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This archive contains references to articles from August 1-15, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, August 16

Marketplace Car Bomb Kills 26 in N. Ireland: Washington Post

'A baby was lying dead in a shop window': The Sunday Times

Omagh: a town used to hatred and strife: The Observer

The activists may be few but they can still hurt many: Independent on Sunday

Counting the political price for Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Spotlight turns on Real and Continuity IRA and INLA: The Observer

From carnival to devastation: Independent on Sunday

Chorus of demands for security clampdown: The Observer

Terrorists have IRA detonators: Electronic Telegraph

Clinton plans to visit despite bombing: USA Today

United in condemnation: BBC

LVF efforts to disarm "blocked": The Observer

Hollow ring to Angelus debate: The Sunday Times

Saturday, August 15

Ulster death shows time is slow healer: The Independent

Parades, jobs and Alice: Irish News

Challenging times: Irish Independent

Releases are positive move: Irish News (Editorial)

Prisoner releases: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Nationalist music 'led to Ulster shootings': Electronic Telegraph

Orange Order says it was 'demonised' for murders: The Irish Times

Gingrich warns against `fantasy hope' of instant peace: Irish Independent

Loyalist coalition supports Armagh rally: The Irish Times

The lure of the secret societies: Irish News

Commission reviews deadline: Irish News

Friday, August 14

‘The Queen’s adviser may be a republican’: Irish News

RUC thinks IRA still active, claims DUP: The Irish Times

Let families say goodbye: Irish News (Editorial)

Fury over decision to release killers of policemen: The Times

McBride decision must not be hasty: Irish News

Opposition in LVF to news of end to violence: The Irish Times

‘Unionism is facing a serious crisis’: Irish News (by Martin McGuinness)

Gingrich Finds His Irish Roots: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Villagers press Mowlam over ‘remilitarisation’: Irish News

Thursday, August 13

Can we value one life over another?: Irish Independent

Welcome for Robinson input on rights commissions: Irish Independent

Signs of flexibility augur well for Agreement: The Irish Times

Battle of writs against the IRA: The Independent

Paisley slams Order’s ‘support’ for assembly: Irish News

SF vents anger at RUC over collapse of case: The Irish Times

Dissident groups 'threaten peace process': BBC

An Amnesty On Murder: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Orange Order loyal to whom?: Irish News (Editorial)

Gingrich urged to consider decommissioning concerns: The Irish Times

£1.3m fund for Ulster survivors: The Guardian

SF seeks Dail role for MPs in North: The Irish Times

Wednesday, August 12

Robinson lobbies for human rights in Ulster: The Independent

Unbridled sectarianism must be curbed by law: Irish News

Help for Ulster victims pledged: The Guardian

Family of hunger striker in SF snub: Irish News

Mowlam rebuffs move to let NI people join Labour: The Irish Times

Unionist anger at march ruling: Irish News

Congressional Delegation, NAR Help Build Low-Income House in Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Gingrich pledges support for North: The Irish Times

Cherish the call to prayer: Irish News (Editorial)

Tuesday, August 11


Threatening to sound death knell for the Angelus bell: Irish Independent

Loyalists losing faith in process - Hutchinson: The Irish Times

IRA 'detonates large bomb to thwart peace dissidents': The Guardian

Challenge: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Delivering equality: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Newt paves way for President: BBC

Govt not to demand SF 'war' statement: The Irish Times

Opening the gates: Irish Independent

Freedom for last of the Shankill Butchers: Irish News

Belfast pact will boost Donegal, unionist says: The Irish Times

Monday, August 10

Two fringe terrorist groups edge towards accepting peace deal: The Guardian

LVF 'must show it is dedicated to peace': The Times

Adams: 'Don't pressure me over peace': The Independent

The Burden Of Responsibility: The Irish Times (Editorial)

It’s too soon to cheer LVF: Irish News (Editorial)

Gun surrender linked to prisoner release: Electronic Telegraph

Time has come for Ireland to rejoin the Commonwealth of 54 sovereign states: The Irish Times

All cultures have their victims and scapegoats: Irish News

The Orange that Derry so faithfully preserves: The Irish Times

Whispers reopen sectarian wounds: The Guardian

Opinions divided over march: The Irish Times

Caught in the clash of protesters and police: The Irish Times

Sunday, August 9

Parade deal fails to stop clashes: Electronic Telegraph

The price of peace: The Observer (Editorial)

LVF violence over 'forever': BBC

Government is in touch with INLA: The Sunday Times

Freed Maze killers to get £3,500 each: The Observer

Maze leader Wilson to represent IRA on arms body: The Sunday Times

Saturday, August 8

IRA prisoner chiefs prepare for release: Irish Independent

Adams may not accept assembly post: Irish News

Father asks freed bomber to admit 'horrific nature' of his crime: Electronic Telegraph

Prisoners are part of deal: Irish News (Editorial)

Loyalists call for peaceful parade: BBC

Derry shows Drumcree alternative way on parades: The Irish Times

Bravehearts of Derry look to Hollywood: The Guardian

Agonising - but doing nothing: Irish Independent

Jailed Guards could be freed within a month: The Times

US Speaker begins 7-day visit to Ireland: The Irish Times

Gentle hands needed to nurture fledgling assembly: Irish News

LVF prisoners seek inquiry on Wright: The Irish Times

Republican trained by Libyans: Electronic Telegraph

Historic day as Burke stands in for mayor: The Irish Times

Friday, August 7

Drumcree 'could split Church': The Guardian

Unionism far from spent: Irish News (Editorial)

FG condemns Adams for not saying IRA 'war' over: The Irish Times

Mountbatten killer freed from jail: BBC

Ulster victims meet killers: The Independent

Thursday, August 6

Maze terrorists to be freed this month: Electronic Telegraph

Agreement proves that there is no third way: The Irish Times

Dublin blitz on terrorists: The Times

Not a good time to be a country’s president: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

‘The war is certainly over’ Mowlam assures unionists: Irish News

'Feeder' parade marchers will 'act within the law': The Irish Times

Loyalists in parade protest: Irish News

Wednesday, August 5

DERRY COMES TO TERMS WITH THE PAST: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Londonderry compromise: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Renegades: Irish Independent (Editorial)


Six critical weeks in the fight against terror: Irish Independent

IRA warned that deal is in danger: Electronic Telegraph

Now, hope marches down Bogside: The Independent (Editorial)

The Fruits Of Compromise: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Crude bids to derail peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Wall may split Portadown: The Guardian

Time to talk peace – stop the word games: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Apprentice Boys learn how to tell a great story: The Irish Times

A warning to the bombers of Ulster: The Independent

Fears over loyalist splinter group: Irish News

Break for the Border: The Irish Times

Peace women take on Orangemen: Electronic Telegraph

Uneven coverage of death in detailed: The Irish Times

Tuesday, August 4

Trimble tells Mowlam to crack down on bombers: Irish Independent

Apprentice march talks succeed: Electronic Telegraph

Derry accord hopeful sign: Irish News (Editorial)

How Blair's Mr. Fix-it holds all the cards: by Gary Kent (Sunday World)

‘NIO set me up’ says Patton: Irish News

Father tells of his son's killing by British army: The Irish Times

Human rights abused daily: Irish News

Britain gives up on the Reformation: The Times

Monday, August 3

IRA rebels form bombers' alliance: Electronic Telegraph

The bombers want it all: Irish News (Editorial)

Dissident bombers aim to supplant Provisional IRA: The Irish Times

Punishing the people to protect their interests: Irish Independent

Paramilitary attacks increasing says FAIT: Irish News

Bitterness at prisoner releases in car bomb town: The Irish Times

Time to acknowledge the realities of the past: Irish News

Sectarianism is strongest impression of the North: The Irish Times

Memories of a man who has seen it all: Irish News

27 terrorists await their shortcut to freedom: The Times

Garvaghy march plans are thrown out by commission: Irish News

Irish Americans may be left off Clinton trip: The Irish Times

Cain and Abel fight for Scotland's soul: The Times

Sunday, August 2

Despite Ulster cease-fire, rising vigilante violence: Boston Globe

Mowlam condemns attack: BBC

IRA fury as terror prisoners lose right to political status: The Observer

Saulters told to snub talks, or resign: The Sunday Times

David Jones may face charge: The Sunday Times

IRA prisoner releases criticised: Electronic Telegraph

Saturday, August 1

Apprentice Boys agree to 11th hour talks: BBC

UDP threatens mass rally at the Bogside: Irish News

Orangemen's Garvaghy appeal rejected: Irish Independent

Call for action on ‘Orange mobs’: Irish News

A commendable start in Northern Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune

First IRA prisoners freed under peace deal: The Times

Call for President Clinton to visit border county: Irish News

Unionists warned over Ulster deal: Electronic Telegraph

Taylor sparks doubts after Commons abstention: The Irish Times