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This archive contains references to articles from December 16-31, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


December 31

STRIKES BY THE ENEMIES OF PEACE: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Symbolic steps could yield biggest dividends for peace: The Irish Times

Slain extremist is buried in Northern Ireland hometown: Boston Globe

US congressman attacks unionists: The Irish Times

Dillon gave his life for others, priest says: The Irish Times

Trimble seeks wider inquiry into security at the Maze: The Times

Ignore Ken, look for a legal way over the wall: Irish News

Rioting feared after funerals: Electronic Telegraph

No murder can ever be justified: Irish News

December 30

Under the gun in Northern Ireland: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Prison Security in N. Ireland -- Like Everything Else -- Is a Matter of Politics: Washington Post

Prisons chief to head Maze killing inquiry: The Times

Three men are charged with Wright murder: The Irish Times

After violence, vigilance grips Northern Ireland: Boston Globe

Politicians plead for calm: Irish News

December 29

Contrasting lifestyles of Belfast and Dublin: The Irish Times

Shadow of a Gunman: Washington Post

MAZE OF ERROR: The Times (Editorial)


Frank engagement the only option next year: Irish News

Ulster group says attack was reprisal: Boston Globe

Murdered republican killed two: Irish News

No strangers to violent death: Irish News

Unionists call for Mowlam to quit: Electronic Telegraph

Adams's US pulling power: The Times

December 28

King Rat knew the trap was closing: Electronic Telegraph

Protestant Militant Slain in N. Ireland Prison: Washington Post

Hotel killing rocks Ulster peace hopes: The Sunday Times

Threat to woman put Wright in prison: Boston Globe

An eye for an eye: The Sunday Times

Mowlam loses the Midas touch: The Sunday Times

December 27

Articulate loyalist who stays true to his roots: The Irish Times

People still being killed: Irish News (Editorial)

Ireland to repatriate ex-Marine connected to IRA gun smugglers: Boston Globe

Europe may save us: Irish News

Austria offers neutral venue for North talks: The Irish Times

Ulster troop cuts ruled out: Electronic Telegraph

Church leaders stress role of realism: The Irish Times

December 26

Young want peace, says Belfast pupil: The Times

December 25

No News Today

December 24

Ulster ceasefire warning as prisoners are paroled: Electronic Telegraph

A Time For Cool Heads: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Loyalists' cause for complaint on prisoners: The Irish Times

Euro'll going to be sorry we didn't join: Irish News

Referendum could prove double-edged sword: The Irish Times

Churchgoers angry at Irish-only invitation to Christmas Eve midnight mass: The Independent

December 23

GAA should drop Rule 21: Irish News (Editorial)

Amid loyalist entreaty, a gesture to IRA: Boston Globe

Four UUP MPs call for withdrawal from talks: The Irish Times

US Congress members call for peace push: The Irish Times

December 22

The bombers who can show us all the folly of hatred: Sunday Business Post

London rules out release policy change: The Irish Times

Sectarian ritual costs RUC £2m: The Times

McAliskey rally told of hope for hearing: Irish News

Communion storm fuels Protestant suspicions: Irish News

Archbishop is only the messenger: The Irish Times

Why are we squabbling when unity is our goal?: Irish News

US Ambassador takes Holy Communion: The Irish Times

December 21

Ceasefire extended to March: The Sunday Times

One man's mission to bridge great divide: The Sunday Times

Don't get stung by Hume and McAleese: The Sunday Times

Grow up and face the facts: The Sunday Times

December 20

A real Ulster Christmas: Irish News

John Hume, tough but subtle architect of peace: The Irish Times

Christmas is a good time to Wise Up: Irish News

Angry Ulster loyalists threaten to quit talks: Boston Globe

Taoiseach to press Britain on releases: The Irish Times

Unionists to stay despite talks threat: Irish News

Bridge-Building And Communion: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Comments marked by a lack of sensitivity: The Irish Times

President shows she knows her own mind - and ours: The Irish Times

December 19

Ireland to release 9 IRA prisoners: Boston Globe

Christmas parole for Mountbatten killer: Irish Independent

Looking for Something to Please All Sides in N. Ireland: Washington Post

PRISONERS OF POLITICS: The Times (Editorial)

Release policy must be fair: Irish News (Editorial)

PUP threatens to leave talks over prisoners: Irish News

Blurring of boundaries no help to the drive for unity: The Irish Times

December 18

Nine Provos to be released in goodwill move: Irish Independent

Slowest Camel Sets The Pace: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Community policing without balaclavas: Irish News

IRA bombers out for Christmas: The Times

Blair says progress will be achieved: The Irish Times

Church picket 'must end': Irish News

Breaking the Bread of Life should be enjoyed together: Irish News

Bishops not acting like Christians: The Irish Times

Christians' desire to unite understandable: The Irish Times

Dr Eames restates position of C of I on Eucharist: The Irish Times

December 17

New players in Northern Ireland: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Ulster talks adjourn, short of results: Boston Globe

'Shredding' is the buzz word as unionism splits: Irish News

The London schoolboy who turned Republican terrorist: The Independent

Agenda deadlock as peace talks adjourn: The Irish Times

Newspaper condemns mum over Adams visit: Irish News

Judges end McAliskey stalemate: The Independent

Taking C of I Communion a sham, says archbishop: The Irish Times

Protestant group has priests taped: Irish News

December 16


Peace mission: Irish Independent

Sending out all the wrong signals: Irish Independent

President gives views on peace: The Irish Times

Ulster fails to find Christmas breakthrough: The Times

UUP and SDLP criticise proposals for RUC reforms: The Irish Times

Clinton anxious for talks role: Irish News

Bishops signal disquiet on communion issue: The Irish Times