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This archive contains references to articles from February 15-28, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


February 28

RTE's policy on broadcasting Angelus: Irish Independent

Bertie and Blair's battle: Irish Independent

British, Irish leaders in dual peace drive: Sydney Morning Herald

SF determined to stay in talks: The Irish Times

Our long night may be drawing to a close: Irish News

The Endgame In Sight: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Murder retrial granted to Clegg: The Guardian

The split second on a dark night that determines whether Clegg murdered: The Independent

Clash on SF re-entry now seems inevitable: The Irish Times

SDLP seek probes on ‘70s arms plot: Irish News

'Twelfth' party planned for Aras: The Irish Times

Forum ejects PUP leader: Irish News

February 27

Sinn Fein welcome at No 10 after suspension: Electronic Telegraph

Blair and Ahern set sights on referendum: The Independent

Governments shelve joint proposals plans: The Irish Times

Walking out not an option: Irish News (Editorial)

McWilliams highlights NI women's needs: The Irish Times

Cheevers in honour guard for UVF chief: Irish News

Parents from integrated schools petition Blair: The Irish Times

Ambitious Irish scale job heights in Britain: The Guardian

February 26

Postal workers hurt in Belfast letter-bomb blast : The Guardian

Bombs, bullets and hard words: but there still is hope in Ulster: The Independent

Cosmetic changes not enough to end discrimination in north: Irish News (by Martin McGuinness)

North issues need to be discussed in light of day: The Irish Times

SDLP will insist on all-island council: Irish News

Alderdice thinks polls on North likely in May: The Irish Times

Fury at parades group's US trip: Irish News

February 25

Fiery cease-fire: Unpeaceful talks struggle to define Ireland's future: Philadelphia Inquirer

Peacemakers the pawns in a deadly patriot game: Irish Independent

Peace fragile as bombers strike both sides of border: Sydney Morning Herald

Attention beginning to focus on referendum: The Irish Times

Where, when will we stop drifting apart?: Irish News

Acts of sectarian hate aim to wreck talks: The Irish Times

Ulster talks crawl along: The Independent

Justice requires change and change causes fear: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

Claims of split are untrue says IRA: Irish News

Angelus controversy saddens archbishop: The Irish Times

People who must face up to parade decisions: Irish News

February 24

Bloody `endgame' threatening us all: Irish Independent

Cross-border alert as LVF threatens further attacks: Irish Independent

Bombing brings loyalist warning: The Guardian

North talks will advance when British face facts: The Irish Times

Bombers aim to ruin talks: Irish News (Editorial)

The paramilitaries' day has gone: Electronic Telegraph (by Bertie Ahern)

UUP seeks assembly along Welsh lines: The Irish Times

Bombers ‘won’t wreck peace’: Irish News

RTE rethink on Angelus urged: The Irish Times

Bloody Sunday judges appointed: Irish News

Message of hope to end violence: Irish News

February 23

A Matter of Opinion: Sunday Business Post

The unionist world is shrinking rapidly: Irish Independent


Sinn Fein will ask IRA for back-to-talks approval: Irish Independent

On the outer with Sinn Fein: Sydney Morning Herald (Editorial)

Republicans play the waiting game: The Independent

No SF exit strategy, Adams tells gathering: The Irish Times

Blair reluctant to meet Adams: Electronic Telegraph

Praying for triumph of the ordinary: The Irish Times

February 22

N. Ireland Town Musters Collective Effort After Bomb: Washington Post

HAMMERED: The Sunday Times

Breakaway IRA blamed in car bomb: Boston Globe

Sinn Fein spin leaves castle hacks in a daze: The Sunday Times

Blair speeds up Ulster peace talks: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Féin "Disavows" Killings: Sunday Tribune

Sinn Fein calls illegal marches: The Sunday Times

Conway's Family Condemns Mowlam: Sunday Tribune

February 21

Sinn Fein Ousted From Peace Talks: Washington Post

The Irish balancing act: Boston Globe (Editorial)

SIX DAYS FOR MURDER: The Times (Editorial)

SF and its links with a force for violence: The Irish Times

Adams denies Provo hawks turned tables with killings: Irish Indpendent

11 injured in bomb blast in Co Down: The Irish Times

Mowlam chats to terrorist: Electronic Telegraph

Dogs of war circling advocates of politics: The Irish Times

Kings of the Castle: Irish Independent

February 20

Murder's shadow falls across the North: Irish Independent

It's sterile stuff as the lads have their lá in court: Irish Independent

Tension rises as murder is blamed on IRA: The Times

Expulsion gives gunmen licence: The Guardian

IRA needs a chance to take unpalatable decision: The Irish Times

Reform bid long overdue: Irish News (Editorial)

Law may feel 'political question' marks no-go area: The Irish Times

RUC report full of half truths, say nationalists: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Call for closure of Castlereagh: Irish News

February 19

Software-support capital envisioned as Belfast of future: Boston Globe

Courting trouble on way to peace deal: Irish Independent

No Decision on Sinn Fein in Peace Talks: Los Angeles Times

Religion is still a power in the land: Irish Independent

N. Ireland Talks Hit An Impasse: Washington Post

Have the Mitchell Principles outlived use?: The Irish Times

Mitchell warns of more bloodshed: Electronic Telegraph

Hume in outburst at 'days wasted': Irish News

Sue for peace: The Guardian (Editorial)

Mitchell puts focus back on the Big Picture: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein demands RUC quiz: The Independent

Kings of the castle have their day in court: The Irish Times

Apprentice Boys insist on 'right' to march in city: Irish News

February 18

Gerry Adams risks being the biggest loser: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein to Petition Court to Stay in N. Ireland Talks: Los Angeles Times

Propaganda warriors: Irish Independent

Adams seeks to halt expulsion: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein in plea to judge: The Guardian

The players matter not ... the play's the thing: Irish News

Sinn Fein is heading for a technical knock-out: The Irish Times

Peace talks in peril as Sinn Fein fights ban: Sydney Morning Herald

McMichael accuses IRA of attempt to destroy process: The Irish Times

'Priests used murders to attack Protestant faith': Irish News

February 17

There is no other way: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein fights for its spot: Boston Globe

No split over IRA `link' to murders-Ahern: Irish Independent

N. Ireland Talks Consider Expulsion Of Sinn Fein Party: Washington Post

Furious Adams fights to stay in Ulster talks: Electronic Telegraph

Leaked paper proves deal is done says DUP: Irish News

Senior unionists very impatient with pace of events: The Irish Times

Parties must stay in talks: Irish News (Editorial)

Adams should still visit US if out of talks, says King: The Irish Times

Backgrounds of Sinn Fein negotiators in talks process: The Irish Times

Warning against any new assembly: Irish News

'Punishment attacks' at high levels, FAIT claims: The Irish Times

February 16

Republicans' Practiced Ambiguity: Sunday Tribune

Religion makes it Belfast, not Beirut: Sunday Business Post

Frustration led to `no claim' IRA killings: Irish Independent

Dr Mowlam and the crazed loyalist right: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Talk ban 'will lead to fresh violence': Electronic Telegraph

Clinton plea on Ulster talks: The Guardian


Talks reach crucial stage: Irish News (Editorial)

Even a drug dealer's murder is a political act: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein calls for justice: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

SDLP opts for an assembly: Irish News

The problem is about conflicting identities: The Irish Times

February 15

Talking Peace And Hearing War: Washington Post

A critically wounded peace process: Boston Globe

Adams visit poses dilemma for Clinton as talks ban nears: Electronic Telegraph

Adams's biggest gamble looks like a winner: The Sunday Times

With Sinn Fein or without: The Independent on Sunday (Editorial)

Putting our hope in rational republicans: The Sunday Times

Killers who stalk the peace process: The Sunday Times

Provos 'looking for way out of talks': The Observer

Hidden agenda to IRA hits on drug dealers: The Sunday Times

IRA man is Hollywood taoiseach: The Sunday Times