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This archive contains references to articles from December 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


December 15

Sinn Fein's Adams: Only Brit PM can save peace accord: Boston Herald

Real IRA car bomb attack is foiled: Electronic Telegraph

The Mafia culture: Belfast Telegraph

RUC investigates Real IRA link to Belfast car bomb: The Independent

Ministers challenge Trimble ban: The Irish Times

Federation's anger over police plan: BBC

DUP unhappy with draft of plan for police reform in North: Irish Examiner

RUC policy must match the threat: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

A Hero of the Celtic Renaissance: New York Times

Mr. Clinton in Ireland: Albany Times Union (Editorial)

Bush's roots traced to Antrim: The Irish Times

Hockey's giant step in Belfast: Toronto Globe and Mail (Dec. 14)

At last a US President who won't meddle: The Times

One tradition worth keeping: Irish News (Editorial)

Clinton's Last Mission: Irish Voice (Editorial)

Clinton flies in to bolster agreement: Irish Post

Welcome news for (almost all) deportees: Irish Echo (Editorial)

PDs hinder release of McCabe killers: Irish Examiner

Orange Order New Year decision on Parades Commission: UTV Internet

Challenge over Adair release plan: BBC

Irish historian wins damages for 'grovelling' claim in book: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble picks up Italian award: UTV Internet

--------- Bloody Sunday News - December 15 ---------

Bloody Sunday soldier 'may hve been executed later': UTV Internet

Paratrooper took aim and shot at me, says witness: The Irish Times

Thursday, December 14

Clinton, in Ulster, Confronts Warring Passions Head-On: New York Times

Clinton vows U.S. will keep working for Irish peace: Boston Herald

Belfast tribute to the President they call a friend: The Independent

A voice in the crowd on behalf of the people: The Irish Times

Clinton snubs hard-liners: Toronto Globe and Mail

Clinton Urged to Ban Fundraising for N. Ireland Militia: Washington Post

Clinton pledges crackdown on IRA dissidents: The Guardian

Clinton leaves empty-handed: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson welcomes Clinton focus: UTV Internet

Clinton visit puts onus on Blair to begin North moves: The Irish Times

Irish See a Good Friend in Senator-Elect Clinton: New York Times

Teens Seal Peace Deal In Belfast: New York Daily News

First ladies share historic and private emotion: The Scotsman

Trimble pledges to salvage peace process: The Irish Times

Trimble snub to Clinton speech:

Kelly issues warning over progress: UTV Internet

We all need a little help from friends: Irish News

O'Malley finds much to marvel at in N. Ireland: Baltimore Sun

Hardline unionists 'excluded' by Clinton: BBC

DUP accuses President of undemocratic behaviour: The Irish Times

Critics accuse Belfast's First Citizen of snubbing event: Irish Examiner

Clinton's legacy: Belfast Telegraph

Irreversible peace?: Washington Times

Clinton felt everybody's pain - except the Unionists': Electronic Telegraph

Desperately trying to keep the peace train on track: Irish Independent

Passion for peace earns Bill place in Irish history: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Ulster's impasse: The Times (Editorial)

Clinton's Honours: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Clinton spells it out:

Real IRA hold up gardai to steal back seized haul: Irish Independent

Ahern says IRA should engage with de Chastelain: The Irish Times

Draft plan for policing change: BBC

Temporary release of IRA men criticised: The Irish Times

Outrage: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Orange Order leader re-elected: BBC

Death on the Shankill:

--------- Bloody Sunday News - December 14 ---------

Paramedic halted by gunshot: BBC

McGuinness must give statement before calling in legal team: Irish Examiner

Wednesday, December 13

Irish Eyes Smile on Clinton: Washington Post

Clinton Gets Hero's Welcome in Ireland: Los Angeles Times

Clinton urges Ireland to `make peace permanent': Boston Herald

No going back to violence, Clinton tells Ireland: The Independent

Trip to set the tone for tough talks on solving core issues: Irish Independent

The long goodbye of Bill Clinton, an Irish hero: The Guardian

'Shunned' Dundalk enjoys its big night: The Times

Irish Smile On Clinton's Legacy: New York Daily News

Clinton openly embraces Adams: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Féin leaders bask in warmth of Clinton greeting: Irish Examiner

With smiles and warm handshakes, Clinton tries to vanquish the peace process demons: The Independent

Why Bill won't help the Peace Process: Belfast Telegraph

First Lady hints at dynamic future by laying plans for summit of female politicians: Irish Examiner

Hoping that the logjam can be breached: Irish Independent

Serious message behind the smiles: The Guardian

The president, the special relationship and Gaddafi: Belfast Telegraph

Bertie the hero stops to toast Clintons: The Irish Times

Time for another leap of faith, just for Bill: Irish Independent

Plans for creation of peace centre: BBC

Lasting peace would guarantee place in history books: The Times

You're the only President who really cared about us, Bill: Irish Examiner

Like white-headed pint, President worth the wait: The Irish Times

Belfast Bill?: Washington Times (Editorial)

Ulster obstinacy: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Clinton's cheer: The Guardian (Editorial)

North's politicians must build on Clinton legacy: Irish Examiner

Thank you, Mr President: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Dummies in army cannot stall peace: Irish News

Mowlam tells how she drank to peace: Electronic Telegraph

Sorrow, suspicion and signatures: The Independent

Hopes of end to violent feud: BBC

Paisley followers have church proposal rejected: The Scotsman

Omagh police release arrested man: BBC

EU's Potential Lifts Scots' Hope Of Independence: Washington Post

--------- Bloody Sunday News - December 13 ---------

Witness may name IRA members: BBC

Tears force inquiry to pause: Irish News

Witness was 'warned' of shooting: The Irish Times

Tuesday, December 12

Clinton Due in Ulster Where Both Sides Will Petition Him: New York Times

Clinton's swan song: one more try for N. Ireland: Christian Science Monitor

Irish hope Clinton visit clears peace roadblocks: Boston Herald

Government in frantic bid to give peace a chance: Irish Examiner

Clinton ready to become guardian of peace process: The Guardian

Secretary of State blames IRA for deadlock: Belfast Telegraph

O'Malley joins Clinton on trip to N. Ireland: Baltimore Sun

Dissidents cast in role of 'the bad terrorists': Electronic Telegraph

Clinton likely to denounce dissidents: The Irish Times

The time has come to go the extra mile: Irish News

Ulster and the Clinton year: Belfast Telegraph

Speech to highlight economic rewards of peace: Irish Independent

Clinton's republican deals: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Clinton deserves praise for role in peace process: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Is Clinton visit just a social visit: (Editorial)

Mr Clinton's Timely Visit: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Clinton deserves his warm welcome: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The real threat behind the Real IRA: Electronic Telegraph

Clampdown on Real IRA urged: BBC

Marion Price: voice of extremism: Electronic Telegraph

No room for intimidation: Irish News (Editorial)

Inexperience led soldiers to kill, says MoD: The Guardian

McBride family return to courts:

'Political barter' fears over Nelson murder: Irish News

10 Years On for Ireland: The Source (Dec. 1)

Loyalists 'behind' murder attempt: BBC

Paramilitary and army links 'must be made public': Irish News

Sectarian killings on the rise in the North: Irish Examiner

Nine IRA Men Won't Be Deported: Washington Post

--------- Bloody Sunday News - December 12 ---------

Sinn Fein activist on Bloody Sunday: UTV Internet

Man did not know victim was brother: Irish Examiner

Monday, December 11

No great hopes over Clinton's Irish swansong: The Guardian

Clinton visit hopes to break North deadlock: Irish Independent

Clinton's visit to Ireland may spur peace process: The Independent

Clinton will arrive as sectarian violence is increasing: The Scotsman

Clinton invests in Irish peace: The Guardian

Clinton hopes to save Northern Ireland peace deal: Philadelphia Inquirer

Killings highlight need for the arms issue to be settled: Belfast Telegraph (by David Trimble)

Clinton urged to act against Real IRA: The Times

President with a mission to succeed in Ireland: The Irish Times

Massive security in place for visit to north east: Irish Independent

Maginnis warns over 'tampering': The Irish Times

Belfast pins peace hopes on Clinton: Washington Times

Irish Peace Needs Help of Next Prez: New York Daily News

British Army bases fraying nerves in N. Ireland: Boston Herald

Rekindling the spirit of hope: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Ahern urges Blair to agree to security cut: The Irish Times

Gerry Adams' silver tongue: The Guardian

'Stevens will conclude acquiescence in collusion': Irish News

Public deserves the whole truth: Irish News (Editorial)

Protests over plans to treat Irish as suspects: The Irish Times

Taxi driver shot in Londonderry: UTV Interner

Anger over builder's murder: BBC

CIRA prime suspects for sectarian murder: Irish Examiner

Breaking barriers for political acceptance: Irish News

Finucane inquiry discounted: The Irish Times

Try as he might to put a brave face on things, the forces of extremism were taking a firm hold: Belfast Telegraph

Sunday, December 10

No miracles on the horizon from Clinton: Boston Herald

McLaughlin welcomes Clinton visit: UTV Internet

Clinton will urge IRA to give up guns: The Sunday Times

Clinton's Northern Ireland visit timely: Boston Herald

Is the Ulster that Clinton visits this week back in the grip of sectarian violence?: Independent on Sunday

Violence on upswing in Northern Ireland: Boston Herald

Fears grow that IRA murdered Protestant: The Observer

MI 'dirty tricks' blamed for Northern killings: Ireland on Sunday

Irish Rebuff to Sinn Fein on Funds from U.S.: NY Times

Sinn Féin claims that Bertie is getting upfront and personal: Ireland on Sunday

'The Real IRA won't deflect us from the peace process': Independent on Sunday

Commitment is the key: The Observer

How to choose your Irish heroes: The Sunday Times

Whitehall seeks Garda man for RUC's top job: Electronic Telegraph

Police officers will be allowed to switch between Gardai and RUC: The Sunday Times

Irish all suspect, police are told: The Observer

Adair must be released now — warning: Ireland on Sunday

UDA and UVF unite against Adair's release: The Sunday Times

UFF fall out over feud with the UVF: Sunday Life

Christmas is cancelled for Shankill refugees: The Sunday Times

Did the British poison their political POWs?: Ireland on Sunday

Belfast Walls Emblems of Conflic: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Inquiry in danger of collapsing: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, December 9

Clinton reveals his wish to be peace envoy: Irish Independent

Hopes of breakthough during Clinton visit played down: UTV Internet

Foreign involvement unhelpful — Beggs:

SDLP urges mayor to greet president: Irish News

Belfast assured that Clinton will be brief: The Irish Times

Nationalists, not Clinton, to decide Trimble's fate: Irish Independent

Clinton's legacy is support for both traditions: The Irish Times

Police 'will implement' reforms: BBC

Mandelson in row over Bush: Electronic Telegraph

Cook a happy man as Mandelson blunders: The Scotsman

Republicans deny taxi murder: BBC

Kell murder link to double IRA murder: UTV Internet

Further challenge to soldiers decision: BBC

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Adair should be freed, say officials: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson fury at Adair 'release': The Times

UDA tightens grip on Shankill extortion: Belfast Telegraph

Government accused over rights commission choices: The Irish Times

Discrimination lies behind constitution : Irish News

SF thrives on major funding from abroad: The Irish

SF has rich friends in New York: The Irish Times

NI Rights Commission 'setback': BBC

Informal 'justice' systems:

Friday, December 8

Trimble dismisses IRA statement: BBC

Plea to Clinton on Irish peace: The Times

Clinton 'will not negotiate' in NI: BBC

Real IRA bomb to coincide with Clinton visit: Irish Examiner

Clinton's NI visit unlikely to break deadlock: The Irish Times

'Waiting for Billo' gets a third staging: Irish Independent

Giving Bill a good view: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Real IRA defiles very basis of republicanism: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Police chief accuses paramilitary killers: BBC

Republicans killed Kell, says Flanagan: The Irish Times

Adams says sectarian killings are dirty tricks: The Times

Sinn Fein denies improvement in relations with RUC: UTV Internet

Coming to terms with police reform: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Trimble says violence must stop: BBC

Two men arrested in connection with Omagh: Irish Examiner

South may learn from North's rights: The Irish Times

A very dangerous road: The Times

Gore Is Criticized By Irish Democrats: Irish Voice

Cheney to pave the way?: Irish Echo

Monarchy reform move in Lords: The Guardian

Parrot who sings 'The Sash' for court: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - December 8 ---------

Threat to Bloody Sunday inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

Legal arguments threaten collapse of inquiry into Derry deaths: Irish Examiner

Let’s not lose sight of truth: Irish News (Editorial)

Thursday, December 7

British want weapons dumps concreted over: The Irish Times

RUC praised 'for dealing fairly with everyone': Electronic Telegraph

Catholics exhorted to join Police Service: The Irish Times

Police reform 'a long term process': BBC

IRA statement helpful says arms body chief: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Belfast murder 'not feud related': BBC

Fatal Shootings Threaten Fragile N. Ireland Peace: New York Daily News

Killing spree over hopes UDP chief: Belfast Telegraph

Sectarian killings return to the streets of Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Two shot dead as sectarian violence flares in Belfast: The Independent

Blood on the Belfast streets: The Guardian

Clinton visit hopes to set helpful mood: The Irish Times

McMichael's Clinton disappointment: UTV Internet

Clinton NI visit may mark the end of US interest: The Irish Times

Can we make sense of the troubles?: Belfast Telegraph

It takes two to tango for a new vision: Irish News

Anglicans split over repeal of ancient act: The Guardian

Guardian of human rights: Irish News (Editorial)

Drive for a British republic started: Belfast Telegraph

Solicitors still in the front line:

BBC backs Irish drama in festive ratings battle: Electronic Telegraph

Ireland Shouts 'Help Wanted': Washington Post

--------- Bloody Sunday News - December 7 ---------

Hidden casualties are 'rubbish': BBC

Documents would help defence of Bloody Sunday soldiers: Irish Examiner

Dublin ‘kept in touch’: Irish News

Wednesday, December 6

IRA makes public its disdain for Brit decommission terms: Boston Herald

IRA says Britain reneged on peace deal: The Times

No signs of IRA returning to war: The Irish Times

IRA declares commitment to peace process ahead of Clinton visit: The Independent

'Any move to eradicate State sectarianism was always going to mean an end to RUC': Belfast Telegraph

Trimble appeals to Clinton to make arms call: UTV Internet

Clinton holds 'no illusion' on NI trip: The Irish Times

Clinton expects 'cead mile failte' for peace efforts: Irish Independent

Clinton likely to visit Dundalk: The Irish Times

IRA calls for dismantling of border security bases: The Guardian

All sides feel tension of North impasse: Irish Independent

Peace process waiting game: BBC

Clinton visit may be new catalyst: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA attempts to influence Clinton: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Positive: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Violence in Larne swept under carpet: Irish News

Mallon set to follow Hume by leaving Stormont seat: Belfast Telegraph

Vatican document 'causes difficulty', says Dr Eames: The Irish Times

A new era: Belfast Telegraph

Celtic festival may replace the twelfth: Irish News

Unionist condemns soldiers decision: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News - December 6 ---------

McGuinness 'had Bloody Sunday on conscience': Electronic Telegraph

Catholic conscience got to McGuinness says agent: Irish Examiner

C4 plans to make Bloody Sunday film: Irish News

Tuesday, December 5

Governments set for peace push: UTV Internet

Clinton aides plan border town visit: Irish News

Pre-visit talks a must to allow Clinton initiative: The Irish Times (by John Bruton)

Taking risks beyond the call of duty: Irish News

Mandelson a disaster says Sinn Fein: The Guardian

DUP minister says he'll meet southern counterparts: UTV Internnet

Ailing Hume quits N. Ireland Assembly: Boston Herald

Hume resigns from Belfast assembly: The Independent

SF chairman defines political role: Irish News

Series of meetings for policing overseer: BBC

Patten’s view on the future of the RUC: Irish Examiner

Mallon demands RUC malpractice investigations: UTV Internet

Anne, the loophole widow: Belfast Telegraph

Adams attacks move to ban donations: The Irish Times

More US funds go to SF than to other parties: The Irish Times

Omagh bombing cited by agencies demanding access to all phone calls: The Guardian

Drama at the Beeb is wide of the mark: Belfast Telegraph

Fresh calls for inquiry into killing: BBC

Anger at greetings from killers' regiment: The Guardian

Minister calls for end to GAA ‘Rule 21’ ban: Irish News

Omagh choir gets ready for Royal show: Irish Examiner

--------- Bloody Sunday News - December 5 ---------

Inquiry hears priest's evidence: BBC

Bloody Sunday victim was pacifist, says friend: Irish Examiner

First shootings of two at William Street described: The Irish Times

Monday, December 4

'Stop playing politics with policing ' — Patten: UTV Internet

New NI police 'will protect rights': BBC

Time for Catholics to play their part:

Clinton wants to help, says Mitchel: UTV Internet

Leaders plan to 'send signal': Boston Herald

Clinton's Irish trip: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Clinton holds the key to progress: Befast Telegraph (Editorial)

Ahern curb on US cash risks rift with Adams: Irish Independent

Families live in fear after death threats: Irish Examiner

Leave the hill to take moral high ground: Irish News

Troublemakers not welcome: Irish News (Editorial)

The Brendan Hughes Interview:

Equality and inclusion the goal: Empey:

I'm sorry about Omagh remarks, says Irish writer: Electronic Telegraph

The BBC's Ronan Bennett: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

The Liddy Tape - Part 2:

Case for Norn Iron's defence: Belfast Telegraph

Sunday, December 3

Trimble appeal for Clinton support: BBC

Clinton trip final part of carefully choreographed Peace Process triumph: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Devolution's turbulent year: BBC

Safety of troops 'in Blair's hands': The Observer

Adams demands demilitarisation: BBC

Adams 'deeply proud' of volunteers: Ireland on Sunday

Detectives on terror group's secret hit list: The Sunday Times

Split on the way over police: Ireland on Sunday

'Copy Patten reforms' call to the Garda: The Observer

NI 'pass the blame' game stumbles on: BBC

The nationalists who will not give: The Sunday Times

Defiant sdlp stay firm on police deal: Ireland on Sunday

NI policing plan 'being revised': BBC

Gardaí invited to apply for top level RUC post: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Policing Ulster: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Ulster dirty tricks secrecy case dropped: The Sunday Times

How the men from the ministry failed to shut me up: The Sunday Times

Sectarian tensions resurface in Larne: BBC

Loyalists set to call off feud: The Sunday Times

Rioting in Derry after march: UTV Internet

Why this witch-hunt won't stop me writing on Ireland : The Observer

Repercussions of McBride murder remain contentious: Boston Herald

Bloody Sunday: McGuinness must testify or face subpoena: Electronic Telegraph

Bloody disgrace as evidence discarded: Ireland on Sunday

She's still our wee sister:

Murder in the Maze: The Observer

Saturday, December 2, 2000

Loyalist 'death threat' to families: BBC

British ‘pushing deal into a crisis’: Irish News

SDLP demands to back Police Act 'can be met': The Irish Times

Patten, Hayes and Fr Faul - Well, what would you expect: (Editorial)

Order believes the future is Orange: Irish News

Saving Trimble is the real purpose of Clinton's visit: Irish Independent

Clinton’s visit offers hope for the future: Irish News

Soldier's mother backs guards: BBC

Omagh anger at BBC writer: Electronic Telegraph

Writer rejects Trimble's Rebel Heart accusations: by Martin Doyle (Irish Post)

Forgotten victims of McGurk’s Bar:

Friday, December 1

Mallon 'no' to Bruton all-party talks plea in North: Irish Independent

DUP's jabs aim to keep Executive on the ropes: Belfast Telegraph

North power sharing has been no panacea: Irish Echo

Patten member backs recruitment: The Irish Times

High Noon on The Policing Bill: Irish Voice

SDLP lists requirements for endorsing Police Act: The Irish Times

The Mandelson factor: Belfast Telegraph

Peers allow Irish MPs to stand for Belfast Assembly: The Independent

Date set for SF veto challenge: BBC

CIRA gang 'raided Provo arms dump': Belfast Telegraph

Republican writes BBC's Irish drama: Electronic Telegraph

From a trial at the Old Bailey to critical acclaim as a novelist: Electronic Telegraph

The BBC, Ulster and fairness: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

National Review claims Blair forcing out Unionists: Irish Echo

Soldier’s mother in appeal to McBrides: Irish News

Protests across world at killer Guards decision: Belfast Telegraph

Bill flies in: Irish Echo (Editorial)

--------- Bloody Sunday News - December 1 ---------

First Bloody Sunday casualties 'not rioting': BBC

Witness was told murdered man was an IRA supergrass: Irish Examiner

Teacher could not believe army was firing live bullets: The Irish Times