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This archive contains references to articles from February 1-14, 2001. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, February 14

Adams: 'Talks deadlock remains': BBC

Parties hear new plans to end North impasse: Irish Independent

Ahern, Blair could be in North today to move talks: The Irish Times

Intensive bid to break peace stalemate: BBC

DUP ministerial row: UTV Internet

RUC recruitment delay worries chief: The Guardian

UDA threat to end ceasefire: Belfast Telegraph

UVF bombs 'not used in sectarian attacks': BBC

Girl (4) brought home unexploded pipe bomb: The Irish Times

Adair to seek judicial review: UTV Internet

Cowen in surprise meeting with US officials: Irish Independent

Orangemen stage Drumcree protest: BBC

Garvaghy fears grow as ‘day 1000’ nears: Irish News

'Hypocrisy' of SF on refugees attacked: Irish Independent

Families continue campaign over 'forgotten bombings': UTV Internet

Murdered solicitor's daughter calls for inquiry:

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 14 ---------

Witness compares chaos to 'Dodge City': BBC

Witness says bullets missed him as he searched for sons: The Irish Times

Tuesday, February 13

Ahern and Blair may go to North to help end impasse: The Irish Times

Smyth calls for Trimble to get tough: Belfast Telegraph

Call for fresh start on NI peace: Irish Examiner

Ulster deal is dead, says envoy: The Times

Meyer’s proposals could revive peace process: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Trimble buys himself a little more time: Irish Independent

Loyalist bomb could have caused carnage: The Independent

Loyalist leader admits bomb factory probably belongs to UVF: The Guardian

UVF role in bomb attacks is denied: The Irish Times

Praise for DUP man's remarks: Belfast Telegraph

Irish police uncover mortar: BBC

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Middle Ulster can learn lessons from Middle East: Belfast Telegraph

Back at the old crossroads:

New policing board needs real powers: Irish News

Low morale in RUC sees top officers getting out: The Irish Times

They killed my father: The Guardian

Hendron rules out bid to retake West Belfast seat in election: Irish News

Award for mother of last soldier killed by IRA: The Irish Times

Love in the air amid political crisis?: Belfast Telegraph

Levinson at War With DreamWorks Over 'Piece': Los Angeles Times

CIRA blamed on upsurge in robberies:

Omagh bomb plot accused’s contempt action put back again: Irish Examiner

Local artist wins £75,000 commission for hunger strike mural in Manhattan:

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 13 ---------

Official IRA seeks inquiry anonymity: BBC

Testimony by IRA veterans is vital to inquiry, says lawyer: Irish Examiner

IRA evidence may be ‘very significant’: Irish News

Witness says soldier fired during rescue attempt: The Irish Times

Monday, February 12

Belfast police find loyalist bomb factory: The Independent

Paisley criticises ban threat: BBC

Sanctions ploy puts wind in SF abseils: Irish Examiner

Trimble threatens to intensify Sinn Fein sanctions: Irish Independent

Progress on Agreement stifled by securocrats: Irish Examiner

Peace deal in Irish mist: The Guardian (Editorial)

SA negotiator says Belfast Agreement has failed: The Irish Times

Looking in from the outside world: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

We’re all just having an identity crisis: Irish News

Flanagan says that police recruitment to begin soon: The Irish Times

Ad drive to recruit police is ‘too early’: Irish News

RUC officer optimistic about force's future: The Irish Times

Mandelson was 'out of his depth': BBC

Frank Roy resigns over Ahern visit: Electronic Telegraph

Police guard famine victims memorial: The Scotsman

Scots baffled as spectre of bigotry blocks Taoiseach: Irish Independent

Murdered haulier had 'Real IRA' link: The Irish Times

Ulster opts for integration: The Times

Inquiry may consider IRA anonymity: BBC

Drive time: Belfast Telegraph

Sunday, February 11

Trimble stays course, but trouble lurks: Boston Herald

Trimble may pull UUP out of North-South meetings: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Trimble to step up sanctions on Sinn Fein: The Sunday Times

Sinn Féin's focus on policing may mask their difficulties with decommissioning: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Garda report fuels fears of infiltration by IRA: The Sunday Times

Essential to include parties on North's margins: Ireland on Sunday

Reaching into a sectarian past: The Sunday Times

Dogma of vacant hate still festers: Sunday Independent

Ex-IRA killer asks Amnesty for help: The Sunday Times

Shankill smoked salmon keeps cross-border detente on track: The Sunday Times

Ahern row: MP hits out at Dublin: Scotland on Sunday

Dublin attacks lack of warning: The Sunday Times

Reid and Liddell consulted by Roy in Ahern fiasco: Scottish Herald

Monument to Labour folly: Scotland on Sunday

Sectarianism in Scotland: A crisis of faith: Scottish Herald

Old Bhoys' Club: The Sunday Times

Sectarianism in Scotland: Faith, famine and football: Scottish Herald

Giving bigotry a wink from the terraces: The Sunday Times

Saturday, February 10

Trimble: 'Sinn Fein veto to stay': BBC

Keeping Trimble's hand on the tiller remains crucial: Irish Independent

Unionists review peace deadlock: BBC

Still a long way to go in the peace process: Irish Independent

‘No men’ responsible for political vacuum: Irish News

Testing time: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Security to be stepped up in County Londonderry town following recent attacks: UTV Internet

SDLP is ‘satisfied’ after RUC meeting: Irish News

Recruits needed urgently — Flanagan: Belfast Telegraph

Church leader condemns 'reign of terror': UTV Internet

The lost generation: Belfast Telegraph

Reid ducks Ahern fiasco: The Scotsman

Confusion over Taoiseach warning: BBC

Why Scotland turned its back on its sectarian past: The Scotsman (Editorial)

Groups slam ‘McIntyre witchhunt’: Irish News

Seized guns linked to IRA smuggling route: Irish Independent

Noonan rules out possibility of coalition with Sinn Fein: UTV Internet

Sinn Fein 'military wing' obstacle to talks: The Irish Times

Spielberg accused of shelving North film: Irish Independent

Odes to mixed marriage hope for better not verse: Irish News

Friday, February 9

Trimble to face criticism of strategy: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein warns Trimble over further sanctions: Belfast Telegraph

UDA ceasefire still holds say RUC: UTV Internet

Flanagan under pressure over UDA ceasefire: The Irish Times

Nail bomb explodes: BBC

Loyalist wave of terror continues: Irish Examiner

Pipe bombs called bid by loyalists to provoke IRA reaction: Boston Herald

Profile of a pipe bomber: He's a 24-carat coward: Belfast Telegraph

Cowen 'appalled' by litany of violence: UTV Internet

Time For Agreement: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Keeping the Assembly afloat: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Dissidents need to reject bombs: Irish News (Editorial)

Get it right: this is wrong: (Editorial)

The old triangle: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Fury at Reid’s Ahern role: The Scotsman

McLeish apologises for Ahern trip fiasco: The Times

Scots anger over claim visit could lead to violence: The Irish Times

GOP letter urges strong Irish effort from Bush: Irish Echo

Sinn Fein set to enter Lord Mayor’s parlour, Adams tells party faithful:

Parties hit out at ‘flag letter’: Irish News

The Flawed Legacy Of John Bruton: Irish Voice

Army told to prepare for reckless, illegal actions: The Irish Times
(1970 State Papers)

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 9 ---------

Wounded widow and mother of 14 'pleaded for her life': Irish Independent

Inquiry debates 'quandary' over gunman: UTV Internet

Inquiry may get Official IRA evidence: BBC

Call to uncover IRA activity in protest: The Guardian

Thursday, February 8

Loyalist attacks threaten peace: The Times

Pipe bomb attacks 'will kill': BBC

Loyalist bombs like Internet prototype: The Irish Times

Workman injured in site bomb attack: Belfast Telegraph

Two key meetings set to seal fate of Stormont: Irish Independent

Blair and Trimble hold further talks: BBC

UUP group demands immediate move on arms: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein warning: UTV Internet

An end to mission impossible: The Irish Times

‘Get involved in process’ Bush told: Irish News

Ulster down the agenda in Blair and Bush talks: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist feud behind Lurgan attack: BBC

Irish PM scraps visit to Scotland: The Scotsman

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 8 ---------

Man refuses to name civilian who fired Derry shots: Irish Examiner

Witness says soldiers were joking after the killings: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday victim 'suspected something odd': UTV Internet

Woman breaks down at Saville Inquiry: Irish Independent

Wednesday, February 7

Unionists retain ban on Sinn Fein: BBC

Pro-agreement UUP raises ante on arms: The Irish Times

Catholics apply to join North's police board: Irish Independent

Looking back instead of forward: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Only threat to north is a loyalist one: Irish News

Loyalist terror stalking Ulster: Belfast Telegraph

Blunt unionist voice welcome: Irish News (Editorial)

NI parties 'exempt' from funding bill: BBC

Sinn Fein offers to open up its finances: The Irish Times

Let's let bygones be bygones: Belfast Telegraph

Orange Order warned not to rely on Euro law: UTV Internet

Catholic jobless figures are logical: Belfast Telegraph

Fair play: Irish Independent

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 7 ---------

Exhaustive struggle to establish the truth could take four years, or longer: The Independent

Bishop Daly vividly recalls first blood in Derry: The Irish Times

Bishop recounts killing of Bloody Sunday boy: The Times

Indignant priest recalls the last rites in Bogside: The Independent

Curate who picked dying boy from street had warned mass goers to avoid parade: Irish Examiner

No IRA men buried secretly, bishop tells probe: Irish Independent

Knowledge of IRA denied by bishop: The Irish Times

Injustices of Bloody Sunday must be revealed: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Tuesday, February 6

Soldiers back on Belfast streets after bombings: Electronic Telegraph

Army on alert over rebel IRA: Belfast Telegraph

Extra troops used in bid to prevent more pipe bomb attacks: Irish Examiner

Parties to talks on North deal remain cautious: The Irish Times

UUP looking forward to election battle: UTV Internet

Changing the climate of power charges in Ulster: Belfast Telegraph (by Bob McCartney)

Trimble challenged on court ruling: The Irish Times

It should be all downhill from here: Irish News

Our Jerusalem: (Editorial)

Why unionists should care about Bruton: Belfast Telegraph

Lack of tolerance towards unionists - report: The Irish Times

We talk about wanting peace but do little about it: Irish Independent

Breaking the barriers: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Price to stand against Adams in poll:

LVF claim collusion exists in Portadown area: UTV Internet

Republicans dispel ‘split’ rumours: Irish News

Adams may have to concede defeat: Belfast Telegraph


Watchdog could inquire into killing of Ulster lawyer: The Guardian

INLA linked to nail bombs on school: Irish News

MP repeats bugging allegation: BBC

Order: push for murder inquiries: Irish News

No Irish traffic signs — minister: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 6 ---------

Bishop to tell of Bloody Sunday horror: BBC

Paras attacked detainees with batons, inquiry hears: Irish Examiner

Man describes 'throttling' by British soldier: The Irish Times

Monday, February 5

Trimble's sanctions deadline: The Times

Prospect of a suspended assembly looms again: Irish Independent

Adams urges Blair to curb securocrats: Irish Examiner

Crucial weekend for Peace Process: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune, Feb. 4)

Agreement deepened division into two tribes: Belfast Telegraph

Family has miraculous escape in pipe bomb attack: Irish Examiner

Army called back onto city streets: Belfast Telegraph

Pipe bomb parts find welcomed: BBC

Loyalist bomb attacks threaten peace process: The Times

Doubt over loyalists’ ceasefire: Irish News

The scourge of the pipe bomb: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Now FG shares in the disregard for unionism: The Irish Times

You cannot stop the tide of progress: Irish News

Donaldson says telephone tapped: The Irish Times

Sir Ronnie ‘retirement’ a rumour: Irish News

DPP demands increased sentence for Garda McCabe killers: Irish Independent

Parades body 'could be saviour' Order told: Belfast Telegraph

Politicians clash over Parachute Regiment revelation: UTV Internet

North-south push to lure home 10,000 emigrants: Irish Independent

Sunday, February 4

N. Ireland pact clings to life: Boston Herald

Adams: No progress on NI talks: BBC

Trimble faces arms ultimatum: The Sunday Times

Taylor's decision leaves seat open for DUP's 'earthy' Irish Robinson: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

State is spying on me, claims hardline Irish MP: The Observer

The language of NI politics: BBC

Bush set to downgrade Irish links: Ireland on Sunday

Larne pipe-bomb cache is 'the work of loyalists': Independent on Sunday

Surge in pipe bomb explosions escalates tension: Boston Herald

Orange Order reviews strategy: BBC

Orangemen told to re-enter talks: The Sunday Times

Orangeman to share debate platform with Mac Cionnaith: Sunday Life

Real IRA targets Provos for hunger strike anniversary: Sunday Independent

Republicans' defiant dame warns of war: The Observer

True grit unites Omagh and Lockerbie families: Sunday Independent

Paras crossed the border claims SDLP Assembly member: UTV Internet

Saturday, February 3

Urgency for peace deal: The Irish Times

‘I’m optimistic’ says Trimble: Irish News

Crucial week begins in bid to break arms logjam: Irish Independent

Progress is being made but picture is still blurred: The Irish Times

Young radicals rewrite Ulster's moribund script: The Times

Now the real test: Belfast Telegraph

The Irish dare to hope again in the peace process: Electronic Telegraph

New deal required to clear the logjam: Irish News

Fine Gael now in a real crisis of identity over North: Irish Independent

Larne campaign to stop attacks: BBC

Meehan claims UDA want to assasinate him: UTV Internet

Army defuses 38 pipe bombs: The Irish Times

End paramilitary double-speak: Irish News (Editorial)

Minority languages no threat says McGimpsey: UTV Internet

Clinton plans political return with Irish visit: Electronic Telegraph

Murder attempt on Portadown man: BBC

UUP man 'shot at by RUC on walk home': Belfast Telegraph

Probe over British 'incursion': Irish Independent

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 3 ---------

Catholics were ‘fresh meat’ for alsatians in Derry: Irish Examiner

'No reason for shots' — BBC man: BBC

Friday, February 2

Blair delays Dublin visit to push for deal on arms: The Independent

Trimble: 'No deal on table': BBC

Ulster peace hopes pinned on IRA making gesture: The Guardian

Efforts to resolve stalemate intensify: The Irish Times

Police reform major barrier to resolution in North talks: Irish Independent

Why the UUP must withdraw from the Executive: Belfast Telegraph

Up in the air: The Times (Editorial)

Leaders’ talks bring ray of hope to peace process: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Hunger strikers voice opposition to Adams: Electronic Telegraph

Arrogant and Ignorant Mandelson Worst Ever?: Irish Voice

Needed in the North: some Scottish grit: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Homes targeted by pipe bombers: BBC

Dublin honour for SDLP leader: Irish News

Paisley cancels Bob Jones visit: Irish Echo

Self-styled pastor's gospel of hatred: Belfast Telegraph

It’s time for the truth to be told: Irish Post

Bruton earned our gratitude: Irish News (Editorial)

Calling time on the ‘n’ word:

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 2 ---------

First Bloody Sunday killing recalled: BBC

Photographer saw soldiers line up and shoot in unison: Irish Examiner

Man rejects claims that paratrooper felt threat: UTV Internet

Thursday, February 1

Blair warned to stand firm over Ulster policing: The Scotsman

Taoiseach 'confident' impasse can be resolved: The Irish Times

Trimble in Downing Street talks: BBC

Leaders in all-out push for deal: Irish Independent

Northern jigsaw awaits three uneasy pieces: The Irish Times

Skip tactics, give it to us straight Doc: Irish News

Inside the last chance saloon: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Supremacist tragedy is in full swing: The Irish Times

UDA 'behind hospital threat': BBC

North ministers have meeting with - Chirac : The Irish Times

Even a dunderhead can do some good!:

Reid succeeds as a stand-in for Westlife: The Irish Times

Don’t forget us: Omagh relatives: Irish News

Charges after guns seizure: BBC

Provisionals' weapon haul smuggled from America: Irish Independent

Paramilitary-style attacks have tripled in number: Irish News

Apprentice Boys pull out of parades talks: Belfast Telegraph

Economy thrives as violence ebbs - Empey: The Irish Times

Peace finds a rink-side seat in sectarian Belfast: Christian Science Monitor

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 1 ---------

Witness rejects IRA planned attack: Irish Examiner

No need for army shooting claims journalist: UTV Internet