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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from January 1-15, 2001. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Monday, January 15

Where hatred has outlived the ceasefire: The Guardian

'Undeclared deadline' for NI talks is end of January: The Irish Times

McGuinness in renewed call for upholding of decommissioning deal: Irish Examiner

SDLP denies it is capitalising on policing: The Irish Times

Gardai sought to probe RUC: Belfast Telegraph

Policing the peace: The Guardian (Editorial)

Mandelson wrong in criticising SDLP on policing: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Critical fortnight for peace process: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Burnside choice indicative of unionst concern: UTV Internet

Selection reflects opinion - Burnside: The Irish Times

Shared guilt for society’s sectarianism: Irish News

In glorifying the gun, the BBC jeopardises peace: Daily Telegraph (by David Trimble)

Bloody Sunday shot claim rejected: BBC

Belfast Gaels makes dramatic Gaeltacht bid:

Bar on former Catholic priests entering Commons to be repealed: The Guardian

Sunday, January 14

IRA weapons deal renews Ulster peace hopes: Electronic Telegraph

Progress held up as British and SF wait for the other to make first move: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

UUP urges Trimble to exclude Sinn Fein over arms deadlock: The Sunday Times

Pipe bomb at SDLP office was warning: Ireland on Sunday

Tale of two tribunals: The Observer

Violence has no place in Northern Ireland: Ireland on Sunday

Flanagan in Special Branch pledge row: The Sunday Times

Mandelson claim angers SDLP: BBC

Electoral concerns slow peace process: Ireland on Sunday

Ulster Unionists hit out at SDLP policing position: UTV Internet

Bill's still seeking to break the impasse in the North: Ireland on Sunday

North faces two new deadlines: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Catholics fleeing 'pipe bomb city' of Larne: Ireland on Sunday

Irish army 'can't police Armagh': The Observer

Maginnis: man of good authority: The Sunday Times

IRA smuggling article provides further evidence of moves to constitutional politics: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Keeping the peace: The Sunday Times

Police watchdog to probe Finucane case: The Sunday Times

Widower of bomb victim blames both IRA, British: Boston Herald

McGuinness informer 'was a known liar': The Observer

Civil war series bombs in Ireland and Britain: Ireland on Sunday

Saturday, January 13

RUC chief says reforms on track: The Guardian

Loyalists blamed for bomb attack: BBC

Adair refutes Maginness allegations: UTV Internet

Loyalist Larne targets Catholics in town: The Irish Times

Pipe bombs: RUC patrols stepped up: Irish News

Trimble begins grassroots talks: BBC

Trimble buys time with fresh consultations: Irish News

Trimble warns on lack of decommissioning progress: UTV Internet

McCartney sees no progress on arms issue: Irish News

North/South statistics has much to teach us: The Irish Times

Under the moon...: Belfast Telegraph

It’s time to expect the unexpected: Irish News

How Celtic Tiger's cubs find SF reassuring: The Irish Times

Army double agent was 'at the very top of IRA': The Guardian

Innocent victim of Ulster's dirty war: The Guardian

Woe for Trimble as Burnside gets nod: Irish News

Dickson’s courage a good omen for Commission: (Editorial)

Omagh bombing trial is put back: Irish News

Drumcree mediator in secret meetings: Belfast Telegraph

Continuity IRA bombers were on their way to blow up Belfast hotel: UTV Internet

Project hailed as ‘peace model’: Irish News

Friday, January 12

Trimble told to toughen stance: UTV Internet

Still not too late to save the peace process, says Adams: The Irish Times

One 'torpedo' too many: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Adair blamed for bomb at SDLP office: The Guardian

Loyalism 'loses faith' in Good Friday Agreement: UTV Internet

UDA drug cartel: a sordid history: Irish Echo

UUP meets to select candidate for UK election: The Irish Times

Major Effort to Woo Bush: Irish Voice

Omagh relatives target Bush: UTV Internet

Clinton: North, heal thyself: Irish Echo

Race for Dublin Is Heating Up: Irish Voice

Call to catch pipe bombers: The Guardian

Priest says Catholics should flee pipe bomb terror: Irish Examiner

Thursday, January 11

Senior gardai apply for jobs in new North police service: Irish Indepenent

People 'living in fear' of paramilitaries: BBC

Deputy Mayor calls for Mad Dog's release:

Boycotting NI police a barren ploy: The Irish Times

Time is fast running out for Peace Process: Irish Independent

SDLP should say yes: The Irish Times (Editorial)

A police service for all — Patten plan deadlock: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Young choose Sinn Fein above other parties: Irish Examiner

Bomb attack was 'attempted murder': BBC

Rebel Heart attacks part of campaign — Bennett:

Nicholson 'front-runner' to be US ambassador: The Irish Times

NI musical welcome for Bush: BBC

Chilling message from the LVF:

Son of Wright pleads guilty to bomb charge: The Irish Times

Unionist could decide icon's fate: BBC

RUC bill for Drumcree £25m: Belfast Telegraph

Belfast aims to develop region: The Irish Times

‘Offensive’ Irish cards are removed: Irish News

Wednesday, January 10

Adair set for release next year: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist 'Mad Dog' Adair will stay in jail: The Independent

Drug links and terrorism keep Adair in jail: The Times

Adair to seek judicial review of confinement: Irish Examiner

Human Rights Commissioner concerned at Adair case:

Johnny Adair: Notorious loyalist: BBC

Big man of the Shankill 'still holds sway - in or out of jail': The Guardian

Little regret for Adair on Shankill: UTV Internet

Simply the beast: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Both side of the Northern divide breathe sigh of relief: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

My message to the paramilitaries: Belfast Telegraph

'No split on security' - Number 10: BBC

Peter’s mind is not on the job in hand: Irish News

Ahern hopes to meet SF on his return from tour: The Irish Times

Concern over RUC complaints: BBC

SDLP continue policing discussions: UTV Internet

New police powers like sledgehammer - activist: The Irish Times

The SDLP, the Police and the fudge: Belfast Telegraph

US politicians back Belfast man: The Irish Times

Hallmark blasted for ‘debasing’ St Patrick’s: Irish News

With neophyte zeal, fans unite around hockey team: Boston Globe (Jan. 9)

Potential US envoy sues 'Irish Voice': The Irish Times

Tuesday, January 9

Nationalists are urged not to torpedo peace: Electronic Telegraph

Mandelson warns SDLP over Ulster police deal: The Guardian

Nationalists still pressing policing case: BBC

Mandelson urged to publish Police Implementation Plan without delay: UTV Internet

Real reform needs vision and courage: Irish News

A compromise on the RUC is possible: The Independent (Editorial)

Standing still: The Times (Editorial)

The black side of Bush: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein to resume talks with government: UTV Internet

Northern Ireland awash with arms and devices, says Mandelson: Electronic Telegraph

Panel says Adair must stay in jail: Belfast Telegraph

Mandelson refuses to be drawn on ceasefire allegations: UTV Internet

IRA 'mole' allegation denied by top Garda inquiry: Irish Independent

Unionist fury over terrorist release: The Times

Yes and no battle for Maginnis’s seat: Irish News

After tax cuts, Ireland is green - with money: Seattle Times

People expect radical vision: Irish News (Editorial)

Viewers rebel against new BBC drama: Electronic Telegraph

The facts mustn't spoil a good story: Belfast Telegraph

Clinton peace park considered for Kerry: The Irish Times

Adams tells Eta to 'renounce violence': Electronic Telegraph

Monday, January 8

PM will meet Bush to secure Ulster backing: The Times

Help for Northern Ireland found in Hub: Boston Herald

Deals plea to keep peace process alive: The Guardian

Arms body is ‘here to stay’: Irish News

Murdered loyalist was stabbed two years ago: The Independent

Beheaded UDA murder victim was a marked man: Irish Examiner

Violence in North is linked to drugs: The Irish Times

IRA was behind car bomb attack on RUC officer: Electronic Telegraph

Two sides of the IRA coin: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

German spy risked life to penetrate Irish terror group: The Times

A spy in the INLA: The Times

Trimble call for inquiry on Garda-IRA collusion: Irish Independent

New Police Body 'Must be backed': Belfast Telegraph

SDLP says it won't be bullied into police reform: The Irish Times


SDLP demands murder inquiries in RUC row: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble calls for inquiry into Kingsmill massacre: UTV Internet

How daft is that?: The Irish Times

Dangers of mixing fact and fiction: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Ulster dons teach Gaelic rival: The Times

30-year war was preferable to holocaust: Irish News

Sunday, January 7

Mandelson move to shelve RUC reforms backfires: Electronic Telegraph

Sinn Fein angry over threat to RUC reform: Independent on Sunday

SDLP stay firm on RUC reform: Ireland on Sunday

British push parties to get behind RUC reform: Sunday Independent

NI peace process in 'grave crisis': BBC

Arms body faces axe as IRA delays: The Sunday Times

Peace is promising for hostel owner: Boston Herald

Leader considers party's accord stance: BBC

Adair's release could shatter truce: Ireland on Sunday

Criminality dominates Loyalist paramilitarism: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Belfast body was 'loyalist paramilitary': BBC

Extra troops to help curb loyalist feud: The Sunday Times

Sick mother speaks out over IRA beating of teenage son: The Observer

Real IRA feud hands surprise bonus to police: The Sunday Times

Nelson probe chief to quiz RUC informers: Sunday Life

Mandelson won't seek extradition of fugitives: Sunday Independent

Threat to Blair on Bloody Sunday ruling: Electronic Telegraph

Money talks - with an American accent: Sunday Independent

Spielberg 'squashes' film mocking RUC: The Sunday Times

1970 State Papers

Marching towards the brink of an abyss: Sunday Independent

Has anything really changed in 30 years?: Ireland on Sunday

We still can't face facts of 1970: The Sunday Times

Ahern can learn from 1970: Sunday Independent

Saturday, January 6

Mandelson set to shelve Patten reform of the RUC: The Independent

Trimble can forget about Bush coming to his rescue: Irish Independent

Picking up the threads: The Irish Times (Editorial)

We are with the Nortons: Irish News (Editorial)

Maginnis's departure may let in Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

New strain on peace process as Maginnis quits: The Guardian

Ken Maginnis — Profile: BBC

Ken Maginnis bows out: The Guardian

MP for a constituency with a unique history: The Irish Times

UUP man calls for General Election pact with the DUP: Belfast Telegraph

No decision on Adair until Monday:

I've come along way since Long Kesh: Belfast Telegraph

Armagh massacre is remembered: BBC

How Lynch led country through the arms crisis: Irish Independent

The secrets are out: Belfast Telegraph

Files reveal riddle of Stormont ‘mole’: Irish News

Lynch's rivals were the State's biggest threat: The Irish Times

Friday, January 5

Loyalists discover a language and history: The Scotsman

Cross-Border similarities outweigh the differences: The Irish Times

Converging Irish Profiles: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Inside the Orange Volunteers: Belfast Telegraph

Loyalist's fate known within days: BBC

Loyalists threaten street demos if Mad Dog Adair remains jailed: Irish Examiner

LVF vow reprisals if loyalists attacked: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein man receives £9,000 for assault by RUC: The Independent

The gloating bomber: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

German government launch McBride probe:

Ceremony to recall Armagh massacre: The Irish Times

Hardline republicans bent on stirring up protests on anniversary of hunger strikes: Irish Examiner

Prisoner starts hunger strike for parole: The Irish Times

Tories signal Ulster retreat: The Guardian

Guns into Ploughshares:

Derry theatre's trustees ask the audience for a name: The Irish Times

Moynihan rides out: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Battle begins to replace Maginnis: Belfast Telegraph

When a man for all seasons shone through: Irish Independent

When NI events went beyond civil rights: The Irish Times

Thursday, January 4

RUC chief testifies in bid to keep Adair in jail: The Guardian

Loyalist's 'jail' fate to be decided: BBC

Alliance criticises IRA statement: The Irish Times

Cancer of sectarianism: Irish News (Editorial)

New Ulster-Scots institute: BBC

Centre opens for the study of Ulster-Scots: The Irish Times

Still taking potshots at the British: BBC

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

Women live longer North and South, report shows: Irish Independent

1969 and all that:

Outcome of diplomatic visit awaited: Belfast Telegraph

Wednesday, January 3

I.R.A. Asserts Onus Is Blair's in Peace Effort: New York Times

IRA 'must move on arms': BBC

Statement by IRA prompts Donaldson call on meeting: The Irish Times

Kelly rejects hardliner's criticism of IRA statement:

The IRA must climb down and give ground on arms: The Independent (Editorial)

IRA must make a better commitment to peace: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Impatient for lasting peace: Irish News (Editorial)

Mandelson appeals to keep Adair in prison: The Times

Key Republicans unite to lobby Bush on North: The Irish Times

Living alongside an economic miracle: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Current state of play of NIO statistics: Irish News

Why we are now the party of Britain and the Union: Electronic Telegraph

1970 State Papers

Papers focus on Irish arms scandal: BBC

A Lynch mob playing with fire during the arms crisis: Irish Examiner

Key questions still remain unanswered in sorry saga: Irish Independent

Cloak and dagger on the border: Belfast Telegraph

Rift as Chichester-Clark's critics gained strength: The Irish Times

British dithered over Irish Ambassador post: Irish Examiner

Government planned to study problems of unity: The Irish Times

Tuesday, January 2

IRA 'committed to resolving arms issue': BBC

Unionists scorn 'unrealistic' IRA: The Guardian

Provos told: you make the next move: Belfast Telegraph

Peace loses in election scramble: The Scotsman

Ulster leaders refuse to let violence dent high hopes for peace process: The Scotsman

Real IRA 'will fight Britain to the end': The Times

Suspicion and anger all along the watchtower: The Guardian

The soldier: The Guardian

The farmer : The Guardian

Hume looks to economy to aid 'healing process': The Irish Times

Police reform and the Equality Commission: Belfast Telegraph

Government hints at U-turn over Act of Union celebrations: Electronic Telegraph

Fly the flag, Tories urge 'unpatriotic' Blair: The Times

Just why is this Government ashamed of our birthday?: Electronic Telegraph

The heritage bridge to a better future: The Scotsman (Editorial)

Raytheon's presence in N. Ireland debated: Boston Globe

A Nasty Episode:

The play's the controversial thing: Dallas Morning News

1970 State Papers

British had plans for secret NI conference: The Irish Times

Irish Government agreed policy to arm Catholics: The Times

Plan for Army incursion into NI revealed: The Irish Times

Stark insights into a state on edge of the precipice: Irish Independent

Stormont slow to move on incitement to hatred law: The Irish Times

British Cabinet thought of abandoning North: Irish Examiner

Whitaker advised Lynch to pursue unity peacefully: The Irish Times

Military did its best to avert certain disaster: Irish Independent

Arms crisis revisited: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Criminal negligence: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Monday, January 1

Shooting sparks fears of new loyalist feud: Irish Examiner

Feud fear if loyalist leader released: The Guardian

Terrorist killings in Ulster double: The Times

It’s time to sow seeds of forgiveness: Irish News

IRA infiltration feared as Met hires in Ireland: The Times

Dissident group calls for ‘peace’: Irish News

North South body to examine proposal for cross border emergency air ambulance service: Irish Examiner

Stormont feared it was losing control: Belfast Telegraph

Family’s shock at ‘30-year’ cover-up: Irish News

Armed RUC always high on agenda: Belfast Telegraph