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This archive contains references to articles from January 1-15, 2000. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Saturday, January 15

Garda `made allegations in probe on IRA weapons plot' : Irish Independent

Unionist fury over United Ireland claim: The Examiner

Unionists stand by February arms deadline: Irish News

'D' word back on table as politicians return to work: The Irish Times

D-word cloud darkens as storm of oaths fades: Irish News

Finally, it all comes down to the arms issue: The Irish Times

Nelson parents join criticism: Irish News

All parties play their part in Mandelson's charm offensive: The Times

Mandelson to move on Patten report soon: The Irish Times

A religious divergence?: Irish News (Editorial)

Sinn Féin want new commission appointed: The Examiner

New row rocks St Patrick’s parade: Irish News

The roots of the Arms Crisis not found yet: The Irish Times

We can learn from US says McGuinness: Irish News

Friday, January 14

IRA offers to destroy some weapons: Baltimore Sun

Peace deal at risk 'if IRA fails to disarm now': Electronic Telegraph

Republicans Must Comply: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Loyalty oath not necessary for Sinn Fein MPs: The Independent

Abstention policy's deep roots: The Guardian

Keeping allegiance: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Westminster ban is dated: Irish News (Editorial)

Adams predicts united Ireland: BBC

No time for megaphone diplomacy: Irish Independent

SF wants force abolished after it supports Drumcree: The Examiner

McGuinness lesson for Harlem pupils pupils of struggle: The Guardian

RUC accused of tailing SF man: The Examiner

UVF makes its presence felt at funeral: The Irish Times

Thursday, January 13

Sinn Fein leader wants end to ultimatums: Philadelphia Inquirer

Clinton presses Adams on IRA decommissioning: The Guardian

Arms handover must begin - Trimble: BBC

Taoiseach warns decommissioning issue can wreck progress to peace: The Examiner

America – land of free publicity and easy dough: Irish News

RUC widows hand in petition of protest: Electronic Telegraph

Blair and Trimble meet today on policing: The Irish Times

High-tech hunt for bombers revealed: Belfast Telegraph

Suspected LVF activists detained after UVF murder: The Examiner

British tapping Irish phones since '70s - US: Irish Independent

Faul issue won't move away, Your Grace: Belfast Telegraph

Row over soldiers in Drumcree photo: BBC

Mandelson softens stance on weapons: The Times

Move to allow MPs Commons facilities: BBC

Wednesday, January 12

Rebel group 'could end Ulster ceasefire': The Times

Loyalists' town on funeral alert: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalist murder suspects held: Irish News

LVF ceasefire and early-release prisoners under intense scrutiny: The Irish Times

Mandelson's hope for decommissioning: BBC

Groups prepare Mandelson demilitarisation submissions: Belfast Telegraph

Robinson says he is not against cross-Border ties: The Irish Times

Eric Waugh's comment: Belfast Telegraph

Council backs SF on extradition: Irish News

RUC petition goes to Downing Street: BBC

Nationalists neverfail to play the ‘inquiry’ game: Irish News

Tuesday, January 11

Real IRA ‘to announce start of new campaign’: Irish News

Washington wary of North in Bloody Sunday aftermath: The Irish Times

US told Blaney was trying to raise armed force after SF split: The Irish Times

Top judge enters QC debate: Irish News

Provos still on line for handover of weapons: Irish Independent

Fatal gun attack may signal fresh loyalist infighting: The Independent

'It's impossible to be both a good Englishman and a good Catholic': The Times

'New Britain' must tackle the English question: The Irish Times

Monday, January 10

Hopes rising for deal on IRA weapons: Irish Independent

IRA denies weapons move: Irish News

Adams faces US pressure on arms deadlock: The Guardian

Trimble looks to Clinton for support on IRA arms: The Irish Times

Moves on arms question very welcome sign: The Examiner (Editorial)

British play down reports of troop reductions: The Irish Times

'LFF' threat played down: Irish News

Fortifications at RUC stations may be dismantled: The Times

Nothing can excuse this intimidation: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble to testify in 'conspiracy' libel case: The Times

Challenge over oath set to continue: BBC

Questions about the culture of legal system in the north: Irish News

St Patrick belongs to both sides of the community: Irish News

How Coronation Street threatened Good Friday deal: The Guardian

SF aims to win in Kerry North: The Irish Times

DPP ruling on Nelson a 'disgrace': Irish News

Nationalist anger at 'whitewash operation': The Irish Times

Guns and a cry for help: Irish Independent

Lack of direction on North ended in the arms trial: The Irish Times

Memo proposes peaceful route to united Ireland: Irish Independent

Refugees' statements were little use to State: The Examiner

Haughey used the crisis of August '69 to bolster his political future with FF: Irish Independent

Sunday, January 9

Culture of minority will not lie down: Sunday Business Post

Caught in a free state: Sunday Business Post

IRA to begin disarmament 'within weeks': Electronic Telegraph

'Arms will not derail process' - McGuinness: BBC

IRA prepared to seal up its arms dumps: Electronic Telegraph

Nelson bomb suspect arrested in the US: The Observer

NI ministers support lawyer death inquiry: BBC

Nelson case man may sue: The Sunday Times

Unionists attempt to force Cabinet reshuffle: Sunday Independent

Three killings still linger a decade later: Boston Herald

Cheap jibes bounce off O'Brien: The Sunday Times

Two set to admit arming the IRA: The Observer

Truth goes on trial: The Sunday Times

Hillary Must Make Tough Call on Parade Issue: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

BBC in row over Sinn Fein ribbon: BBC

Provo hangers-on party like it's 1969: Sunday Independent

Radicals' debating chamber set to be a shopping mall: The Observer

MPs sought arms in 1969 - files: BBC

How the Haughey Era could have been avoided: Sunday Independent

Welcome back to the craic: The Observer

Saturday, January 8

Trimble: Confident on decommissioning: BBC

Unionists sticking by guns D-day: Irish News

We must come to the defence of Monsignor Faul for the sake of justice: Irish Independent

Row over meeting between Mgr Faul and RUC lingers: The Irish Times

DPP deals ‘body blow’ to Nelsons: Irish News

Fresh row erupts over garda killers: Irish Independent

Extradition cases will not damage peace process: The Irish Times

Council chairman backs demand for Fusco freedom: The Examiner

New problem for society: Irish News

Lynch planned military push against republicans: Irish Independent

Lynch's secret plan to tackle arms crisis: Irish Independent

Friday, January 7

Facing a baptism of fire: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

SDLP critical of IRA New Year message: Belfast Telegraph

Clinton seeks Ulster visit to cement peace-maker image: Electronic Telegraph

IRA: Talks over arms continue: BBC

UUP counters IRA claims: The Irish Times

Protesters clash with police after killer denied bail: The Guardian

Angelo Fusco's long fight with the law: BBC

Unionists may postpone arms issue review: Irish Independent

Unionists angered by Tory backing over IRA weapons: Electronic Telegraph

Judge refuses to discharge himself: The Irish Times

Dr Daly renews Bloody Sunday witnesses plea: Irish News

Legal firm denies Bloody Sunday claims: The Irish Times

'Exasperated' Blair ready to give Mowlam her cards: The Guardian

Thursday, January 6

Seismic changes predicted for future of unionism: Irish News

IRA refuses to give ground on weapons: The Independent

IRA may keep some arms for protection: The Times

Cardinal attacks priest for pro-abortion Clinton stance: Irish News

Lawyers will try to block Fusco handover today: The Irish Times

Families of Derry dead lash findings: Irish News

St Patrick's day parade refused funding: BBC

The challenge of St Patrick’s day: Irish News (Editorial)

Wednesday, January 5

The dark days before the fall of Stormont: Belfast Telegraph

Agendas set for crucial second arms decommissioning summit: The Examiner

IRA killer caught in on-off extradition row: The Guardian

Judge halts extradition border dash: Irish Independent

Arrested IRA man seems to have no future in prison: The Irish Times

Death is an evil. But at the time I saw it as a necessary evil, says IRA killer: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein demand the quashing of Fusco extradition: The Examiner

Sinn Fein rejects claim of right-wing politics: Irish News

Double prize for Sinn Fein?: Irish News (Editorial)

Call to ban Orange chaplain: The Irish Times

Loyalist parties urged to help end attacks: The Examiner

SF hits out at ‘increase’ in patrols: Irish News

Challenge over judges in royalty declaration case: The Irish Times

Missing Troubles archive surfaces: The Guardian

What we learn from saga of `missing' files: Irish Independent

Troop back-up plan for North in 1949: The Examiner

Tuesday, January 4

A farewell to arms is the IRA's best option: Belfast Telegraph

Cardinal Presses Backer of Hillary: New York Daily News

Inside the Cabinet papers: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Apprentice Boys help city ring in happy New Year: Belfast Telegraph

IRA fugitive killer arrested: BBC

Cancelled parole left one costly inmate with Maze all to himself: The Guardian

It's proving a lengthy Good Friday: The Guardian

Free speech is right of all: Irish News (Editorial)

Reconciliation deeper challenge in peacetime: The Irish Times

Mgr Faul lashed over RUC talks: Irish News

Trust to help former IRA prisoners: The Irish Times

Inquiry sought over missing arms files: BBC

No proof 1969 arms crisis files missing: The Examiner

The Lessons Of The Past: The Irish Times (Editorial)

‘Sad’ SF honours attack blasted: Irish News

Monday, January 3

Great Britain?: Belfast Telegraph

Paisley jail pardon warning: Belfast Telegraph

Ahern: Dream of united Ireland: BBC

IRA must move to seal peace: The Examiner (Editorial)

How era of The Troubles blighted the generations: Irish Independent

Documents give only part of the story: Irish Independent

New era concept applicable to Northern Ireland: Irish News

Another country: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Dalai Lama for North conference: The Examiner

Royal message of peace at Ulster service: The Times

Sunday, January 2

The North's Lost Lives: Sunday Business Post

Guns remain loaded question in Belfast: Boston Herald

With nod to past Ulster steps into the future: The Observer

The tragedy of John Hume: a tribal leader, not a statesman: The Sunday Times

The importance of being Hume: Sunday Independent

Family united in grief at an Omagh grave: The Sunday Times

Living, not dying, for a new Ireland: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Government plot created the Provos: The Sunday Times

Haughey tried to make a secret deal with Britain on Nato bases: Sunday Independent

Living in those Troubled times: Sunday Independent

Saturday, January 1

Trimble urges politicians to co-operate: BBC

Ulster's New Year wish is for peace: Electronic Telegraph

Peace symbol thwarted by IRA gun delay: The Times

How ministers saw Ulster slide into strife: The Guardian

PRO papers: Prince Philip put forward as Ulster peace mediator: Electronic Telegraph