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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from December 1-15, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, December 15

Call for action on IRA victims: The Examiner

Junior Assembly posts created: BBC

British-Irish council ends 'cold war',- Trimble: The Irish Times

Anger at North South allocation: The Examiner

Lack of trust core problem - Bishops: The Irish Times

Omagh hero at centre of anti RUC leaflet row: The Examiner

Paramilitaries suspected of art raid: The Times

Gulliver sets off on his travels again with the RUC in hot pursuit: The Examiner

Tuesday, December 14

Top IRA man ‘to be freed for arms talks’: Irish News

Partnership: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Steady as she goes: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Countdown to a date with history: Irish Independent

Sunningdale vs the Good Friday Agreement: Irish News

All so different from last attempt at power-sharing: Irish Independent

Another step towards sensible politics: Irish Independent

Voting’s a right as long as you’re the right kind of Irish: Irish News

'Pupils will not accept Minister': Belfast Telegraph

Outspoken priest is no stranger to praise or criticism: Irish News

Irish Premier, Cabinet Go to N. Ireland: Washington Post

Trimble hails first formal links across the border: Electronic Telegraph

Paisley: Embryo all-Ireland government: BBC

'Ulster conflict is over' - Ahern: The Independent

Civility belies possibility of future troubles: The Irish Times

Tiocfaidh Ár Mercs, he said crossing the border: The Examiner

Cordial Encounter: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Foundation for lasting peace has been laid: The Examiner (Editorial)

Would the last politician please turn out the lights: The Examiner

Security hitch for DUP ministers: BBC

Monday, December 13

The rocky road to Dublin: Boston Herald (by Gerry Adams, Sunday's edition)

Bridging the divide: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

A move that makes sense: Irish News (Editorial)

Historic chance to build on peace: Irish News (by David Andrews)

Republican tensions remain to be dealt with as new era unfolds: Belfast Telegraph

Time for assembly to act responsibly: Irish News

Tebbit urges IRA to disarm: Irish News

Soon there may be no religious in our schools: Irish Independent

Clinton TV tribute to dead: Irish News

North-south council heralds fresh era: BBC

North-South Council will mark a new beginning: The Irish Times

Another step on the road to real reconciliation: The Examiner

Toning down the triumph on Armagh's big day: The Irish Times

Adair facing return to prison: The Examiner

Ahern in arms appeal: BBC

Mitchell gets wide support for Nobel Peace Prize: The Examiner

Bugged car owner takes legal advice on privacy: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein asks if Mowlam ordered bugging: The Independent

C of I life in South 'not always easy': The Irish Times

Castlereagh synonymous with barbaric civil rights abuses: The Examiner

SF proposal on emblems angers unionists: The Irish Times

Mowlam 'may quit' to profit from memoirs: The Times

Sunday, December 12

The North-South show must go on: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Empey sees north-south trade as an open goal: Sunday Business Post

Cross-Border politics for primatial city: Sunday Business Post

IRA 'will start disarming next month': Electronic Telegraph

Trimble wants to know when and how weapons will be destroyed: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Mowlam authorised bugging of Gerry Adams car: Electronic Telegraph

What's bugging Sinn Fein?: The Sunday Times

Loyalist general embraces old foes: The Observer

Revealed: the 'dial a Catholic' killer: The Sunday Times

Adams may not have been 'bug' target: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Surveillance still usual way of life for republicans: Boston Herald

Robinson: We won't partner Sinn Fein: BBC

O'Donoghue to consider 'Public' inquiry into Ludlow murder: by Ed Maloney (Sunday Tribune)

Ban pictures of the Queen, says Sinn Fein: Independent on Sunday

RUC officers rebel over new human rights oath: The Sunday Times

Nobel nomination for Senator Mitchell: BBC

The Minister needs lessons in Protestantism: Sunday Independent

Will McGuinness axe grammars?: Independent on Sunday

Ireland - No Foreigners Need Apply?: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Saturday, December 11

The drums of hate are like a distant memory: Irish News

Adams' bug 'was work of MI5': Belfast Telegraph

Violence is leaving stage: Irish News (Editorial)

ULSTER-SCOTS: Is this the best use of public money?: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

RUC ‘tries to recruit Kearney brother’: Belfast Telegraph

IRA dissidents plan US trip to raise funds: The Times

N. Ireland panel confident paramilitaries will disarm: Boston Herald

Frustration over Ulster disarmament: The Guardian

Taking all the guns out of politics . . . at last: Irish Independent

De Chastelain report bodes well for future: The Examiner (Editorial)

On the way: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Inching onwards: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Lasting North peace in sight: The Examiner

RUC holding centre accused of ill-treating prisoners to close: Electronic Telegraph

NI's hidden intelligence network: The Irish Times

Trimble in plea for caution on Nelson report: The Independent

New body to meet on Monday: The Irish Times

Protesters pelt minister with eggs: BBC

McCabe IRA killers will not be released: The Irish Times

Friday, December 10

Spying debate not new in north: Irish News

Silly buggers: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Family anger over murder ‘cover-up’: Irish News

Breaking with the past: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Price speaks at dissident event: Irish News

Irish ask Blair to explain bug: The Guardian

Government 'failed to protect lawyer': BBC

Doubts cast on intelligence role: The Times

Bugging device in Adams car 'dated and amateur': The Irish Times

Blair must come clean on dirty tricks in North: The Examiner

Belfast asks: Anyone want a job here and can speak Unionist?: The Independent

Politicians to get arms report: The Examiner

Paisley predicts 'colossal fraud' in decommissioning: The Irish Times

Ahern expects proposals on scaling down of security: The Irish Times

Ulster ministers join Brown's poverty summit: Electronic Telegraph

Conspiracy of silence on the Dublin Monaghan bombings: The Examiner

Irish Parade Is Latest Issue for First Lady: New York Times

Thursday, December 9

NIO ‘let Rosemary die’: Irish News

The bug: how did it get there?: Belfast Telegraph

Adams bug raises questions: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

DUP lashed by anti deal unionist: Irish News

Mary's Southern comfort after wooing the sceptics: Belfast Telegraph

Chance to take the politics out of policing: Irish News (by Seamus Mallon)

Loyalists appoint arms go-betweens: BBC

Loyalist arms intermediaries: BBC

Adams: Brits bugged me: Sinn Fein leader claims device hurts peace effort: Boston Herald

Agents' deaths led to hi-tech spying war: Electronic Telegraph

A province that is full of spies and their gadgets: The Independent

Bugging team ignored political risk: The Guardian

Tracking device 'skilfully engineered' into car's fabric: Electronic Telegraph

Did the tapped conversations of McGuinness and Adams prove the IRA genuinely wanted peace?: The Independent

Students besiege Belfast schools: The Times

Clergyman says school walk-outs manipulated: The Irish Times

Ulster Says Maybe: The Nation (Editorial)

Sovereignty now in the hands of the Irish people: The Irish Times (by Seamus Mallon)

Trimble receives Legion of Honour award: The Irish Times

Wednesday, December 8

Slogans dressed up as policies backfire on UUP: Irish News

Schools protests fears: Belfast Telegraph

Patten just first phase urge US politicians: Irish News

Protestant pupils stage walkouts in anger at McGuinness appointment: The Independent

Trimble speaks up for minister: The Guardian

McGuinness claims DUP is behind school walk-outs: The Irish Times

Secret report on arms handover: The Times

Loyalist leader denies split in UDA: The Irish Times

Common ground in Belfast: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Tuesday, December 7

Changed utterly: Irish News

Loyalists split over arms move: Belfast Telegraph

Remember the disappeared: Irish News (Editorial)

The new 'D' word in the quest for peace: Belfast Telegraph

Minister’s Celtic vision of peace: Irish News

Anger as McGuinness recalls life on run: Electronic Telegraph

US congressman urges Mandelson on RUC reform: The Irish Times

Visiting U.S., British Cabinet Minister Urges Investment in Ulster: New York Times

Real IRA examines resources, prepares strategy: The Examiner

McGuinness's route to his office is an educational tour of loyalist heartland: The Independent

General awaits arms inventory: BBC

IRA arms handover may be tied to security force levels: The Irish Times

Assembly votes for pay rise: The Guardian

SDLP warns against Patten retreat: The Irish Times

Peace Deal Foes Set Sights On Irish Americans' Support: Fox News (posted Friday, December 3)

Monday, December 6

Clinton `anxious to attend' Armagh meeting next week: Irish Independent

What made peace possible in Ireland?:

We're All Irish, All Christian, All Greedy': Los Angeles Times

Dealing with D-Words: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Northern Ireland's barriers lift a bit: Toronto Globe and Mail

Goodbye, terrorists, and hello, tourists: Baltimore Sun

IRA man in first meeting on arms: Electronic Telegraph

Adams demands immediate action to cut troop levels: The Examiner

McGuinness: Politicians failed schools: BBC

Smooth road to take us forward to a new future: Irish News

Secret killing machine had Adams in its sights: The Examiner

Lundy's Day parade passes peacefully: The Irish Times

Lesson in tact for order: Irish News (Editorial)

RUC victims to get peace dividend: The Examiner

Drumcree link sparks Patten report fears: Irish News

Irish government to buy Battle of the Boyne site: The Independent

Gaelic is priority issue says SF minister: Irish News

Sunday, December 5

Another Step Toward Peace, Another Obstacle: Los Angeles Time

Defections to rebels shake IRA: The Observer

Huge Ulster troop cuts as sop to IRA: The Sunday Times

US hears NI peace latest: BBC

The world is never enough for the IRA: Sunday Independent

No sign of IRA split over arms: The Sunday Times

Former PM optimistic on arms: BBC

UDA meeting critical to loyalist weapons agreement: Sunday Independent

Trust crept in and peace raced off: The Sunday Times

N. Ireland sees new face in the mirror: Boston Herald

Deal is more secure after historic week: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Seven days that changed Ireland: Sunday Times

Anxious Irish eyes turn to McGuinness vital statistics: The Observer

The bloody hand in the velvet glove: The Sunday Times

Belfast's Future Is Now At Integrated School: New York Daily News

Far from joy it was an occasion of intense grief: Sunday Business Post

N. Ireland expecting stability from leaders: Philadelphia Inquirer

Republicans are "Stormonting" British rule: by Henry McDonald (The Observer)

An unborn nation in the womb of time: Sunday Independent

Patient general who awaits his finest hour: The Sunday Times

Hume Role Should Never Be Forgotten: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Historic day I dedicate to Paddy Whelan: The Sunday Times

Ulster's Coalition for Peace: New York Times (Editorial)

Let the healing begin: The Sunday Times (by Gerry Fitt)

Files 'leaked to loyalists by Army': The Observer

Parade hailed as 'flagship': BBC

Garvaghy residents suspect secret British agenda on Drumcree: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

I witnessed Ulster's dirty war: now we must all come clean: The Sunday Times

SF to seek North-South tax strategy: Sunday Business Post

Saturday, December 4

Days of deep water and dark events...: Belfast Telegraph

Rapid move on IRA arms is expected by Trimble: Electronic Telegraph

The general who likes to destroy weapons: BBC

Trimble urges UFF to appoint a go-between: The Irish Times

Mandelson moves to cut army numbers: The Guardian

Ulster's newest politicians open with a PR drive: The Independent

Bodies will forge links on both sides: The Irish Times

IRA go-between is to meet arms decommissioning body: The Examiner

Uncertainty remains over IRA's role: Irish Independent

Trimble urged to discipline rebellious UUP members: The Examiner

Belfast society still a place of bitter enclaves: Toronto Globe and Mail

End games: The Guardian

New beginning for our new neighbours: The Irish Times

A disturbing beauty ends our nightmare: Irish News

The day that changed Ireland forever: Irish Independent

North will have to learn to adjust: The Irish Times

A long road to peace: Sydney Morning Herald (Editorial)

Fine Week for the Irish: Washington Post (Editorial)

Keeping faith is essential: Irish News (Editorial)

Educating Martin: Irish Independent

Derry leads the way on the march to peace: Irish News

No early release for McCabe killers: The Examiner

Friday, December 3

MY real hopes for YOUR future: Belfast Telegraph

Family claims stance on Stevens probe is affirmed: Belfast Telegraph

Beckett pledge to look at oath issue: Belfast Telegraph

Northern Ireland at Last Takes Reins of Government for Itself: New York Times

Dublin drops its claim to Northern Ireland: Sydney Morning Herald

A flourish of fountain pens consigns centuries of conflict to history books: The Independent

Militant wields only a pen as new era starts in Ulster: Boston Globe

Next step: Give up guns: IRA taps weapons negotiator: Boston Herald

Clinton 'Elated' Over New N. Ireland Government: Washington Post

End of Long Road Rises at Castle's Front Door: New York Daily News

No fanfares to mark the end of a squalid war: The Irish Times

Blair: extremists could still wreck new Ulster dawn: Electronic Telegraph

Relieved minister backs into the limelight: The Guardian

Lifting of claim to North opens new chapter of history: The Times

After a long struggle, Ireland's claim to the North passes peacefully away: The Independent

Nornia: through the cabinet into a fantasy land: Irish News

Sinn Féin teaches Paisley a lesson he won't forget: The Examiner

Security issue is the very vital missing ingredient: Irish Independent

Peace, partnership, prosperity lie ahead: The Irish Times (by Bertie Ahern)

Burying ghosts of the past: Irish Independent

SHADES OF GREEN: The Times (Editorial)

Well begun: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Giant step into era of stability and prosperity: The Examiner (Editorial)

Hague defends Sinn Fein: Irish News

Portlaoise prisoners to be moved to bungalows: The Examiner

Royal visit to set seal on historic peace deal: Irish Independent

DUP are yesterday’s men claims Congressman King: Irish News

Thursday, December 2

King without an army: National Post (Editorial)

History in the making: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Take RUC off Nelson inquiry say US lawyers: Irish News

Dealing with the spectre of weapons issue: Irish News

Eric Waugh on the future for the DUP: Belfast Telegraph

It is only working with each other that we can build a lasting peace: Irish News (by Bertie Ahern)

Give us your arms CIRA urges Provos: Irish News

Ahern warns `sinister' republican forces: Irish Independent

Dealing with the spectre of weapons issue: Belfast Telegraph

Recriminations all round over collapse of Drumcree talks: Irish News

Arts body gets its tongues in a twist: Irish News

Ulster steps out on the road to self-rule: Electronic Telegraph

'Giant step forward' as Ulster takes power again: The Guardian

People wary as Cabinet takes power in Northern Ireland: Boston Herald

Pupils in walkout over new minister: The Times

Two candidates for IRA go-between: The Irish Times

Ireland's landmark change: BBC

Mandelson charmed UUP into making leap of faith: The Times

It is time to forge trust with actions as well with words: The Irish Times

Time For Truth In Ireland: Washington Post

Building the trust that made peace possible: The Irish Times (by Albert Reynolds)

Real politics returns to Northern Ireland: The Guardian (Editorial)

Birth Of A New Ireland: The Irish Times (Editorial - scroll down through page)

IRA holds key to lasting peace: The Examiner (Editorial)

Surprise territory gain for unionists: The Irish Times

Patten comes in for more flak from new report: Electronic Telegraph

Ahern’s demand on RUC may irk Trimble: The Examiner

Our benighted nationalists dislike peace and progress: The Guardian

Wednesday, December 1

End of an era: Belfast Telegraph

Watch out for the ‘posses of special advisers’: Irish News

David Trimble was right to hold his nose and jump: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein will not show bias - Fitt: Belfast Telegraph

Bishops demand RUC reform: Irish News

Sinn Fein rejects RUC report: Irish News

Balance vital to new police: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Fein accused over IRA millennium calendar: Irish News

Arlene and Sam: Belfast Telgraph

IRA's late broadside fails to dampen spirit of Stormont: The Guardian

New executive's mystery woman says it all in Irish: The Times

Homework for new education minister: Electronic Telegraph

Minister turns the screw on reluctant Paisley: The Times

Backdrop for new Paisleyism: The Irish Tiimes

Unionists 'satisfied on decommissioning': BBC

Procedural difficulties first big test: The Irish Times

SINN FEIN IN OFFICE: The Times (Editorial)

Renamed RUC would not alter Catholic view: The Irish Times

No RUC reform says PUP: The Irish Times