close this chapter of Irish history once and for all: The Observer (by Tony Blair)

Irish, North and South, Mark Week Since Terror Bombing: New York Times

A New Meaning For Irish Martyrdom: Washington Post

Where children come second to politics: The Sunday Times

Real IRA calls in American fundraiser: The Sunday Times

Falling-out of friends that led to massacre: The Observer

Ireland's chance to stand up for peace: The Sunday Times

'Death carried life and peace away': BBC

The journalist's tale: a week of death: The Sunday Times

Blair: Omagh will be the final atrocity: Electronic Telegraph

Old ladies will beat old soldiers: The Observer (Editorial)

Tracking down the bombers: The Sunday Times

To catch a godfather: Independent on Sunday

Looking to the Irish could be the right idea: The Sunday Times

Saturday, August 22

Irish Plan To Honor Bomb Victims: Minneapolis Star Tribune

The strength of leaders is tempered in the fire: Irish News

'Real IRA' admits severe setback: The Irish Times

Sands made to close shop after protests: Electronic Telegraph

'Real IRA' strong enough to set up in south Armagh: The Irish Times

U.S. Denies Visa to Irish Woman Linked to Terror Group: New York Times

One week after Omagh: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Bomber struck before: Ahern: Irish News

Torn apart by the sound of violence: Irish Independent

The split is reality and cannot be revoked: The Irish Times

Breaking out of tribal ghettos: The Independent

A bomb that was addressed to humanity: The Irish Times

Can the violence be finally ended?: Irish Independent

Call to reconvene assembly: BBC

Queen to attend service: The Times

'Pity our humanity': The Irish Times

Release applications mount: Irish News

McKevitts to sue media for `defamation': Irish Independent

Ex-patriots’ messages of sympathy: Irish News (OMAGH: INTERNET COMMENTS)

Scottish and Irish link to be re-established: The Irish Times

Blair said to be close to Catholicism: The Independent

Friday, August 21

Paisley consoles the brokenhearted: Irish Independent

Internment risk to Stormont agreement: Electronic Telegraph

Tragic times carrying risks and opportunity: The Irish Times

The day 'the devil came to Omagh': The Independent

Public opinion favours a crackdown: The Irish Times

How the UK tackles terrorism: BBC

Please note: there is no Provisional licence to kill: The Irish Times

Northern Ireland Town Asks Why: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Silence for bomb victims: The Times

Bombers condemned utterly in moral terms: The Irish Times

INLA may announce ceasefire tomorrow: Irish News

Belfast has become more of a republican city: The Irish Times

Thursday, August 20

Too Little, Too Late: New York Daily News (Editorial)

Silencing the terrorist: Irish Independent

'Get Out of Our Town': Washington Post

Ireland's 'El Paso' turns its back on McKevitts: Electronic Telegraph

BREAKING THE CYCLE: The Times (Editorial)

Sands-McKevitt condemns Omagh bomb: The Irish Times

A Sign of Hope? Adams and Trimble Attend Bombing Funeral: New York Times

Buncrana’s wail echoes across world: Irish News

Hope for Ireland in Omagh's hell: The Times

Garda, RUC gear up to deal with bomb group: The Irish Times

Provisionals ‘told Real IRA to call a halt’: Irish News

After grief, long political slog resumes: The Irish Times

People power: The Guardian (Editorial)

Will rebel republicans' ceasefire bring real peace?: The Times

Terror in Omagh: Washington Post (Editorial)

US visa uncertain for Sands-McKevitt: The Irish Times

Keeping hope alive in Northern Ireland: Nando Times

Wednesday, August 19

Meaningless Apology in Ulster: Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

Royal Visit to Blast Site: New York Daily News

IRA Splinter Group Says It Set Bomb: Washington Post

'Real IRA' to declare indefinite ceasefire today: The Irish Times

Don't let them win: The Guardian

Madrid sheds tears for Spanish teacher and pupil: The Independent

'Real' republicans and double effect doctrine: The Irish Times

Attempt to shift the blame: The Times

Omagh killers knew peace was in sight: Irish News (by Seamus Mallon)

Shifts may herald the dying of terrorism: The Irish Times

MI6 studies 'Gaddafi link': Electronic Telegraph

Security response must not be knee-jerk: Irish News

Good Friday fallout: The Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Omagh victims are laid to rest: The Guardian

McKevitt denies having role in attack

Tuesday, August 18

'Real IRA' says it's behind N. Ireland bomb: Chicago Tribune

Terror in an Irish town: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)


The killers stand alone: Philadelphia Inquirer (Editorial)

In N. Ireland, Bloodshed Now Binds Foes: Los Angeles Times

5 Arrested in Bombing That Killed 28 in Ulster: Washington Post

AFTER THE OUTRAGE: The Times (Editorial)

Unity in tragedy: The Guardian (Editorial)

Only Good Friday pact can save us from abyss: Irish News

Sinn Fein can halt the carnage now: The Times

Mayhem was result of thought and calculation: The Irish Times

Adams gains new image from tragedy: The Independent

Family prepares for funerals: The Irish Times

The trail of destruction that began with a car theft: The Times

Right of reply: The Independent (by Peter Robinson)

IRA must now say the war is over: Irish News (by John Bruton)

Preventing more deaths at murderers' hands: The Irish Times

Real IRA leader not at home to callers: Electronic Telegraph

Power struggle begins: Irish Independent

Spanish politician hits out at bombers: Irish News

INLA wants end of 'armed struggle': The Irish Times

Monday, August 17

Five questioned over Omagh bombings: security tightened: ITN

It’s time for Sinn Fein to cut the links with violence: Irish News

Irish Blast Killed Innocents, Visitors: New York Daily News

Reflections of a youth growing up in Omagh: Irish News

Gerry Adams unlikely to take ministerial role at Stormont: Sunday Business Post

RUC should be made explain: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Britain, Ireland Vow Assault on Militants: Washington Post

Long road to peace: Jerusalem Post

Inside their minds: The Times

What should be done about war on democracy?: The Irish Times

Leader of breakaway 'Real IRA' is named: Electronic Telegraph

Sovereignty group denies responsibility for bomb: The Irish Times

Spaniards are Troubles' first tourist victims: The Times

The real deal: The Guardian

A war to the death: The Times

Peace must win: South China Morning Post (Editorial)

Confronting The Fascists: The Irish Times

A hideous obscenity, but we must be calm and defeat these butchers: The Independent

Attack founded on change in tactics: The Guardian

Murder in Omagh: The Guardian (Editorial)

Slaughter to a scale not seen in 25 years: The Irish Times

Sunday, August 16

'A baby was lying dead in a shop window': The Sunday Times

Omagh: a town used to hatred and strife: The Observer

The activists may be few but they can still hurt many: Independent on Sunday

Counting the political price for Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Spotlight turns on Real and Continuity IRA and INLA: The Observer

From carnival to devastation: Independent on Sunday

Chorus of demands for security clampdown: The Observer

Terrorists have IRA detonators: Electronic Telegraph

Clinton plans to visit despite bombing: USA Today

United in condemnation: BBC

LVF efforts to disarm "blocked": The Observer

Hollow ring to Angelus debate: The Sunday Times