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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from August 1-15, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, August 15

A United Spirit: Boston Globe

Parades Commission `outmanoeuvred' residents groups: Sunday Business Post

As Protestants March, Police and Catholics Clash in Ulster: New York Times

Loyalist march sparks violence: The Guardian

Tension high across North after clashes: Sunday Independent

One year on - Omagh remembers its dead: Electronic Telegraph

Apologists for Terror: Washington Post (Editorial)

IRA arms dumps may end impasse: The Sunday Times

This is my town, my people: now there's a gulf between us: Electronic Telegraph

Guilty silence speaks volumes: Sunday Independent

Tragedy of the family forced to salve conscience of the IRA: The Sunday Times

Mitchell Will Face a Different Sinn Féin: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

'IRA cell posted guns for months': Electronic Telegraph

One in four support aid for families of dead IRA men: Sunday Independent

Journalist who refuses to hand over notes to RUC faces jail term: by Claire Grady (Sunday Tribune)

'Let Royals wed Catholics' plea: BBC

Catholic law chief defied bias: The Sunday Times

Saturday, August 14

Officers in Adams case facing action: Belfast Telegraph

Parade sparks protest: BBC

Bombers ready for Ulster marches: The Times

Extremists ‘hijacking’ Bogside demo: Irish News

Who are the Apprentice Boys?: BBC

PUP flies anti-Orange flag: Irish News

'Realpolitik' requires putting aside emotion: The Irish Times

Taxpayer to foot bill for IRA security: Electronic Telegraph


Give us time to mourn - Omagh: Irish Independent

Omagh victims deserve more: Irish News (Editorial)

A Year After Omagh: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Oz Irish embrace crown: Irish Independent


Terror and warm welcomes for volunteers: The Irish Times

Honeymoon ended early for troops: The Irish Times

Friday, August 13

Residents accused of 'orchestrated plot': Belfast Telegraph

Avoid violence over parades: Irish News (Editorial)

Mowlam shows staying power: Boston Globe

McKenna ‘tape’ mystery deepens: Irish News

Collusion cover-upstorm deepens: Irish News

Residents may block parade route: BBC

Decision on Lurgan parade 'unbelievable': The Irish Times

Omagh's Suspect Aftermath: Washington Post

Community's remembrance helps to bridge the divide: The Times

Deal was done over Omagh bombers-DUP: The Irish Times

RUC spy confesses to Sinn Fein: The Guardian

Thursday, August 12

Marching in Derry: Belfast Telegraph

Apprentices' march talks break down: The Guardian

Marchers threaten stand-off over ban: The Irish Times

Mowlam warns of security crisis: The Irish Times

Flying in face of electorate: Irish News (Editorial)

NI peace process threatened by weaknesses: The Irish Times

Failure to prosecute RUC queried: Irish News

Bloody Sunday lawyers seek fresh appeal: BBC

Reporter to shield Finucane sources: Irish News

New York Governor visits ancestral home: The Irish Times

Wednesday, August 11

RUC link to Nelson inquiry 'hidden': Belfast Telegraph

Trimble must cultivate the Cultra Tendency: Irish News

Flanagan agrees to Omagh probe review: Belfast Telegraph

Inquiry into RUC is kept in the dark: Irish News

Anger over bid to block AOH march: Irish News

Murder victim's family anger at politicans: BBC

Daunting gap still separates communities: The Irish Times

Hopes fade for deal on controversial march: BBC

Meeting turned down by murdered loyalist's father: The Irish Times

Tuesday, August 10

Talking about parading: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Violence of last 30 years absolutely futile: Irish News

Doubts haunt Mitchell's final push for North deal: Irish Independent

A community shattered by the flames of hatred: Irish News

Independent RUC probe sparks outrage: Irish News

Go-ahead for Ulster parade: The Guardian

Opposing sides on Derry parade exchange papers: The Irish Times

Government 'turning a blind eye' to IRA murders: Electronic Telegraph

Families of IRA dead 'could receive compensation': BBC

Family remembers devoted wife, mother: The Irish Times

Monday, August 9

Friendships can cement the hard road to peace: Irish News

Inquiry call on collusion allegations: Belfast Telegraph

So who's pushing who?: by Malachi O'Doherty (BBC)

Ahern, Blair should decide on IRA violence: The Irish Times (by Roberty McCartney)

Time to put 1969 firmly behind us: Irish News (Editorial)

Remembrance week: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Early signs of the coming trouble: Irish News (1969 special)

‘We all thought it was time for change’: Irish News (1969 special)

Terror group says Ulster war is over: The Guardian

IRA-Blair talks denied: BBC

British sceptical on IRA but unlikely to exclude Sinn Fein: Sunday Business Post

RUC to be offered cash in downsizing deal: Sunday Business Post

Northern Ireland Book's Allegations Stir International Libel Fight: New York Times

Bruton walks on water in the moral cesspool: Sunday Business Post

Loyal order to 'abide by parade ruling': BBC

Government unlikely to act on British bugging claims: Sunday Business Post

Sunday, August 8

Florida gun shipments sent to IRA: The Observer

IRA ceasefire is `part-time': Sunday Independent

INLA shuns terror alliance to declare Ulster 'war is over': The Sunday Times

Provos' affront to democracy: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Bruton sticks to his lack of guns: Sunday Independent

My friends were the last thing I would ever see: The Sunday Times

Too soon to start forgetting: Sunday Independent

MI5 'operated network of Garda agents': The Sunday Times

Small matter of murder in the bigger picture: Sunday Independent

The British spy at heart of IRA: The Sunday Times

Government to be sued over bombings: BBC

Charles Bennett's murderers have nothing to fear: Sunday Independent

Bloody Sunday soldiers 'allowed to change stories': The Sunday Times

Black mark for bigotry: The Sunday Times (Editorial - Scottish Edition)

Saturday, August 7

Nothing ever changes in our Neverneverland: Irish News

Expediency to get Sinn Fein off the hook: The Irish Times

A vision of the future: Belfast Telegraph

Weasel Words From The IRA: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Is the time right to launch Plan B?: Belfast Telegraph

NI parties trapped by arms ambiguity: The Irish Times

I.R.A. Denies Role in 2 Gun Cases Delaying Progress on Ulster: New York Times

IRA accused of lying over ceasefire breach: Electronic Telegraph

IRA feels the heat as ceasefire fears grow: Irish Independent

Time to stop brutal attacks: Irish News (Editorial)

Provos are laughing all the way to their arms dumps: Irish Independent

Spare a thought for David Trimble: Irish Independent

Drumcree Orangemen accept talks formula: BBC

Friday, August 6

Revealed: Sinn Fein link in US gun plot: Belfast Telegraph

Guard old Derry's walls: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP questions IRA ceasefire: BBC

McMichael warns of 'favourable treatment': The Irish Times

Terrorists join forces for new bombing campaign: The Times

In the club: The Guardian

Private inquiry likely into 1974 bombings: The Irish Times

Opening Up The Files: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Current Ludlow probe focuses on Garda role: Irish News

Horrific events of 1974 soon faded from memory: The Irish Times

Anger and fear grip the streets: Irish News

Thursday, August 5

Donaldson is no 'friend of peace' - Kelly: Belfast Telegraph

Republican dissidents unite: Irish News

Loyalist’s warning over UFF ceasefire: Irish News

Recriminations over murder of taxi driver: BBC

Glimmer of hope over Drumcree: The Guardian

Unionists must take account of threats to Adams: The Irish Times

Real justice still elusive: Irish News (Editorial)

Adams to miss the opening ceremony: The Times

Leaving the dark days behind: Irish News

Memorial proposed for victims of the Troubles: The Irish Times

What kind of society do we want to live in?: Irish News

Irish-language paper accused of censorship: The Irish Times

IRA prisoner released to launch book: Electronic Telegraph

Wednesday, August 4

Loyalist paramilitaries taking political route: Irish Independent

Loyalists threaten to kill top PUP man: Irish News

The voice of reason: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Time for straight talk on unionists’ arsenal: Irish News

Republicans hear pulpit condemnation of killers: Electronic Telegraph

Provisional IRA murdered Bennett, republicans admit: The Irish Times

Four charged with Irish gun-smuggling: BBC

LVF says it is leaving its violent past behind: The Irish Times

Mowlam threat to quit over reshuffle: The Independent

Journalist's notes led to Finucane murder charge: The Irish Times

Tuesday, August 3

Gun run suspect has `links with IRA chief': Irish Independent

Changing the RUC: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

RUC report not for bargaining: Irish News (Editorial)

RUC reform: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Talk of talks low on the Garvaghy agenda: Irish News

Bruton pandering to unionists - Adams: The Irish Times

Patten warned against bias in RUC reform: The Times

Inquiry into Springhill 'massacre' sought: The Irish Times

'The republican movement is notoriously difficult to read. The predictions of Nostradamus seem clearer than IRA messages': The Times

Portadown gives mixed reaction to Blair move: The Irish Times

Monday, August 2

Blair's emissary bids to resolve Drumcree move: The Independent

Bruton demands statement about IRA `activities': Irish Independent

Guns probe man freed in Republic: Irish News

Dangerous Liaisons : The Irish Times (Editorial)

IRA’s ceasefire still intact, says Maskey: Irish News

How long can IRA ceasefire last?: Sunday Business Post

Protests and street violence spark new tensions: Irish Independent

SF rejects ‘army saved Adams’ idea: Irish News

Dissolving the union by stealth: Sunday Business Post

Tourist guide to Belfast troubles: The Guardian

Calls to quash Bloody Sunday ruling: The Irish Times

Sunday, August 1

Army foiled plot to murder Adams: The Sunday Times

IRA arms plan and murder threaten peace: Sunday Independent

Murder prompts fears for IRA ceasefire: BBC

IRA council refuses to meet Ahern: The Sunday Times

IRA's wake-up call to Dublin and London: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

It's a tougher trek to peace when you are wearing Trimble's shoes: The Sunday Times

IRA Gunrunning Plot Awash in Murky Waters: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Patten to urge name change for the RUC: The Sunday Times

Northerners tend to be Ireland's couch potatoes: The Sunday Times