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This archive contains references to articles from December 1-15, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Tuesday, December 15

A party in turmoil: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Decommissioning: Belfast Telegraph

London and Dublin Tackle Dual Threat to North's Pact: New York Times

Ulster talks end in Unionist rift: The Independent

CIRA threatens to increase violence: Irish News

Fears of return to violence by dissident republicans: The Irish Times

Decommissioning a ‘threat to ceasefire’: Irish News

This row about guns will not unravel the peace process: The Independent

Irish issue could save Clinton’s presidency: Irish News

IRA death plot 'Mata Hari' to be freed: Electronic Telegraph

UK Unionists in disarray after internal wrangle: The Irish Times

Unionists in south form body: Irish News

Monday, December 14

Let's have a real Commonwealth debate: Sunday Business Post

Trimble incapable of a noble gesture: Sunday Business Post

Road to resolution: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Orange parade barred from Garvaghy Road: BBC

Held to ransom by an arrogant, armed minority: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Sinn Fein warns of 'return to war': The Times

A Christmas gift of peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Blair edges around IRA arms deadlock: The Independent

Confusion over Drumcree talks: Irish News

Destruction of weapons must be on camera: The Irish Times

The promise of relief from all our betrayals: Irish News

It's too soon yet to sing in Northern Ireland: The Irish Times

Trimble makes a Burke of himself: Irish News

O'Brien mind has friends in all but Ireland: The Irish Times

Sunday, December 13

Nothing's changed during prize-giving week: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

IRA blow leaves Blair unbowed: BBC

IRA chooses hardline leader: The Sunday Times

Pessismism on Peace Prospects for '99: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Trimble's talking sense but is anyone listening?: The Sunday Times

Ahern urging British to publish 'normalisation paper': by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Republican rebels may be planning bomb outrage: The Sunday Times

Trouble flares at loyalist march: BBC

Terrorists moving weapons under cover of arms handover certificates: The Sunday Times

Saturday, December 12

IRA rejects arms handover: The Guardian

CAVAN THUNDERBOLT: The Times (Editorial)

War games: Irish Independent

UUP to blame for impasse: Irish News (Editorial)

UUP and SDLP celebrate prize: The Irish Times

Talks collapse ahead of loyalist march: BBC

Orangemen plan to walk down ‘Tunnel’: Irish News

It’s not idealists who need their eyes tested: Irish News

Why the RUC must be transformed: Irish Independent

Irish Churches at odds over Ahern's amour: The Times

'Gazette' editorial deplored: The Irish Times

Friday, December 11

Irish Nobelists show the strain: Boston Globe

The nobility of hope must defeat despair: Irish Independent

Yeltsin: secret Ireland offer: The Guardian N. Ireland Nobelists Emphasize Joint Goal: Washington Post

Two sides of the Ulster peace medal: Electronic Telegraph

SF man describes Trimble speech as abusive: The IrishTimes

Nobel laureates: The Guardian (Editorial)

MESSAGE FROM OSLO: The Times (Editorial)

Lasting peace still the prize: Irish News (Editorial)

Tensions Still High in N. Ireland: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Commonwealth 'no longer a relic of British Empire': The Irish Times

Patten to review 'shoot to kill' reports: BBC

RSF denies alliance with rival movement: Irish News

Shame on the Birmingham Six for bringing this gold-digging lawsuit: The Guardian

C of I 'Gazette' 'astonished' partner travels with Ahern: The Irish Times

Thursday, December 10

Prize of peace: Belfast Telegraph

PEACE: THE PRIZE AND THE REALITY: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Ulster's human rights agenda: Belfast Telegraph

Executive seats key to arms move: Irish Independent

Hume, Trimble To Accept Nobel Prize: Minneapolis Star Tribune

The prize fighters: The Independent

There is no unionist body to revolt against Trimble: The Irish Times

North-south negotiations resume: Irish News

Ceremony in Oslo a sign that there is no going back: The Irish Times

From UWC activist to Stormont leader: Irish News

A lifelong struggle for peace rewarded: Irish News

Trimble under attack from Sinn Fein chief: Electronic Telegraph

LVF loses arms immunity: BBC

Change of name for RUC called for by Bishops: The Irish Times

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

SF welcomes Ahern’s linkage statement: Irish News

Continuity IRA denies plans to form new group: The Irish Times

Wednesday, December 9

Trimble's choice: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Delivering the big prize: Belfast Telegraph

The Nobel timing couldn't be worse: Irish Independent

Orangemen hold crunch meeting: Belfast Telegraph

Nobel celebrations can't hide a lack of progress: The Times

Warnings over new violence campaign: Irish News

Spirit of agreement must be respected - Clinton: The Irish Times

IRA decides in secret not to give up its guns: Electronic Telegraph

Promises to prisoners have not been kept: Irish News

South has vital interest in keeping RUC intact: The Irish Times

IRA appeals for help in finding victims: The Times

RUC staff are rushed off their feet: Irish News

Ireland would be 'natural' Commonwealth member: The Irish Times

Residents unhappy at parade decisions: Irish News

Tuesday, December 8

A party in turmoil: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

qDecommissioning: Belfast Telegraph

Provos now ready to destroy Semtex: Irish Independent

Raid foils Real IRA attack in Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

IRA delays decision on arms surrender: The Times

Republicans deny IRA is considering handover: The Irish Times

A brighter dawn for weary Hume: The Guardian

Trimble may face difficult reception: Irish News

How devolution target can still be met: The Irish Times (by John Taylor)

‘Harassment’ at Patten forum: Irish News

Police commission told of anti-RUC 'slander': The Irish Times

Ireland tiptoes back towards the Commonwealth fold: The Independent

IRA asks for help on grave locations: Irish News

Monday, December 7

IRA holds secret meeting: Belfast Telegraph

Allowing cameos by unionists is only madness: Sunday Business Post

So, does David Trimble really lead his party?: Irish Independent

UUP afraid to share power: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

DUP plays down row over Sinn Fein snap: Irish News

Trimble says Mallon to blame for failure of talks: The Irish Times

Man of habit is not yet ready to change his tune: The Times

Trimble must tackle this legacy of hatred: Irish News

Christmas run-up sees tension in Drumcree rise: The Irish Times

The sound and fury that signifies no hope: Irish News

Potential is there for committees from hell: The Irish Times

SF hits out at plan to open new RUC shop: Irish News

Hard to see benefits of Commonwealth: The Irish Times

Real IRA ‘assisting’ Continuity group: Irish News

Government urged to honour war dead: The Irish Times

Sunday, December 6

N. Ireland Leaders to Receive Honors Even as They Remain at Odds: Washington Post

Relationship between Trimble and Mallon at a new low: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Unionists deny deal was done with Blair and SDLP: The Observer

Sinn Fein says accord is in danger: Philadelphia Inquirer

Sectarian Commonwealth No Place for Ireland: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

A deal too far: The Sunday Times

Hardliners make new threat to oust Trimble: The Observer

Words Apart: Belfast Telegraph, December 3, 1998 (by Austen Morgen)

RUC chief warns of terrorist threat: BBC

Hague earns sympathy of Irish government: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

RUC shop shows off new image: The Sunday Times

Saturday, December 5

Policing...Then and Now: Belfast Telegraph

Riots set back Ulster devolution: Electronic Telegraph

A life less ordinary on Garvaghy Road: Irish News

RUC chief rejects Drumcree claims: BBC

Loyalists play on talks crisis: Irish News (Editorial)

Portadown meetings show differing views on RUC: The Irish Times

How a kickstart became a kick in all our teeth: Irish News

IRA admits killing widow who 'disappeared' 26 years ago: The Guardian

Omagh bombers identified ‘but more evidence needed’: Irish News

'Stark' anomalies on Bloody Sunday: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday: new RUC evidence: Irish News

Presbyterians want flag to go: Irish News

Friday, December 4

Split down the middle: Irish Independent

Shadow of Drumcree: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Revolt by Trimble's hardliners lets IRA off the hook: Irish Independent

Ulster Talks Stall Again, Unraveling This Time on Details: New York Times

Taylor puts spanner in Blair's fix-it deal: The Irish Times

Cross-border deal falters on IRA guns: Electronic Telegraph

Too Far To Turn Back: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Patten hears worst of RUC from border country: The Times

RUC officers applauded at Ballymoney public hearing: The Irish Times

RUC officers hurt in Drumcree violence: BBC

Order must not mar Christmas: Irish News (Editorial)

Rejoining debate not a monarchy fantasy trip: The Irish Times

Peace will be found in Ulster: The Independent

Survey finds Fermanagh Protestants feel insecure: The Irish Times

Unionist group to launch own St Patrick study: Irish News

Thursday, December 3

Ulster's FAIT: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Striking a deal: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Real IRA gang get heavy terms for robbery bid: Irish Independent

Tough talking in dark times: Belfast Telegraph

N. Ireland Parties Debate Government: Washington Post

Truth about the past necessary for peace: The Irish Times

Mowlam in plea for handover of weapons: Irish News

'Hysteria' over RUC hits peace talks: The Guardian

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Angry exchanges highlight divisions on RUC's future: The Irish Times

Town mounts pressure against loyalist flags: Irish News

WP denies being behind spate of attacks in Newry: The Irish Times

Omagh victim beats bombers: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein attacks RAF ads: Irish News

Wednesday, December 2

Mitchell warns of attitude to peace process: Belfast Telegraph

Why destroying one rusty gun will be a huge step: by Gary Kent (Sunday World)

UDP chief’s growing concern on impasse: Irish News

Pressure mounts for talks breakthrough: Irish News

N Ireland prison service criticised: BBC

Commission told RUC families 'the real victims': The Irish Times

Sentencing our judges to ‘the modern view’: Irish News

Ahern sees difficulties with executive by Christmas: The Irish Times

Paddy’s day: unionists say ‘no’: Irish News

Tuesday, December 1

Thugs beating peace off the streets: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein's out of touch with public on policing - UUP: Belfast Telegraph

Meetings about RUC 'packed by republicans': Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein gives evidence on RUC reform: BBC

Religion of commission members raised: The Irish Times

SF wants Irish say in policing: Irish News

'Debate' on Taoiseach's suggestion a nonstarter: The Irish Times

Ex-Senator Returns to Ulster as Peace Effort Starts to Stall: New York Times

Clinton pledge to the north: Irish News

Reinterpreting the D-word in quest to break deadlock: The Irish Times

Adams explains SF stance on match row: Irish News

Hume says agreement will transform economy: The Irish Times

Call to free up Irish to run for Stormont jobs: Irish News