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Monday, December 30

Northern Ireland talks resume for 'one final effort':
Henry McDonald

White House urges NI parties to reach agreement: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Deadline day for Northern Ireland Haass talks: BBC

Richard Haass still pushing for a last-minute deal on flags on return to Belfast (Dec 28): Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Young people have a new vision for Northern Ireland: The Irish Times
Hugo MacNeill

In an era of austerity, Northern Ireland looks more fragile than ever: The Guardian
Richard Seymour

Peace process talks – Seize the initiative: Irish Examiner

Today is critical for us all as the Haass deal now has to be sealed: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein accused of hypocrisy over €1.9m UK 'top-up': Irish Independent
Michael Brennan

Tricolour placed on headstone of cancer victim in Cookstown (Nov 18): Tyrone Times

Time to remember Nelson Mandela's soft touch with the IRA: The Independent
Robert Fisk

Enormous RUC sacrifice must never be forgotten (Nov 4): The News Letter

Ian Paisley 'in good spirits' as he is admitted to hospital for tests: Irish Independent
Michael McHugh

It's time to define an entirely new relationship between Ireland and Britain:
Gerry Adams

When Michael D meets queen, the horse should dominate discourse: Irish Independent
Mary Kenny

David Cameron defends 'comatose' Alistair Darling's leadership of campaign against Scottish independence: Daily Telegraph
Simon Johnson

Scottish independence – Catalan claim casts EU doubt (Dec 29): Scotland on Sunday
Tom Peterkin

Scotland belongs in the EU, and independence won't change that (Nov 29):
John Palmer

1983 State papers

SDLP leader resisted British government pressure to abandon all-Ireland solution: The Irish Times
Eamon Phoenix

NI state papers – Use of Irish in Maze caused headache for NIO (Dec 27): BBC
Eamon Phoenix

Government feared most Iranians thought IRA was our military wing (Dec 28): Irish Independent
Ralph Riegel

Iran's 'championing' of Bobby Sands in the 1980s was concerning to the Irish Government:
Christina Finn

Attorney general advised against relaxing Sinn Fein broadcasting ban in 1983 (Dec 27): The Irish Times

Cabinet Papers – Ian Paisley demanded a picture of the Pope blessing King Billy for his office (Dec 27): Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Declassified papers shed light on events both distant and near (Dec 27): The News Letter

Sunday, December 29

'Time to fish or cut bait' – Haass talks recommence, with Monday set as deadline:
Daragh Brophy

Northern Ireland deal 'extraordinarily close' – Haass: RTE

Part of Haass proposals unworkable, says DUP leader Peter Robinson: The News Letter

Unionists at Ulster talks oppose plan for army witnesses: Sunday Independent
Alan Murray

North's Bash Street kids will never wise up to ink a New Year Agreement: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

'Sectarian' attacks at Camp Twaddell condemned: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Coulter's Coveted Cock-Up Cups for 2013 (Dec 23): (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Let's all raise a glass to Nelson McCausland and his holy crusade (Dec 27): Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

How Derry's year as UK city of culture reawakened the voice of idealism: The Observer
Ed Vulliamy

Admit it – It really was Legenderry, wasn't it?: Derry Journal
Claire Allan

Forgotten VC soldiers to be remembered (Nov 21): Impartial Reporter
Julie Kenwell

Why I show no mercy to Ming, McFeely and Adams: Sunday Independent
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Poor attendances suggest Celtic need Rangers: Scotland on Sunday
Andrew Smith

Rest of UK backs independent Scotland keeping the pound, poll shows: STV

Gordon Brown writes exclusively for the Daily Record on why Salmond's economic plans are destined to make Scotland less independent (Nov 24): Scottish Daily Record
Gordon Brown

Northern Ireland and the Israel/Palestine 'Peace Process' (Dec 24): Foreign Policy Journal
Richard Falk

Mandela remarks on ceasefire reflected close links with Irish republicans (Dec 28): The Irish Times
Conor Brady

Mitchell – a genius of compromise, who mastered impossible for peace (Dec 17): Irish Independent
Liz O'Donnell

1983 State papers

NI state papers – Thatcher pressed on plastic bullets: BBC
Mark Simpson

The year when State grappled to handle Thatcher's grip on North: Sunday Independent
John-Paul McCarthy

Haughey warned on Ewart-Biggs trust: Irish Independent

Widow of murdered British ambassador referred to as 'pushy' by private secretary (Dec 27): The Irish Times
Fiona Gartland

Republicans tried to guard hospital after Gerry Adams shot (Dec 27): Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Unionists protest at SF guard over shot Adams (Dec 27): Irish News
Eamon Phoenix

Government papers – Commons misled about Gerry Adams' hospital security after shooting: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Saturday, December 28

Haass returns to press parties for renewed effort on flags, parades and the past: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Haass talks team issue a final appeal for compromise on the eve of return: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams says resolution is possible in talks: Irish Mirror
Colin Brennan

Ex-Provo rubbishes Haass truth recovery plan: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Northern Ireland: The Future—and the Past—Is Now:
Richard N. Haass and Meghan L. O'Sullivan

Haass talks – The time for leadership has arrived: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Prospect of justice for terror victims might not improve under proposals: The News Letter
Henry Patterson

Northern Ireland – the virtues of compromise: The Guardian

Stakes so high our leaders cannot afford to fail: Belfast Telegraph

Republicans slashed our banners say loyalists at Camp Twaddell: Irish News
Allison Morris

Unionists demand police action over Twaddell camp attacks in north Belfast: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Woman targeted by UDA paramilitaries says – 'I won't be bullied by gangsters': The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Pipe bomb attack is condemned: Ulster Star

'Sinister' elements must be confronted: Derry Journal

One security alert in Northern Ireland for every day of the year: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Northern Ireland intimidation drives hundreds from their homes: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Government rejects criticism that border controls are 'primitive': Carlow Nationalist

Can a good union outlive a bad one?: Daily Express
Patrick O'Flynn

Only the Queen understands the true value of the Commonwealth: Daily Telegraph
Peter Osborne

1983 State papers

FitzGerald approved overtures to Thatcher on joint sovereignty: The Irish Times
John Bowman

Bush's 'no' to peace plan and a quick pint in Bongo's: Irish Independent

NI state papers – Paisley 'accepted nationalist needs': BBC
Eamon Phoenix

Britain considered banning Sinn Fein after Harrods bombing: The Irish Times
Eamon Phoenix

US St Patrick's Day parade boycott over Provo fundraiser: Irish Independent
Ralph Riegel and Chris Parkin

Maze prisoners badly treated by 'out of control' officers after IRA escape:
Sinead O'Carroll

Cabinet resisted death penalty move: Irish News

Friday, December 27

Haass decides a deal before New Year's Eve is possible: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Haass talks a shambles so far – but there's a chance to rescue something: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Christmas dinner served up in Camp Twaddell: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Northern Ireland flag-flying ex-PM Brown opened Pandora's box: Belfast Telegraph
Tony Grew

Protestants under represented at Londonderry regeneration company: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Committee is bravely holding authority to account (Nov 14): Belfast Telegraph

Rule of law in Ireland and Northern Ireland to be examined by Boston College: Irish Voice/
Sinead Ni Fheallaigh

American Ireland Fund chief Kieran McLoughlin paid $619,000 in 2012: The Irish Times
Ciarán Hancock

Britain boosts Irish border checks in bid to improve security: Daily Telegraph
David Barrett

Alex Salmond 'hid legal reality of an independent Scotland's EU status': The Independent
James Cusick

All eyes are on the Yes vote: The Scotsman
Tom Peterkin

Welsh would block an independent Scotland from using the pound (Nov 21): The Spectator
James Forsyth

1983 State papers

'Soviet threat' tactic used on Bush: Irish Independent

Thatcher threatened to scrap Ireland visit over its stance on Falklands War: Daily Telegraph
Miranda Prynne

FitzGerald's battle with Thatcher's 'Fortress Falklands nationalism': The Irish Times
John Bowman

Future MLA 'shot prison officer' during mass Maze escape, papers claim: The Irish Times
Eamon Phoenix

Cabinet Papers – Sinn Fein's Gerry Kelly told warder to obey or be blown away: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Paisley's US ban was 'more about him personally than his policies': Irish Independent
Ed Carty

State papers – Ian Paisley described as 'schizophrenic' by Jim Prior: Belfast Telegraph

Government papers – Reluctance to arrest 'untouchable' McGuinness: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Memo from 1983 warned of SDLP losing ground to Sinn Fein: The Irish Times
Eamon Phoenix

Ex-MP thought priest wrote speeches: Belfast Telegraph

TD asked if forces told 'shoot to kill': Irish Independent
Chris Parkin

Background – North suffered political deadlock as violence continued in 1983: The Irish Times
Jonathan Bardon

Thursday, December 26

Haass tells Northern Ireland politicians to give him good reason to come back: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Politicians unite to condemn dissident gun attack on Fermanagh police: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Williamson

'Irish Volunteers' addict in weekend car chase (Dec 18): Belfast Media

Julian Cope's decision to cancel Belfast gig over security concerns 'an utter disgrace': Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson

NI 2013 – Culture and Division: UTV
Victoria Steveley

Number of Irish recruits joining British Army is down by half: Irish Independent
Ralph Riegel

As parents start choosing schools, why are we wedded to system based on unquestioned acceptance of segregation? (Dec 18): Belfast Telegraph
Noreen Campbell

Costs of G8 in Fermanagh revealed (Dec 19): UTV

Northern Ireland's outdated libel laws may yet reflect the 21st century (Nov 29): Belfast Telegraph
Tony Jaffa

Watch What You Say! (Nov 20): Derry Journal
Tony O'Doherty

UK in the EU – To stay or to go? (Nov 18): Irish Examiner
John Walsh

Is it time to throw out the concept of a royal family? (Nov 18): Irish Voice/
Charles Fiscella

Human Rights Act – a very British law (Dec 22): The Guardian

'Heathens' jibe for anti-Gaelic duo (Nov 20): John O'Groat Journal

The rewards of peace (Dec 23): Israel Hayom
William Hague

Wednesday, December 25

Haass flies back to America as marathon talks fail to reach deal: The News Letter

Parties' failure to reach deal in Haass talks 'pathetic': The News Letter
Aine Fox

Ghosts of Christmas past pleading for festive peace: Belfast Telegraph
Nuala McKeever

For U.S. diplomat, song may offer insight into The Troubles: Irish Voice/
Cormac MacConnell

End this tribalism and move on, says Apprentice tough-talker Margaret Mountford (Dec 10): Belfast Telegraph
Anna Maguire

McAleese feared peace process 'would crumble' (Dec 19): The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Fr Alec Reid's courage earned him a special place in history (Nov 23): Irish Independent

Incendiaries warning: Newtownabbey Times

I'm looking forward to Christmas in Belfast despite dissident threat, says American student: The News Letter
Aine Fox

Limerick man not guilty of IRA charges: Limerick Leader
David Hurley

Dublin collusion claims should not be ignored – veteran Troubles journalist: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Garda 'mole' revelations damaging force's reputation: Irish Post
Robert Mulhern

Is Belfast the happiest city in Britain? (Dec 17): Daily Telegraph
Soo Kim

Why, as a Labour Party member, I support independence for Scotland (Dec 5): The Herald
Cailean Gallagher

Scottish or British? The identity debate the SNP does not want to have: The Spectator
Fraser Nelson

Tuesday, December 24

No Haass deal reached after overnight talks: BBC
Mark Devenport

Parties in intensive negotiations with Richard Haass late last night: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Row over Troubles inquiry unit delays Northern Ireland talks: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Dilution of Unionist community's British identity is no go – MP: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Copeland U-turn over Richard Haass 'go home' apology: Belfast Telegraph
Claire Graham

Haass talks – Words change, but key proposals alter little: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

The Troubles – Legacy of civil unrest continues, talks delayed: Voice of Russia
Vivienne Nunis

We're depending on Santa Haass delivering a deal: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Running an idea up the Ulster flag: Belfast Media

Politicians must seal Haass deal: Belfast Telegraph

Gun attack reported on police station in County Fermanagh: The Independent
David Young

McGuinness – Gun attack on Lisnaskea police station "must be condemned": Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Shots fired on PSNI station a 'deplorable attack by terrorists', says Gilmore: Irish Independent

Former hunger striker asks dissidents to reconsider: The News Letter

The Colin Duffy squad – Dedicated police surveillance unit monitored Lurgan dissident (Dec 22): The Sunday Life
Ciaran Barnes

F1 star Eddie Irvine – Dissident bombers are idiots: Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Julian Cope cancels Belfast gig due to 'security concerns': BBC

Ex-Alliance chairman changes mind about joining parades body: Irish News
John Manley

Newry Sinn Fein Councillor rejects resignation claims: Newry Times

Abandoned by his mum, raised in an orphanage, recruited at 22 and later hanged by the IRA in Long Kesh. Isn't it time there justice for Paddy Joe Crawford?: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Moloney

Massereene army barracks where two soldiers were shot dead has been sold: The Irish Times

We will suffer if Britain quits EU – Bruton: Irish Independent
Fionnan Sheahan

Monday, December 23

Haass presses Stormont parties to find courage for agreement: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Haass suggests separate flags process to NI politicians: BBC
Stephen Walker

Archbishop pleads for progress on peace deal: The Independent

Haass knows outside involvement is key to agreement in North: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

We're naive to think Richard Haass can work magic like Santa Claus in time for Christmas (Dec 20): Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

Why does a united Northern Ireland still seem a pipe dream?:
Simon Jenkins

Politicians must seal Haass deal: Belfast Telegraph

Adams feeling pressure after big drop in support: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor

City Hall has eye on future as MLAs are stuck in the past (Dec 18): Belfast Telegraph
Henry McDonald

Newly appointed parades commissioner Glyn Roberts resigns: The News Letter
Adam Kula

Fleeing dissidents leave AK in plant pot: Belfast Media

Leave us all in peace – Cardinal Brady's plea to dissidents: Belfast Telegraph
Sarah McDonald

Man released over firebomb attack: UTV

Limerick man not guilty of CIRA membership: Limerick Post
Andrew Carey

Iconic project represents legacy of peace process in Border area: Impartial Reporter

Crossing the Divide (Nov 27): Drogheda Independent

Law Commission recommends NI libel law review: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Cardinal Brady – 'We are seeing the first green shoots after our spiritual bailout': Irish Independent
Sarah MacDonald

Game-changers to come for Yes camp (Dec 15): Scotland on Sunday
Eddie Barnes

In Scotland, the unionists need to win hearts, not minds (Dec 8): The Guardian
Chris Huhne

Sunday, December 22

Northern Ireland parties examining Richard Haass proposals: BBC

'Crunch time' as talks chief urges parties to seal deal in final push, but flags still sticking point: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Northern Ireland talks 'déjà vu, all over again': BBC
Mark Devenport

Haass talks can only succeed if talking stays in the room: Belfast Telegraph
Colum Eastwood

Chance to hold politicians to account (Dec 19): The News Letter
Michael Copeland

Al-Qaeda rocket sparks fresh IRA smuggling feud: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Man arrested over Cornmarket, Belfast, fire bomb attack: BBC

Magennis condemns pipe bomb attack in Hannahstown: Ulster Star

Man held over Belfast firebomb: UTV

Two released over gun attack on police: UTV

Flags, emblems and parades in Orange Order's Christmas message (Dec 20): The News Letter

Gathering student voices to tackle Northern Ireland's past (Dec 16): Belfast Telegraph
Anna Bryson

IRA sniper Bernard McGinn found dead in Ireland:
Henry McDonald

Smithwick was 'weak' on his collusion claim: Belfast Media
Anthony Neeson

Taoiseach who earned his spurs as peacemaker: Sunday Independent
John Drennan

Off-duty garda abused PSNI officers who arrested him in taxi row: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Irish media only interested in vilifying Sinn Féin with a view rooted in the party's shady past: Irish Post
Joe Horgan

Enda Kenny is now the most popular political leader in Ireland:
Sinead O'Carroll

Ó Muirí welcomes additional funding for Irish language broadcasting sector (Dec 16): Newry Times
Paul Malone

Government 'worst since foundation of State' for supporting Irish (Dec 13): The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Irish taxpayers forced to pick up McFeely's €233m tab: Sunday Independent
Maeve Sheehan

Politicians finding it hard to keep up with the people on gay rights (Dec 20): The Irish Times
Eamonn McCann

Boris Johnson tells pro-Union parties – stop hectoring Scots (Dec 18): The Herald
Kate Devlin

Crowning an independent Scotland (Dec 20): The Scotsman
Joyce McMillan

Marco Rubio – 'if the UK wants to leave the EU, that's your business'. Someone tell Obama (Dec 3): Daily Telegraph
Tim Stanley

Saturday, December 21

Haass talks stall but efforts to continue into next week: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Belfast City Hall flag at centre of Haass logjam: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Richard Haass talks – Meghan O'Sullivan's mum wants her home for Christmas: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Securing justice for victims of fanatical murderers: The News Letter

Belfast police murder attempt – two men arrested:
Henry McDonald

Teenagers charged with bomb-making: UTV

Judgment reserved in flag bearer appeal: Derry Journal

Ruth Patterson Facebook prosecution – charge withdrawn: BBC

'Gentle giant' has both hands smashed in horrific hammer attack: Belfast Media

Keeping The IRA Out Of The Trial (Dec 18): Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Gary Craig

Reorganisation will change the Ulster council landscape (Dec 14): The News Letter

MLA 'disappointed' by Catholic schools body response on Brollagh: Fermanagh Herald

The less than noble Lord Laird will have few friends left in the House (Dec 17): The Independent
Andy McSmith

Lord Laird scandal adds to clamour for House of Lords reform (Dec 19): Belfast Telegraph
Tony Grew

Mandela condolences letter proposal divides city councillors: Ulster Star

'Cross-border trade barriers must be removed to assist SME's' – Ruane: Newry Times
Paul Malone

No record of or means to collect millions owed by health tourists (Dec 5): Belfast Telegraph
Colin Breen

Keeping the momentum going: Derry Journal

Bethany Firth – Swimmer switches from Ireland to Great Britain (Dec 18): BBC

Ireland reiterates neutrality as EU leaders to step up military plans (Dec 20): Irish Independent
Fionnan Sheahan

Irish defence policy not threatened by stronger EU security ties, Kenny says: The Irish Times
Suzanne Lynch

Celtic 'paying for Rangers' absence', says Albert Ferrer (Dec 13): BBC

Scottish independence – use of pound 'unstable', says Fitch (Dec 18): BBC

MPs warn Scotland that world role could shrink (Dec 19):
Severin Carrell

British Catholics' Quandary (Dec 17): New York Times
Kenan Malik

Friday, December 20

Haass finalising proposals on parades, flags and the past: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Haass proposals – Limited immunity may be on cards: BBC
Andy Martin

Belfast City Hall flag at centre of Haass logjam: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Haass proposals – Flying of Irish tricolour ruled out: BBC
Stephen Walker

Unionist anger at Haass proposal for licence to fly Union flag: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Haass NI talks issues explained: BBC

If all this fails blame parties, not Richard Haass the honest broker: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

The establishment opposed NI flag, says heraldry expert: The News Letter

Major bomb plot foiled in Northern Ireland:
Henry McDonald

Belfast Christmas market defies dissident campaign: The News Letter
Adam Kula

Leading dissident arrested in swoop: Evening Herald
Ken Foy

Sinn Fein needs to tell dissidents – The IRA failed: The News Letter

Arrest over Kalashnikov shooting: UTV

Court hears plea to spare Marian Price jail sentence: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Old Bailey bomber Marian Price's sentencing adjourned until new year: The News Letter

Bomb attack on MLA's office is condemned: Ulster Star

Omagh bomb appeals dismissed: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Appeal from Omagh bomb pair dismissed: Irish Independent
Michael McHugh

The day when the IRA brought terror to festive shoppers: Yorkshire Post

Why Albert Reynolds was the greatest Irish leader of my lifetime: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Depression and anxiety which led to suicide bids means 'war is far from over' for former activist: Belfast Media

Judith Gillespie, NI's most senior policewoman, to retire: BBC

Are you Ulster, Irish, British or European?: Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Taoiseach and British prime minister pay respects to war dead in Flanders: The Irish Times
Arthur Beesley

Two nations unite in honour of war dead: Irish Independent
Lise Hand

City of Culture – Show goes on despite discord in the Derry air: The Irish Times
Una Bradley

Victim of anti-Irish racism speaks of relief as 'Taig of the Day' host found guilty: Irish Post
Niall O Sullivan

Sectarianism still forms divide: The Scotsman
Peter Geoghegan

Scottish Nationalism's Dangerous Cult of Victimhood (Dec 11): The Spectator
Alex Massie

It is in Celtic's best interests to wish for calm at Ibrox (Dec 19): The Herald
Archie Macpherson

Thursday, December 19

Haass deal hopes in balance: Irish News

New Haass proposals to be revealed to political parties: BBC
Gareth Gordon

Haass talks – We've laid down very clear red lines on flags, says Jeffrey Donaldson: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Cameron, Gilmore and Villiers call for compromise in Haass talks: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Proposal to set up parallel justice system for Troubles crimes: The News Letter

Start paying off debt to Troubles victims, Victims Commissioner Kathryn Stone tells parties: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Parties' views, not those of Haass, crucial in negotiations: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Round-table Haass talks stall as DUP puts spoke in timetable: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Haass teams must halt attempts to legitimise terror: The News Letter

The pathway to peace is a game of give and take: Belfast Telegraph

Fury as bill for policing parades hits £1m a week... and that doesn't include flag protests: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick and Noel McAdam

BBC poll finds Protestant support for Parades Commission: The News Letter

Police foil car bomb plot: Belfast Telegraph
Tom Brady

Man arrested as part of operation to tackle dissident activity: The Irish Times

Belfast shopping mall bomb plot – police arrest two men:
Henry McDonald

Two men arrested over Belfast bomb attack are released: BBC

Welcome for former IRA men's dissident criticism: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Dissident republicans drawing on flawed IRA view of history: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Dissident campaign bolstering Sinn Fein support, says former IRA man: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Elliott accuses council of 'disingenuous' job ad to hire Irish language officer: Fermanagh Herald

In the trenches of a language war: The Economist

DUP unveil new Cookstown councillor after Ian McCrea resigns: Mid Ulster Mail
Michael McGlade

Man charged with 1998 IRA murder freed on bail: Irish News

DUP councillor David Hilditch gives seat to defector Fred Cobain: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Lord Laird – Northern Ireland peer barred from House of Lords over 'cash for access' operations tells of battle with depression: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Anger at Lisburn's snub for Mandela: Belfast Media
Ciara Quinn

Bus attacked after Ards-Cliftonville semi-final in Bangor: BBC

We'll ban sectarian-chant supporters says Ards FC: Irish News

Kenny and Cameron to visit war graves and memorials: The Irish Times
Arthur Beesley

Archbishop rejects claim of Anglican school discrimination: Irish Independent
Sarah MacDonald

Poll shows Yes campaign is closing gap in race for votes: The Herald
Magnus Gardham and Michael Settle

Europe will be stronger if the UK remains a committed member: The Irish Times
Paschal Donohoe

Wednesday, December 18

Haass to deliver new draft proposals: UTV

Richard Haass Talks – Tricolour at Stormont proposal the first major sticking point: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Deal can be done on Haas proposals – Eastwood: Derry Journal

Richard Haass Talks – If this was the final deal I'd have steam coming out my ears, says Peter Robinson: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Haass talks – Details in the draft document under consideration: BBC
Mark Devenport

Haass talks countdown – It's decision time on shared future we were promised: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Report will not be a magic wand: Derry Journal

Community talks see Union flags and Irish tricolours removed from council depots: Belfast Telegraph
Rebecca Black

Belfast shoppers confound the pessimists in face of bombs and political unrest: Belfast Telegraph
Donald C McFetridge

In praise of ... Belfast revellers: The Guardian

PSNI chief says dissidents have 'shifted tactics' towards economic targets: The Irish Times
Ruadhan Mac Cormaic

Baggott – Resources needed for historical enquiries "hindering our ability to deal with the present":
Daragh Brophy

Fire bomb attack in Belfast city centre 'shows serious upsurge in dissident republican activity': Belfast Telegraph

Dissident campaign madness and it should stop, say former IRA men: The News Letter
Gemma Murray

Policing union tells Northern Ireland public – be our eyes and ears: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Belfast Victoria Square car bomb – Two men arrested by police: BBC

Teenagers arrested in dissident probe: UTV

'Republican parade masked flag bearer never properly identified' – court hears: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Dissident Republican Colin Duffy in police murder plot charge: Irish Independent
Michael McHugh

Supporters arrested outside court as Colin Duffy charged with IRA membership and plot to kill police: The News Letter

Band members cleared of parade breach: UTV

BBC Newsline poll – Support for Parades Commission and peace centre: BBC

Final 'Mickey Bo' gang thug sentenced to eight years: Irish Mirror

Irish language EU website welcomed by Anderson: Derry Journal

McFeely claims gardai planted €200k under bath: Irish Independent
Dearbhail McDonald and Conor Feehan

Seven Green Brigade members face 'IRA song' trial: The Scotsman

Yes campaign struggling to attract women voters: The Herald
Magnus Gardham

Tuesday, December 17

Haass proposes new body to investigate Troubles killings: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Unionists and victims could gain from Troubles amnesty, claims ex-Trimble adviser: The News Letter

Maze site to feature in critical Haass discussions: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Robinson calls for proposal changes: Belfast Telegraph

DUP warned against rushing to judge Haass proposals: Irish News
John Manley

Richard Haass's 'modest proposal' challenges parties: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

More polarized now 20 years on from Downing Street Declaration: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Parties must seek compromise: Belfast Telegraph

BBC Newsline poll – 39% want to keep Parades Commission: BBC

New Northern Ireland flag should be created, says former UUP leader: The News Letter

Tricolour could fly over Stormont during visits by Taoiseach: Irish Independent
Liam Clarke

Willie Frazer protests but no bedpush for victims: The News Letter

Jamie's big idea: Belfast Media

Firebomb explodes in Belfast shop:
Henry McDonald

Belfast man 'bursts into flames' in sports shop: The Independent
Heather Saul

Cornmarket fire bomb attack – Belfast worker carries device from shop: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh and David Young

Tánaiste condemns Belfast fire bomb attack: RTE

Police consider releasing CCTV image of dissident republican Belfast city centre bomb suspect: Belfast Telegraph
John Mulgrew

Public asked for bomb scene images: UTV

'People fear next bomb won't be a warning' – Belfast business manager: The News Letter

Belfast people 'defiant' after attack: UTV

Tens of thousands of pounds in trade lost by Cathedral Quarter bomb: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria O'Hara

Dissident attacks are aimed at influencing the Haass talks: The News Letter

Shatter advises media on terrorist names: The Irish Times
Tim O'Brien

Prominent republican facing charges of conspiracy to murder security forces:
Henry McDonald

'Massive amount of bomb-making liquid mercury' on arrested Lurgan biker: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Ulster Unionist peer Lord Laird to be suspended from House of Lords: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

Peer could be suspended from House of Lords for four months: Impartial Reporter

We need an Irish Nelson Mandela: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

RTE gives Adams a special slot to address the nation: Irish Independent
Niall O'Connor, Michael Brennan and Caroline Crawford

Scottish media accused of ignoring anti-Irish racism: Irish Post
Niall O'Sullivan

Scots independence threat to UK influence, says Sir John Major: Financial Times
Kiran Stacey and Mure Dickie

Monday, December 16

Haass prepares intensive push for agreement on the past by Stormont parties: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Haass talks – DUP mixed reaction to draft document: BBC

'Richard Haass, public sector wage packets and the execution of Kim Jong-un's uncle (Dec 13): Belfast Telegraph
Will Chambre

Flag report says loyalism feels abandoned by unionist parties (Dec 11):
Barry McCaffrey

'Growing sense of alienation and disengagement among loyalists': The News Letter

How Belfast's jingling tills drowned out the sound of loyalist protest (Dec 4): Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Police banned from east Belfast bar after links to attempted dissident bomb attacks: Belfast Telegraph
Sara Girvin

Cathedral Quarter bomb bid makes it clear the dissidents haven't gone away: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Belfast bombing – Heinous bid to undo progress: Irish Examiner

Bombing of Alliance office in Lisburn 'an attack on democracy': Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Ferguson

Three held in dissident probe: UTV

Downing St Declaration – Dinner that gave birth to NI peace process: BBC

McConville lawyer angry with PSNI: Belfast Telegraph

RUC 'old guard' trying to close ranks – Pat Finucane Centre (Oct 25): Derry Journal

Nelson Mandela heals even in death as best of enemies shake on it (Dec 12): Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

How partition left Northern Ireland as sport's poor relation: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Lord Laird suspended from House of Lords following Telegraph and Panorama investigation over payments: Daily Telegraph
Holly Watt

Safer to debate state of the nation than its birth (Dec 15): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Belfast pub owned by the agent of Celtic star Anthony Stokes to stage a fundraising night for the Green Brigade: Scottish Daily Record
Norman Silvester

Green Brigade can't rewrite history (Dec 4): The Scotsman
Michael Kelly

Omerta is a better policy for Shiels after Old Firm 'Mafia" claim (Dec 8): Sunday Herald

Sectarianism not caused by denomination schools, says expert group (Dec 13): The Herald
Gerry Braiden

Scotland growing tired of sectarianism, says new report: The Courier

Unionists need alternatives: The Scotsman
Brian Monteith

Young people 'want UK to stay in Europe' – Four in 10 adults aged 18 to 24 are 'firmly in favour' of membership, poll shows: The Independent
Nigel Morris


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