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This archive contains references to articles from February 1997. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


February 28

Ulster deal to protect Major until May 1: The Times

Unionists object to one-day informal visit by Taoiseach: The Irish Times

Little progress as parade time nears: The Irish Times

Minister must explain her role: Irish News (Editorial)

Parties in NI talks invited to White House: The Irish Times

Teenager distraught after IRA kidnapping: Irish News

February 27

Robinson's wife to run against UUP deputy leader: The Irish Times

Orangemen say no to parade observers: The Irish Times

McGuinness joins council VIP list: Daily Telegraph

February 26

The name of the mother: Ulster figure alleges frame-up: Boston Globe

Why SF is playing the peace card: The Irish Times

Sharp exchanges on Capitol Hill: The Irish Times

So many questions ... so little point in answering: Irish News

Poll reveals majority opposed to Drumcree III: Irish News

'No deal on Dunloy parade': Irish News

February 25

Smith seen staying on in Dublin: Boston Globe

Ahern tells republicans to restore trust: The Irish Times

Voice of courage deserves credit: Irish News (Editorial)

Kennedy lobbies to keep sister in Dublin: The Times

Hume spells out need for strong government: Irish News

Forgiveness not enough for reconciliation: The Irish Times

IRA sniper's victim cremated: Daily Telegraph

Terrorist informer mourns from afar: The Times

February 24

Defector begins US effort to bring pressure on IRA: Boston Globe

North needs a bill of rights protected by a court: The Irish Times

Trimble's US comments slammed: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times (By John Monagan)

Unionist 'phoney politics' criticised: The Irish Times

IRA-style funeral for father of agent: Irish News

Republican Sinn Fein conference holds to militant line: The Irish Times

Sharing our views can help end the sorrow: Irish News

DUP wants Ulster-Scots signs at museum: Irish News

IRA sniper victim is cousin of bomber: Daily Telegraph

February 23

Ireland: Holding the Line, An Autobiography by John Hermon: The Times (review by John Stalker)

February 22

'Unequivocal' ceasefire on offer if terms right: The Irish Times

Coded signal to London may prompt like response: The Irish Times

Why Hume was so deeply hurt by Sinn Fein rebuff: The Irish Times

You just can't eat flags: Irish News

Great survivor who still courts controversy: The Irish Times

Ghost of 'the other' still haunts us: The Irish Times

Hume told to return to forum: Daily Telegraph

Who fears to look at the truth of the past?: Irish News

Students pursue course of peace across the divide: The Times

Germans playing 'cruel game' with McAliskey: Irish News

February 21

SDLP pact with Adams close to collapse: Daily Telegraph

A trial separation, not a divorce: The Irish Times

SF must face political truth: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Fein and the SDLP: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Maginnis throws gauntlet to SDLP: Irish News

British raise hope of a Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Irish Times

Heath's comments on Bloody Sunday cause widespread anger: The Irish Times

February 20

Mayhew stokes up nationalist grievances: The Irish Times

O'Callaghan 'won't appear in US court': Irish News

SDLP spurns advances from SF on voting pact: The Irish Times

Why voters must turn away from Sinn Fein: Irish News (by John Hume)

Spring protests over McAliskey: The Irish Times

Police were told to lie to Stalker, says ex-RUC chief: Daily Telegraph

The Reluctant Policeman: The Irish Times

February 19

Anglo-Irish Agreement 'an impediment': The Irish Times

O'Callaghan to challenge peace process on US tour: The Irish Times

Knucklehead concedes a propaganda victory: Irish News

Taoiseach 'surprised' by Mayhew's rejection: The Irish Times

SDLP 'took easy option by rejecting poll pact': Irish News

February 18

European ideal has lesson for IRA, Bruton says: The Irish Times

Widgery legal challenge to begin next week: The Irish Times

February 17

Ahern criticises Mayhew over Bloody Sunday: Daily Telegraph

Lies cannot eclipse truth: Irish News (Editorial)

Hogg buys Unionist vote with beef deal: The Times

SPUC intervenes on behalf of McAliskey: The Irish Times

Loyalists urge Orange Order not to negotiate over parades: The Irish Times

Albright will meet Mayhew: The Irish Times

We are adept at seeing Nazism in each other: Irish News

Plea to allow 7 to stay in US: The Irish Times

February 16

Mayhew rules out Sinn Fein contact: Sunday Telegraph

Labour revs its engine at the orange light: The Sunday Times

Courage to condemn: The Sunday Times (Editorial)

The disposable servant: The Sunday Times

IRA killing gives peace a new heroine: The Sunday Times

February 15

Dunloy finds 'not an inch' to its taste: The Irish Times

Mayhew promises new Bloody Sunday inquiry: Irish News

Sectarian symbolism of Harryville stinks: Irish News

US delegation calls for inclusive talks: The Irish Times

Irish rugby union rejects minute's silence at five nations' match: The Times

Have-a-go Ken cheering the rugby men in green: Irish News

February 14

N. Ireland slaying is familiar: Philadelphia Inquirer

Shooting of soldier brings dangerous days: The Irish Times

The Option for Sinn Fein: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Woman tells how IRA killed soldier in front of her: Daily Telegraph

Cardinal in 'brink of war' warning: Irish News

Clinton condemns killing and urges loyalist restraint: The Irish Times

February 13

GREEN AT THE EDGES: The Times (Editorial)

IRA sniper kills soldier in Ulster: Daily Telegraph

Who has it in for the US envoy?: The Irish Times

Churches must act against sectarianism: The Irish Times

Albright postpones symbolic meeting with Ulster Secretary: The Times

Germany 'will not oppose Roisin's release': Irish News

Irish to play British anthem before game: The Times

February 12

Albright talks with Mayhew put on hold: The Irish Times

'Sensible' why councils still don't have powers: Irish News

Kennedy Smith wants to retain post in Dublin: The Irish Times

Amnesty in urgent plea over Roisin McAliskey: Irish News

Taylor describes McCartney as the poodle of the DUP: The Irish Times

February 11

Commons alert over IRA threat: Daily Telegraph

Clinton supports Kennedy Smith: The Irish Times

Ambassador must remain in Ireland: Irish News (Editorial)

February 10

A year after IRA truce ended, Northern Ireland struggles: Philadelphia Inquirer

Contact with SF 'not ruled out' by London: The Irish Times

Commonsense is scarce among populist leaders: Irish News

White House denies Kennedy Smith change: The Irish Times

Unionist support courted for minority Government: The Times

Sweet singing answers shouts of Billy Boys: The Irish Times

February 9

Adams offers olive branch: The Sunday Times

Loyalist mavericks plan to 'take war to Dublin': Sunday Telegraph

February 8

We shall keep killing security staff, says IRA: Daily Telegraph

Hardliners may be in control of IRA: The Irish Times

Dupes of hazard march with their boozy bands: Irish News

Belfast won't drop its guards; Strife-torn city fights to keep beloved Lollipop Men at school crossings: Boston Globe

Dangerous Times: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Clinton to support London line on Northern Ireland: The Times

Diplomat who flouts niceties of her post: The Times

Harryville parade likely to pass off peacefully: The Irish Times

Orangemen bid to stop church protest: Irish News

Loyalists up the ante at Harryville: The Irish Times

February 7

IRA and loyalist leaders 'should meet in secret': Irish News

Loyalists fight for Carson table: Daily Telegraph

Harryville bands out to snub Paisley: Irish News

Time to act, Mr Paisley: Irish News (Editorial)

Clinton will be asked not to deport men to North: The Irish Times

Roisin 'to be kept in chains for jail birth': Irish News

February 6

McAliskey treatment may be less than whole story: The Irish Times

Moderator condemns loyalist picket: The Irish Times

Loyalist murderer reveals rally plan: Irish News

February 5

Agreeing terms for a new IRA ceasefire: The Irish Times

'Unreal' to see two markets in Ireland: Irish News

Paisley supports loyalist rally at 'protest' church: Irish News

Paisley has passion for engineering opposition: Irish News

MP joins clamour over Bloody Sunday: Daily Telegraph

Unionists support apology demands: Irish News

Bruton says British could hold inquiry: The Irish Times

February 4

Many thorny questions arise as US compiles terrorist list: Boston Globe

This stain won't wash away like the blood: The Irish Times

South African triumph calls for attempt at emulation: The Irish Times

Loyalists seek to parade past picketed church: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein to be present at US prestige ceremony: Irish News

'News Letter' says apology for Bloody Sunday overdue: The Irish Times

February 3

Massacre Recalled: Daily News

Sinn Fein chief denies a plot alleged by informer: Boston Globe

Thousands remember Bloody Sunday: The Times

Britain must make amends: Irish News (Editorial)

No need for loyalists to take the violent path says Gusty Spence: Irish News

Talks lull gives advisers time to settle in: The Irish Times

Unionists petition British on President: The Irish Times

IRA said to have debated killing Hume in 1980s: The Irish Times

February 2

Hope Dwindles as Troubles Retake Northern Ireland: Los Angeles Times

Bloody Sunday' anniversary spurs new look: Boston Globe

£2m car thefts may fund the IRA: The Sunday Times

February 1

Mealy-mouthed Tories cower before Trimble: Irish News

Bloody Sunday is a case apart: Irish News (Editorial)

Hume calls for Bloody Sunday truce as tribute: Irish News

Nobel poet discloses his despair at Bloody Sunday: The Times

Bruton presses Major on Bloody Sunday evidence: The Irish Times

Sectarian dispute at Derry factory: The Irish Times

US wants parades commission in operation this year: The Irish Times

Newsman gets new angle on Famine horror: Irish News