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This archive contains references to articles from December 1996. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


December 31

Trimble urges loyalists to maintain their ceasefire: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein insists truce is over as tension rises: Irish News

December 30

Indifference and injustice: Irish News (Editorial)

US politicians, even a Kennedy, matter little to N. Ireland: Boston Globe

Bomb raises fear of end to loyalist ceasefire: Daily Telegraph

Signs of hope amid the debris and depression: Irish News

Blaming the messenger: Irish News (Editorial)

Changes in IRA may point to a new onslaught: The Times

December 29

Adams joins hardliners on IRA army council: The Sunday Times

'Loyalist bomb' is defused under car of Sinn Fein man: Sunday Telegraph

December 28

Register to list Freemasons in RUC: The Irish Times

December 27

SF seeks talks entry on basis 'of poll mandate': The Irish Times

December 26

No news today

December 25


December 24

Belfast attack Sunday laid to retaliation: Loyalists linked target to IRA hit in which 9 died: Boston Globe

Escalation in violence feared: The Irish Times

Freed UDA men in bid to save truce: Irish News

Sinn Fein's line a recipe for strife: The Irish Times

Get Down To Business: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Worry for Major as Unionist MPs back referendum: Daily Telegraph

Ahern calls on IRA for final ceasefire as patriotic act: The Irish Times

Mayhew will not penalise loyalists over car bomb: The Times

December 23

IRA Backer Is Hurt By a Car Bomb: The Daily News

Ulster fears the loyalist truce is over: Daily Telegraph

Immediate task is to stop violence escalating further: The Irish Times

Mobilising The Peace-Mongers: The Irish Times (Editorial)

IRA now faces a stark choice: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA leaders discuss bomb attack on republican: The Irish Times

IRA attack closely followed ceasefire talks: The Irish Times

Adams denies ceasefire claim: Irish News

Blast increases tension on mainland: The Times

December 22

News Analysis - Gunfire in children's ward plays on doubts about an Ulster peace: Boston Globe

Irish Republican Army may bomb again, then ask to talk about peace: Nando Times

Ulster peace on brink after Belfast shooting: Sunday Telegraph

December 21

Unionists in deal with Goldsmith: Daily Telegraph

Abominable No-men in the political menagerie: Irish News

Belfast bodyguard shot inside hospital: The Times

Christian message needed urgently - Dr Eames: The Irish Times

December 20

Hume would be guarantor of future IRA ceasefire: The Irish Times

US politician meets Adams: The Irish Times

Church picket gets backing of Orange officer: The Irish Times

December 19

Give this peace move a chance : Irish News (Editorial)

No easy path to retrieving peace: Irish News

Christmas wrapping cannot cover the hostility: The Irish Times

IRA would not win in 50 years, says Major: Daily Telegraph

Unionists back ex-IRA man's drive on deportation: Irish News

Christmas present of early poll requested by Adams: The Irish Times

December 18

Clinton, Ireland's Bruton prod IRA for truce: A seat at talks suggested in return: Boston Globe

Plenty of reason to doubt this ex-IRA 'informer': The Irish Times

Orange march ban by Scottish council: Irish News

Clinton backs early entry to talks for SF after ceasefire: The Irish Times

December 17

Howard likely to rule out 14 IRA appeals: The Irish Times

December 16

Apology can heal the hurt: Irish News (Editorial)

Orange ritual calls for the welfare of all men: Irish News

RICH LINEAGE: The Times (Editorial)

Three charged after Harryville protests: The Irish Times

December 15

IRA mole warned police about Brighton bomb: The Sunday Times

The killer who said sorry: The Sunday Times

Howard to turn down appeals for IRA men: Sunday Telegraph

December 14

The more that things change: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair's speech signals a shift to 'majority consent' Ulster policy: Daily Telegraph

After Smyth the deluge and another lost cause: Irish News

December 13

TRIMBLE'S TACTICS: The Times (Editorial)

Blairs set example for all in the north: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble silent over attack on Blair marriage: The Irish Times

December 12


Major's decline offers a real chance for peace: The Irish Times

British Meddling Could Disservice U.S.: The Daily News

British blew it says FitzGerald: Irish News

Stark images highlight the need for ceasefire: Irish News

Orange Order elects 'Right-wing' leader: Daily Telegraph

Ex-IRA man's thesis 'fascinating' to Tories: The Irish Times

December 11

Substance of freedom, not form mattered to Griffith: The Irish Times

Heavy-handed police raids should be halted: Irish News

US official says new ceasefire must be genuine: The Irish Times

Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

US businessman gives £73,000 to Sinn Fein: The Times

December 10

Talks on N. Ireland fall short: Philadelphia Inquirer

The life of a smear: The Boston Globe

Failure to Progress: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Cloud with a silver lining: Irish News (Editorial)

Libel win for maker of film on RUC: Daily Telegraph

December 9

IRA can seize the initiative: Irish News (Editorial)

When solidarity confronts hate at the church gate: The Irish Times

Harryville mob are not true to Protestantism: Irish News

Dublin seeks final 'risk for peace' from Major: The Irish Times

December 8

Story alleging affair adds new twist to N. Ireland talks: Boston Globe

America's 'Aryan' hard men take lead from IRA: Sunday Telegraph

Persecution Zeal: A Portait of Ian Paisley: The Sunday Times (Book Review)

IRA's most wanted man risks all: The Sunday Times

December 7

Washington not fooled by Trimble double talk: Irish News

Critics of siege frightened to back Catholics: The Irish Times

Dark silence pervades in Ballymena: Irish News

Protection for Mass goers: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Fein group in US raises £100,000: The Times

Smear tactic has lengthy history in NI troubles: The Irish Times

December 6

A Catholic church is besieged: Philadelphia Inquirer

Thugs 'targeting Catholicism': Irish News

The common ground: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Demand for reform of RUC rises sharply: The Irish Times

December 5

Church leaders condemn pickets outside Masses: The Irish Times

Drumcree led to loss of faith in the RUC: Irish News

The toll of past four years shows: The Irish Times

Unionists say Today favours terrorists: Daily Telegraph

JP refuses to bail pregnant IRA suspect in all-male jail: Daily Telegraph

And Irish eyes were smiling: The Times

Corporate North - An online commercial supplement (on Northern Ireland): The Irish Times

December 4

Clinton snub for Trimble on visit to Washington: Irish News

British aide disputes story: Says no basis to report linking ex-IRA man, US diplomat: Boston Globe

North policies 'against international law': The Irish Times

Paisley feels solution to pickets can be found: The Irish Times

December 3

Ministry of dirty tricks: Irish News (Editorial)

Mitchell aide denies knowing ex-IRA man - Says target of report is US talks mediator: Boston Globe

The Cancer of Sectarianism: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Bid to cut church's electricity: Irish News

Arsonists wreck Catholic church: Irish News

Author Colin Bateman satirizes both sides of the Irish conflict: Boston Globe

Scandal Is Post Telling Tall Tales: The Daily News

South losing out by distancing itself from North healing process: The Irish Times

December 2

The Troubles And the Children: The Daily News

Old Thunderer still there to dispel doubts: The Irish Times

RSF ready to step in if SF fails: The Irish Times

Paisley warns against Trimble: Irish News

Trimble voices fear on Blair's Ulster priorities: The Times

LABOUR AND ULSTER: The Times (Editorial)

Naked bigotry on display: Irish News (Editorial)

Loyalist protesters attack Catholics going to Mass: The Irish Times

Respect for diversity: Irish News

MI5 'called in over Ulster rumours': Daily Telegraph

US official denies media allegations: The Irish Times

December 1

Slay Splits Bronx Irish: The Daily News

MI5 finds ring of IRA moles: Sunday Times

IRA hardliners trigger fears of Ulster terror: Sunday Telegraph

Mitchell: aide and IRA man are not linked: Sunday Telegraph