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This archive contains references to articles from December 16-31, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, December 31

Nationalist acceptance of police force is final obstacle for GFA: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

New bid to save Ulster peace deal: The Sunday Times

Peace still a long way off: Sunday Life (Editorial)

Kin recalls death of son at hand of Brit troops: Boston Herald

Gunmen shoot ally of King Rat ally: The Observer

Ulster braced for violence as 'Mad Dog' Adair nears freedom: Electronic Telegraph

Adair cousin stages protest against RUC: Sunday Life

The past keeps its iron grip on the future: Ireland on Sunday

Rebels without a cause: The Sunday Times

RTE 'Rebel' raises Unionist hackles: Ireland on Sunday

Neeson set to land role as murdered SAS hero: Sunday Life

Tributes paid to Enniskillen victim: UTV Internet

Irish to be hired for London: The Sunday Times

Garda killer to wed Sinn Fein rep: Sunday Life

Saturday, December 30

Trimble, Mallon give peace process message: The Irish Times

Support for RUC is more urgently needed than ever: Irish Independent

Book closes on a love story of the Troubles: Electronic Telegraph

Top loyalist faces Nelson death threat:

Steady progress, but could do better: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

O'Reilly is knighted for his services to the North: The Irish Times

Tribute marks peacemaker role: Irish Independent

Always remember: you can’t eat flags: Irish News

US extraditee Doherty calls for amnesty for all:

Truth and justice vital in quest for lasting peace: The Irish Times

Adams waxes cynical while Ahern wanes: Irish Independent

Potential US ambassador to sue 'Irish Voice': The Irish Times

Drive to reverse NI brain drain: BBC

Friday, December 29

Ulster leaders forced to choose: The Times

Exchanges with gardai 'a boost for the RUC': Irish Independent

Clinton reflects on Irish policy: Irish Echo

Progress 'must be intense in 2001': Belfast Telegraph

Widow slams ruling on IRA: Irish News

Freed killers ruin Christmas revelry: Irish Echo

Enniskillen victim dies 13 years on: The Scotsman

Bomb victim’s tragic death: Irish News (Editorial)

Cross-Border initiative to help potential businesses: The Irish Times

Thursday, December 28

Year ends with uncertainly ahead: BBC (Dec. 24)

Unionist rage at jailbreak decision: The Guardian

Unionist anger as IRA escapees are allowed home: Irish Independent

Government says RUC reforms not enough yet: The Irish Times

Guns still haunt NI life: BBC (Dec. 24)

Dundalk man critical after INLA feud shooting: Irish Examiner

Poppy Day bomb man dies: Belfast Telegraph

New year’s resolutions for big people: Irish News

Call for equality by Women's Coalition: The Irish Times

Omagh, the town, not the bomb: Belfast Telegraph

Wednesday, December 27

IRA escapers free to return home: The Times

British clear way for return of jail-breakers:

Hope for new political dawn: Irish News (Editorial)

SDLP doubts could put policing reform on hold: The Irish Times

Policing board issue deadlocked: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

We’re now at the stage of total denial: Irish News

Dr Brady urges faith in agreement: The Irish Times

Sectarianism is 'eating' at North's society: The Irish Times

Ceaseless quest of King Rat's father: The Guardian

Order to expel 2 jailed members: Irish News

Pro-Trimble assembly member dies: Irish Examiner

No ‘generosity and fluff’ for SF’s mayor: Irish News

A defender of the only faith: The Guardian

Mass very important to only 40% poll: The Irish Times

Tuesday, December 26

Unionists don't want President Clinton as Ulster 'peace envoy': Electronic Telegraph

Monday, December 25

Church leaders' hopes for peace: BBC

Giant step for Belfast: The Sunday Times (Dec. 24)

Sunday, December 24

Peace deal is on its last legs, says IRA: Ireland on Sunday

Clinton and Adams in secret arms talks: Independent on Sunday

No dissidents to be found here in `Bandit Country': Boston Herald

IRA dissidents lose £50,000 in arms swindle: The Sunday Times

Witness withdrawal raises questions about Stevens inquiry: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

IRA critic's bid to be Bush ambassador: The Sunday Times

Don't write Bush off just yet: Ireland on Sunday

RUC to scrap anti-terrorist unit in New Year: The Sunday Times

Orange lodge refuses to expel terrorist twins: The Observer

Who dares tame two evil giants?: The Sunday Times

Enjoying a break, praying for peace: Ireland on Sunday

Adair appeal may keep terrorists out of prison: The Sunday Times

Saturday, December 23

Chastelain warning to Provos on arms decommissioning: Electronic Telegraph

Arms handover is vital to avert crisis, says De Chastelain: The Independent

Adams urges movement from British: UTV Internet

No guarantee IRA will re-engage, says Adams: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein 'hypocrites' claim unionists: BBC

Unionists urge 'no more concessions': UTV Internet

The sharp edge has gone out of politics: Irish News

No festive season parole for Garda McCabe killers: Irish Independent

No Xmas release for Adair:

Jump in terror attack figures: Irish News

Why Catholics will not be rushing to join the RUC: Irish Independent

‘Reach out’ for permanent peace in 2001: Irish News (by Peter Mandelson)

Orange and green united in ignorance: Belfast Telegraph

Irish-US links at risk in post-North agreement era: The Irish Times (by Ben Gilman)

An Irish homecoming, of sorts, as Clinton makes last official visit: Philadelphia Inquirer

Call to repeal Irish anti-terror law: BBC

European Court of Human Rights ruling casts huge legal doubts on Offences Against the State Act: Irish Examiner

FG warns Government on dilution of terrorism laws: The Irish Times

Friday, December 22

Peace process discussions end without result: The Irish Times

Pressure on Bush to retain Ireland focus: Irish Echo

A Joker in the Pack For New Ambassador: Irish Voice

Political parties must act now: Irish Independent

Keeping up the pressure for peace: Belfast Telegrah (Editorial)

Taking risks for peace: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Bail for 'leading' Real IRA accused: BBC

Farmer suspected of directing dissident Real IRA granted bail: Irish Examiner

Small Continuity IRA may pose future threat to peace: The Irish Times

'Increase' in paramilitary threats: BBC

Mitchel McLoughlin: dynamics of coalition prevented men’s release: Irish Examiner

Students jailed on 'terrorism' charges: BBC

Demolition of Maze army camp begins: Irish News

Family escape injury after pipe-bomb attack: The Irish Times

Mayor Wilson tells Sinn Fein 'stop begging': Belfast Telegraph

Santa's bidding: Irish Echo

Thursday, December 21

Mandelson: Bush is not biased to Sinn Fein: The Independent

US ban on 'Real IRA' expected: The Irish Times

Gardai seize explosives haul intended for blitz on North: Irish Independent

Singing on the train tells us Belfast is happy again: The Irish Times

Mandelson denies 'militarist' charge: BBC

Security risk is vital issue: Irish News (Editorial)

Gardai asked to apply for senior RUC post : The Irish Times

Final three Fermanagh bases to go: UTV Internet

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Driving plan gets mixed reaction: BBC

Wednesday, December 20

Call on Blair to act over impasse: BBC

Move against 'militarists' sought: The Irish Times

Judgment on SF ban is set for new year: Irish News

Difficult road ahead on way to peace: UTV Internet

Impasse resurfaces after Clinton visit: BBC (Dec. 17)

Bush and co are likely to bear grudge: Irish News

DUP tactics 'not working': UTV Internet

Clinton liberated Dundalk from its troubled past: The Irish Times

Adams calls for McCabe killers to be freed: UTV Internet

Cabinet rift with SF widens in row over McCabe killers: Irish Independent

Stevens probe suspects refuse to give evidence: Irish News

Bringing the EU and Northern Ireland to book: The Irish Times

Tuesday, December 19

Ahern in contact with Blair to avert crisis: The Irish Times

Adams urges legal move against British government: UTV Internet

Honouring Commitments: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Dissident arms link named: BBC

RIRA could sustain a ‘major campaign’: Irish News

Provo sights set on further concessions: Belfast Telegraph

Hughes no longer toes the Provo line: by Niall Strange (Sunday Tribune, Dec. 17)

'Loyalist link' to Belfast murder: BBC

Ulster murder raises fears of racketeering: The Independent

RUC says 'freelance' gunman killed taxi driver: The Irish Times

Collusion being investigated claims Stevens: UTV Internet

Disgust at mural for garda killers: Irish News

Back despite the bigots: The Irish Times

Rodgers sees red over M1 Cead Mile Failte:

Funding boost for Irish and integrated school: UTV Internet

Document presents ecumenical difficulty: The Irish Times

Monday, December 18

Irish offer on border troops is rejected: The Times

Fracas during watchtower protest: BBC

South Armagh still engine room for dissidents: The Irish Times

Hotels receive bomb threats for taking RUC bookings: Irish Examiner

Raid on Real IRA illicit video factory: The Times

Man named as IRA chief was aid worker for Government: Irish Examiner

Where Clinton could do Bush some good: Boston Globe

The Farewell Tour in Ireland: Washington Post (Editorial)

Twisted roots make good foundations: Irish News

Trio whose influence helped plot our future: Belfast Telegraph

McMichael leadership threatened over Agreement: Irish Examiner

Protesters to mark Drumcree with carols: The Irish Times

Pastor allays feud end fears: BBC

Terrorism casts its dark shadow: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Residents ‘insulted’ by Irish name change: Irish News

Sunday, December 17

Clinton's final push for N. Ireland peace: Boston Herald

More than just a last lap of honour for President Clinton: Ireland on Sunday

"Dramatic" IRA arms move before mid-January: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Clinton's charisma brightens Northern gloom: Sunday Independent

Trimble's terrible timing: Ireland on Sunday

The Irish Will Miss This President: Los Angeles Times

When hope turns to soiled goods: Sunday Independent

Clinton raises Finucane case with Blair: Ireland on Sunday

Policing standoff threatens progress in Northern Ireland: Boston Herald

Clinton ups pressure for ruc change: Ireland on Sunday

Only republicans can redress the imbalance in the RUC: Sunday Independent

Trimble faces further showdown: BBC

Ahern urges Blair to shut Crossmaglen: The Sunday Times

Real IRA haunts peace process: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

IRA 'helping to plan huge London new year bomb': The Sunday Times

Clinton welcomes loyalist peace: BBC

Is Dubya big enough to take on the peace process?: Ireland on Sunday

UDA threat to out top Army mole: The Observer

British army allowed IRA to bomb Ulster: Scottish Herald

My life at risk, says Stevens probe witness: The Sunday Times

Ulster 'dirty war' inquiry collapses: Scottish Herald

'Calculated' sowing of the seeds of doubt-The Bloody Sunday Inquiry: Ireland on Sunday

Sheridan to make Bloody Sunday movie: Ireland on Sunday

Church fire will 'create fear': BBC

Paisley rapper fights hatred with humour: The Observer

Saturday, December 16

Blair expected to agree to move on demilitarisation: The Irish Times

The big picture in Ireland: Boston Globe

Irish/American bond may now be broken: Irish News

Road map to the future: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist paramilitaries call off deadly feud: The Independent

Feuding loyalists agree peace deal: The Guardian

Haemorrhage from within: The Irish Times

Trimble ban criticised in court: BBC

Clinton visit may help to open peace paths: The Irish Times

Religions unite to teach new courses: Belfast Telegraph

Clinton backs Finucane case:

Republicans blamed for abducting man: BBC