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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from February 15-28, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, February 28

NI Law Society in conflict with British counterparts over Finucane inquiry: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

With Ulster Peace Effort Deadlocked, Eyes Return to U.S.: New York Times

Adams's US friends raise record £400,000: The Sunday Times

Gore to Step out From Clinton's Shadow on Ireland: Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Wild men waiting on the thin orange line: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein 'swamping' Patten police inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

Good nose for bad politics marked out Iris Murdoch: The Sunday Times

Can the IRA return to war?: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Phone clue to Omagh bomb gang found: The Sunday Times

Ulster GPs to treat patients over the border: Electronic Telegraph

Protestants return to Irish politics: The Sunday Times

Department of Justices resists Ludlow inquiry: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune -- Feb. 21)

Taoiseach's comments on decommissioning were deliberate: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune -- Feb. 21)

Saturday, February 27

Arms debate goes on: BBC

Poll shows backing for Ahern's stance: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein warns arms demand may split IRA: The Times

Peace could be lost over weapons: PUP leader: Irish News

Document fuels the cross-border fears of Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

The man of peace known as the Reverend Ian Paisley: The Independent

Peace deal delays may have raised voter doubts: The Irish Times

The real world challenges: Irish News

Arrests 'politically motivated': The Times

Murder of King Rat `planned by INLA': Irish Independent

US team checks on army installations: Irish News

Rights group calls for accord on policing: The Irish Times

Friday, February 26

Peace warning: Belfast Telegraph

Voices of division: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Support for silent exiles: BBC

Bloody Sunday witness ruling: The Times

RUC chief expecting big change: Irish News

Cross-Border bodies cause disagreement at Stormont: The Irish Times

SF ‘not bringing troubles abroad’: Irish News

McLaughlin fears IRA could be destabilised: The Irish Times

Troubles victims demand ‘war over’ pledge: Irish News

Montgomery to be Ulster go-between: The Independent

Montgomery talks welcome: Irish News (Editorial)

Thursday, February 25

Treaty 'con' storm: Belfast Telegraph

Blair says SF must work to reassure unionists: Irish Independent

Parking the peace: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Steven King: Belfast Telegraph

Ulster Blast Suspect Charged: New York Times

Real IRA chief flees Ireland: Irish News

SF warns of new IRA divisions: The Irish Times

RUC critics 'must accept change': BBC

Why the Lawrence report holds lessons for the RUC: The Irish Times

MoD backs Saville anonymity bid: Irish News

US senator backs victims initiative: The Irish Times

IRA training story denied: Irish News

Loyalists admit bomb attack: The Irish Times

Wednesday, February 24

'Decommissioning won't happen immediately': Belfast Telegraph

Court throws out challenge to anti-terror law: Irish Independent

Omagh probe man to face charges: BBC

McLaughlin 'to run for Europe': Belfast Telegraph

No magic formula on arms, McCartney told: Irish News

Adams assailed by father of IRA victim: The Irish Times

Cancer boy (16) beaten by gun gang: Irish News

Mowlam sticks to deadline: BBC

Sectarian war and peace-the Loyalist view: Sydney Morning Herald

They haven’t gone away like they should have: Irish News

Hint of flexibility on arms impasse in the air: The Irish Times

Paisley fears plunge in poll: Irish News (Editorial)

Garvaghy group seeks Ahern's help: The Irish Times

Queen’s U-turn on Irish Studies degree: Irish News

Tuesday, February 23

New body hits back at DUP link claim: Belfast Telegraph

Councillor among new suspects held over Omagh blast: The Guardian

Pressure on IRA to lift exiles ban: The Independent

Time to allow exiles home: Irish News (Editorial)

Maginnis offers 'wriggle room': The Times

We tried to protect Hamill - RUC man: Irish News

Taoiseach should stop trying to please everyone: The Irish Times

Police face fight over New York boxing bout: Irish News

Council unveils dual language street signs: Irish News

Advice from a 'Belfast aborigine': Sydney Morning Herald

Adams backs his peace message with a bullet: Sydney Morning Herald

Monday, February 22

Adams is running away, claims UUP: Belfast Telegraph

Saving Private Trimble not a viable policy for Dublin: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Hard evidence major problem in nailing the Omagh bombers: Irish Independent

Inquiry demand into 1976 killing: Belfast Telegraph

Peril of parking peace process: Sunday Business Post

'Significant' arrests in Omagh inquiry: BBC

Peace in Peril In Northern Ireland: Washington Post (by Martin McGuinness)

Killer Stone to walk free next year: Irish News

It's good to talk, says Adams in Australia: Electronic Telegraph

Rising above the prejudice of the past: Sydney Morning Herald (by Gerry Adams)

Another stone to say we’re not so different: Irish News

SF resolve on arms handover questioned: The Irish Times

McKenna calls for ex-prisoner tagging: Irish News

Gripping radio tales of Troubles give outlet to voiceless: The Guardian

Focus placed on slaughter: Irish News (Editorial)

Taylor slammed: Irish News

Sunday, February 21

Clinton bid for IRA arms summit: The Sunday Times

Police warned of IRA attacks: Electronic Telegraph

Ahern and the interview that was good for peace: The Sunday Times

Trimble demands an end to the IRA's 'fatwas': Independent on Sunday

Blair backs Ahern on IRA arms: The Sunday Times

Let exiles return, say campaigners: BBC

IRA 'Mata Hari' to play mother of shot loyalist: The Sunday Times

Mitchell Credits Ahern With Saving Agreement: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Celtic boss hits Labour over bigotry: The Sunday Times

Saturday, February 20

Show of faith in N. Ireland: Baltimore Sun (Editorial)

Both sides attempt to clear decommissioning hurdle: Irish Independent

‘Arms cache not recent’ says tenant: Irish News

Unionists make the Sunningdale mistake again: The Irish Times


De Chastelain's flexibility best hope to end of impasse: The Irish Times

We’re on the threshold of a brave new world: Irish News

Taoiseach turns the screw on Sinn Fein: The Irish Times

Man of the moment: Irish News

Loyalist set free early is back in jail: Electronic Telegraph

UUP man furious as course dropped: Irish News

SF will resist ban at Queens: The Irish Times

Friday, February 19

Raid 'proves IRA is buying arms': Electronic Telegraph

LA law won't work in Belfast: BBC

Trimble rejects McCartney call: Belfast Telegraph

Mitchell calls on Ulster to save the peace effort: The Independent

Arms find ‘used for political agenda’: Irish News

All sides seek de Chastelain arms formula: Irish Independent

Arms and the man: Clinton gets set: Belfast Telegraph

UUP team to discuss Council of Isles with Scots: Irish News

Thursday, February 18

PUP ‘has let Sinn Fein off hook’: Irish News

One more push from Hume may seal the peace: The Irish Times

Fait blasted for ‘publicity stunts’: Irish News

Wednesday, February 17

Northern Ireland Assembly Approves Political Restructuring: New York Times

Trimble secures assembly deal: Electronic Telegraph

The turning of Beggs is a triumph for Trimble: The Irish Times

Disarmament solution was ‘whisker away’: Irish News

Ahern warns of 'political reality' on NI executive: The Irish Times

Halt called to 'punitive violence': The Guardian

Hume: gun issue can be solved: Irish News

Sinn Fein and unionists' breakthrough talks: BBC

Tuesday, February 16

End of the beginning or beginning of the end for North peace process: Irish Independent

United Ireland not on - PUP member: Belfast Telegraph

McGuinness accused of IRA role: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble faces rebellion: The Guardian

Grenade stunt stuns unionists: BBC

Ulster peace hits a rock: The Guardian (Editorial)

NO TIME FOR NOES: The Times (Editorial)

Mr Ahern's Clear Message: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Peacemaking is a job for life and a priority for St Pat’s day: Irish News

Alleged INLA man faces murder case deportation: The Irish Times

IRA calls halt to beatings: The Times

Parasites, the press and the process: Irish News

Arm-wrestling continues as marching season nears: The Irish Times

Monday, February 15

Reaction to court sentence points to double standards in the south: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Right the first time: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Arms and Ahern: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Bertie backs down: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Will it be peace or war for the IRA?: Belfast Telegraph

Party under duress after Ahern's clear signal: Irish Independent

Nairac and the Dublin bombers: Sunday Business Post

Daily gang brutality on streets must stop: Belfast Telegraph

De Chastelain could ease North logjam: Sunday Business Post

Anglican leader lauds President as `ambassador of reconciliation': Irish Independent

Ahern forced into U-turn on threat to Sinn Fein: The Times

Irish PM has Sinn Fein manning barricades: Electronic Telegraph

Confusion over Ahern's comments on arms: The Irish Times

Balance must be maintained: Irish News (Editorial)

Weapons row hangs over Assembly : BBC

Trimble could do with a little help on arms issue: Irish News

Northern Ireland: An imperfect peace: BBC

Churchmen hold talks on Garvaghy: Irish News