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This archive contains references to articles from December 1-15, 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


December 15

To play around with Articles 2 and 3 is to play with Semtex: Sunday Business Post

Peace deal on track despite Derry riots: Irish Independent

Irish eyes looking to Ahern: Boston Globe

Clinton to give Ahern full backing for North peace plan: Irish Independent

Rebels act against the spirit of Orangeism: Irish News

Early tension ends in inevitable riot: The Irish Times

IRA 'organised petrol bomb riots': Electronic Telegraph

Shared Failure: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Trimble may meet Adams to advance peace talks: The Times

City poised to back Irish revival: Irish News

McDaid defends ceremony: The Irish Times

Majority in GAA 'want ban on forces scrapped': Irish News

December 14

Unionists' rigidity feeds IRA cynicism: Boston Globe

Riots Greet Protestant March in N. Ireland: Washington Post

Patton offered to halt marches: The Sunday Times

Church must do its duty to give peace a chance: The Sunday Times

Blair's IRA gamble: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Adams faces his day of reckoning: The Sunday Times

LVF links up with Glasgow gangs to buy arms: The Sunday Times

McAleese must stick to rules: The Sunday Times

December 13

Report shows wide-ranging east-west links being forged: The Irish Times

Kennedy to make 1st visit to Ulster: Boston Globe

Keeping in step with the dance of time isn't easy: Irish News

President criticised for 'embarrassing' Church: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein denies Dodds secret document claims: Irish News

Orange split reflects wider picture: The Irish Times

Clash looms in Derry as Lundy's day talks fail: Irish News

December 12

Blair Hosts Leader Of Irish Republicans: Washington Post

Adams has no business at No 10: The Times

Keep the peace door open: The Independent

A Choice of History: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Forked Tongues: The Times (Editorial)

RUC reforms inadequate, says SDLP: The Irish Times

Feeney attack on Alliance was 'ill-judged': Irish News

December 11

Adams is no Mick Collins: Irish Independent

Irish leader takes disputed Eucharist: Boston Globe

Orange split feared after bitter protest: Irish Independent

ON DEMOCRACY'S STEPS: The Times (Editorial)

For Adams it's more than just a date with destiny: The Irish Times

Widespread discrimination against Catholics in RUC: The Independent

Dark clouds gather as the politicians dither: The Irish Times

Paisley moves to counter criticism of LVF remarks: The Irish Times

Rare breakout from maximum security prison: Irish News

December 10

Learning to accept the past: Irish Independent

Mystery of the MP who refuses to take oath: The Independent

Orange disorder: Irish Independent

IRA 'preparing to call off truce': Electronic Telegraph

Irish for Protestants seen as a 'disease': The Irish Times

Imperious Alliance is big Ian's string puppet: Irish News

Sinn Fein applauds PM's risks for peace: Irish News

Paisley murder remarks spark political outrage: Irish News

Callous murder leaves sport worse off: Irish News

Senator says McAliskey's health is deteriorating: The Irish Times

Spain offers Britain joint rule of colony: The Irish Times

December 9

TIME TO CLEAR THE LONDONDERRY AIR : Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Irish premier logs Ulster visit: Boston Globe

Ahern and Trimble to put difficulties behind them: The Irish Times

Bobby Sands's sister calls for end to peace talks: Electronic Telegraph

Adams acts as Ahern's shadow on North visit: The Irish Times

Mowlam to tour south Armagh to see security: Irish News

Clinton ready to help in talks if asked: The Irish Times

Boys leader in rally plea to Derry's nationalists: Irish News

President's action reopens unity debate: The Irish Times

Faul accuses McAleese of canon law breach: The Irish Times

Students renew bilingual policy: Irish News

December 8

How Trimble can liberate unionism in one fell swoop: Sunday Business Post

Hopeful signs of moves for peace: Irish Independent

Overcoming difficulties requires hard work: The Irish Times (by John Bruton)

RUC chief condemns murder of Gaelic official: Electronic Telegraph

The disgruntled and disaffected confer: Irish News

Moratorium on unity and Union talks urged: The Irish Times

Adams will tell Prime Minister to end British sovereignty: The Times

Alliance welcomes beneficial north-south bodies: Irish News

Sands sister joins new body: Irish News

December 7

Reason to hope in Northern Ireland: Nando Times

Putting the boot into rhetoric and humbug: The Sunday Times

Catholic shot as IRA talks of a return to violence: Electronic Telegraph

Tories set to end bipartisan Ulster policy: The Sunday Times

Millionaire is Sinn Fein paymaster: The Sunday Times

December 6

N. Ireland RUC reform is proposed: Boston Globe

Trimble looks to the Low Countries: The Irish Times

Ahern attempts to allay Ulster fears: Electronic Telegraph

Time for pendulum to swing back from smugness: The Irish Times

The Making Of A State: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Ahern's art of the possible: Irish News

Talks thinking is tanked up: Irish News

Rector strikes it rich in Armagh's bandit country: The Times

Aras doors 'always open' to unionists says McAleese: Irish News

December 5

IRA-linked man charged in Irish officer's killing: Boston Globe

Taoiseach ready to end Irish claim over North: The Irish Times

Orangemen in bottle-green: Irish News (Editorial)

Orange Order plans to re-enact battles of 1798: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein MPs to challenge Speaker's ruling: The Times

Lambeg and pipes to greet Mary McAleese: Irish News

December 4


The truth would serve as a fitting testament: Irish News

Dublin: the city that Belfast might have been?: The Irish Times

INLA in move towards ceasefire: Irish News

Three IRA terrorists moved to Irish jails: Electronic Telegraph

Dossier reveals truth behind unionist rule: Irish News

December 3

Progress: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Reform? It cannot be done in just a Mo: Irish News

RUC hopes ending royal oath will attract Catholics: The Times

New format expected to move NI talks forward: The Irish Times

Service signals Harryville solution: Irish News

Sands family denies role in IRA split: The Irish Times

Rough ride for Trimble on Radio 5 Live: Irish News

December 2

A most uncommon occurrence: Boston Globe

RUC no longer to swear oath to the queen: The Irish Times

Misjudged and Inappropriate: The Irish Times

Equal respect for all leaders: Irish News (Editorial)

Ulster parades Bill changed after cross-party attack: Electronic Telegraph

Arms trial scandal man has 'no fear' of inquiry: Irish News

December 1

Bones of a settlement now in place: Sunday Business Post

The Big Fellow still casts a long shadow: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein head says an Irish peace pact must free guerrillas: Philadephia Inquirer

Adams trip to Downing St will not sway Boothroyd: The Times

Wariness over 'coming to the edge' is genuine: Irish News

Unionism in difficulties: Irish News (Editorial)

Paisley says North is facing its gravest crisis: The Irish Times

IRA prisoners seek to serve sentence in Ireland: Electronic Telegraph

McCartney sees blueprints for a united Ireland: The Irish Times

Lord mayor cherishes dream for beloved city: Irish News