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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from February 1-14, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, February 14

Sinn Fein dismay over arms warning: BBC

Running out of patience with the IRA: The Sunday Times

Decommissioning deal could be better in theory than practice: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Religious fanatic leads loyalist rebels: The Sunday Times

British trying to use Irish America to pressure Sinn Féin: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Democracy takes a punishment beating: The Sunday Times

'Normalisation' will not include legal firearms: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Rebel IRA gang 'evades M15': BBC

Nairac's 'lover' claims MI5 fixed his murder: The Sunday Times

Ireland pays bounty to lure talented exiles home: Electronic Telegraph

Belfast's £3m smile woos the tourists: The Sunday Times

Saturday, February 13

Seeds of troubles own: Belfast Telegraph

More bumps yet on the road to peace: Sydney Morning Herald

Revealed: the future shape of devolution: Irish News

Why Bertie Ahern will have to go: Irish Independent

The Man in the Middle of decommissioning: The Irish Times

Unionists are fiddling while peace pact burns: Irish News

Patten group inhibits RUC, Maginnis asserts: The Irish Times

McKenna denting Fait’s credibility: Irish News (Editorial)

10 years after slaying, British army accused: Philadelphia Inquirer

Minister gets Finucane report: The Irish Times

IRA ends recent spate of beatings: Irish News

Friday, February 12

"Unity in 15 years": Belfast Telegraph

My dilemma: Belfast Telegraph (by Mo Mowlam)

Carry out Agreement terms, Trimble told: The Irish Times

Mowlam's prisoner 'dilemma': BBC

Inquiry into lawyer's murder demanded: The Irish Times

MP guarded on solicitor’s murder: Irish News

Urgent moves to prevent IRA feud: Irish News

Democracy's Bottom Line: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Commission must protect our rights: Irish News (Editorial)

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Thursday, February 11

Trying to protect the peace dividend: Irish Independent

End it now!: Belfast Telegraph

Blair aims to break Ulster deadlock: The Times

Squaring the arms circle: Irish News (Editorial)

Lawyers demand death inquiry: The Independent

Kingsmill names 'not from police': BBC

Loyalist mag lists unionists’ addresses: Irish News

Unpalatable concessions are part of peace process: The Irish Times

Court boost for McBrides: Irish News

Alliance issues challenge on McCabe killers: The Irish Times

Politicians indulging in an idle spot of title talk: Irish News

Tensions rising as deadline nears: Sydney Morning Herald

Wednesday, February 10

Marks of approval: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Get accord on the road: Group of 7: Belfast Telegraph

Orange Volunteers threaten more strikes: The Irish Times

Unionists to whip doubters into line: Irish News

Rights group declines Trimble's invitation: The Irish Times

SF urges freedom for killers of garda: Irish News

McCabe killers unlikely to win an early release: The Irish Times

‘The west’ needs to get its act together quickly: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Tuesday, February 9

Peace poll split: Belfast Telegraph

Mowlam in crunch arms handover talks: BBC

Blair and Ahern enlist Clinton's aid in bid to break Ulster deadlock: The Guardian

We have little time to start facing up to history: The Irish Times

Poll results no surprise: Irish News (Editorial)

Paisley says British must expel SF from process: The Irish Times

We may need the Americans, but peace will still come: The Independent

Adams says agreement covers McCabe killers: The Irish Times

Adams urges end to ‘the phoney war’: Irish News

FAIT in internal row over claims on bombing: The Irish Times

Monday, February 8

Decommissioning: 84% say now: Belfast Telegraph

IRA `won' in McCabe trial say top rank gardai: Irish Independent

Orange rebuff for Trimble: Belfast Telegraph

Power transfer date 'could slip': BBC

No surrender: Sydney Morning Herald (Editorial) - scroll down the page

It’s not just as simple as cowboys and Indians: Irish News

New measures needed to send punishment beatings: The Irish Times

UKUP conference is told terrorist actions 'tolerated': The Irish Times

Fait slams ‘unhelpful’ remarks: Irish News

SAS victims’ relatives to petition TD: Irish News

Sunday, February 7

The only option: The Observer

Government answers on Dalkey Raid unsatisfactory: Sunday Tribune (Editorial)

Selling our souls may prove too high a price for peace: The Sunday Times

Tarnished hero: The Sunday Times

Stolen IRA weapons - more questions than answers: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Does peace have a chance?: Independent on Sunday

Adams met IRA killer on the run: The Sunday Times

Irish to get own category on next census: Independent on Sunday

Saturday, February 6

THE MORE THINGS CHANGE. . .: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Final effort to salvage Ulster peace accord: The Times

Hardliners' hint on peace hopes: The Guardian

McGuinness told to act on beatings: Irish News

Gut Issue in Northern Ireland: Washington Post (Editorial)

Even the smallest gesture from the IRA could salvage peace: The Independent

Rage is in the air at Stormont: Irish News

Why we must tackle intimidation for peace sake: Irish Independent

McCabe's killer was a top man in IRA, say gardai: The Irish Times

No way out for killers: Irish Independent (Editorial)

IRA man ‘abducted’ says MP: Irish News

Friday, February 5

The silence of Tony Blair: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)


Dissidents in minority - McGuinness: BBC

The end is nigh for a chance of peace: The Times

Britain 'faces new IRA bomb threat': Electronic Telegraph

Republican in-fighting ‘heading for tragic end’: Irish News

'I cannot get the IRA to hand in guns, I cannot get the IRA to surrender': The Guardian

THE BLAME GAME: The Times (Editorial)

Save the peace: The Guardian (Editorial)

Trimble's dilemma: The Guardian

Spotlight falls on Trimble as conundrum continues: The Irish Times

Differing interpretations of Prime Minister's last-minute letter: The Guardian

Hume slams Mayhew remarks: Irish New

Republican bomb team's fixer freed on extradition technicality: The Independent

Residents urge RUC to tackle loyalists: Irish News

Thursday, February 4

It's a plea bargain by any other name: Irish Independent

IRA set to move against dissidents: Belfast Telegraph

Killer says bombers likely to return: Electronic Telegraph

IRA weapons stolen: BBc

Ulster human rights inquiry: The Guardian

Early release of terrorists under attack: Electronic Telegraph

NI obstacles must be overcome: The Irish Times

Parties must act to break deadlock: Irish News (Editorial)

Ex-bomber fears he is next on terrorist hitlist: The Times

Freed IRA man admits killing of policeman: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein demands truth on ‘masscare’: Irish News

New moderator not to worship with Catholics: The Irish Times

Mayor to snub party, not reception: Irish News

Wednesday, February 3

Terror groups re-arm: Belfast Telegraph

Cromwell, the Crown and English republicanism: Belfast Telegraph

Amnesty asked to help end beatings: BBC

‘General can break deadlock on arms’: Irish News

Mowlam in crisis talks on peace process: The Independent

Democracy's Citadel: The Irish Times (Editorial)

‘List’ victims deserve truth: Irish News (Editorial)

Missiles thrown in Garvaghy Road clash: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein’s answer to RUC questionnaire: Irish News

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

We’re not so different from Bosnia after all: Irish News

Cash for Belfast St Patrick parade withheld: The Irish Times

Tuesday, February 2

Bomb gang's death threat: Belfast Telegraph

Ulster plastic bullets ban is rejected: Belfast Telegraph

Saville probe is threatened by judgment: Irish News

Australian politicians divided over Adams visit: The Irish Times

Alderdice survives no confidence vote: Irish News

McGinn accused of killing soldiers: The Independent

Help for former IRA inmates: Irish News

Paisley says DUP 'flabbergasted' Assembly: The Irish Times

Councillor denies report of new residents group: Irish News

Monday, February 1

UFF washes its hands of all punishment beatings: Belfast Telegraph

Death of a Talesman: Sunday Business Post

British and Irish Leaders Try to Calm Fears Over Ulster Peace: New York Times

Trimble exaggerating his vulnerability - SF: Irish News

Ex-IRA prisoner freed after being seized by Provos: Electronic Telegraph

Consultations urged on security changes: The Irish Times

Zealots who rue the cannon fodder’s loss: Irish News

Border checks: abandoned or redundant?: The Irish Times

Ex-RUC man repeats collusion allegations: Irish News

Peace monitor idea gets backing: The Irish Times

Huge march to remember Derry victims: Irish News

Confident Celts put England in shade: The Times

A united Ireland applauds as Ulster says wow: The Irish Times