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Monday, December 15

Adams needs to make tough compromises, says Minister for Foreign Affairs Charlie Flanagan: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

Villiers reports 'common understanding' on parades: The News Letter

NI leaders due to meet Cameron: UTV

Nothing compares to super Shinner Sinead O'Connor: (from the Sunday Life)
Suzanne Breen

End of week deadline for Northern Ireland tax agreement: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Sinead seeks face-to-face meeting with Gerry Adams (Dec 14): Sunday Independent
Donal Lynch

Sinn Fein's duplicity damaging: Belfast Telegraph

Family of slain dissident boss say cops used killing to bug them: (from the Sunday Life)
Suzanne Breen

Extra police on streets of Belfast, but cuts loom: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

SDLP – Victims 'see right through' SF on IRA's role: The News Letter

The Provos got so much cash from Northern Bank heist they could not handle it: The Sunday Life
Darwin Templeton

Garda 'engaged' on Kingsmills inquest: The News Letter

IRA man a 'person of interest' in disappearance of Annie McCarrick: Irish Independent
Jim Cusack

Boston College and Me – A personal account of the Boston Project (Aug 11):
Ed Moloney

Cameras could be the best protection against crime of abuse: Irish Examiner
Terry Prone

Let us pray ... for Sinn Fein (Dec 14): Sunday Independent
Liam Fay

How did it all go so pear-shaped?: Southern Star

Families take campaign to Stormont in despair over Northern Ireland housing crisis: Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson

Government – We will not finance extra welfare in NI: The News Letter

Voters' belief in SF the low-tax party a big win (Dec 14): Sunday Independent
John Drennan

Where one adult in every four is on a disability benefit (Dec 14): Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Troubled UUP MLA 'may stand down soon': The News Letter

FAI embroiled in a sing-song pub ding-dong: Belfast Media

Cork star could top list for Birmingham Six film role: Irish Examiner
Nick Bramhill

Scots may vote Yes to an EU exit: The Scotsman
Brian Monteith

Memo to the Scottish Catholic bishops – stop sucking up to the SNP (Dec 12): The Spectator
Damian Thompson

Sunday, December 14

Northern Ireland talks set to resume next week: BBC

Northern Ireland talks – A wasted trip for the deal that never was: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Stormont power-sharing and political reputations on the line (Dec 12):
Steven McCaffery

Did no one tell David Cameron and Enda Kenny that Northern Ireland's political leaders can only agree that they disagree about everything?: Belfast Telegraph
Will Chambré

I was repeatedly molested as a child by a member of Sinn Fein: Sunday Independent
Sinead O'Connor

'I felt like I'd been kicked when Sinead O'Connor joined Sinn Fein': Sunday Independent
Mairia Cahill

'Naive' Belgian spared prison by judge after admitting west Belfast riot charge: Belfast Telegraph
Ashleigh McDonald

Senior Democrat 'descendent from Ulster Scots stock': Carrick Times

'The conditions do not exist for a return to violence': Derry Journal
Eamon Sweeney

To know Liam Ryan, understand his times: Irish Echo
Martin Galvin

Provo women fought but 'let men lead': Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Clonoe IRA man's sister tells conference – 'We are in limbo': Tyrone Times

IRA victims – Why is Dublin blanking Kingsmills inquest? (Dec 11): The News Letter

Projecting the result of the May 2015 general election: Belfast Telegraph
Bill White

Enda has one chance to take on Sinn Fein: Sunday Independent
Willie Kealy

Black Santa gives us the gift of feeling better about ourselves: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Orange Order appoints Harold Henning to top post (Dec 11): The News Letter

Across the divide in Northern Ireland: The Observer
Ed Vulliamy

Advent and Autumn statement provides a time for reflection (Dec 8): Belfast Telegraph
Henry Reilly

Fire-fighter challenges Union's controversial Irish ethnicity policy: Irish Post
Fiona Audley

Gay life in Northern Ireland is under threat – time to act (Dec 11): The Guardian
Patrick Strudwick

Northern Ireland Troubles featured at Tate exhibition Conflict, Time, Photography: Belfast Telegraph
Joanne Sweeney

The parties prepare for a hung, drawn and quartered parliament: The Observer
Andrew Rawnsley

New Scottish independence poll puts Yes at 52%: Scotland on Sunday

If Labour loses Scotland, the Union will be done for: Daily Telegraph
Iain Martin

Tories to push for ban on Scottish MPs voting on some legislation: The Guardian
Rowena Mason

The English question demands a fair answer (Dec 12): The Scotsman

Saturday, December 13

No Deal on Northern Ireland as British Leader Leaves Early: New York Times
Douglas Dalby

Dublin frustrated with David Cameron on Northern Ireland deadlock: Financial Times
Vincent Boland

David Cameron – 'We made good progress but no deal': BBC

Enda Kenny still hopeful deal can be reached in Northern Ireland talks: Irish Mirror
Maurice Fitzmaurice, David Young

Adams decries 'amatuerish and ham fisted episode': The News Letter

Smaller parties left out of key negotiations – Nesbitt: The News Letter

SDLP – Durkan critical of Prime Minister during All Party talks: Derry Journal

Flanagan hopeful deal in North can be salvaged before end of year: The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Questions need to be answered – Alliance MP: The News Letter

First Ministers to make fresh effort for better financial offer: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Corporation tax 'hanging by a thread': UTV

All down to finance as Kenny and Cameron get brinkmanship in first: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

PM's early exit speaks volumes on the state of this process: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Downing Street defends Cameron departure: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

NI talks – What is the Reinvestment and Reform Initiative?: BBC
John Campbell

David Cameron and Sinn Féin take hardline positions: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty, Mark Hennessy

PM's extra cash offer comes out of Stormont's existing coffers: BBC
Mark Devenport

David Cameron lacks desire to engage with Northern Ireland: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

North talks – Leaders' exit a sharp shock to the body politic: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Northern Ireland's budget battle is a symptom of wider weakness: Daily Telegraph

Public will not easily forgive if our politicians fail to do deal: Belfast Telegraph

A lot at stake: Irish Examiner

Northern talks move into brinkmanship territory with devolved power at risk if hands are over played: The Irish Times

Belfast peace line is in toon with the times: Belfast Telegraph
Linda Stewart

Drug gang accused 'linked to loyalists and republicans': Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Stormont expenses – Taxpayers should have the money which was fraudulently claimed by MLAs reimbursed: Belfast Telegraph
Samuel Morrison

Shinners are like the Fianna Fáil of old: Irish Examiner
Michael Clifford

Man released in dissident probe: UTV

Gary Marshall has Kevin Conway murder charge dropped: BBC

PSNI to review plans to award medal to staff with over three years' service: BBC

The devil you know: The Economist

Northern Ireland's laws inviting libel tourism – Without reform, courts here could be used to gag free speech worldwide: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

'Christian' Christmas card hits the headlines: Banbridge Leader

Self-styled Scottish separatist's appeal against extradition on terror charges dismissed: Irish Independent
Tim Healy

Friday, December 12

Crunch talks to rescue peace process: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe

Northern talks proving 'difficult and complex': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

TUV gives warning on 'chequebook summit': The News Letter

Stormont deal is still 'a long way off', says DUP: Irish Independent
David Young

At Stormont, an atmosphere of hope and friendship has turned poisonous and divisive: The Independent
David McKittrick

Northern Ireland talks – Best incentive for success is a financial sweetener: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

North's parties harmonise only on chorus of demands for £1bn to save Assembly: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Politicians and governments have left us all in a right mess (Nov 1): The News Letter
Sandra Chapman

The unionist turkeys voting for Christmas: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Sinead O'Connor is welcomed to the party by Limerick member: Limerick Post
Alan Jacques

Skinner O'Connor is certain to bring the entertainment factor to Sinn Fein: Evening Herald
Anton Savage

Dissident IRA supporter picked as St. Patrick's Day aide to Grand Marshal Cardinal Dolan: Irish Voice/
James O'Shea

Irish street signs a waste of money – DUP: Londonderry Sentinel

Two released over dissident activity: UTV

OTR letters – IRA victims back attempts to quiz Blair: The News Letter

Coroner's stance on killing of IRA men 'untenable': The News Letter

Who in the UVF ordered my father's killing?: Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson

Kingsmills massacre suspects given OTR letters: The News Letter

State opposes costs bid by lawyers for 'hooded men': Irish Examiner
Ann O'Loughlin

Casement Park needs a new name to signal new era for GAA: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Gerard McCarthy – I feel embarrassed to be from Northern Ireland, says actor angered by DUP 'conscience clause' bill (Dec 8): Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Having your cake and eating it: The Economist

Orange Order to open landmark centres in Belfast and Loughgall (Nov 30): The News Letter

Why the Government should call a referendum on a vote for Irish emigrants: The Irish Times
David Burns & Conor O'Neill

Electoral 'bloodshed' of 2016 will mimic Easter Rising in changing little (Dec 10): Irish Examiner
Gerard Howlin

Corporation tax powers and economic boost 'within our grasp', says Grow NI: Belfast Telegraph
Margaret Canning

Alex Salmond – SNP could work with Sinn Fein or DUP: BBC

Cheaper oil will make selling Scottish independence harder for SNP: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

The Ukip plan for seats in Scotland – introducing sectarianism to the political mainstream: The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Patriot games – how toxic is the England flag today? (Nov 26): The Guardian
Stuart Jeffries

Thursday, December 11

David Cameron and Enda Kenny attempt to bridge gaps in Belfast: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

NI talks – David Cameron 'determined to secure political agreement': BBC

UUP concerned about 'parallel talks': UTV

SDLP threatens to pull out of talks and warns – Don't take us for granted: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Will Stormont deliver success or failure?:
Steven McCaffery

Blair ordered to appear before MPs for OTRs inquiry: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Concerns that smaller parties being sidelined: The News Letter

Leaders pin Stormont hopes on persuading parties to strike deal: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

CIRA 'plot to smuggle weapon in loaf': UTV

Bugged terrorists discussed arms and targets, court told: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Tony Blair to be called before House of Commons IRA 'On the Runs' inquiry: Belfast Telegraph
Nevin Farrell

Nothing compares to Sinn Fein for Sinead... but do pop stars and politicians sing from same hymn sheet?: Belfast Telegraph
Ed McCann

South Armagh farmer denies drumming up support for IRA in churches: Belfast Telegraph
John Cassidy

Secret recordings of Continuity IRA terror plot meetings revealed plans to smuggle weapon inside loaf of bread, court hears: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Campaign for truth about those killed in Troubles brings shoes to Downing Street: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

High-profile Union flag protester Jim Dowson fails in legal attempt to have prosecution halted: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

'English want constitutional shift': Belfast Telegraph

UUP's Elliott to stand for Westminster: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

UVF boss 'Onions' teams up with loyalist 'traitor': Sunday World
Richard Sullivan

Court to rule on admissibility of prosecution witness's evidence in trial of three men charged with murdering a dissident republican: Irish Independent
Natasha Reid

SF condemn 'cowardly' arson attack: UTV

Paxman falls foul of our outrage industry: The News Letter
N R Greer

Dungiven Irish-medium college gets approval from minister: BBC

The North should be careful what it wishes for on tax: Irish Independent
Brendan Keenan

Peace Bridge is number one tourist attraction in NI: Londonderry Sentinel
Niall Deeney

Martin McGuinness for historic Ypres WW1 centenary visit: The Irish Times
Suzanne Lynch

Human Rights Commission to take Stormont justice department to the High Court over Northern Ireland abortion law: Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson

Wednesday, December 10

Dublin expresses 'cautious optimism' on North deal: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty, Stephen Collins

Secretary of State Theresa Villiers urges politicians to 'go the extra mile' in talks: BBC

Loyalist protests resume in Carrick: Carrick Times

DUP – We haven't negotiated on parades: The News Letter

Parties deny breaking an agreement not to negotiate over parades: BBC

Dublin must say No to another 'Love Ulster' debacle: Irish Independent
Ian O'Doherty

SF defends Adams over O'Connor attack: UTV

Sinéad O'Connor joins Sinn Féin and calls for Gerry Adams to step down: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Relations 'good' in town despite IRA commemoration: The News Letter

Dissident leader McKevitt fails to secure early release: Irish Independent
Aodhan O Faolain

Yoga won't reduce your jail stretch, McKevitt told: Irish Independent
Tim Healy

Police to monitor children's football matches after sectarian attacks: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Padraic Wilson and Sean Hughes to face trial for IRA charges: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Paisleyite, fundamentalist, family man – how high will Paul Givan's star rise?: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

'Boston tapes' read to Storey: Belfast Media
Anthony Neeson

On the run scheme 'has raised deep concerns': The News Letter

Progress on Troubles legacy hailed: Belfast Telegraph

Feakle Talks 40 years ago this week: Clare People
Joe O Muircheartaigh

Birmingham pub bombings: Ex-IRA chief admits 'we did it – and I am ashamed': Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

Blueprint for shared education a folly we can ill-afford: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Smith

Derry children "let down by system" as city still has no Irish language secondary school: Derry Journal

Scottish and Irish gaelic website launched: The Scotsman
Alistair Munro

Gay cake aftermath – Sinn Fein are ready to torpedo DUP's conscience clause: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Legislating so as to allow religious exemptions daft: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Ashers showed need for a legally defined conscience right: The News Letter

A conscience clause is absurd: Belfast Telegraph

US wants UK to remain member of EU: Belfast Telegraph

British exit from EU would present 'challenge to Ireland': The Irish Times
Suzanne Lynch

Corporation tax – Northern Ireland needs long-term growth, says think tank: BBC
John Campbell

NI Human Rights Commission calls for 'immediate action' on abortion: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

No election until 2016, Taoiseach Enda Kenny insists: Irish Independent
John Downing

Labour in latest call for repeal of controversial football laws: The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Celtic fan appears in court charged with punching fellow supporter during Poppy Day minute's silence at Pittodrie: Scottish Daily Record
Charlie Gall

10 Rangers fans in court accused of sectarianism: The Scotsman

Unexpected row over Jim Murphy's Catholic faith: The Herald
David Ross

Royal family should be bowed and curtsied to in US says Irish American expert (Dec 8): Irish Voice/
Patrick Roberts

Tuesday, December 9

Enda Kenny and David Cameron to hold key talks in North: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

'Deadline this week' for talks – leaders: UTV

McGuinness in 'all or nothing' warning over cross-party talks: The News Letter

Peace fund may help Stormont impasse, says Sinn Fein: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

The difficulty of staking out a centre ground: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Gerry's the Trojan one ... Shinners' best strategy: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Unionism's coalition on parades collapses in acrimony: Belfast Telegraph
Nevin Farrell

Another Love Ulster march makes me 'queasy', reveals Charlie Bird after he suffered assault in 2006 riot: Evening Herald
Alan O'Keefe

NI21's only councillor is elected deputy leader as election looms: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Flags row forgotten as Castledawson Christmas lights go on: Mid Ulster Mail
Stanley Campbell

Leaked Stormont document raises concerns among Troubles victims:
Steven McCaffery

Blair says he is too busy to attend IRA 'comfort letters' probe – Former PM says he has 'nothing to say' after MPs try for six months to get him to answer questions: Daily Mail
Emily Kent Smith

US believed FBI mole passed secrets to IRA in Thatcher murder plot, files reveal: The Guardian
Jon Swaine

Families of the Disappeared suffer as Northern Ireland drags feet on past:
Conor Humphries

€170,000 for garda traumatised during Don Tidey rescue shoot-out: Irish Independent
Saurya Cherfi

Droppin' Well bombing remembered 32 years on: Derry Journal

Irwin urges response on Newry play park 'terrorist' naming: Newry Times

Hundreds turn out to join Derry republican commemorations: Derry Journal

Northern Ireland Executive's adviser says investment in employment and skills will give competitive edge for investment: Belfast Telegraph
Bill McGinnis

Warning over change to rate of NI corporation tax: The Irish Times
Francess McDonnell

DUP politician calls for 'reasonable accommodation' for religious believers: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

The Rainbow Project accuses DUP of plan to 'legalise discrimination against LGBT people' in Northern Ireland with conscience clause: Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson

'Conscience clause' can help promote tolerance and respect: The News Letter
Paul Givan

Dublin Lord Mayor builds on Belfast link: UTV

Markets wary of rise of SF and Independents: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

Stunts can't hide Sinn Fein secrets: Irish Mirror
Regina Doherty

Is the real Mary Lou lost in blind loyalty to Adams? (Dec 5): Irish Independent
Dearbhail McDonald

Can the centre hold against Sinn Fein? (Dec 7): Sunday Independent

Early exposure to English is damaging the standard of Irish among Gaeltacht young: The Irish Times
Conchúr Ó Giollagáin

Irish language requirement for college places should be removed, report recommends: Irish Independent
Clare Cullen

UK tax move could render our 12.5pc rate redundant: Evening Herald
Dan White

Mind the gap – Scotland's push toward devolved power comes at a price: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Monday, December 8

Talks 'present an opportunity': Belfast Telegraph

PMs 'need to engage in NI talks' says Simon Hamilton: BBC

Irish government 'will be challenged over IRA link': The News Letter

Basil McCrea breaks months of silence, but not on accusation (Dec 6): The News Letter
Sam McBride

Orangemen mark 6,000 days of Drumcree protest: Belfast Telegraph
Joanne Fleming

Drumcree – Orangemen 'proud to be still carrying torch of protest': The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Drumcree – 'Parades Commission needs to come up to mark': The News Letter

Chief Constable admits concern over Twaddell dissident attacks: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Mayor slams paint attack on Orange hall: Portadown Times

Police in Dunmurry warn of more arrests following disturbances in Poleglass: Ulster Star

Police monitoring bodies 'need to prove value and cut costs' (Dec 4): The News Letter

Paramilitaries baying for blood of rape accused, court told (Nov 25): Belfast Telegraph
George Jackson

Bishop of Meath appeals for details of Disappeared: The Irish Times
Elaine Keogh

Sinn Fein used Dail as 'kangaroo court' – Deasy (Dec 7): Sunday Independent
John Drennan

Abusing rape victims doesn't win elections (Dec 7): Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin reject coalition suggestions: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

To play senior hurling, Sinn Fein needs to grow up (Nov 30): Sunday Independent
Brendan O'Connor

Addressing Northern Ireland's inequality is the key to a better future (Nov 26): The Guardian
Ivan Lewis

Merely matching the Republic's rate will not turn our economy around: Belfast Telegraph
Paul Gosling

Taxation devolution 'game changing': Belfast Telegraph

South has little to fear from NI tax cuts for business (Dec 7): Sunday Independent
Richard Curran

Green Party candidate in Brighton 'justified' IRA bomb: The News Letter

Kenny signals that the ownership of 1916 can be shared (Dec 7): Sunday Independent
Ronan Fanning

PUL bands' link-up with trad network could work in Belfast too (Nov 30): Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

'Why can't we speak Irish?' (Dec 4): The Irish Times
Pól Ó Muirí

Banbridge is only council in UK to give a mention of Christ in its Christmas card: Belfast Telegraph
Cate McCurry

Koran should be read at Prince Charles' coronation says top bishop – Critics attack proposal and accuse Church of England of 'losing confidence' in its own traditions (Nov 28): Daily Mail
Steve Doughty

Indyref – 12 hard truths (Dec 7): Scotland on Sunday
Gerry Hassan

Sunday, December 7

Shutters may come down on Stormont if Sinn Fein doesn't cut deal on welfare reform: Irish Independent
Alan Murray

Holding to the vision of a better future: Derry Journal
David Latimer

Chancellor George Osborne is a comedian of the highest order if he thinks Stormont talks ultimatum will be plain sailing: Belfast Telegraph
Will Chambré

Corporation tax opportunity cannot be lost: Belfast Telegraph

Chancellor throws down Corporation Tax challenge to political parties: The News Letter
Sammy Wilson

Cheer up with positive thoughts of Stormont (Dec 2): Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

MLA takes BBC to task after Spotlight's expenses claims: Portadown Times

Of words that wound and dodgy expense accounts (Dec 5): Belfast Telegraph
Paul Connolly

McCrea – These is no issue with my leadership of NI21: The News Letter

Policing partnerships must 'prove their value' (Dec 4): BBC

Love Ulster – Fears of violent protests in Dublin as new parade set for next year: Irish Mirror
Adelina Campos

Hall attack condemned: Portadown Times

Man cleared in Alan Ryan case gets death threats from former Real IRA chief's associates: Irish Independent
Ken Foy and Declan Brennan

Boy asked for UFF flag for Christmas (Dec 3): Belfast Telegraph
Claire Cromie

UDA sex gang killed my friend – Teenage victim lifts lid on loyalist abuse and prostitution network (Nov 30): The Sunday Life
Patricia Devlin

Roll up, roll up, the Sinn Fein circus is back in town: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

The real Gerry Adams reveals his true colours: The News Letter
Sandra Chapman

Mairia Cahill meets top lawyer Sir Keir Starmer reviewing IRA abuse claims: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Taoiseach Enda Kenny's Troubles vow – Garda will investigate any fresh evidence about atrocities: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Hooded Men ruling still worth study: Sunday Independent
John-Paul McCarthy

Disappeared IRA victim and Provo 'love triangle': Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Tree planting ceremony to take place close to where remains of 'Disappeared' victim Brendan Megraw were found: Irish Independent
Elaine Keogh

Ulster's shared education 'error' – We can't afford to burn £44m on policy says expert: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Water charges – North has lessons for campaigners Dec 4): The Irish Times
Eamonn McCann

Burton and Mary Lou go to war over SF or Labour's way: Sunday Independent
John Drennan

Mary Lou defied legal advice on Ansbacher: Sunday Independent
Daniel McConnell

Cynical and hypocritical (Dec 6): The Irish Times

Gay Cake – DUP MLA to launch Private Member's Bill to introduce 'conscience clause' into aspects of equality law (Dec 5): Belfast Telegraph

Let's give up hate for Christmas: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Government accused of cowardice over tapping of cables (Dec 2): The Irish Times
Ruadhán Mac Cormaic

A chance to show Ireland at its best (Dec 6): Irish Examiner

What's the Big Idea? It's time for the State to consider a real democracy: The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

Expect a disunited kingdom when it comes to taxing corporations (Dec 5): The Independent
Mark Leftly

Bid to separate Scottish athletics from rest of UK: Scotland on Sunday
Mark Woods

Bill to restore expat voting rights clears first hurdle in Commons (Dec 2): Daily Telegraph

Saturday, December 6

David Cameron and Enda Kenny to 'clear their diaries' to join all-party political talks in Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Robinson – Talks deal needs to be done before Christmas: The News Letter

There is a better way for Northern Ireland to be governed in the interests of both Unionists and Nationalists: Belfast Telegraph
Samuel Morrison

'Corporation Tax should not be bargaining chip in Talks process' – Bradley: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Donaldson – No deal unless Dublin opens up on Troubles: The News Letter

David Cameron might want to get his chequebook out: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

'Irish Language Act is an act for everyone' Bradley: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Let's call George Osborne's bluff over tax powers before time runs out: Belfast Telegraph
Richard Ramsey

Drumcree protest reaches 6,000 days: Portadown Times

Unionist anger at police 'intolerance' towards loyalists as flag row raged: The News Letter

Danny McColgan murder – UDA man John Gregg 'justified attack': BBC

Shared space projects 'aid demise of PLU': Belfast Media
David Whelan

Men broke in and claimed they were from UVF: Ballymena Times

Loyalists plan rally for Irish capital early in new year: The News Letter

Charges dropped against man in Alan Ryan murder probe: Irish Independent
Declan Brennan

Donaldson in pension call for severely disabled terror victims: The News Letter

British QC holds 'constructive' meeting with Mairia Cahill: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

First Mairia Cahill meetings take place in Belfast – PPS: Londonderry Sentinel

Fitzgerald says 'scale and scope' of cross-Border sexual abuse inquiry unknown: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

Cahill – Adams must reveal details: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe and Michael McHugh

Cahill controversy has little impact on SF support (Dec 5): The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

Mary Lou's turned the Dail into a battleground ... but it's certainly no Ulster final: Evening Herald

Police can't solve the past alone: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Amnesty International demands UK inquiry into hooded men case: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

'Hooded man' Michael Donnelly welcomes reopening of 'torture' case: Londonderry Sentinel
Niall Deeney

'Hooded men' torture case a reminder of the double-standards of the 1970s: The Irish Times
Diarmaid Ferriter

When will London show courage to slap down Dublin?: The News Letter

IRA volunteers to be remembered in Derry this weekend: Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

Newry – Unionists urged to oppose IRA park name: The News Letter

Jeremy Paxman – Titanic iceberg did Belfast a favour: The Irish Times
Ronan McGreevy

Jeremy Paxman Titanic comments – Being insulted by outsiders is one thing to unite us: Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

Wells's Brolly tweet 'juvenile' (Dec 4): Irish News

Why is Ireland so silent about Snowden revelations of British surveillance?: Irish Voice/
Dara Kelly

Israel prevents Gerry Adams from visiting Gaza Strip: The Irish Times
Mark Weiss

Sinn Fein – Anderson criticises Israel over Adams refusal: Derry Journal

Gaza conflict – Durkan raises Derry outrage over Gaza at Westminster: Derry Journal

Rep. Pete King utterly wrong in defending Eric Garner killing: Irish Voice/
Patrick Roberts

Friday, December 5

NI talks – 'Degree of hope' over deal, says DUP: BBC

Corporation tax in jeopardy as Sinn Fein issues a shopping list, including Irish Language Act: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Villiers throws down gauntlet to Stormont over corporation tax: The News Letter

Accusations fly within minutes of statement ending: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Executive ineptitude is responsible for this mess – MLA: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

TUV unconvinced by 'poisoned carrot' of tax devolution: The News Letter

It's our best ever chance to get these powers. The next few weeks are a time for decisiveness, not dithering: Belfast Telegraph

Next step on corporation tax up to our politicians: Belfast Telegraph
Jamie Stinson

Welfare impasse suits SF, but harms economic future: The News Letter

Corporation tax – A golden ticket within our grasp: Belfast Telegraph

United Loyalists plan protest on highway: Carrick Times

No need for victims to suffer in silence' as Troubles group opens: Portadown Times

Man arrested in dissident investigation: Derry Journal

Two men released by police probing 'AK47' graffiti in Coleraine: The News Letter

Judge throws out bid to overturn block on putting Irish signs on Belfast street: The Irish Times
Alan Erwin

DUP brands £15,000 bi-lingual road signs "waste of money": Derry Journal
Brendan McDaid

Ulster-Scots Hub the culmination of 20 years' work: Belfast Telegraph
Nelson McCausland

Legacy Investigations Branch – Unit to deal with Northern Ireland's past and Troubles killings will launch in new year: Belfast Telegraph
John Mulgrew

Troubles probe unit 'not ideal': Belfast Telegraph

Garda had IRA moles in 1970s, says ex-Provo: Irish Independent
Greg Harkin

Clerics reflect on their 'iconic' handshake thirty years ago: Derry Journal
Sheena Jackson

Sickness absence costing the PSNI an estimated £25 million a year, policing board member reveals (Dec 3): Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

Claim of death threat made against Sinn Fein councillor Jonathan Graham: Irish Mirror
Brynmor Pattison

Sinn Fein's naming of names is a bid for votes (Dec 4): Irish Independent

Northern Ireland shared education – Schools urged to apply for £25m funds (Dec 1): BBC

Irish Times/IpsosMRBI poll – support for Gerry Adams declines in wake of his response to Mairia Cahill allegations: The Irish Times

Mary Lou is put on the Naughty Step again: Irish Independent
Lise Hand

Mary Lou McDonald is using Public Accounts Committee for political ends, says John Deasy: The Irish Times
Elaine Edwrds

Poll shows stirrings in the political undergrowth: Irish Independent
James Downey

Willie Frazer – My cancer tumour has disappeared: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Reynolds and Major honoured for contribution to peace process: The Irish Times
Colin Gleeson

John Major will 'never forget' the last time he saw Reynolds: Irish Independent
Mark O'Regan

Hillary Clinton is cashing in on her fantasy peace process (Dec 3): Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

All-Ireland bid to stage Rugby World Cup: Irish News

'You deserve to be shot, Stokes' – Bigoted Hearts fan launches hate-fuelled sectarian rant at Celtic star Anthony Stokes on Twitter: Scottish Daily Record
Annie Brown

'Colonial' deal may safeguard Scottish Parliament: The Scotsman
Scott Macnab

Thursday, December 4

Chancellor commits to more tax-raising powers for Northern Ireland and Wales: The Guardian
Terry Macalister and Henry McDonald

Northern Ireland offered deal to set own corporation tax rate: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy, Gerry Moriarty, Arthur Beesley

Autumn Statement – First Minister blames failure of other parties for Corporation Tax delay: The News Letter

North may get tax powers to undercut the Republic: Irish Independent
Colm Kelpie

Business in Republic confident in face of mooted NI tax reduction: The Irish Times
Arthur Beesley

Corporation tax – Carrot or stick?: BBC
Mark Devenport

Osborne's NI corporation tax offer has 'raised the stakes': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Stormont talks – a perfect storm of political agendas?:
Steven McCaffery

Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams and DUP's Gregory Campbell both seem to be embracing 'sticks and stones' ethos: Belfast Telegraph
Colum Eastwood

British could miss DUP rule: Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Filth and fury – why politicians are turning Belfast's air blue again: The Independent
David McKittrick

US fundraiser Friends of Sinn Féin reports slump in donations: The Irish Times
Simon Carswell

Handful of loyalists in Belfast City Hall flag protest: Belfast Telegraph

DUP, UUP flags pamphlet 'catalytic' in fanning loyalist fury: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

'Flag provocateurs' who toured country stirring trouble could become active again – warning: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

QUB – We must learn from flag protest mistakes: The News Letter

Protests fed by exaggerated fears of an Ulster in peril: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

UUP to propose motion on Gerry Adams' 'Trojan horse' remark: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Policing partnerships must 'prove their value': BBC

Ballysillan Orange lodge rejects panel plan to tackle parades row: Irish Mirror
Maurice Fitzmaurice

Row as Loyal Order members snub McCusker: Portadown Times

Sinn Fein – 'Arrest will not hinder my work'-Colr Sean McGlinchey: Londonderry Sentinel
Sheena Jackson

Gardai monitoring bitter falling out between leaders of INLA terror gang: Irish Independent
Ken Foy

Willie Frazer – Love Ulster £250,000 online smear complete rubbish: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Two men arrested over graffiti on George Duddy's Coleraine home: BBC

'No evidence of collusion in IRA murder': The News Letter

Rogue Irish police officers colluded with the IRA during the Troubles and even stopped senior members being arrested, former republican intelligence chief claims: Daily Mail
Darren Boyle

Republic should come clean on IRA track record – Foster: The News Letter

'Hooded Men' case will not damage relations with Britain: The Irish Times
Mary Minihan

Sinn Fein – Anderson to continue to lobby for 'Hooded Men' in Europe: Derry Journal

State is doing right by international human rights in returning case to European Court: The Irish Times

Protestants vital in Rising – Republicans hijack heroes: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Why won't Mary-Lou name the IRA sex abusers?: Irish Independent
Fionnan Sheahan

When Joan meets Mary Lou, trouble is always ahead (Nov 30): Sunday Independent
John Drennan

Sinn Féin picks and chooses approach to whistleblowers: The Irish Times
Fiach Kelly

Is stunt-happy Mary Lou the Evel Knievel of Sinn Fein?: Irish Independent
Lise Hand

'I'm insulted Enda met IRA abuse victim and not me': Sunday World
Nicola Tallant

Hearts And Celtic Accuse Each Others Fans Of Sectarianism And Intimidation: The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Wednesday, December 3

Allister – Why was it left to the BBC to expose expenses abuse?: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Cash from Dublin would give it more right to be at talks – Ukip: The News Letter

Northern Ireland's 15 years of devolution have left it frozen in loathing and distrust: Daily Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

SF veteran resigns on air after Kelly backs informers: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Loyalist flags protest – 37 jailed amid 55,000 'incidents' says report: BBC
Tara Mills

The shadow of the flag:
Paul Nolan

Revival of native tongue among Protestants speaks volumes: Belfast Telegraph
Ian Malcolm

Gaelgeoirí groups demand respect for Irish language: Irish News

DUP man Gavin Robinson speaks Irish in council: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Former DUP adviser targets UUP South Belfast nomination: The News Letter

Victims group launched in Portadown: Portadown Times

Sinn Fein councillor Sean McGlinchey arrested by police investigating alleged paramilitary activity: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Former Mayor volunteered interview before arrest – O'hOisin: Derry Journal
Sheena Jackson

SF anger over councillor arrest: Irish News

Ex-mayor of Limavady Sean McGlinchey freed after he is quizzed by detectives investigating 'shootings and threats': Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

MLA disappointed at arrest of second Limavady Sinn Féin councillor: Londonderry Sentinel

Murder trial judges to examine communications between chief prosecution witness and solicitor: Irish Independent
Diarmaid Mac Dermott

Degrading sectarian abuse of Ulster Hospital nurse lasted three years: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Remarried RUC widows will now get pensions: Belfast Telegraph

Danny McColgan murder – Man weeps as he tells of loyalist shooting: Belfast Telegraph

Moy man challenges government over loyalist killing of his parents: Tyrone Times

Omagh bomb accused remanded in custody for four weeks: The Irish Times
Anton McCabe

Amnesty welcome Irish government decision on 'hooded men' case: Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson and Brian Hutton

'Hooded Men' – SDLP's Eastwood welcomes Irish Government decision on case: Derry Journal

British interrogation camp – European Court of Human Rights asked to review case of 'hooded men': Derry Journal

Hooded men case to be reviewed by European Court of Human Rights: Irish Independent
Dearbhail McDonald

Soldiers involved in killing "dead or untraceable", inquest told: The Cross Examiner

Gerry Adams on Twitter – Rubber Ducks, Teddy Bears and Spuds:
Dara Doyle

Head of Divis Hoods is now 'untouchable': Belfast Media
Ciara Quinn

UK government's Xmas gift – A double Northern Irish?: CNBC
Catherine Boyle

Nicola Sturgeon supports corporation tax power for Northern Ireland: BBC

Sinn Fein may veto cuts to pay for corporation tax – Wilson: The News Letter

Tax devolution unites Northern Ireland: Financial Times
Vincent Boland

Cutting corporation tax is one of the few major policy options: The News Letter

Different rural realities on both sides of Border (Dec 1): The Irish Times
Mark Hilliard

A shambles marks the centenary of the Rising that divided Ireland: Financial Times
Vincent Boland

Andersonstown News: Belfast Telegraph

Revealed – how civil servants had 14,000 hits on Yes blog before indyref: The Herald
Daniel Sanderson

Welsh tax powers 'should match' Scotland and Northern Ireland: BBC

Questions raised over Queen's ancestry after DNA test on Richard III's cousins: The Guardian
Maev Kennedy

Tuesday, December 2

Taoiseach calls on leaders in the North of Ireland to agree on all-party talks before Christmas: Irish Post
Siobhan Breatnach

Taoiseach's aide claims he got phone threat from Sinn Fein member after Mr Kenny met rape victim Mairia Cahill: Irish Mirror
Sarah Bardon

TUV chief Jim Allister hints he may not run for MP in 2015: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Allister's challenge is to replicate what Farage has done to Ukip: The News Letter
Sam McBride

TUV may be more than its leader, but all speak with master's voice: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Ukip and TUV need to show us their strategy for change: The News Letter
Alex Kane

The name Paisley may yet still hold sway in the DUP: Belfast Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Mairia Cahill – Lack of IRA past will damage Mary Lou McDonald: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Concerns about Union flag protest parade allayed when just 200 marchers and no bands turn up: Irish News
Connla Young

Loyalist protests are set to resume in Carrick: Carrick Times

Northern Ireland police say major attacks are 'strong possibility': The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Mayor's home attacked: Coleraine Times
Nichola Neill

Graffiti on DUP mayor's Coleraine home is hate crime: Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson

Paint attack on Ballydougan Orange Hall: Portadown Times

Attack on rural Orange hall near Portadown a 'hate crime': The News Letter

'Drumcree Chicken' – Nurse wins discrimination damages: BBC

Man (60) released in PSNI paramilitary probe: Derry Journal
Sheena Jackson

Daniel McColgan – Tape failed to record UDA murder of Rathcoole postman: BBC

Executive 'starving' historical inquiries of cash says brother of murdered man: Belfast Media
David Whelan

'Hooded men' hope for Government decision today: Irish Examiner
Ann O'Loughlin

Disappeared victim's family 'hopeful' as dog aids search: Irish News

Search for remains of Joe Lynskey 'could take months': The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Jean McConville murder – Police forced to free ex-IRA boss Bobby Storey after learning of immunity: The Sunday Life

Forty years since loyalist bomb rocked 'Cross bar: The Cross Examiner

'British government obstruction of truth must end' – Ruane: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Legal action progresses for families of Hillcrest Bar bomb victims: Tyrone Times
Annamay McNally

Birmingham pub bombings – See The Freedom of Information requests sent to police over lost evidence (Nov 21): Birmingham Mail
Matthew Cannon

Peter Sheridan – But for the IRA campaign, we'd be closer to a united Ireland: Belfast Telegraph

Ferguson Missouri – Bloody Sunday families show solidarity with victim: Derry Journal
Greg Sharkey

MLA spending panel 'short on teeth': Belfast Telegraph

Ulster Unionist MLA Michael Copeland tells of smear campaign hell: Sunday World
Jamie McDowell

Divis Hoods – The carjacking and joyriding thugs holding a west Belfast community to ransom: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Foster – News due on corporation tax: Belfast Telegraph

Osborne ready to devolve corporation tax powers to Stormont: Financial Times
Chris Giles, George Parker and Vincent Boland

Osborne to dash NI's hopes of decision on corporation tax cut: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Corporation tax – Stormont must show it is up to challenge: Belfast Telegraph
John Simpson

Northern Ireland Executive departments' budget plans in focus: BBC
John Campbell

Northern Ireland should look south to cut its costly deficit: The Conversation
Muiris MacCarthaigh

The history of 1916 should be honoured, not rewritten (Nov 21): Irish Independent
Barbara Scully

Devolution should not stop at Scotland: Daily Telegraph

Monday, December 1

Adams defiant after being told of death threats: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

Stormont talks – All our parties need to take Hart (Nov 27): Belfast Telegraph

Terror charge rate hits 10-year low: Irish Independent
Michael McHugh

DUP has a sore neck from looking over its shoulder at TUV, says Jim Allister: The News Letter

Allister – Ian Paisley told me he'd retire at 65, but went on until he was 82: The News Letter

The Provos and its 'loony chief' who still dictate to SF (Nov 30): Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

'I don't think Tom could win Fermanagh south Tyrone': Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

DUP conference polling – What do party members think of unionist electoral pacts? (Nov 24): Belfast Telegraph
Bill White

Stormont expenses – We have all been short-changed by our MLAs (Nov 28): Belfast Telegraph
Robin Wilson

Shot man crawled 500yds: Derry Journal

SF 'inquiry' into 100 sex abuse cases (Nov 30): Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack and Maeve Sheehan

Meath bogland search for remains of Joe Lynskey, one of the Disappeared: The Irish Times

Government 'duty bound' to reopen 'hooded men' case – SF: Irish Independent
Lesley-Anne McKeown

Birmingham pub bombings – Retaliation attacks as fear ruled the streets of Birmingham (Nov 21): Birmingham Mail
Andy Richards

'True union and harmony' fostered during Fleadh engagements: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Bernadette McAliskey delivers reminder on human rights (Nov 28): The Irish Times
Lorna Siggins

'I joined the circus to escape The Troubles' (Oct 12):
Aoife Barry

The Taoiseach and Tanaiste take the fight to Sinn Fein (Nov 30): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Former taoiseach John Bruton criticised for comments about Easter Rising: The Irish Times
Barry Roche

Sinn Fein is trying to 'falsify Irish history', says Micheal Martin: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

Why TDs should be responsible first to their own consciences (Nov 22): The Irish Times
Breda O'Brien

Autumn Statement – Northern Ireland in line for cash boost: BBC
John Campbell

North better off than Republic, study finds: The Irish Times
Carl O'Brien

Bro McFerran – NI 'not ready for corporation tax' says Allstate boss: BBC

Corporation tax cut will cost us all (Nov 21): Belfast Telegraph
Samuel Morrison

Grim warning over Northern Ireland corporation tax without devolution (Nov 21): Belfast Telegraph
Margaret Canning

Scottish anger at Chancellor's corporation tax offer to Northern Ireland (Nov 30): Independent on Sunday
Mark Leftly, Jane Merrick

Are Scotland's new tax and spending powers fair? (Nov 27): BBC
Robert Preston

David Cameron has sold Scotland down the river (Nov 30): The Observer
Kevin McKenna

Tax heaven (Nov 29): The Economist

Scotland's thrilling new powers will make English politics more reactionary than ever (Nov 28): The Guardian
Deborah Orr

A momentous day for Britain, and for Europe (Nov 28): Daily Telegraph

Ireland vows aid for Colombia's conflict regions (Nov 27): Colombia Reports
Joel Gillin


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