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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from December 16-31, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Friday, December 31

Huge majority want unity in the next 20 years - poll: Irish Independent

Contradictions over the desire for unity: Irish Independent

Millennium heralds NI's bright future: BBC

Make 2000 the year of permanent peace: The Irish Times

Success at last after decades of bombs and years of talks: The Independent

Ireland at peace with itself is at hand: The Examiner

It's your choice - Hume is man of the millennium: Irish Independent

Warring loyalist groups spark high security alert: The Examiner

Peerage for Parades chairman: BBC

Thursday, December 30

Ahern: Dissidents threaten peace: BBC

Internecine warfare feared as leading Provos defect to Real IRA: The Examiner

Optimism in North, no room for complacency: The Irish Times

Grandad Adams sees Sinn Fein multiply: The Guardian

Finishing line is in sight, says Trimble: The Examiner

John Hume's Century: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Scotland may already be lost, fears Major: Electronic Telegraph

Wednesday, December 29

Face political realities - warning: BBC

Leaders relive year of peace: Irish News

Border groups to get extra cash aid: Irish Independent

Vote of confidence in developing trust: Irish News (Editorial)

Loyalist tension blamed for violence: BBC

DUP minister promises his department will be best: The Irish Times

North's regions must get fair deal: The Irish Times

Tuesday, December 28

Kempton Park evacuated after bomb threat: Electronic Telegraph

Police dilemma over bomb warning at races: The Independent

Base hoax: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Looking to the future: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Trimble's opponents have got it all wrong so far: The Irish Times

Monday, December 27

Provo bosses want to legitimately retain guns for personal protection: The Examiner

Adams ‘will not run for the Dail’: Irish News

Orange support for district master's protest: The Irish Times

Hope rises from ashes of the past: Irish News

Just one inmate spends holiday in the Maze: The Irish Times

CHURCH AND STATE: The Times (Editorial)

Sectarianism of any kind is dated: Irish News (Editorial)

Leaders of churches see need for reconciliation: The Irish Times

Sunday, December 26

Adams to stand for Dail seat: The Sunday Times

Archbishop will not remove Fr Denis Faul: Sunday Independent

Trouble looms in Lurgan over death of lawyer: Boston Herald

Sinister signal of IRA intent: Sunday Independent

Past that offers promise for future: The Sunday Times

Intimidation still on the menu: Sunday Independent

The Best and Worst of the Year: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Year of uncertainty ahead: BBC

TV race to relive Bloody Sunday: The Sunday Times

Where the living envy the dead: Sunday Independent

Archbishop opens the way to Catholic crown: The Sunday Times

Saturday, December 25

No News Today

Friday, December 24

Ireland in secret talks to end rift: The Times

Government denies secret talks on Commonwealth: The Irish Times

Have yourself an Orange little Christmas: Irish News

Leaders remember lost lives: BBC

Mandelson hails 'age of grown-up politics' in Ulster: The Independent

RTÉ accused of backing British analysis on North: The Irish Times

Cheers and hugs as terrorists walk free: Electronic Telegraph

Minister refuses parole for dissident republicans: The Irish Times

Loyalist truce is queried by case: Irish News

Sinn Féin critical of British plan for security: The Examiner

Peace to men of goodwill: Irish News (Editorial)

Invitation of St Patrick's Mass turned down: The Irish Times

Thursday, December 23

Mum to tell story of son’s murder: Irish News

The IRA's Christmas present: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

The Orange Order and SF's alleged 'oath': Belfast Telegraph

Ulster security to be relaxed: The Guardian

Security cuts plan lacking substance - Sinn Féin: The Irish Times

Dissidents will delay scaling down of security: The Irish Times

Maze empties as terrorists get Christmas leave: Electronic Telegraph

Bennett accused to be freed: BBC

Mandelson confident of settlement on Drumcree: The Examiner

Parade threat by hardline Orangemen: The Irish Times

Secrets charges against Ulster spy author dropped: The Guardian

MPs urged to abolish anti-Catholic act: BBC

Wednesday, December 22

Ahern under pressure to allow Northern politicians to contest elections in South: The Examiner

A tale of three cities: The Guardian (Editorial)

Time both sides concentrated on working councils: Irish News

Major leads protest against plan to absolve Sinn Fein from loyalty oath: The Independent

Why Sinn Fein need the Assembly to work: Irish Independent

Hume’s hopes - and his regrets: Irish News

Turbulent priest: The Guardian

Barristers boycott ceremony over declaration: The Irish Times

Outdated and irrelevant oath: Irish News (Editorial)

Inquiry lawyers’ plea for bullets: Irish News

Tuesday, December 21

New law to boost Adams's ambitions: The Times

Last IRA prisoners freed under pact: Irish Independent

Wanted IRA men are back in North: The Examiner

Trimble lobbies president on guns: BBC

UUP sets date for participation vote: The Irish Times

Irish question has McCain bogged down: Electronic Telegraph

Northern Catholic barristers to boycott over oath to Queen: The Examiner

Monday, December 20

NIO given list of IRA suspects:Belfast Telegraph

First moves to heal bombings trauma: Irish Independent

DUP refused education job, says UUP: Belfast Telegraph

Impossible dreams becoming a reality: Irish News

'Blame UVF for killing the Quinn boys': Belfast Telegraph

British loyalist `Mad Dog' Adair happy about peace: Boston Herald

NI peace briefing for Clinton: BBC

Clinton may be urged to promote decommissioning: The Irish Times

Sinn Féin denies knowing about Westminster offices: The Examiner

Row over policing convulses Carrickmore: The Irish Times

Northern Ireland at the Turn of the Millennium: G21.NET

Inquiry into 1974 Irish bombings: Electronic Telegraph

Announcement may ease suffering of relatives: The Irish Times

Breaking up: how long can Britain last?: The Times

Sunday, December 19

Peace and reconciliation in Northern Ireland: Boston Globe

A vision of Ireland to make revisionists choke: Sunday Business Post

Disarmament still the domino that could topple rest: Boston Herald

NI jigsaw missing d-shaped piece: BBC

Trimble to Meet Clinton on Decomissioning: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Mallon - All depends on IRA: BBC

DUP tour put police and soldiers' lives 'at risk': The Sunday Times

North South Ministerial Council far cry from Council of Ireland: by Brian Feeney (Sunday Tribune)

Ireland rings out Troubled century: Boston Herald

Let's take on Sinn Fein bullies: The Sunday Times

The Prisoners of Forgetting cannot be allowed to transfer guilt to society as a whole: by Henry McDonald (Independent on Sunday)

World heads in tribute to victims of Troubles: The Sunday Times

The Executive, not the cross border bodies, is where the real test lies: by Steven King (Sunday Tribune)

IRA and UVF pair in paper alliance: The Observer

Sinn Fein must end intimidation of Fr Faul - John Bruton: Sunday Independent

Barristers oppose Crown oath: BBC

Police claim to have seized Sunday Times whistleblower: The Sunday Times

Cash boost for Ulster Scots: BBC

Sinn Fein to win offices in Commons: The Sunday Times

Saturday, December 18

Green fingers are now holding the purse strings: Irish News

British-Irish panel makes history: It meets: Boston Globe

Compromise no longer a dirty word: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Normality has finally arrived: Irish News (Editorial)

More Provo prisoners to be released next week: Irish Independent

RUC reforms to start in new year: BBC

Article on Patten report criticised: The Irish Times

Blair accused of turning blind eye to IRA terrorists: Electronic Telegraph

Council is weak, says Dodds: The Irish Times

Goodwill all round at the British-Irish summit: The Guardian

Challenge to IRA after Irish-British meeting: The Irish Times

Council assigns folios in spirit of co-operation: The Examiner

The hand of peace for a new beginning: Irish Independent

The day the Bailiwicks met the peace process: The Irish Times

Isle seat on the flight from conflict: The Times

Progressive Politics: The Irish Times (Editorial)

New hope for a new millennium in new Ireland: The Examiner (Editorial)

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Legal challenge to barristers' oath: BBC

Bishops say lack of trust is still core problem in North: The Irish Times

Friday, December 17

Clearout of Provo prisoners in days: Irish Independent

Ahern vows to crush dissidents: Irish News

Robinson in cleft stick after `meeting' with Sinn Fein: Irish Independent

Legal Team Probes Irish Lawyer's Death: Cal Law (Dec.13)

Trimble snubs DUP: Irish News

Historic step on way to lasting peace: Irish Independent

Adams unhappy with bug response: Irish News

New hope: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Learning to live together: Belfast Telegraph

Violence sickens ordinary people: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair hails devolution's historic day: BBC

Defence Minister sees gradual troop reductions along Border: The Examiner

'British-Irish Council step forward': BBC

Trimble sets his sights on another goal: The Irish Times

IRA Maze leader gets early release: Electronic Telegraph

Freed IRA man stays silent on arms role: The Guardian

Freed IRA leader may be crucial to peace process: The Independent

New logic emerging in North’s politics: The Examiner

Mandelson: 'I will implement the Patten proposals for RUC reform': The Independent

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Blair refuses call by MSPs to allow Catholic monarch: The Times

Thursday, December 16

Crunch time for politicians: Irish News (Editorial)

Peace?...It is not a time for delicate footwork ...: Belfast Telegraph

Faul guy: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

All have sinned but will all be punished equally?: Irish Independent

The way Ulster relies on Scots to a large measure: Belfast Telegraph

Days of despair in a teenager’s troubles diary: Irish News

A sign terrorism is here to stay?: Belfast Telegraph

Amnesty hope for Ulster's exiles: The Times

Republican faction fights to oust priest: Electronic Telegraph

Republicans list police hero in anti-RUC leaflet: The Irish Times

Invasion of the Mercs: The Irish Times

Ministers appointed after debate: BBC

Measures set to usher in new economic era in North: The Irish Times

MEPs in clash over Irish fund: The Irish Times