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This archive contains references to articles from February 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Tuesday, February 15

Britain's fleeting 'line in the sand': National Post

IRA disarmament offer draws praise: Boston Herald

Adams hints at end to IRA co-operation: The Times

Who knew what, and when?: The Examiner

Papers purge SF over strategy on decommissioning: Irish News

Ahern backs Keenan: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Mandelson can put the North back on track: The Examiner (Editorial)

Faith the prerequisite for North's peace: The Irish Times

Ex-ministers lose out on ‘Mercs and perks’: Irish News

'Catch bombers', pleads victim's father: BBC

Mandelson: no going back on plans for reforming RUC: The Examiner

Gang justice is no justice: Irish News (Editorial)

A Start Date Now Needed: The Irish Times

Officer fired 'in fear for life': The Guardian

Case by NI barristers takes new turn: The Irish Times

The Silence of the Lambs: Andersontown News

Peace prize for Hillary: The Irish Times

Monday, February 14

Where do we go now: Belfast Telegraph

Searching for a community of compromise rather than of grievance: Belfast Telegraph

Plan could revive Cabinet: Pol cites detailed IRA disarm: Boston Herald

Nationalists rebuke Mandelson: Electronic Telegraph

Arms body now believes IRA will decommission: The Irish Times (by Bertie Ahern)

Provisionals ‘verge on split’ over weapons: Irish News

Unionists make new demands on IRA: The Times

All smiles and cappuccinos at the Waterfront: The Irish Times

The pressure is off the UUP, but context will not satisfy those who want semtex: The Examiner

DUP attacks Trimble’s weapons negotiations: Irish News

A real will for peace would put millions on the streets: The Guardian

Now for the long haul: Irish Independent

UUP leadership holds on ato stifle anti-deal plotters: Irish News

No room for logic and no way to guess what's ahead: The Irish Times

Three basic questions review must now answer: Irish Independent

Questions surround Mandelson decision: The Irish Times

Other men's shoes: The Guardian (Editorial)

Putting it back together: Irish Independent (Editorial)

No future in recrimination: The Examiner (Editorial)

Peace quest must carry on: Irish News (Editorial)

Loyalist ‘colluded with RUC’: Irish News

Disappeared victims remembered: BBC

Church 'duped' over republican meeting: The Irish Times

British security ‘out to get PUP’: Irish News

Sunday, February 13

After Week of Ulster Turmoil, a Glimmer of Hope: New York Times


Spotlight on Provos as Trimble enjoys new strength in UUP: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Mandelson 'obsessed' with aiding Trimble, says Adams: Independent on Sunday

IRA `brinkmanship' led to Ahern-Blair split: Sunday Independent

Mandelson Plays the Orange Card: Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

IRA 'on verge of split' over decommissioning: The Sunday Times

Trimble's sentence is just suspended: Sunday Independent

Freezing of Cabinet chills power-sharing effort : Boston Herald

'Demilitarisation' linked to 'decommissioning' was always best option: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The IRA haven't decided to bite the bullet yet: Sunday Independent

Dark questions being asked about Mandelson's decision to suspend executive: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday)

Calling the IRA's bluff: Sunday Independent

Let Sinn Fein lasso its cowboys: The Sunday Times

It's not over till it's over: The Observer

3rd de Chastelain report raises more questions than it answers: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Peace still within grasp: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Assembly had to be suspended: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

IRA men linked to bomb attack splinter group: The Sunday Times

Protest over Finucane inquiry: BBC

North's Lord Chief Justice has only one supporter on oath issue: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

A patron saint for a people without flags: The Observer

British to allow courts decide Drumcree issue: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Saturday, February 12

Britain Suspends N. Ireland Self-Rule: Washington Post

Britain pulls plug in Ulster: Toronto Globe and Mail

The Chastelain report: The Times

Suspension blow to Clinton's peace efforts: The Irish Times

Unionists demand arms commitment: BBC

First IRA promise on arms 'highly significant': The Irish Times

Ahern's belief sparked last-minute effort: Irish Independent

Executive did the business, it just needed more time: The Irish Times

Angry reaction to suspension: BBC

Explosive issue that haunted Stormont: Electronic Telegraph

The democratic will of the majority: Irish Independent

Process can continue without Sinn Féin: The Irish Times

Here we are back in a political la la land: Irish News

Fear of failure finds chink in Adams armour: The Times

Voices across the divide: The opposing sides plea for peace: The Independent

Latest crisis may prove a bridge too far for Unionists: Irish Independent

Unionists anger as terrorist jail releases go on: The Times

Blair offered me no hope, says young Omagh victim's father: Electronic Telegraph

Northern Ireland's Reversal: New York Times (Editorial)


Belfast suspension a time to reflect: Boston Herald (Editorial)


Northern Ireland reprieve: Boston Globe (Editorial)

All is not lost: The Irish Times (Editorial)

No hat, no rabbits: The Guardian (Editorial)

Peace process can be rebuilt: Irish News

Looking to the future: Belfast Telegraph

Claims of regrouping by IRA denied: Irish News

Friday, February 11

Secret talks formula may break weapons deadlock: Irish Independent

Cook tells IRA to disband as arms crisis deepens: Electronic Telegraph

US intervention not ruled out: BBC

Trimble sounds note of hope: The Guardian

Dodds says IRA arms not the same as police weapons: The Irish Times

Political vacuum threatens Northern Ireland: BBC

SF would choose 'lesser of evils': The Irish Times

We're fed up with waiting, both sides say: The Guardian

Unionists have never faced up to the truth: The Irish Times

IRA uses ceasefire to 'renew terror capacity': The Times

The IRA Must Deliver: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Peace boosts tourism figures: BBC

Judge accused of 'political bias': BBC

No celebrations for the UK's 200th birthday: Electronic Telegraph

Thursday, February 10

Provisional promises or Provo double talk?: Belfast Telegraph

CLINTON'S IRISH ‘JOKE': New York Post (Editorial)

Bishop steps in as time runs out for Ulster: The Guardian

Trimble to tell Ahern of UUP resolve on arms issue: The Irish Times

Clinton refuses to call for IRA disarmament: Electronic Telegraph

What future if Adams walks away now? : The Irish Times

Adams in Wonderland: The Examiner

A fanatic with the instincts of a hungry jackal: Electronic Telegraph (by Sean O'Callaghan)

Leaders must focus on big picture in arms crisis: The Irish Times

Costly Stubbornness by the I.R.A.: New York Times

Inter-loyalist feud fears escalate: The Irish Times

Claims withdrawn in libel trial: BBC

Apprentice Boys to honour St Patrick: The Irish Times

Wednesday, February 9

Republicans accept their 'war' is over: Belfast Telegraph

The IRA holds the key: Toronto Globe and Mail

Bold move offers hope: Irish News (Editorial)

Peter’s confusion over Irish people’s self-determination: Irish News

Proud gays and ashamed Provisionals: Irish News

British Parliament Gets Bill Providing for Seizure of Reins in Ulster: New York Times

Sinn Fein blames Britain for power-sharing crisis: Boston Herald

Bishop offers to receive weapons: BBC

'Arrogant' Sinn Fein under attack: Electronic Telegraph

Clinton ready to intervene in talks: The Examiner

Adams threatens to abandon peace process: The Independent

Concern NI will stay in 'uneasy present': The Irish Times

Loyalist warning over arms crisis: BBC

UVF plans attacks against LVF after death of commander: The Examiner

Dissidents move into Sinn Fein heartland: The Times

Major urges halt to concessions: The Guardian

IRA has an opportunity to end the conflict: The Irish Times

It is not Ulster's fault: The Times

Message becomes clearer as the bomb dust dies away: The Scotsman

Arms issue is the dominant concern now: The Examiner (Editorial)

Unionists harden stance on RUC reform: Irish Independent

Trimble is alleged to have condoned murders: The Examiner

Orange leader visits President and Taoiseach: The Irish Times

Tuesday, February 8

UVF plan to wipe out LVF: Belfast Telegraph

The first casualty of war is the truth: Belfast Telegraph

In the shadow of the gunman: Belfast Telegraph

The time has come for IRA to give up its arsenal: Boston Globe

Northern Ireland's moment of truth: Washington Times (by Seamus Mallon)

Bombers’ chilling warning to hotels: Irish News

Will for peace remains firm: Irish News (Editorial)

Ulster direct rule bill to be rushed through today: The Independent

Hopes dim for arms handover by Provos: Irish Independent

Irish visit IRA houses to appeal for guns: The Times

'Early start' stressed by general: The Irish Times

For its own sake, IRA must help Trimble: Irish Independent

Dumps hold 3 tonnes of Semtex: The Times

Suspension of assembly will benefit the men of violence: The Examiner (interview with David Ervine)

A real fear that peace is slipping away: Irish Independent

Fudge over arms issue is at core of peace crisis: The Irish Times

Nationalism is enemy of peace: The Examiner

One more IRA statement could avert crisis: The Irish Times

Hume raises his voice: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Wrong focus: Irish Independent (Editorial)

A day of reconciliation: The Guardian (Editorial)

IRA must take Hume’s advice on weapons: The Examiner (Editorial)

The Dimming Of Hope: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Bombers may just have gone for the nearest target: Electronic Telegraph

No naming of Bloody Sunday informers: The Irish Times

North gets more Irish passports: The Examiner

Assembly to make St Patrick's Day a holiday: The Irish Times

Tribunal tells Telegraph writer to name Soldier X: Electronic Telegraph

TV producer feared for his life: The Irish Times

A gun at their heads: Sydney Morning Herald (Tues.)

Monday, February 7

Now is the time for the IRA to disarm: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

IRA forces Britain's hand: Chicago Tribune

No peace in sight: National Post

Risks must be taken in quest for real peace: Irish News

Is the Sinn Fein strategy slipping?: Belfast Telegraph

Anti-GAA mob ‘burnt my house over pitch’: Irish News

Taylor warns of southern takeover of Telegraph: Irish News

NI hotel bomb condemned: BBC

Bombers send shivers through peace process: The Independent

Dissidents pick crunch time to strike: The Guardian

CIRA bomb adds to growing crisis in the peace process: The Examiner

Continuity IRA under close scrutiny: Irish Independent

Continuity IRA leading the republican opposition: The Irish Times

Blair appeals to IRA on disarmament: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble throws down gauntlet on arms to IRA: Irish Independent

Defiant IRA puts peace on the brink: Sydney Morning Herald

Provos need new game plan as big gamble on arms backfires: Irish Independent

One man can bring about end of Ulster power-sharing deal: Electronic Telegraph

Northern Ireland needs the healing balm of constructive ambiguity: The Independent

Simple IRA gesture could keep our dreams alive: The Irish Times (by John Hume)

Nine reasons why the IRA won't decommission now: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday)

Gesture on arms necessary to break deadlock: The Examiner (Editorial)

Minister picks killer to be adviser: The Times

Unionists seek pledge on keeping RUC name: The Irish Times

Sunday, February 6

Unionists risk fledgling democracy: Sunday Business Post

The unionists are in default: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

IRA: Arms Issue Can Be Solved: Washington Post

IRA terrorists to go free despite failure to disarm: Electronic Telegraph

White House hopeful that Northern Ireland peace accord won't collapse: CNN

US threatens to ban Adams in arms delay: The Sunday Times

Stockpile of IRA weapons jeopardizes peace process: Philadelphia Inquirer


Former foes rip politicians who stall the peace: Boston Herald

High noon for IRA's hardliners: The Observer

Face it: the IRA has no future: The Sunday Times

Hysteria over Decommissioning Is Misplaced: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Trimble under fire from both sides of the divide: The Sunday Times

Disarming Martin McGuiness: The Observer

Mutually gobsmacked by the truth: Sunday Independent

Adams and McGuinness facing a 'Collins-like' decision: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)


IRA must stop this idiocy: The Observer

Republicans about to face their contradictions: Sunday Independent

When the fudge cracked: Electronic Telegraph

Ireland's day of fear: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

Sinn Féin can save the peace: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

De Valera took ten years to cut the cord to the IRA: by Brian Feeney (Sunday Tribune)

Strangled by a web of words that lets everyone be right: Sunday Independent

Mandelson and I aren't speaking, says Mowlam: The Observer

Bloody Ulster: New York Daily News (Editorial - must scroll down to 2nd editorial, Feb. 3)

Libel trial jury told of committee's 'victims': The Sunday Times

Saturday, February 5

I.R.A. and the Arms Principle: New York Times

Moderates press IRA to disarm: Boston Globe

A mixed up world but the only one on offer: Irish News

The moment of truth has now arrived .... : Belfast Telegraph

The onus is on republicans: Irish News (Editorial)

Question marks still hang over LVF ceasefire: Irish News

Peace in limbo as self-rule faces suspension over guns: Sydney Morning Herald

Little chance of IRA meeting new arms deadline: Electronic Telegraph

NI arms talks intensify: BBC

Irish officials try to win concessions on IRA arms: The Irish Times

IRA back to drawing board on statement: Irish Independent

Mandelson set to put Belfast salaries on ice: The Times

The Felons’ Club: membership strictly reserved: The Examiner

Old hatreds thaw during 61 days of normal politics: The Independent

Suspension could be a fatal blow: The Irish Times

Real politics leaves softer mark - even on Paisley: Irish Independent

Fears of IRA split leave republicans in quandary: The Irish Times

How the suspension will affect Northern Ireland: Electronic Telegraph

Republicans lose PR war as IRA blamed for impasse: The Irish Times

Why David Trimble has no option but to resign: Irish Independent

No longer a master of his own destiny: The Irish Times


Sinn Féin need to deliver more than rhetoric: The Examiner (Editorial)

Clarity a matter of life and death: The Irish Times

Northern women feeling betrayed: The Examiner

A token too far: The Guardian

Schoolgirl renews her plea for peace: The Examiner

Ulster spy book is banned too late: The Times

TV producer gives evidence on reliability of interviews: The Irish Times

Friday, February 4

Still fudging Ulster's crisis: National Post

Arms and the IRA: Washington Times (Editorial)

Sympathy for the devil: National Post (Editorial)

Trimble should resign: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Striking fear in the hearts and minds of our viewers: Belfast Telegraph

No surrender: The Guardian

Ireland's United by IRA At Last — in Shock & Dismay: New York Daily News

Can we afford to go back?: Irish News

Home rule chilled: Montreal Gazette (Editorial)

IRA's obligation: Boston Globe (Editorial)

Army floored by SF takeover allegation: Irish News

Britain to Take Control of Ulster if I.R.A. Doesn't Move to Disarm: New York Times

Brits to IRA: Turn in weapons or lose power-sharing: Boston Herald

US refuses to blame the IRA for impasse: The Times

Trimble 'cannot' stay without decommissioning: The Irish Times

Mandelson warns of 'ebbing' faith in peace process: The Independent

I won't go back, says Mitchell: The Times

Sliding out of power sharing: The Examiner

Latest North cliffhanger gives grounds for hope: The Irish Times

Shadow-boxing in the name of peace: The Guardian

Weary Ulster fears a false dawn: Electronic Telegraph

Republican movement must face up to the inevitable: Irish Independent

Chance of peace must not be thrown away: The Examiner (interview with David Ervine)

Business as usual at Stormont, with an air of unreality: The Independent

The IRA and the arms question: BBC

IRA thinks it has sole right to veto: The Irish Times

Time for Unionists to realise that decommissioning is a pipe dream: The Examiner

The process is still alive: The Guardian (Editorial)

No shame in buying time for Northern Ireland: The Scotsman (Editorial)

Northern Reprieve: The Irish Times (Editorial)

DIRECT RULE REVISITED: The Times (Editorial)

The shade of Sunningdale: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Opportunity for peace must not be squandered: The Examiner (Editorial)

Day of peace for Duchess: Electronic Telegraph

SAS woman who dared did not win`: The Guardian

Outcry over convicted terrorist’s degree hope: The Scotsman

Thursday, February 3

The changing tide across the Atlantic: Belfast Telegraph


Silence of the surreal: Belfast Telegraph

Clothing led to callous murderers: Irish News

Call for rethink on police symbols: Irish News

In 3 Capitals, Leaders Seek Ulster Solution: New York Times

Ulster direct rule looms as talks fail: The Guardian

Blair demands IRA gesture as peace process hangs by thread: The Independent

`Free us from weapons shackle' urges Empey: Irish Independent

A small, symbolic gesture is all that is required for now: The Guardian

Dublin pressure for IRA specifics: The Irish Times

Support strong for IRA position: The Times

IRA volunteers place faith in the Armalite . . . not Adams: Electronic Telegraph

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

IRA may never hand over its arms: The Scotsman

The IRA's bluff had to be called: The Times

24 hours in which we can save peace process: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

Silence on Ireland: Washington Post (Editorial)

At the eleventh hour: The Guardian (Editorial)

Time for IRA to disarm: Boston Herald (Editorial)

Republican prevarication the real problem: The Examiner (Editorial)

Controversial school visit to go ahead: BBC

Fulton appeals decision not to move him to the Maze: The Irish Times

Loyalist killers treat life sentences as joke: Electronic Telegraph

Families united in grief over possible early release: The Irish Times

Move to debate city name: BBC

Inquiry work has begun into 1972 bombs: The Irish Times

Wednesday, February 2

Unionism jumped. Republicanism has not followed. The whole community looks to the Sinn Fein leadership to rescue the Belfast Agreement. They have the ability. Do they have the commitment?: Belfast Telegraph (by David Trimble)


Hardline tails wagging the political dogs: Irish News

Peace deal held hostage by IRA guns: Toronto Globe and Mail

The IRA's argument for keeping its arms: Belfast Telegraph

The Guns of the IRA: New York Post (Editorial)

Ulster in Danger of Sliding Back: Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

All options must be studied: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Peter principle travels well on border issues: Irish News

DUP Iris vows to ‘topple Taylor’: Irish News

Commission Report Confirms IRA's Failure to Disarm: Washington Post

British, Irish and Americans Scramble to Save Ulster Power-Sharing: New York Times

Government presses for clear commitment on arms: The Irish Times

Name of the game is blame Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

Adams adamant there was no breach of the Good Friday agreement by Sinn Féin: The Examiner

IRA claim to role of defender unfounded: The Irish Times

Suspension of the Ulster Assembly looks inevitable: The Independent

Question of North's political stability hanging: The Irish Times

Greener shade of direct rule to replace ailing peace process: Irish Independent

Better to hang on: The Guardian

Hopes of saving institutions rest with SF: The Irish Times

Hold tight for a bumpy journey towards peace: Irish Independent

Impasse may bring self-rule experiment to an end: The Irish Times

THE CALL FOR ARMS: The Times (Editorial)

Sinn Féin and Unionists must excise distrust: The Examiner (Editorial)

IRA decommissioning cannot be ‘parked': The Scotsman (Editorial)

Republicans' move: The Irish Times (Editorial)

We ask the IRA: Is this too high a price for peace?: Irish Independent

LVF leader murder scene visit: BBC

Claims of terrorist RUC link challenged: The Examiner

Killed IRA man 'stored explosives': Electronic Telegraph

Study to look at child victims: The Times

Tuesday, February 1

TRIMBLE'S GAMBLE: Belfast Telegraph

Mandelson's choice: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Direct rule is second best: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

North fails to play ball with Clinton at Union address: Irish News

Sinn Fein's odd way of playing politics: Belfast Telegraph

TV company ‘was victim of cover-up’: Irish News

McGuinness son kept out for RUC talk: Belfast Telegrpah

Justice denied after 10 years: Irish News

N. Ireland Accord Threatened Again: Washington Post

Mitchell could be last chance for Ulster peace: The Times

Officials try to break impasse in talks with IRA: The Irish Times

Arms Report Gloom: The Guardian

Report heralds crucial time for Ulster: The Independent

UUP expects Mandelson to suspend Executive: The Irish Times

Back to politics of deadly brinkmanship: Irish Independent

It's not that easy to remove weapons from a community with a fetish for guns : The Independent

Dangerous Stall by the I.R.A.: New York Times (Editorial)

North Assembly must stand firm: The Examiner (Editorial)

Little sense of foreboding: The Irish Times

Lee Clegg's name is cleared after nine years: Electronic Telegraph

Ruling closes nine years of appeals: The Irish Times

Barristers reject oath funding challenge: BBC

Unarmed man 'shot dead by police': Eelctronic Telegraph

Nominations for Nobel peace prize: The Examiner

The trouble with Mo: The Guardian