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This archive contains references to articles from August 1-15, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


August 15

Maze warders targeted: Daily Telegraph

Sinn Fein's Adams given OK to visit US: Boston Globe

Adams to get visa to raise funds in US: The Irish Times

De Bono to use Internet for new ideas on North: The Irish Times

'Guns must be given up in parallel with talks process': Irish News

August 14

A High-Risk Strategy: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Garda concerns over early release of IRA prisoners: The Irish Times

Only best players should engage in peace talks: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein admits to the suffering caused by the IRA: The Times

Grafitti warns Catholics to 'stay out': Irish News

LVF prison riot ends with extensive damage: Irish News

August 13

Trinity students lobby for return of Home Rule: The Times

Party right to challenge oath: Irish News (Editorial)

Why John Hume should not become President: The Irish Times

Taking a political path to release of prisoners: Irish News

Standoff in TV debate: Irish News

Belfast confrontation without guns blazing: Philadelphia Inquirer

Just being there was an achievement: The Irish Times

Politician met IRA man over new book: Irish News

US court extradites Maze escapers: The Times

Orange attackers save lodge regalia: Irish News

August 12

'Bogus' ceasefire condemned by INLA: Irish News

Boys must ban troublemakers: Irish News (Editorial)

Helmets are shed as troops put faith in IRA's ceasefire: Daily Telegraph

Setback for three Maze escapers in US: The Irish Times

Taxpayers to subsidise Sinn Fein at peace talks: The Times

August 11

Broker of Northern Ireland talks ponders his future part in peace: The Times

North and South: The Times (Editorial)

Loyalists blamed for Derry march violence: Irish News

Violence erupts despite best efforts: The Irish Times

Ervine accuses DUP of 'not wanting' loyalist ceasefire: Irish News

Britain hints at IRA prisoner release if cease-fire lasts: Boston Globe

Sinn Fein document 'a rehash of old rhetoric': Irish News

Sinn Fein seeks prisoners' release: Daily Telegraph

Reynolds wants written bill of rights for North: The Irish Times

August 10

British police keep Protestant, Catholic militants at bay after march: Boston Globe

She's looked at life from both sides now: The Sunday Times

Mowlam: IRA prisoners may go free: Sunday Telegraph

Kennedy joins pleas for Hume as president: The Sunday Times

August 9

Derry leader with a dream for the new millennium: Irish News

Prisoners - an issue of rights: Irish News (Editorial)

Fight 'will continue if the Ulster talks fail': Daily Telegraph

Meehan endorses peace strategy: The Irish Times

McGuinness in unionist pledge: Irish News

Exiles will be given peace role pledges NIO minister: Irish News

Support for IRA raised as Adams seeks US visa: The Irish Times

O'Bradaigh barred from travelling to Canada: Irish News

August 8

NI talks must be given an injection of realism: The Irish Times (by John Bruton)

Talks process madness, DUP tells Mowlam: The Irish Times

Unionist to face Sinn Fein on TV: Daily Telegraph

EU holiday plans could effect twelfth: Irish News

IRA memorial claims rejected: Irish News

August 7

Hope high at sense of urgency on North: The Irish Times

Between a rock and a hard place: The Times

C of I 'Gazette' urges unionist parties to talk: The Irish Times

United Ireland inevitable, says Adams: Daily Telegraph

Adams, Mowlam pave way for talks: The Irish Times

Debate team blasts media over peace coverage: Irish News

Peace in Ireland - an agenda for change: Irish News

August 6

John Hume's tough choice: Irish News (Editorial)

Defence of the Union needs united approach: The Irish Times

Bogside leaders request opposition withdrawal: The Irish Times

Clinton 'promised Adams US visa' in return for ceasefire: Daily Telegraph

Ceasefire not just tactical - Morrison: Irish News

Turning civil riots into community festivals: Irish News

BBC stands by decision to screen IRA series: The Times

Health of McAliskey puts court showing in doubt: The Irish Times

August 5

British official applauds Ulster truce: Boston Globe

Adams says he hopes truce leads to peace: Philadelphia Inquirer

Hume may be close to accepting candidacy: The Irish Times

Powerful US senator who's no Pollyanna sees new hope: The Irish Times

Promise of more democracy for Ulster: Daily Telegraph

New north is ours to aim at: Irish News (Editorial)

Dunloy parade to be rerouted: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times (by Secretary of the Independent Loyal Orange Lodge)

Media's difficult role in a polarised society: The Irish Times (by Cardinal Daly)

August 4

Derry's walls remain divisive: Irish News

President's man played pivotal role in ceasefire: The Irish Times

An Ulsterman and an Irishman, by choice: Irish News

Ceasefire to dominate first encounter: The Irish Times

A glorious revolution city should be proud of: Irish News

August 3

Mowlam to meet Adams: The Sunday Times

August 2

Bush telegraph on Prime Ministers and Ireland: Daily Telegraph

The lies that spill from disingenuous lips: Irish News

Catholic Church invited to UUP talks: Irish News

IRA's goal of unity heavy weight around neck of modern Ireland: Philadelphia Inquirer

Scourge of 'joyriding' still haunts west Belfast: The Irish Times

Splinter groups seem set on wrecking prospects of peace: The Irish Times

Breakaway group blamed for bomb: The Times

SF greets news of electoral review with caution: The Irish Times

August 1

What are we going to do about the British problem?: The Irish Times

Talks onus on the UUP: Irish News (Editorial)

Boycott call on Catholic shops rejected: The Irish Times

Rising through the ranks to become chief: The Irish Times