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Monday, February 28

Gains reflect 'reconquest' of Ireland, says Adams: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Irish election has 'implications' for NI: UTV Internet

'Hound of Ulster' top dog in wee county: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Adams' win is proof that ballots will eventually beat bullets: Irish Independent
Mary Kenny

Politics of opposition pays rich dividends for emerging force: The Irish Times
Deaglán de Bréadún

Moulds broken and dynasties laid to rest on day for gracious winners and Shinners: The Irish Times
Kathy Sheridan

Michéal Martin says Fianna Fail may now look to Northern Ireland:

FF will never recover former position: The Irish Times
Stephen Collins

Pale faces of Fianna Fail lose Irish hearts: BBC
Mark Simpson

Republic of Ireland's election results herald biggest shake-up in balance of power since the Civil War: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

An election like no other: UTV Internet
Ken Reid

All eyes on Republic after election results: Belfast Telegraph

The 31st Dáil – A mandate for profound reform: Irish Examiner

Gaddafi's €2bn compo deal for IRA victims in doubt: Irish Examiner
Dan Buckley

How Blair let down local victims of Gaddafi (Feb 24): Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Plaque honours first volunteer killed in action (Feb 21): Belfast Media
Kieran Hughes

Laying the foundations for a city we can be proud of (Feb 23): Belfast Telegraph
Paul McErlean

Kenny must win the kulturkampf with RTE prejudice (Feb 27): Sunday Independent
Eoghan Harris

Iris documentary wins two RTS awards for Spotlight (Feb 24): BBC

Trimble's beard? Well, at least he can grow one ... unlike some men (Feb 23): Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Police call for a ban on Old Firm clashes: The Herald
Carolyn Churhill

Sunday, February 27

SF's Adams tops Louth poll: UTV Internet

Shock as Adams emerges triumphant on first count: Sunday Independent
Elaine Keogh

Sinn Fein 'trebles seats in Dail': Belfast Telegraph

Ireland's Governing Party Ousted in Historic Loss: New York Times
Sarah Lyall

Ireland's new government on a collision course with EU: Sunday Telegraph
Bruno Waterfield

Ireland bets on quiet man to cure financial ills: Independent on Sunday
David McKittrick

Irish election – Fury drove mass desertion from Fianna Fail: Sunday Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Fine Gael's unenviable, uncertain victory: The Spectator
Peter Hoskin

Why US says Adams was IRA boss when Jean was murdered: Evening Herald
George McManus

Riot accused schoolboy bailed: UTV Internet

Pensioner from Foxrock jailed for being in IRA: Evening Herald
Brian Kavanagh

'Broke' IRA man lives the good life: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Libyan turmoil hits €12bn compensation deal for IRA victims: Sunday Independent
Rebecca Lefort

Why it's time to say sorry for McGurk's bar smears (Feb 25): Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Court reverses ruling on Omagh damages claim: The News Letter

PPS 'regret' over Enniskillen court 'no show' (Feb 21): BBC

'I am not a tout' – Blaney: Ballymoney Times

Cambodian Inexactitude (Feb 21): BBC
Mark Devenport

'Peacebuilding' song and drama (Feb 25): The News Letter

Saturday, February 26

Angry Irish voters expected to pummel ruling party: Los Angeles Times
Henry Chu

All eyes on Sinn Fein's showing: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Robinson and Elliott clash: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

UUP headed for opposition – DUP: The News Letter

DUP name candidates for both elections: Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Party loses East Belfast candidate: The News Letter

Stormont needs everyone aboard peace bandwagon: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Ford discusses parades season with church leaders: The News Letter

Family narrowly escapes injury in 'despicable' pipe-bomb attack: Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne Henry

Arrested 'dissident' remains in custody: UTV Internet

Carroll murder duo 'want charges dropped': UTV Internet

Pleas for an end to sectarian attacks: Newtownabbey Times

No definition of 'sectarian' in Justice Bill (Feb 24): UTV Internet

PSNI probe into 'fraud' claims at victims' group: The News Letter

Gaddafi cast murderous shadow over our history: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Free Presbyterians hit back over Mass: The News Letter

Loyalist guilty of having child porn snaps on phone: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Donnelly

Omagh relative gets go-ahead to sue police: Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Work 'ongoing' to resolve memorial row: The News Letter

Maze plan can work, say ex-RUC duo: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Seán Keenan commemoration (Feb 22): Derry Journal

Obama likely to visit Ireland in late May, says US source: The Irish Times
Lara Marlowe

A civil revolution: Ottawa Citizen
Janice Kennedy

Friday, February 25

IRA claims cloud Gerry Adams's campaign: Daily Telegraph
Bruno Waterfield

SDLP chief Margaret Ritchie in Irish election jibe over Sinn Fein 'hypocrisy': Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

SF's Adams 'no political tourist' (Feb 23): UTV Internet

'Dublin kingmaker' Gerry Adams haunted by IRA murder of mother buried in constituency where he's hoping to become MP: Daily Mail
Ronan O'Reilly

Irish seek revenge at polls for financial fiasco: The Independent
David McKittrick

Ireland set to elect Enda Kenny, the mountain man of Mayo:
Henry McDonald

Ireland's call: UTV Internet
Ken Reid

In my experience, there has never been an election in Ireland like this: Daily Telegraph
Denis Murray

The cost of Ireland's feckless government: The Independent

Voters have their say: The Irish Times

Our future starts here: Irish Independent

Ireland needs more than a change of government: Daily Telegraph

Fianna Fáil links with Britain strengthened: Irish Post

Opposing Versions: BBC
Mark Devenport

Dissident republicans pose serious threat in NI and Britain: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Irish dissident cell in Britain, claim intelligence sources: Irish Post
Robert Mulhern

Community workers resist 'blanket threat': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

ONH cannot achieve what British couldn't: Belfast Media

Fermanagh dissident probe 70-year-old freed: BBC

Duffy fails in court challenge: UTV Internet

Police appeal on Doherty murder: BBC

Petrol bombs thrown: Londonderry Sentinel

UDA chief – we want to strengthen the peace: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

IRA event 'raises community tensions': The News Letter

Three arrests over Lurgan illegal parade: UTV Internet

Victims of IRA terror to fight on for Libya payouts: Belfast Telegraph

Inquest date for shot IRA man: UTV Internet

Orange Order's vital tourism role boosted by conference: Londonderry Sentinel

Second generation must use Census opportunity: Irish Post

National anthem will be played in Dublin: The News Letter

Thursday, February 24

Downturn puts N Ireland peace under fire: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

Community workers defy dissidents: UTV Internet

Robinson 'ought to rethink mass views': The News Letter

Adams set to take a seat: Dundalk Democrat

Sinn Fein 'must come clean on IRA attacks': The News Letter

Gerry Adams Shakes Up Ireland's Elections: Time
Pamela Duncan

Warming to Adams although accent pulls me from nostalgic bubble: The Irish Times
David Adams

The 38-year connection between Irish republicans and Gaddafi: BBC

Adams 'not embarrassed' by links to Gadafy:
Marie O'Halloran

SF's silence over Gaddafi 'is shameful': Evening Herald
George McManus

Sinn Fein in Gaddafi U-turn – Despot who backed IRA denounced by republicans: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Rioters in court over Ardoyne trouble: UTV Internet

Setback in sectarian chants ban: BBC

'Measures taken' after court error (Feb 21): The News Letter

From Solidarity to Stormont (Feb 21): BBC
Mark Devenport

UUP woman decides to leave politics (Feb 21): The News Letter

Newry congregation 'overjoyed' as bombed church rises again (Feb 21): Belfast Telegraph

North accounts for 5% of Nama's total loan portfolio: The Irish Times
Francess McDonnell

Learn from others and we will enjoy racial diversity: Belfast Telegraph
Owen Polley

Majority oppose FG plan to make Irish optional: Irish Independent
John Walshe

Old Firm domestic abuse arrests (Feb 21): BBC

Wednesday, February 23

UUP, SDLP 'want SF out' – DFM: UTV Internet

SDLP denies funding NI opposition talks: BBC

Elections are always sectarian headcounts: Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Adams under pressure on IRA killing of McConville: Evening Herald
Kevin Doyle

Adams forced to deny role in McConville murder again: Irish Independent
Shane Doran

The enemy within won't allow the IRA to go away: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Labour accuses SF of dirty tricks on abortion issue: Irish Independent
Áine Kerr

Ireland – A vote in a void: Financial Times
Tony Barber and John Murray Brown

Republic's election not about Adams or unity, it's about the economy, stupid: Belfast Telegraph
Henry McDonald

Ireland – A change too far: The Guardian

Coalition on the cards: Irish Independent

The absence of leadership that has left us all at sea: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Weir 'will not stand': The News Letter

"Political change not served by violence": Derry Journal

Ombudsman stands by McGurk's bomb RUC 'bias' claim: BBC

PSNI chief to meet relatives of UVF pub bomb victims: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Northern Ireland police chief fails to condemn RUC bomb investigation bias:
Henry McDonald

PSNI's Matt Baggott must apologise, say McGurk's bar bomb relatives: Belfast Telegraph
Adrian Rutherford

Victims to fight on for compensation: The News Letter

The Libyan connection: BBC

Amnesty calls for tighter controls before training foreign police: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Parade by republicans 'was deeply offensive: The News Letter

'We feel that others should give us more space and more tolerance,' says Orange Order leader: Epoch Times
Martin Murphy

Parties clash over Lisburn UDR memorial: Ulster Star

Movies portray loyalists as morons, says UVF killer: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Let's debunk the myth of Irish as a living language, it now represents failure and a national disorder: Irish Independent
Kevin Myers

Catholic dominance of schools not 'tenable': The Irish Times
Patsy McGarry

Archbishop's speech – Catholicism in crisis: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, February 22

UUP blasts 'joint' DUP and SF attacks: The News Letter

McGimpsey posturing on Budget is obscene, says Peter Robinson: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Unionist row over spending deepens: The News Letter

Debate over budget preferable to sectarian squabbling (Feb 20): (from the Sunday Times)
Liam Clarke

Will Elliott help find a role for the UUP?: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Elliott slams review 'failure': The News Letter

Northern Ireland equality body may be merged in shake-up: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Labour ruling out right/left political divide, says Adams: Irish Examiner
Claire O'Sullivan

Gerry's moment of levity in a difficult campaign: Irish Independent

Gerry Adams dismisses obligations to IMF: RTE

TV debate 'snub' for Sinn Fein's Gerry Adams may be blessing in disguise: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Politicians speaking a different language (Feb 20): Sunday Business Post
Emmanuel Kehoe

Robinson – I would go to Catholic mass: The News Letter

ONH claim arson attack on depot: Belfast Media
Gemma Burns

Garda focus on dissidents – Callinan: Belfast Telegraph

Terror police 'target Irish dissidents in UK' ahead of Royal Wedding and Obama state visit: Daily Mail

Catholic council says 50-50 policing scheme should stay: BBC

Minister breaches local peace walls: Belfast Media
Gemma Burns

RUC probe into pub bomb 'biased': Irish Examiner
Michael McHugh

Vindicated but still angry at police: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

McGurk's bomb ombudsman report – Baggott criticised: BBC

McGurk's victims deserve apology: Belfast Telegraph

AOH urged to expel gunman: The News Letter

Victim's fury over Gildernew's clemency plea: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

DRD writes off £1.7m in unpaid parking tickets: Belfast Telegraph

IRA victims could benefit from €475m Libya fund (Feb 20): Sunday Business Post
John Burke

The Libyan Connection: BBC
Mark Devenport

Maskey travels to Bilbao, Madrid to back: Belfast Media

Make anti-Catholicism as unacceptable as drink driving, says campaigner (Feb 21): The Scotsman
Eddie Barnes

Monday, February 21

Adams 'respects' protest by McConville family: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Adams again denies role in McConville murder: Irish Independent
Shane Hickey

SF dirty tricks behind cruise rumours – Burke (Feb 18): Evening Herald
Kevin Doyle

Adams' past is not another country (Feb 20): Sunday Independent
Celia Larkin

All to play for, north and south of the border: Tribune Magazine
John Coulter

Paddy partakes in his own deception (Feb 20): Sunday Independent
Declan Lynch

Robinson move of great significance: Belfast Telegraph

Human rights lawyer's £10,000 a month for human rights advice (Feb 19): Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

'Cash is a triumph of reality over wishful thinking' (Feb 19): The News Letter

Local man asks – Why was I shot? (Feb 14): Belfast Media
Gráinne McWilliams

Pamphlet rebuked (Feb 18): Lurgan Mail

SDLP, Alliance weigh in on health row (Feb 18): UTV Internet

Draft budget is lazy, says SDLP leader Margaret Ritchie: BBC

Ombudsman's report due on McGurk's bar bomb: BBC

Presbyterian Church rises from the ashes: Belfast Telegraph

Anglo-Irish agreement on business links: The Irish Times
Ciarán Hancock

Slashing tax could be cheaper than £300m (Feb 18): The News Letter
Graham Gudgin

Downgrading Irish 'an act of cultural vandalism': The Irish Times
Harry McGee

Irish language policy will cost us votes, admits Fine Gael senator (Feb 16): Irish Independent
Áine Kerr

The future of Irish – A daunting challenge: Irish Examiner

Bring back sterling if EU treats us badly – McEvaddy (Feb 20): Sunday Independent
Ronald Quinlan

Clarke and Clegg to establish commission on new Bill of Rights: The Independent
Andy McSmith

Sunday, February 20

Adams facing battle for last seat: Sunday Independent
John Drennan

Jean McConville's family campaign against Gerry Adams:
Henry McDonald

Adams denies any role in McConville death: RTE

Adams finds dead not gone away: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Gerry masters hind-legs bit: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

Race to lead an Ireland that has lost its soul: Scotland on Sunday
Gerald Warner

Should one visit Ireland?: Newry Democrat

King of the hill changes his tune (Feb 19): The Irish Times
Ed Moloney

Dissident to stand for council (Feb 18): Derry Journal

Funding 'will be used to take on dissidents': The News Letter

Man on gun and ammunition charges: UTV Internet

Republican guilty of 1981 IRA murder bid: The News Letter

'Sinn Féin said if I shut up I wouldn't be shut up': (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Suzanne Breen

'No, Minister – We didn't back off' (Feb 15): Belfast Media
Paul Ainsworth

Mapping memories in our ever-changing city (Feb 17): Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Ballymena's Denver Gage faces sectarian songs probe: BBC

Lifetime ban on fan welcomed: UTV Internet

Celtic manager Neil Lennon recieves death threat from loyalist paramilitaries: Scottish Daily Record
Jilly Beattie

Saturday, February 19

First Minister claims UUP 'preparing for opposition': BBC

UUP 'to leave Northern Ireland Executive': Belfast Telegraph

Funding an Opposition?: BBC
Mark Devenport

Election reform funds row: Belfast Telegraph

National question no longer a vote winner: The News Letter
Peter McLoughlin

The Union is safe, now let us all get down to business: Belfast Telegraph
Alastair Ross

Kenny's IRA challenge to Shinners: Evening Herald
Kevin Doyle

Adams's past not such a burning issue: The Irish Times
Mick Heaney

The murdered can't sue, Gerry, what about justice for them ?: Evening Herald
Eamon Keane

Should Gerry Adams just tell a porkie pie?: Belfast Telegraph
John Boland

£200m to 'keep momentum' against terror: UTV Internet

Dissident terror probe police arrest man in Twinbrook: BBC

Irish police find items for 'explosive devices': BBC

Winning friends and influencing people: Derry Journal
Paul McFadden

Finucane death threat condemned: BBC

Dissidents deny issuing death threat to Belfast republican: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Mosaic unveiled to Pat Finucane: Belfast Media
Francesca Ryan

Bombing church ready to reopen: UTV Internet

Republican hardliner guilty of shooting UDR man in 1981: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

Ballymurphy families meet First Minister Peter Robinson: BBC

'Tone' of judge in Thomas Devlin case may feature in appeal: Belfast Telegraph

An incendiary image: Belfast Media

Stormont stampede 'may give rise to bad law': The News Letter
Sam McBride

Irish FA to ban Northern Ireland fan after chants: BBC

IFA to impose lifetime ban on fan: UTV Internet

Language divide: Irish Examiner
Tomás Mac Eochagáin

Irish language – not just a Gaeltacht issue: The Irish Times
Keith Duggan

Friday, February 18

PSNI gets extra £245m to combat dissident terror threat: BBC

NI politicians welcome extra funding for PSNI: RTE

Petrol bombs thrown at PSNI: UTV Internet

Stop-and-search vital to combat threat – Campbell: Londonderry Sentinel

Now ONH has found a voice, let's hope they see sense: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

8 UKIP candidates for NI election: UTV Internet

Fine Gael launch blistering attack on Sinn Fein policy: Evening Herald
Kevin Doyle

Sinn Féin poised for first seat in Cork constituency: Irish Examiner
Paul O'Brien

Irish voters remain wary of a left turn: Financial Times
John Murray Brown

SF sets out 15-point plan to reform political system: Irish Examiner
Ed Carty

Remember the innocent victims of the IRA: Evening Herald
PJ Browne

We won't let Jean McConville atrocity go away you know, Mr Adams: Evening Herald
Andrew Lynch

Exhuming the past is much more than just fighting talk: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Death threats over Michaela slur are also wrong: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Man hurt in baseball bat attack: UTV Internet

Fans slammed over sectarian songs: The News Letter

PUP urge work on shared future: Londonderry Sentinel

King promises action to defend IFI: Irish Echo
Susan Garraty

Minister blasted for 'Foyle and Derry' slight: Londonderry Sentinel

Obama trip to Ireland now likely with announcement of British trip in May: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Queen to become first British monarch to visit Ireland for a century on May 15: Daily Mail

UUP examining 'defining decision' on draft budget: BBC

Time for political bickering is over (Feb 16): Belfast Telegraph

Catholic schools are part of the solution, not the problem: Irish Independent
James Cassin

Razor light – David Trimble is the ginger beard man: Belfast Telegraph
Maureen Coleman

EU star pupil Ireland becomes class bad boy: Financial Times
Tony Barber

Thursday, February 17

Adams hits out at IRA 'smear': UTV Internet

Adams now threatens to sue us over his IRA past: Evening Herald
Cormac Murphy

McGuinness says claims irrelevant: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan and Pamela Duncan

Social charge's 'terrorism' label defended: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

You're no Michael Collins, FG man tells Gerry Adams: Irish Independent
Fiach Kelly and John Boland

Adams remains selective about aspects of past: Irish Examiner
Shaun Connolly

Like all others Adams must face scrutiny: Evening Herald

Elliott sets out his 'game changer': The News Letter

Opponents snipe at UUP Stormont shake-up plan: Belfast Telegraph

Tom's Midnight Opposition: BBC
Mark Devenport

Robinson email warns of potential 'deadlock': The News Letter

We need joined up governance: Belfast Telegraph

Queen's historic visit to Ireland: The Sun
Duncan Larcombe

Dissidents plan street protests against royal visit: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

'Real IRA' behind pipe bomb: UTV Internet

Referendum on same day as NI Assembly election: BBC
Stephen Walker

'Confidence lost' in victims service delay: UTV Internet

Veterans Bill to be vetoed: The News Letter

Forty teenage terrorism convictions to be challenged: BBC

'Lessons must be learned' after NI game: The News Letter

Arlene's 'disappointment' at our story (Feb 14): Belfast Media
Paul Ainsworth

Foster reveals plan for PMS: The News Letter

Kenny under fire for language policy: Irish Examiner
Paul O'Brien

Fine Gael's crude Irish language policy would undo decades of good work: The Irish Times
Anna Ní Ghallachair

U2 singer under fire over 'pro-IRA songs': The News Letter

Wednesday, February 16

UUP leader Tom Elliott calls for Stormont opposition: BBC
Gareth Gordon

Bitter exchanges as UUP and SDLP look set to reject draft proposals: Belfast Telegraph

How the Executive's unravelling Budget plans have laid bare the deep flaws in our political system: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Republic voters wary of Adams: The News Letter

Adams hits out at IRA 'smear': UTV Internet

Gerry Adams and Micheál Martin clash in Irish TV debate:
Henry McDonald

Adams – Social charge is act of terrorism: Irish Examiner

Can a wave of anger carry Gerry Adams into power?: The Independent
David McKittrick

Adams for Taoiseach? Ok, I'm emigrating: Irish Independent
Ian O'Doherty

FG closing in on stunning victory as rivals fall away: Irish Independent
James Downey

Policing board faces calls for its abolition: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Homes evacuated in Magherafelt alert: UTV Internet

West Belfast alert declared a hoax: UTV Internet

Working-class Protestants have been left stranded: The News Letter
Mark Langhammer

Assembly split over military perks: Belfast Telegraph

Bun fight for a group of toy soldiers' SF hits out at Freedom of the Borough plans: Ballymoney Times

Anger at sectarian songs after NI game: UTV Internet

Northern Ireland Secretary visits Peace Centre: Warrington Guardian

Dunloy marks anniversary of Hogan/ Martin deaths: Ballymoney Times

Invest NI shame (Feb 11): Belfast Media
Paul Ainsworth

Kicking politics to touch with a home-ground advantage: The Irish Times
Jane Coyle

FG Govt would 'end Irish neutrality': Irish Echo (Australia)

Is there a place for God in the Irish classroom?: Irish Independent

Tuesday, February 15

Olympics 2012 – Terrorist threat from Irish Republicans: Daily Telegraph
Jacquelin Magnay and James Kirkup

Dissidents are 'threat to 2012 Games': UTV Internet

Dissident denies stealing inmates' Christmas cash: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

IRA named as suspects in Revenue laptop theft: Evening Herald
Cormac Byrne

Plea to challenge SF over Quinn murder: The News Letter

Adams is now 'dancing on mum Jean's grave': Evening Herald
Cormac Murphy

'Magician' Gerry Adams still fails to impress in TV debate: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Four out of five people believe Adams is a liar: Evening Herald
Cormac Murphy

When Sinn Fein risks need to translate into Dail seats: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Forever Fianna Fail?: BBC
Martina Purdy

Bible can rule the ballot box: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

DUP councillor in 'stitch-up' claim: The News Letter

Robinson aide hopes for third time lucky: The News Letter

'Don't let the election become sectarian': Derry Journal

Can Peter Robinson count on middle Ulster to keep him on top?: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

Peter hasn't a lot to chuckle about: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Alliance MLA calls on SDLP to 'quit the Executive': BBC

US cuts plan puts Ireland fund under pressure: The Irish Times
Niall Stanage

HET's two year reprieve gives hope to widow of UFF victim: Belfast Media
Scott Jamison

£20K for Ulster Scots dictionary: BBC

Top Ulster-Scots job up for grabs: The News Letter

Crisis in Irish extends to Gaeltacht: Irish Independent
John Walshe and Katherine Donnelly

Silent protest – students oppose Irish language proposal: The Irish Times
Éanna Ó Caollaí

Room for growth in Western Europe's only divided park: Belfast Media
Gemma Burns

Ian Paisley health scare as former DUP leader has pacemaker fitted: Belfast Telegraph
Sam Lister and Noel McAdam

Ignoring North's economic realities will cost dearly: The Irish Times
Francess McDonnell


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