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This archive contains references to articles from February 1-14, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


February 14

Killings Imperil Role Of Sinn Fein in Talks: Washington Post

Sinn Fein on the way out: The Guardian

Paradox of the talks: Irish News (Editorial)

Showdown as Adams fights talks ban: Irish Independent

Provos will not strike back just yet: Irish Independent

Survey on opinions in North springs surprise: The Irish Times

At least Powell could take history's verdict: Irish News

Is this the end of peace in our time?: Irish Independent

Here we go again: Irish Independent

Four jailed over IRA bomb factory: Electronic Telegraph

There will be no peace says wife of UDA man: Irish News

February 13

Adams demands to stay in talks: Electronic Telegraph

Why Dougan murder may cost SF place at peace talks: The Irish Times

Dispose of the sniper signs: Irish News (Editorial)

Peace event gets little support north of Border: The Irish Times

Governor of Maze to stand down: The Times

February 12

How 1920 Act could be the way forward: Irish Independent

Sinn Fein may face expulsion from talks: Boston Globe

Ulster talks on the brink of collapse: Electronic Telegraph

NO WAY OUT: The Times (Editorial)

Killings come at the worst time for process: The Irish Times

Loyalists rebuild as ceasefire reduces security: The Irish Times

The shame of La Mon: Irish News

The Unionists retrench: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Boycott row unfortunate: Irish News (Editorial)

February 11

IRA role in death suspected: Boston Globe

IRA killings threaten Ulster talks: Electronic Telegraph

Murder And Its Aftermath: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Adams rejects claims of IRA involvement: The Irish Times

Mowlam/Maginnis truce may be shortlived: The Irish Times

UUP sees facilitating role for British Isles council: The Irish Times

Hamill family sets up fund to 'prosecute RUC officers': Irish News

Silver Screen Troubles: The Irish Times

February 10

Hume tells Sinn Fein to give up sideswipes at Mallon: Irish Independent

Mowlam might no longer work with Maginnis: The Irish Times

S Africa advice sought on Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Plans to reform RUC attacked: The Independent

Rivals on same side: The Irish Times

Inequality in the north 'still needs to be addressed': Irish News

US business group to aid Belfast: The Irish Times

February 9

Peace's shape emerges in Belfast: Albany Times Union

SDLP squabbles with Sinn Fein are doing no good: Sunday Business Post

Northern Ireland United: Sunday Business Post

Trimble's party can't reform: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Ulster parties urged to put past behind them: The Times

Death marks end of an era: Irish News (Editorial)

Border ties must make sense and must not be impositions: The Irish Times

Peace calls for greater courage than conflict: Irish News

White House cautious on Clinton trip here in May: The Irish Times

Trimble faces rebellion: Irish News

A glimpse of North behind the headlines: The Irish Times

A new look at 'Bloody Sunday': Nando Times

Dissent on 'proposed way ahead' is sincere: Irish News

Shadow of gunmen drives the Irish to drink: The Times

February 8

Blair charms Ireland back on US agenda: The Sunday Times

Clinton plans 'push for peace' Ulster trip: Electronic Telegraph

Don't let the facts get in way of the fantasy: The Sunday Times

Nationalists protest in Belfast’s Lower Ormeau Road against Orange Order marches: The Observer

Globe cartoon sent with death threat to Ulster activist: Boston Globe

Dublin papers leaked to Paisley reveal secret payments to British: The Sunday Times

Middle class invade Belfast no-go area: The Sunday Times

February 7

Case for holding secret talks on North: Irish Independent

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Talks may be moved in bid for May 1 deadline: Irish News

Nationalists remain wary despite reforms: The Irish Times

Smyth's IRA claim rejected: Irish News

Threats to Protestant clergy in Border areas: The Irish Times

Return of unionist rule is a nightmare: Irish News

February 6

Adams faces united front on new assembly: Irish Independent

A tribute for all victims: Irish News (Editorial)

Making The May Deadline: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Clinton, Blair optimistic on the North: The Irish Times

Army may 'take killer Scots Guardsmen back': Irish News

February 5

Peacemaker Hume leans on Sinn Féin to accept assembly: Irish Independent

Seeking a compromise so talking can begin: Irish Independent

Time ripe for political gamble by Trimble: The Irish Times

Time Mr Trimble reversed history: Irish News (Editorial)

Internal settlement will not work, says Adams: The Irish Times (by Gerry Adams)

Preparing the RUC for historic changes: Irish News

Bill proposes 14 days' notice for North marches: The Irish Times

February 4

We must leave our past behind: Irish News (by John Hume)

SF's talks position attacked by Hume: Irish News

Trimble outlines conditions for meeting Sinn Fein: The Irish Times

Truth has a chance only when the media is fair: Irish News

Blair: Ulster killings may go on even after settlement: The Independent

No comparison between arms trial, Bloody Sunday: The Irish Times

Flaw that blocks way to progress in peace process: The Irish Times

No excuses for murder: Irish News (Editorial)

Nationalist hopes of EU questioned: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein, Unionists in first direct talks at peace table: South China Morning Post

Mass attendance down from 70% to 60%, survey finds: The Irish Times

February 3

The inquiry into Bloody Sunday and why the truth matters to a democracy: Boston Globe

No alternative to talks: Irish Independent

LVF threat of terror against Catholics: The Guardian

The Irish peace process: Nando Times

Sufficient consensus to be built into new assembly: Irish News

Parties unite to attack SF for unrealistic stance: The Irish Times

Unionist's comments attacked by families: Irish News

February 2

Few believe the killing spree is over: Sunday Business Post

Dead cry out for justice: Sunday Business Post

'Jovial' Bloody Sunday march: Electronic Telegraph

Ripples still spreading from Bloody Sunday: The Independent

Talks should be a bridge to all-Ireland democracy: Irish News

What to do in the face of sectarian hatred?: The Irish Times

The glory of the Celtic saints belongs to us all: Irish News

Proposals for peace criticised at debate: The Irish Times

SDLP restates position on internal settlement: Irish News

Balcombe Street gang will never be freed: The Times

Few people in Republic think peace likely: The Irish Times

Trinity students launch unionist revival: Irish News

February 1

Time for Trimble to ask Adams a simple question: The Sunday Times

Impatient for peace: The Independent (Editorial)

Rough road to reality: The Sunday Times

Mowlam moves to allay RUC's fears: The Observer

UDP could be back in talks in two weeks: The Sunday Times

Mowlam 'backs bail' for IRA men in US jail: The Sunday Times

Making peace with Ulster's past: Boston Globe (Editorial)

At Last, A Derry Postmortem: New York Daily News

Irish ministers 'armed IRA': The Sunday Times

Reporters who found a different truth in Ulster: The Sunday Times

Cemetery is tourist hot spot: The Sunday Times