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This archive contains references to articles from December 16-31, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Thursday, December 31

Honour Ulster: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Omagh: Why has no-one been charged?: Belfast Telegraph

Demise of Mandelson could impact on peace: The Irish Times

SF slams no camp: Irish News

Blair honours Major for Ulster role: Electronic Telegraph

Nationalists refuse to accept honours: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

GAA rule leads to funding row: Irish News

Still espousing reconciliation yet practising division: The Irish Times

Wednesday, December 30

North-South poised to unite in cross-border tourism drive: Irish Independent

Family's home bombed in sectarian attack: The Guardian

A rudderless unionism adrift on tide of history: Irish News

Tuesday, December 29

The year Ireland’s mountains moved: Irish News

The Shape of '99: The Irish Times

Residents back parades ruling: Irish News

Billy Wright's father to press Dublin for inquiry: The Irish Times

Euro alert issued by SDLP man: Irish News

Monday, December 28

Sad caricatures lurking in Trimble's speech: Sunday Business Post

Peace still looms over North: Sunday Business Post

1998 - 'momentous year': by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The flinty Moses of a reluctant tribe: The Times

Leading the way into a brighter millennium: Irish News

The IRA's lost new direction: The Guardian

Archbishop calls for courage to walk new paths: The Irish Times

Keeping peace in Northern Ireland: Boston Globe

Mowlam promises fresh push for peace: Irish News

Sunday, December 27

Threat to step up Orange parades: The Sunday Times

Sands to sue over 'Omagh bomb' eviction: The Sunday Times

Pete King - A Lonely Voice of Principle: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Freed terrorists in Belfast rackets: The Sunday Times

Saturday, December 26

Discard baggage of hate: Eames: Belfast Telegraph

A private and very public affair: Belfast Telegraph

Finally, a future that can defeat the past: The Independent

Friday, December 25

No News Today, Christmas Day

Thursday, December 24

Fury as terrorist prisoners go home for Christmas: The Guardian

Bomber smuggled out of Maze jail to avoid his victims' daughter: Electronic Telegraph

Omagh asks for a day but is due much more: The Irish Times

Mowlam hails ‘remarkable’ progress: Irish News

A year of hope and tragedy: BBC

The message is the same: Irish News (Editorial)

Carols replace chants at Drumcree: The Irish Times

Wednesday, December 23

Freed prisoners storm: Belfast Telegraph

Early releases of IRA prisoners continue: The Irish Times

Last of Omagh's Wounded Goes Home: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Time for the handout of Stormont prezzies: Irish News

Search for IRA disappeared ends: BBC

Dissident UK Unionists boycott meeting: The Irish Times

Lawyers hit back at Saville rebuke: Irish News

Tuesday, December 22

Ulster's year of transformation: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Sinn Fein leaders meet with Garvaghy residents: Belfast Telegraph

Police killers could be set free in two years: Electronic Telegraph

Pain of peace deal: Irish Independent

Maze leave for 170 at Christmas: The Times

Agreement's stinging twist for victims: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein in call to abandon ‘no men’: Irish News

Flanagan sees no IRA intent to yield on arms: The Irish Times

Christmas in Omagh: Irish Independent

Monday, December 21

Deal may face rough passage in Assembly: Belfast Telegraph

McNamee comes home free: Sunday Business Post

IRA 'no plans to disarm': BBC

Sinn Fein is living in past, says RUC chief: The Times

Trimble's Oslo speech unmasks the nationalist bigots: The Irish Times

Festive season is time to contemplate new dawn: Irish News

New NI ministers must learn to share power: The Irish Times

Police start dig for IRA 'disappeared': Electronic Telegraph

GAA must adopt pluralist ethos: Irish News

Orangemen issue challenge to PUP: The Irish Times

Loyal order out of touch: Irish News

Men who murdered gardai may be free soon: The Irish Times

‘RIRA wants prison move’: Irish News

Candle-lit vigil remembers Omagh dead: BBC

Sunday, December 20

IRA raises hopes on arms: The Sunday Times

Hunt on for the bodies of IRA victims: Electronic Telegraph

PLO's peace gesture points the way for IRA: The Sunday Times

Small surrender of arms with a big charge of significance: The Observer

Irish Congressman Sealed Clinton's Fate: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Decommissioning start heralds early Christmas: The Sunday Times (by David Trimble)

Merged party gags de Rossa over the North: The Sunday Times

People of the Year - On the side of peace: Independent on Sunday

Supporters turn on Six over libel case: The Sunday Times

Drumcree march passes peacefully: BBC

Why Keenan prefers terror to talks: The Sunday Times

Omagh is haunted by its Christmas past: Electronic Telegraph

IRA killer of nine to be freed for Christmas: The Sunday Times

Saturday, December 19

Protestants, Catholics Agree to Reforms in Northern Ireland: New York Times

Endorsement by UUP helps Trimble's hand: The Irish Times

Loyalist terror group is first to hand in arms: Electronic Telegraph

Provo hardliner joins army council in bid to heal rift: Irish Independent

A gesture to peace that should be followed by others: The Independent (Editorial)

Disarmament is next step for IRA: Irish News (Editorial)

THREE STEPS TO PEACE: The Times (Editorial)

A timely accord: Irish Independent (Editorial)

LVF guns handover is a ‘stunt’ says PUP: Irish News

Ulster's Arsenal: The Independent

Renewed tension at Drumcree: The Irish Times

Oh come ye to Drumcree ... forget Bethlehem: Irish News

Birmingham Six abandon libel action: The Guardian

Ahern to brief PM on Scots soldiers: Irish News

Friday, December 18

N. Ireland Group Hands in Weapons: New York Times

Stepping stone to peace: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Irishman jailed for Hyde Park bomb plot wins appeal: Electronic Telegraph

McNamee's victory marred by decision: The Irish Times

Orangemen may discipline Trimble for attending bomb funerals: The Guardian

Order’s stance is shameful: Irish News (Editorial)

Hunt for new groups behind loyalist threats: Irish Independent

Bloody Sunday troops denied anonymity: BBC

Thursday, December 17

PM rages at Tory stance on Ulster: The Guardian

Hopes rise of deal on cross Border bodies: The Irish Times

Garvaghy residents confident of Blair intervention: Irish News

Orange Order moves to reprove Trimble: The Irish Times

A premature prize for an immature laureate: by Professor William Lafferty

LVF says it will hand in weapons soon: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday ‘was murder’ says ex-soldier: Irish News

Wednesday, December 16

Opposition's cool option: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein leadership 'face threat': Belfast Telegraph

Push to end deadlock: BBC

Continuity IRA pledges attacks: The Irish Times

Judge denies LVF leader's pistol appeal: The Independent

A place of inspiration on the road to Dublin: Irish News

Unionists need acts of good authority: The Irish Times

'Man on the Hill' has mountain to climb: The Times

High honours for Catholic schools: Irish News (Editorial)

UKUP member challenges leader: The Irish Times