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This archive contains references to articles from August 16-31, 1999. (Aug 30 and 31 are lost.) If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, August 29

IRA chief authorised £100,000 gun run: Sunday Independent

Government lashed over Ulster leaks: Electronic Telegraph

IRA smuggles sniper rifles 'to kill soldiers': The Sunday Times

Caught between a rock and a very hard place: Sunday Independent

Mowlam becomes latest victim of IRA: The Sunday Times

Mo came, saw and surrendered: Sunday Independent

Thanks, Mo, for leaving us at the mercy of gangsters: The Sunday Times

UUP and SF in secret talks: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Why the murder of this taxi driver may end Ireland's hopes of peace: Independent on Sunday

A dangerous time for democracy: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

It's the IRA's call: The Observer (Editorial)

Is this the kind of house we really want to live in?: Sunday Independent

Efforts to lift IRA death threats: BBC

'I'm out for good. I'm too scared to stay here': The Observer

Catholics at mercy of mafia-type gangs - Faul: Sunday Independent

Mowlam denounces IRA expulsions as 'repugnant': Independent on Sunday

Flanagan concerned about Patten report: BBC

Patten's views on special branch will be crucial: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Patten's RUC plans caught in a crossfire of leaks and spin: Electronic Telegraph

A New Reality Dawns with Patten: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

No way to police Ulster: Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

RUC alarm at plan to put paramilitaries on the beat: The Sunday Times

RUC reform will leave North ripe for gangsters: Sunday Independent

Day off at rock concert lands Mowlam in trouble: Independent on Sunday

Saturday, August 28

Crucial month ahead: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

'RUC disbandment' remains the objective of Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists could boycott talks: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists tell Trimble of party anger: The Times


Trimble backs ceasefire challenge: The Guardian

Legal threat over ceasefire criticised: BBC

New peace blow as the IRA issues death threat to boys: The Scotsman

Sinister doctrine of `internal housekeeping': Irish Independent

Breached But Not Broken: by Malachi O'Doherty (The Scotsman)

Why Trimble has to be sustained: The Irish Times

For the greater good: The Guardian

What’s wrong with a little inconsistency?: Irish News

Protecting Sources: The Irish Times (Editorial)

RUC shake-up less drastic than Patten leak: Irish Independent

Police must ‘answer to community’: Irish News

The best advice is: wait and see what Patten says: The Irish Times

RUC reforms: Irish Independent (Editorial)

‘LVF band’ marches in loyalist parade: Irish News

A plague in God's own town: The Irish Times

Friday, August 27

Imperfect peace: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Licence to kill: National Post (Editorial)

Mowlam's licence to kill: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Digging deeper for peace: The Scotsman

Mowlam playing a high risk strategy: Belfast Telegraph

How many must die before the ceasefire is broken?: Electronic Telegraph

In Bid to Preserve Peace, Britain Says I.R.A. Didn't Break Cease-Fire: New York Times

Mowlam faces legal challenge threat: BBC

US wants SF to use its influence: The Irish Times

Giving in to terrorism is never the right move: Irish Independent

Mowlam damned either way in deciding on ceasefire dilemma: The Guardian

Mowlam pragmatic when deciding on IRA ceasefire: The Irish Times (Editorial)

DR DUMPTY: The Times (Editorial)

Mowlam's tough call: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Sinn Fein stays in: The Guardian (Editorial)

Pragmatism Rules Ok: The Irish Times (Editorial)


Mowlam takes right option: Irish News (Editorial)

You've given in to the IRA, Chris: The Times (by David Trimble)

New Stevens job sparks Finucane inquiry fears: Irish News

Minister backs Mitchell over air freight deal: The Times

Lurgan Apprentice Boys ask to meet nationalists: The Irish Times

Is Celtic tiger top cat?: The Times

Williams body exhumed: Irish News

Thursday, August 26

Policing and peace: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Trimble fury over Patten proposals: Belfast Telegraph

The lesson of a bloody day: Irish News (Editorial)

Police accuse IRA; calls for sanctions rise: Boston Globe

RUC: no badge, no oath, no Queen: The Guardian

Men in the middle pay heavy price: Electronic Telegraph

Patten must allay fears of unionists: The Irish Times

Forcing RUC reform spells trouble: Irish Independent

Policing across the divide: The Guardian (Editorial)

RUC reform: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Growling bear is a stayer in politics, not a sprinter: The Irish Times

McGuinness assures Andrews IRA ceasefire is intact: Irish Independent

Pressure on Mowlam as Flanagan blames IRA for killing: Electronic Telegraph

Governments in a bind over ceasefire semantics: Irish Independent

Leaders must be clear in setting democratic standards: The Irish Times

A fortune garnered on fringe of power: The Times

Wednesday, August 25

Notes haunt an Ulster reporter: Boston Globe

Who really speaks for the Ulster Unionists?: Irish News

Patten to strip RUC of any political trappings: Belfast Telegraph

Balance, not force, needed: Irish News (Editorial)

Parties seek role in ceasefire review: BBC

British review of ceasefire in total disarray: The Irish Times

Back to work: The Guardian (by David Trimble)

Trimble Re-engages: The Irish Times (Editorial)


Tuesday, August 24

MOLONEY'S NOTEBOOK: The Times (Editorial)

Speech offers some hope: Irish News (Editorial)

Warning on RUC name row: Belfast Telegraph

New evidence sparks Garda inquiry into Nairac killing: Irish News

Defining a ceasefire: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

IRA links to murder and gun running: The Times

IRA's truce intact, says Irish minister: Electronic Telegraph

We're Not 'Apologists For Terror': Washington Post

IRA not ready to abandon operations: The Irish Times

Confession to lawyer's killing 'given RUC in 1990': The Guardain


The Case of Ed Moloney: by Alexander Cockburn (The Nation)

"I want regeneration to be key theme of executive. . .": The Irish Times

Leave lessons of past behind -- Hume: The Irish Times

Further delay for Belfast mother waiting 20 years to bury her son: The Examiner

Monday, August 23

Trimble seeks Mallon return: Belfast Telegraph

Courageous campaigner leaves legacy of hope: Irish News

Reporter vows not to hand over his notes: Belfast Telegraph

Life vs liberty: The Guardian

Clinton urges life outside violence: Irish News

Mowlam 'to continue early IRA releases': Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein's new threat to boycott review talks: Irish Independent

Warnings to Mowlam over ceasefire sanctions: The Irish Times

TELL IT AS IT IS: The Times (Editorial)

Ceasefire and sanctions: The Irish Times (Editorial)


Journalists to rally to protect the rights of the free press: The Irish Times

North rots under ceasefire division: Sunday Business Post

Sinn Fein turns screw on Mitchell review: The Irish Times

Peacemakers drink at last chance saloon: Sunday Business Post

A German Woman's Diary: The Irish Times

Censorship of Irish links on world's biggest internet provider: Sunday Business Post

Sunday, August 22

Britain's Nazis help bankroll the loyalists: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein threatens to reject review: BBC

The cost of a penny candle: Sunday Independent

Time to halt the releases: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

This distasteful quasi-democracy: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Lifting lid on Whitehall's baffling code of secrecy: The Sunday Times

British Irish Rights Watch explosive report trigger for recent RUC moves in Finucane case: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

RUC and Garda to join forces on training ground: The Sunday Times

A would-be minister with a portfolio of suspicion: Sunday Independent


Boost to RUC numbers will see Ulster troops cut back: Electronic Telegraph

Thanks, Paddy, for having the courage to say no to nationalism: The Sunday Times

Belfast braced for Fenian `blasphemy': The Observer

Labour activists helped Neave bombers, says book: The Sunday Times

Saturday, August 21

Sinister deeds are still being done in dark places: Belfast Telegraph

Paddy stuck to his principles: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein assured of review place: BBC


Maginnis defends SF stance: Irish News

RUC is under pressure from all sides: Irish Independent

Warning on loyalist ‘menace’: Irish News

Residents and Apprentice Boys meet: The Irish Times

IRA's terror card plays havoc with Blair's game plan: Irish Independent

Ambassador launches exhibition of exchanges: Irish News

Friday, August 20

PROTECTING JOURNALISTIC SOURCES: The Irish Times (letter to the Editor)

Loyalist paramilitaries say IRA must move first on decommissioning: The Guardian

UUP divided on Maginnis stand on SF: The Irish Times

Order must start talking: Irish News (Editorial)

Charges against protesters condemned: The Irish Times

LVF denies Nelson murder: BBC

US blow to men who fled H-blocks: The Guardian

'Disregard' for safety of NI journalist: The Irish Times

Thursday, August 19

Rice arrested in RUC swoop: Belfast Telegraph

UKUP leader unhappy with MO: Belfast Telegraph

IFA vow to stamp out sectarian chanting: Belfast Telegraph

A champoin of the people: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists disagree over Sinn Fein sanctions: The Times

'Keep IRA in democratic spotlight' - Maginnis: BBC

FIRE, BOMB AND CLAIM: The Times (Editorial)

Is a brick wall the only cure?: Irish News (Editorial)

Principles must not be sacrificed to give SF seats: The Irish Times

US official ‘troubled’ by jail threat to journalist: Irish News

SF members to be assessed for protection grants: The Irish Times

Queen’s denies bias against Protestants: Irish News

Wednesday, August 18

Mowlam faces tough decision: Irish News (Editorial)

Accord not one-way street: Belfast Telegraph

Parade logic based on a defunct train journey: Irish News

UVF ‘won’t stand idly by’ over claimed intimidation: Irish News

Union backs legal threat journalist: Irish News

Sinn Fein faces sanctions 'over IRA killings': Electronic Telegraph

Minister doubtful of IRA ceasefire: The Examiner

Paramilitaries make mockery of peace: The Times

Mowlam plays for time on IRA: The Guardian

Quiet stroll that led to a shattered life: The Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

RUC assault of human rights observer criticised: The Examiner

Inquiry sought after 1969 shootings: The Irish Times

Celtics Tigers making great strides in America: The Examiner

Tuesday, August 17

Ceasefire questions: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Trying to reshape the face of local policing: Irish News

Mowlam to decide if IRA truce is holding: Electronic Telegraph

Normality returns to Derry: The Irish Times

Unionists threaten boycott over IRA violence: The Guardian

Mowlam to figure out riddle of complete cessation: The Irish Times

Observer's nose broken as RUC charged demonstrators: The Irish Times

Monday, August 16

Contrasting images: violent backdrop: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The Parting of the Ways?: by Malachi O'Doherty (BBC)

We must look to a future of reconciliation: Irish News

IRA has not broken ceasefire - Taylor: Belfast Telegraph

How I fought to stop hate and violence: Irish News

A Year After Bombing, Grief Lingers in Ulster Town: New York Times

Omagh relives day of terror: The Times

Hardened hearts falter at the bridge of hope: Irish Independent

A time for reflection: The Guardian (Editorial)

Violence tops security agenda: BBC

Londonderry left to count cost of riots: The Guardian

IRA blamed for Londonderry riot: The Times

Violence 'a signal' of future without agreement: The Irish Times

Frustrated demonstrators pelt media as RUC refuses to play their game: Irish Independent

Full Circle In Derry: The Irish Times (Editorial)

IRA tried to murder me, says former RUC agent: Electronic Telegraph

Leaders pay tribute to `courageous' Devlin: Irish Independent