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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from February 15-28, 2001. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, February 28

Defiance of IRA leader is praised by Adams: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein leader speaks in defense of IRA's Keenan: Boston Herald

Adams gives warning on Stormont suspension: Irish Independent

Prime ministers continue NI talks: BBC

Talks resume in Downing Street: The Irish Times (Editorial)

GUT reaction to round-table conference: Irish News

Sinn Fein voice concerns over Bill of Rights: UTV Internet

Parties urged to take police board places: The Irish Times

RUC warns death list republicans: The Guardian

Sinn Fein ... and some cold facts on top of the snow: Belfast Telegraph

Bush to ban terror group: Electronic Telegraph

Cowen's White House meeting lifts Irish hopes: The Irish Times

There’ll be no pardon for petty behaviour on Paddy’s Day: Irish Examiner

To see ourselves as 'Others' see us: Belfast Telegraph

Vatican protest over Mandelson policing pressure:

SDLP to consider Sinn Fein's pact offer: Belfast Telegraph

Inquiry head to meet author: The Irish Times

Collusion debate at Stormont: UTV Internet

SF and DUP trade claims on links to killings: The Irish Times

Loyalist predicted attack on taxi depot: Belfast Telegraph

Calls to cancel Orange Walk: The Scotsman

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 28 ---------

Priest protected dying teenager : UTV Internet

Star's father tells of Bloody Sunday terror: Irish Independent

Man pushed woman into line of fire: Irish News

Knight of Malta fought woman who said too few marchers had been shot: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, February 27

IRA leader's comments create stir in Belfast: Boston Herald

IRA leader says the war against Britain goes on: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble: 'Repudiate words of war': BBC

Call for unity at republican rally: The Irish Times

Difficult to get agreement, admits Ahern: Irish Examiner

Trimble, Mallon get on with business: The Irish Times

Policing is SDLP's Rubicon: Belfast Telegraph

Business as usual for the executive: Irish News (Editorial)

DUP broke pledge to break the Agreement: UTV Internet

SDLP rejects Sinn Fein election deal: BBC

Steven King: Belfast Telegraph

Anti-Agreement UUP members rally round Weir: UTV Internet

Huge response to police campaign: BBC

Southerners apply for North police: Irish Independent

Ireland's Anti-Americanism: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Wright's father hopeful of proof: BBC

Stevens should step aside — SF: Irish News

Assembly to debate inquiry motion: BBC

Loyalist hit-lists have been up-dated: Belfast Telegraph

Omagh suspect wins ruling on contempt: Electronic Telegraph

Hunger strikes: the legacy: Belfast Telegraph

Irish language ‘is for everyone’: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 27 ---------

Bogside victim shot day before mother's birthday: Irish Independent

Witnesses tell how they watched soldiers shooting: The Irish Times

Monday, February 26

'Positive approach' to policing urged: BBC

Mallon warns peace process could 'bleed away': The Irish Times

MI5 may ‘replace’ special branch: Irish News

Police ad campaign puts the cart before the horse: Irish Independent

Building a police service for all: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Seclusive IRA chief makes rare public appearance: Boston Herald

Rector tells priests to break 'silence': Irish Independent

Sinn Fein in talks call for SDLP pact: Belfast Telegraph

Quest for truth over Dublin bomb massacre: The Guardian

Human rights are not goods to be bartered: Irish News

Agony lies beyond the doorstep: Belfast Telegraph

If we share history we can share culture: Irish News

Who killed our son?: Belfast Telegraph

Mass marks hunger strike anniversary: Irish News

Stormont to debate collusion murder motion: UTV Internet

Bloody Sunday recreated for £3m movie: Irish Independent

Sunday, February 25

Ulster force on course to meet Catholic quota: The Sunday Times

Mallon's decision crucial for both Trimble and Adams: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Noonan calls for NI compromise on police: Sunday Independent

RUC likely to lose intelligence role: The Observer

Pressure builds up over policing: BBC

Real IRA feud led to rail bombing: The Sunday Times

A paler shade of green at the White House: Sunday Independent

Dublin's blinkered view of Bush: The Sunday Times

Finucanes demand full inquiry: Independent on Sunday

Finucane family urge 'no compromise': BBC

Time to reclaim the true notion of republicanism: Sunday Independent

Ulster equality chief faces claim of discrimination: The Sunday Times

Supporters of IRA recall the life of true martyr: Boston Herald

Shayler to give statement to Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Sunday Times

Bush bars ex-prisoners: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, February 24

British consider suspension of NI bodies before poll: The Irish Times

Catholic, Protestant RUC effort draws ire: Boston Herald

RUC seeks recruits but gains little support for new force from nationalists and republicans: The Independent

‘Respect those who join police’ call: Irish News

Mallon holds key to fate of Ulster's new police service: Electronic Telegraph

Repackaging the RUC insufficient for some, but a bridge too far for others: Irish Examiner

Policing: An emotive issue: BBC

Flanagan rejects Garda bias: Irish Independent

Policing remains pivotal issue in resolving peace: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Bush adopts lower profile on North: Irish Independent

US envoy could boost Irish peace: Boston Globe

Moves for final round of talks before UK election: The Irish Times

Good Friday blame game begins again: Irish News

'Premature' to talk of SF in Government in South: The Irish Times

Weir suspended from UUP: UTV Internet

Weir supporters to fight suspension: BBC

Kennedy leaves the race: Irish News

Why cardinal cannot win in communion row: The Irish Times

Statue with no permission 'will go ahead': Irish Independent

LVF leader's son sentenced: BBC

Book of North dead wins prize: Irish Independent

Bloody Sunday film seeks crowds: Belfast Telegraph

Friday, February 23

TV campaign to recruit Catholics: Electronic Telegraph

Recruits sought for NI police service: BBC

Recruitment drive focuses on reflections: The Irish Times

Anger at adverts to recruit Ulster police: The Guardian

Governments to meet after deadlock in policing talks: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein under pressure to compromise on policing: The Irish Times

New police force faces uphill struggle: The Guardian

Policing puts Ulster Catholics to the test: The Scotsman

Today marks beginning of force: The Irish Times

Ahern hears political concerns: BBC

Adams rules out immediate police deal: Irish Examiner

Policing stand-off to scupper talks: Irish Post

Gardai furious over job rejections: Irish Independent

It's the Agreement, stupid: The Irish Times

Full implementation key to NI success: The Irish Times

Co-operation vital to keep peace process alive: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Time to say yes to police reform: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Going For It On Policing: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Real IRA may be behind TA blast: The Times

Torch bomb blew off hand of TA cadet: The Guardian

Arms and the man: de Chastelain waits: Irish Echo

Valley of the peace: Irish Independent (Feb. 22)

In the heart of Paisley country, Ballymena mayor urges tolerance: Irish Echo

Thursday, February 22

Blair urged to call new talks to save peace: The Times

Government defends police recruitment: BBC

Trimble casts doubt on meeting of council: The Irish Times

Blair follows Major on Northern Ireland: The Times

All dressed up to go, but where?: Belfast Telegraph

Dissidents plan to challenge Adams: The Guardian

Growing threat from dissident republicans: The Irish Times

SDLP rules out election pact with SF: Irish News

Cash boost for victims of Troubles: BBC

Many victims and survivors are still silent and hidden: Belfast Telegraph

Adams urges new court:

Past is just as important as the future: Irish News

Tourist row hits the wall: BBC

Ireland is not Ireland without the Catholic Church: Irish Examiner

Family targeted in pipebomb attack: UTV Internet

Plea for end to rail disruption: BBC

Wednesday, February 21

Downing Street talks on NI: BBC

New North secretary has talks on impasse: Irish Independent

Ulster deal blow as push for police recruits begins: Electronic Telegraph

Cool response to new police recruitment drive: The Irish Times

Disarray prevails on eve of changes to RUC: The Times

Concerns grow over deadlock on North policing: The Irish Times

Gamble or bust on policing issue: The Irish Times

Can the assembly survive an election?: Irish News

Breaking the political deadlock: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Ahern backs Nelson inquiry call: BBC

Orange Order urged to negotiate: The Guardian

The People's peace process: Belfast Telegraph

Bonfires of Irish intolerance: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein faces down electoral fraud accusations: UTV Internet

Predictable response to memo leaks: Irish News

Taoiseach speaks on Carfin row: BBC

Woman who puts the RUC under scrutiny: The Irish Times

Mother asks for memorial to stay: Irish News

Sinn Fein man attacks Paisley: UTV Internet

Paisley denies 'massacre' of Catholics: UTV Internet

Equality body to probe ‘corner’: Irish News

Tuesday, February 20

RUC performance fear over morale: BBC

Danger election campaign will leave talks in limbo: Irish Independent

Unease at policing talks increases: The Irish Times

Don't waste these weeks: Irish Independent (Editorial)

U.S. Ties to N. Ireland Weapons Alleged: Washington Post

Paramilitary Operations Involve Substantial Funds: Washington Post

Ulster Calling:

Mandelson makes gift for Omagh court battle: The Independent

Mandelson says Real IRA hold key to peace process: The Scotsman

Debate on NI voting fraud issue: BBC

British Governement slammed over treatment of victims: UTV Internet

Never Going Away:

Couple on pipe-bomb charges: The Irish Times

Archbishop fuels row over Irish Communion: Electronic Telegraph

Archbishop 'didn't mean' to offend C of I on communion: Irish Independent

Dr Connell insists he stands over comments: The Irish Times

Monday, February 19

Blair says 'no' to Ulster trip: Belfast Telegraph

Paisley criticises Flanagan for not talking to the DUP: The Irish Times

1922 massacre haunts efforts to reform police: Boston Herald

Garda officers turned down for top RUC posts: Sunday Times (Feb. 18)

More talks but no deal: BBC (Feb. 17)

Adams has every reason to voice his anxiety: Irish Examiner

Bombs 'part of drug war' says Paisley: Irish Independent

Bishops concerned at bomb attacks: The Irish Times

Utopia can never be ours to have: Irish News

Pair charged after explosives find: BBC

Bomb line to be closed for days: Irish Independent

Unionists object to hunger strike mural: The Times

Empey says Archbishop's remarks cause 'acrimony': The Irish Times

Fighting for the truth: Irish News

Dublin to voice Para fears: SDLP: Belfast Telegraph

Cardinal errors: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Communicating on communion: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Sunday, February 18

Police recruitment to begin 'within days': BBC

RUC rejects senior gardai for top posts: Sunday Independent

'We'll quit' say RUC chiefs: The Observer

SDLP may break with SF on policing: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Nelson campaign calls on taoiseach: The Sunday Times

Re-negotiate Good Friday Agreement says Paisley: UTV Internet

SF suspected of stalling until after election: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Ulster 'dirty tricks' trio may face trial: The Sunday Times

No match for tolerance: The Observer

Welcome to dirtiest job in politics: The Sunday Times

Belfast to Dublin rail link closed following explosion: UTV Internet

Mandelson to front Omagh campaign: The Sunday Times

Romance dies as the Irish come of age: The Observer

Saturday, February 17

Peace talks 'are near collapse': The Times

Review may be needed — Trimble: UTV Internet

Blair envoy meets Adams under cover of darkness: Electronic Telegraph

Policing crisis in the North and nobody cares: Irish Independent

Flanagan move to close policing 'gap': BBC

RUC chief to go ahead with jobs drive: The Irish Times

RUC chief warns of Real IRA threat: Irish Examiner

Only a week left to solve North crisis, Ahern says: Irish Independent

Loyalist bomb attacks wrecking peace process: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

UDA behind vast bulk of attacks: Flanagan: Irish News

Along the peace line, Catholics living in fear after night falls: Irish Independent

Providing political analysis: a loyalist perspective:

Sir Reg gives good example: Irish News (Editorial)

UUP reselects Smyth: The Times

PUP set to take on Smyth in south Belfast: Belfast Telegraph

Lawlessness filling vacuum: Belfast Telegraph

Political fog settles on a promised land: Irish News

Queen awarded medal to Nelson handler:

Fury at US grant for hunger strike art: Belfast Telegraph

Guardian begins legal challenge: The Guardian

Woman cleared of firebomb charge: Irish News

Friday, February 16

Adams and McGuinness in Downing Street for talks: The Irish Times

'Peace line' Catholics are under siege: The Times

Pipe bombs seized in raids: BBC

Loyalist Bombings Curiously Ignored: Irish Voice

The awful truth about tartan: The Guardian

Nurses protest over loyalist terror groups’ threats on staff: Irish Examiner

Concern about RUC station 'closures': BBC

RUC federation head tells of fears for force: The Irish Times

The business of political progress: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Shoulders to the wheel for final policing push: (Editorial)

Gilman still a player: Irish Echo

State abuses ‘only show in town’: Irish News (Feb. 12)

Named men seek North massacre speech sources: Irish Independent

Paisley words, deeds set stage for violence: Irish Echo

Pat Finucane: search for the truth goes on:

British regiment behaviour criticised: The Irish Times

Secret party donations challenged in the House of Lords: UTV Internet

They butchered my boy but God will punish them one day: Belfast Telegraph

The Quiet House: Irish Echo (Editorial)

North needs stable future essential for US investment: The Irish Times

Kennedy under fire over Irish language remarks: UTV Internet

Bid to overturn Treason Act: Belfast Telegraph

Panel Discusses Terrorism Practices: Minneapolis Star Tribune

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 16 ---------

Paramedic's painful memories: BBC

RUC disagreed over the fate of 44 arrested: Irish Independent

Witness urges inquiry not to return files to RUC: The Irish Times

Will the truth be told?: Irish Post

Thursday, February 15

Gaps remain in policing, says SDLP: BBC

No new formula says Adams: UTV Internet

Ahern, Blair postpone visit as SF rejects proposals: The Irish Times

Demilitarisation - the war of words: BBC

Crunch time for talks as problems persist: Irish News

Policing: what's in a name?: Belfast Telegraph

Reid all about it!:

Anger over UDA attacks denial: BBC

Pro-Agreement candidates for Strangford selection: UTV Internet

Website letters led to street fight between two Belfast republicans:

--------- Bloody Sunday News - February 15 ---------

Leading republican addresses inquiry: BBC

McLaughlin denies knowledge of IRA: Irish Examiner

SF chairman accused of lying about IRA: Irish Independent

Bloody Sunday paramedic attacked by troops: UTV Internet

The whole truth must come out: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)