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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from February 16-29, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Tuesday, February 29

SDLP plan gains ground: Belfast Telegraph

Peace process cracks at a critical stage: National Post

Loyal to terror: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Finding common ground: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Irish-American votes crucial to candidates: Irish News

Republicans urged to ‘turn backs’ on deal: Irish News

Police sick list tops 1,000: Belfast Telegraph

Meehan calls for RUC prosecutions: Irish News

Meetings fail to move N. Ireland talks past stalemate: Boston Herald

Mandelson fails to break peace deadlock in Ulster: The Independent

Mandelson seeks SDLP advice: BBC

Real IRA behind bid to blow up barracks: Irish Independent

'End feud' loyalist politician appeals: BBC

Maze IRA chief freed to attend SF conference: The Examiner

Justice review promises fresh controversy: The Irish Times

Ireland's spring -- Reclaiming hope, and peace, in Ulster: Minneapolis Star-Tribune (Editorial)

North: why it’s still good to talk: The Examiner (Editorial)

Monday, February 28

Adams bids to ballot paper over the cracks: Belfast Telegraph

Dissidents put shadow of Omagh behind them: Belfast Telegraph

Agreement must be revived: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

The IRA's vanishing concessions: Washington Times (Editorial - Feb. 27)

UUP fears for Tele’s future: Irish News

The people’s will must be heeded: Irish News (by John Hume)

Fresh moves to rescue NI peace: BBC

Adams says Good Friday deal is 'in tatters': The Independent

All parties `must share weapons responsibility': Irish Independent

Adams rallies republicans for street protests: The Times

Sinn Fein heading back to the future: Irish Independent

Return to talks - or streets: Irish Independent

SF mentality is out of touch with reality: The Examiner

The black art of saying nothing but saying it well: Irish Independent

North on way to being fair society - equality chief : The Irish Times

Sunday, February 27

Mandelson: more fly than ointment: Sunday Business Post

IRA walking a very thin line: Editorial from Ireland

IRA won't go back without firm British commitment: Sunday Business Post

Finucane investigation conflict: Sunday Business Post

Apology: Albert and David Prentice: Sunday Business Post

Peace process slips down agenda: BBC

Mandelson seeks consensus on way to break impasse: Sunday Independent

Battle escalates as LVF threatens UVF leadership: The Sunday Times

Loyalist ceasefire is intact, says Mandelson: The Observer

IRA rebels target troops on mainland: The Sunday Times

RSF hoping to capitalise on dissent caused by decommissioning: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Adams warns of years of deadlock: BBC

Ireland talks face huge hurdles: Peace accord harder to sell, Trimble says: Boston Herald

I was never a paramilitary, says Trimble: The Sunday Times

Impatience in US at impasse: The Observer

All aboard for a round trip to Dead End: Sunday Independent

Is Paisley the first casualty of the suspended Executive?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

The guns speak loud . . . even when silent: Sunday Independent

Belfast friends reach out across political chasm: Boston Herald

So is this what they call a ceasefire?: The Observer

Father won't rest until son's killers pay for Omagh blast: Sunday Independent

Labour ready for fresh assault on Livingstone over IRA links: The Sunday Times

Lennon offered benefet concert for prioners' families: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday)

IRA link haunts Lennon legacy: Sunday Independent

Channel 4 admits Committee 'a risk': The Sunday Times

Anger at N Ireland loophole for party funding: Scotland on Sunday

Anti – Catholic Charge Hits Bush: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

New despatches from 1969's frontline: Sunday Independent

Saturday, February 26

Dissident IRA lets off device in army base: The Independent

Savage reality of peace, Ulster-style: The Guardian

PUP rethinks support for Agreement: Irish Independent

Adams calls on followers to return to the streets: The Irish Times

UFF demands end to loyalist feuding: BBC

SDLP rejects call to move on without Sinn Fein: Irish News

Army chief threat to quit on Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Reconciliation day that caused bitter divisions: Electronic Telegraph

NI war of words continues: BBC

Archbishop says Church offers sense of unity needed for peace: The Examiner

Disintegration of peace process at a critical stage: Irish Independent

The North is stuck with old friend fudge: The Irish Times

Time is running out at the ‘no hope saloon’: Irish News

Those who reject compromise not to be left: The Irish Times

Rebuilding trust key to solving crisis in North: The Examiner (Editorial)

Blood money trail to North: Irish Independent

She said too much: The Guardian

Paisley slams Finucane murder inquiry call: Irish News

Cardinal is a leader politicians need on side: The Irish Times

Friday, February 25

Dissidents admit barracks attack: BBC

Still waiting for 'product' in all areas: Belfast Telegraph

Running into the sand: Belfast Telegraph

Assembly will close without arms by May warns Taylor: Irish News

SF tells followers ‘back to streets’: Irish News

Warm 'n' fuzzy terrorists?: National Post (Editorial - Feb. 24)

Courage will bring results: Irish News (Editorial)

Lady Hermon to battle Bob: Irish News

Protestant voice sought: Irish News

Final end to IRA campaign was on offer: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein 'may end talks with IRA': The Times

Accusations over arms issue: BBC

Mandelson plays to the grassroots: The Times

Unionist leader is urged to go extra mile in quest for peace: The Examiner

Anti-agreement names in review group criticised: The Irish Times

Sinn Féin move a mixed blessing: The Examiner (Editorial)

Rally to highlight Drumcree protest: BBC

Ahern calls for Finucane murder inquiry: The Irish Times

Going fishing: The Guardian

Thursday, February 24

Arms find sparks new fear of IRA intentions: Belfast Telegraph

Spin machine in top gear: Belfast Telegraph

Fresh ideas must be found: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Mitchell right to stay away: Irish News (Editorial)

Resumed contacts with IRA raise new talks hope: Irish Independent

Mandelson offers troops reduction for IRA arms deal: The Independent

SF may end role as IRA mediator: The Irish Times

Disarmament Deadlock in Ireland: New York Times (Editorial)

36% of Protestants say unification likely poll: The Irish Times

Mitchell blames lack of trust: BBC

Three steps to revive confidence in peace process: The Irish Times

Finucane inquiry plea: Irish News

Britain's dirty little secret: The Times

Agreement's rights promise must be fulfilled: The Irish Times

Committee trial: C4 chief defends ‘honest’ film-maker: Irish News

Mowlam faces fees challenge: The Times

US candidate is lashed over north: Irish News

Straw's redemption: The Guardian

Wednesday, February 23

Dissenting consent: Belfast Telegraph

Brid Rodgers opinion: Belfast Telegraph

North-South Council 'may grind to halt': Belfast Telegraph

will not be involved in more talks, says Mitchell: Belfast Telegraph

Trimble: Future's unclear, but IRA must move next: Boston Herald

Hague rejects deal over Army and IRA arms: Electronic Telegraph

Guns handover with Army won't happen, says IRA: The Independent

Ulster leaders take their fight across Atlantic: The Times

Irish peace needs level playing field: Boston Herald (by Joseph Kennedy II and Patrick Purcell )

Loyalist feud could impact on wider issues in the North: The Examiner

Good Friday agreement riven with bad faith: The Irish Times

Government must help moderate republicans too : Irish News

No need for genuflection: The Guardian (Editorial)

Fears grow over feud in wake of cutthroat murders: Electronic Telegraph

US cash pouring into Sinn Fein: The Times

Children attackedat soccer match: Irish News

Sergeant held in IRA false passport probe: Irish Independent

Culture of rights needed in north - Amnesty: Irish News

Peace Price Forum: A dozen years of striving for peace: Minneapolis Star Tribune (Editorial)

Ex-IRA man 'abandoned sons': BBC

Lennon claims and IRA funding from America: Irish News

Celtic bid to host World Cup in 2010: Electronic Telegraph

Tuesday, February 22

Arms trade-off and what it symbolises: Belfast Telegraph

A question of identity: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

King dismissive of Irish jokers and blamemongers: Irish News

Armed and dangerous: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Club pulls out of RUC fixture: Irish News

Devolution is a sham: The Observer (by Bob McCartney - Feb. 20)

New parade chairman won’t ‘rush in’: Irish News

Army anger over IRA 'gun swap': The Times

Presentation of arms issue alarms unionists: The Irish Times

Your move, Trimble tells IRA: BBC

British secretary claims IRA turned backs on talks: Boston Herald

Republican Maze prisoners are angry over suspension: The Examiner

Fears over Northern Ireland economy: BBC

Signs of hope from Mandelson: The Examiner (Editorial)

Rosemary Nelson among peace award recipients: The Irish Times

UFF leader Johnny Adair outside home of dead youth: The Examiner

Artist who has seen past myth of 'men of violence': The Irish Times

Lennon did not knowingly fund IRA, says Yoko: Electronic Telegraph

Monday, February 21

Spotlight turns on White House: Belfast Telegraph

Voice of the people: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Gun run for IRA claims anger the DUP: Belfast Telegraph

Still clinging to the old symbolic means of succour: Irish News

Blair 'offered IRA more time on arms': The Times

Revealed: secret IRA proposal: Sunday Business Post

IRA 'offered to match army in dumping guns': The Independent

Security backlash on any arms 'equivalence' deal: The Irish Times

Unionists still need three Cs from the IRA: Sunday Business Post

Tensions high ahead of dissident republican mass meeting: The Examiner

Trimble visiting Boston to make unionist case: Boston Herald

Clinton should have a word in Britain's ear: Sunday Business Post

Time for a tactical memory lapse to pull North back from the brink: Irish Independent

Britain must come clean on the North: Sunday Business Post

Last laugh for Mowlam as Mandelson flounders: Irish Independent

Suspension could benefit Sinn Féin: The Irish Times

Signs of hope are increasing: Irish News (Editorial)

Way forward: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Mandelson spins out of control: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Presidential Candidate Scorecard: G21.NET

Informer resists plan for new life: The Times

Murder victims 'had no terror links': BBC

Divided loyalities may be the reason behind killings: The Irish Times

End royal ban, says Hume's successor: The Times

Sunday, February 20

Mandelson refusing to link decommissioning with demilitarisation: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Seeking a way to end impasse: Boston Globe

How secure is Gerry Adams' leadership of the republican movement?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Sinn Fein threatens legal action: BBC

Two dead as loyalist feud breaks out in Armagh: Independent on Sunday

Threat of violence may topple Good Friday accord: Boston Herald

Mandelson rift puts Ulster policy at risk: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson hints at army pull-out: The Observer

Peace process in gloom as mystery deepens over what Mandelson knew: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday)

Who trusts Mandy?: The Observer

The Fall Guy: Electronic Telegraph

The week Ahern threw it all away: The Sunday Times

Balancing act holds hope still for Belfast Agreement: Sunday Independent

N. Irish gov't could face long suspension: Boston Herald

Last spin for the Agreement: Sunday Independent

Direct Rule for Two Years in North?: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Latest poll shows over half judge suspension wrong: Sunday Independent

Middle-aged, grey haired men dominate IRA Leadership: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Silencing the guns: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

It's not too late to save the peace: The Observer (Editorial)

Decommissioning is still critical : Sunday Independent (Editorial)

IRA smuggled arms while talking peace: The Sunday Times

Dublin stalls over gun plot: The Observer

Nationalist residents fear summer of forced marches: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday)

Blair 'hampered Drumcree talks': The Sunday Times

Nationalists put justice in the dock: The Observer

"Who killed my father?" asks President Clinton's Cathy: by Anne Cadwallader (Ireland on Sunday)

Gunmen in peace bid with vicar: The Observer

Army agent offers to give Bloody Sunday evidence: The Sunday Times

Real IRA sets up wing in London: The Observer

Documentary's key source was 'clearly drunk': The Sunday Times

IRA target McGartland faces ultimatum to quit safe house: Electronic Telegraph

Unionist peers in lobbying row: The Observer

Academic casts doubt on Catholic support for the RUC: The Sunday Times

Where drugs cross the religious divide: Sunday Independent


Lennon aided IRA, claims MI5 renegade: The Observer

Taking the Irishman out of the Archbishop: Sunday Independent

Saturday, February 19


British now accept IRA statement had potential: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein debates stalemate: BBC

We are in hiatus Trimble tells US group: Irish News

Leaders needed at home - Hume: BBC

Early delivery of IRA offer would have kept Unionists on board: The Examiner

Just forgive: The Guardian

British mystified by Dublin claims: The Irish Times

SDLP urged to go it alone in assembly: Irish News

Collapse of the nationalist agenda: Irish Independent

Republicans are still deadly at the theology: The Irish Times

Peace process now in its most dangerous phase: Irish Independent

People want none of the politicians’ Limbo: Irish News

Finding a way out of stasis: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Bloody Sunday rifles go missing: Electronic Telegraph

Bloody Sunday: after 28 years a wound still festers: The Examiner

Guns ‘fiasco’ shames army: Irish News (Editorial)

Bloody Sunday killers must not be shielded: The Examiner (Editorial)

Call for ban on legally held guns: Irish News

Attack on informer's mother's home: BBC

Journalist stands by Committee witness: Irish News

Time to write: The Irish Times

IRA suspect was 'lawfully killed' by armed police: Electronic Telegraph

Family demands public inquiry into fatal shooting: Irish News

Friday, February 18

"Good Friday is dead":

Ahern plays down rift on direct rule: Electronic Telegraph

Blair and Ahern in conflict on IRA offer: Irish Independent

IRA ceasefire is not enough by itself, says Tory leader: The Irish Times

No place for private armies, says Tanaiste: The Irish Times

Just renew and clarify your offer: The Guardian (by John Taylor)

Recurrent use of IRA, UUC veto must cease: The Irish Times (by Seamus Mallon)

SF says surrender plan ‘not right way': Irish News

FG hit Ahern `twin track' North stance: Irish Independent

Terrorists have killed 49 since Ulster deal: Electronic Telegraph

SF must not remain prisoner of fantasy: The Irish Times

Mandelson jumped the gun at the worst possible time: The Examiner

The process is still alive but Peter Mandelson has fences to mend: The Guardian (Editorial)

A reassurance most welcome: Irish News (Editorial)

ONE WAY OUT: The Times (Editorial)

We’ve travelled too far for us to turn back now: Irish News

Dispute over RUC honour: BBC

Army watchtowers dog peace deal negotiations: The Times

MOD accused over Bloody Sunday rifles: The Independent

Ex-parades chief's hope over disputes: BBC

Lord chancellor backed unionists over declaration - QC: Irish News

Thursday, February 17

Crisis Session on Ulster Ends, Still Divided on Arms Issue: New York Times

Prime Ministers Meet on N. Ireland: Washington Post

Reading between the lines of IRA statement: The Times

Loyalists to discuss IRA move: Irish News

Hague urges 'actual decommissioning': BBC

Bruton claim of new assembly in days is rejected: Electronic Telegraph

Taoiseach's veteran optimism on NI: BBC

Trimble carries aura of blameless: Irish Independent

No indication of a return to violence, says Clinton: The Irish Times

New review is the likely outcome of deadlock: Electronic Telegraph

London, Dublin face up to some hard truths: The Irish Times

IRA’s hard man will not contemplate surrender: The Examiner

IRA knows politics, not arms, will bring peace: Philadelphia Inquirer

Sinn Fein must keep its promises: Electronic Telegraph (by David Trimble)

Dublin fury as Mandelson `jumps the gun': Irish Independent

Can Mandy spin peace from the North’s tangled agendas: The Examiner

Direct route not always most straightforward: Belfast Telegraph

North crisis underlines need for radical rethinking: The Irish Times

Stall in Northern Ireland: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)


Ballot box and armalite do not go together: The Examiner (Editorial)

Keeping channels open: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Unionist proposes RUC honour: BBC

Lodge in pickets plan over Drumcree: Irish News

Bad upstairs neighbors rankle civilians: Boston Herald

Dissident terrorists still a threat, gardai told: The Irish Times

Sign of hope on parades: Irish News (Editorial)

Seven named for parades body in radical overhaul: The Irish Times

Wednesday, February 16

Irish Must Struggle On for Peace: Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

IRA Quits Talks on Disarming: Washington Post

In a New Blow to Peace in Ulster, I.R.A. Quits Disarmament Talks: New York Times

Chairman of SF says suspension is 'illegal': The Irish Times

End of talks 'not a threat of violence': The Times

IRA offer may have been linked to changes: The Irish Times

Blair takes Ulster lead: The Independent

Adams criticises Mandelson: The Examiner

The core issue in Ulster: Boston Globe

Now we're facing into a longer, drawn-out process: Irish Independent

IRA withdrawal 'not total surprise': BBC

Stance may just mean a positive future: Boston Herald

Evidence is growing that agreement did not work: The Irish Times

A cruel slap in the face after all the honest effort: Irish Independent

Britain accepts that Trimble owns the agreement: Irish News

Northern Ireland and Mideast must stop clinging to the past: Philadelphia Inquirer

Time to let General de Chastelain do his job: Irish News

IRA recalcitrance: Boston Globe (Editorial)

IRA are the losers in the `blame game': Irish Independent

Ball is back at unionists' feet as IRA quits talks: The Irish Times

Stance may just mean a positive future: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Arms crisis: Irish Indpendent (Editorial)

IRA statement offers nothing: Irish News (Editorial)

Ball now firmly in IRA court on arms issue: The Examiner (Editorial)

Time is of the essence: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Political impasse at Stormont will affect RUC reform, warns Patten: The Examiner

Omagh bombers must face justice: Irish News (Editorial)

Orangemen reveal protest plan: BBC

'Real IRA' linked to disturbances in Lurgan: The Irish Times