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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from January 16-31, 2001. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Wednesday, January 31

Premiers edge towards deal: Belfast Telegraph

New deal on North expected within days: The Irish Times

High Court rules in favor of Sinn Fein ministers: Boston Herald

Judge rules Trimble ban on Sinn Fein is unlawful: Electronic Telegraph

Trimble to appeal Sinn Fein ban ruling: BBC

Trimble’s selfish policies hindering peace process: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

Politics Has To Succeed: The Irish Times (Editorial)

GFA is proving its durability: Irish News (Editorial)

Irish police arrest armed 'IRA men': The Times

Provos on disciplinary mission, say gardaí: Irish Examiner

Admission of IRA membership sparks arrest calls at Stormont: UTV Internet

Assembly calls for 'collusion' inquiry: BBC

Greysteel suspect may be behind pipe bomb campaign: Irish Examiner

North Antrim loyalist behind pipebomb campaign: UTV Internet

How will SDLP explain police service U-turn?: Irish News

RUC retirement 'madness' rapped: Belfast Telegraph

Taylor confident party will hold seat: BBC

John Taylor — Profile: BBC

‘Unionists must stop bickering’: Irish News

Soldiers were lucky to survive Londonderry mortar attack: UTV Internet

Bloody Sunday reports curbed: The Times

Bay State businessman eyed as envoy to Ireland: Boston Herald

Tuesday, January 30

Deal to seal IRA arms in concrete may be just days off, say Protestants: Sydney Morning Herald

Arms move 'played-down': BBC

Parties in North consider proposals for a deal: The Irish Times

No peace deal on the table, says Ahern: Irish Examiner

Ahern to meet Blair amid talk of new deal: The Irish Times

Reid ‘offers to sing The Sash’: Irish News


Reid, never been one to voice doubt: Irish News

SF ban ruling adds to Trimble troubles: Belfast Telegraph

Momentum for peace: Washington Times (Editorial)

Reid has a lot to learn claim DUP: UTV Internet


Pro-agreement candidate wins UUP nomination: The Irish Times

The constituency that puts unionism on trial: Belfast Telegraph

Unionists' John Taylor to stand down as an MP: Electronic Telegraph

Ulster Unionists prepare for showdown: UTV Internet

UUP deputy to leave Westminster: The Guardian

Taylor always knew which way the wind was blowing: The Irish Times

Unionists face up to poll challenges: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Funds raised for Irish radicals: Boston Globe (Jan. 29)

US group critical of UK on policing: The Irish Times

Pipe bomb attacks on families: BBC

UDA suspected of attacks on Catholics - Neeson: UTV Internet

Death of man who was exiled by IRA: Irish News

Omagh accused case adjourned : Irish Independent

Monday, January 29

Reid to meet NI parties: BBC

Leaders prepare to re-enter the fray: UTV Internet

Trimble confident of progress towards arms deal: The Independent

Pressure grows on IRA over arms: The Guardian

Sinn Fein dismiss Trimble's arms hopes: UTV Internet

Trimble issues Orange Order rebuke: Belfast Telegraph

DUP not contesting anti-accord seats: BBC

Trimble assails DUP decision: The Irish Times

No shift over Dublin, say DUP: Belfast Telegraph

O’Connor’s widow says Provos are to blame: Irish News

Thousands attend Bloody Sunday rally: BBC

Moves on arms, police reform are key, rally is told: The Irish Times

New calls for Finucane case inquiry: Irish News

Musical stage tribute to H-block hunger strikers: The Guardian

Sunday, January 28

IRA on brink of deal to destroy weapons: The Sunday Times

Blair involvement minimizes impact of Mandelson resignation: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Mandelson meets media thugs: The Sunday Times

Reid's 'rebel song' sparks Ulster row: The Sunday Times

'Your problem, Seamus, is you don't have guns': Irish Independent

Hello, John You're (almost) one of our own: Ireland on Sunday

A Scottish fighter ready to punch for peace: The Sunday Times

SDLP deserves our gratitude: Sunday Independent (Editorial)

Election pacts mooted by Robinson: UTV Internet

DUP ministers offer to meet Dublin counterparts: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Unionist pruning of Bush a little previous: Ireland on Sunday

Undercover soldiers trapped in IRA: Sunday Herald

Ulster spies 'left in cold by Britain': The Sunday Times

Dublin car bomb linked to INLA man's death?: UTV Internet

Real IRA planted bomb for the INLA: The Sunday Times

Probe stirs up accounts of Bloody Sunday: Boston Herald

Master of his game: Mansfield's taken on the law and won: Ireland on Sunday

Sale of dome is delayed by MI5 inquiry into 'Irish terror link': The Sunday Times

A gigantic success: Ireland on Sunday

Dublin councillors set to shed 'imperialist' robes: The Sunday Times

Saturday, January 27

British official in Belfast gets sobering start: Boston Globe

Reid has first meeting with Mallon and Trimble: UTV Internet

Dr Reid to enter NI talks on Monday: The Irish Times

John Reid, the Blairite bruiser all set to do battle: Irish Independent

John Reid takes on North: The Irish Times

Mandelson was just another in a long line: Irish News

Punishment victim shot in the ankles on day of lawlessness: Irish Independent

UDA accused of planting car bomb: UTV Internet

Homes evacuated after bomb scare: Irish Examiner

Who runs the terror factories?: Belfast Telegraph

Solicitor colleagues wage after-hours war: The Irish Times

Flanagan is warned against scaledown: Irish News

Police face perjury charges: Irish Independent

McGuinness will give inquiry evidence: BBC

Bloody Sunday victim gives evidence: BBC

Friday, January 26

Bombs mar Reid's arrival: The Times

Reid has 'passing knowledge' of Ulster: The Independent

Questions over choice of Reid for Ulster job: The Guardian

Change in minister leads to fears for peace process: The Scotsman

John Reid: A tough brief for a tough guy?: BBC

Dr John Reid has the North guessing: The Irish Times

Tough negotiator must move quickly to achieve Ulster deal: The Guardian

Time to bring an end to Direct Rule: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Clinton departs without pardoning McAllisters: Irish Echo

Unionist Gloating May Be Premature on Bush: Irish Voice

Changing of the guard: Irish Echo (Editorial)

Unionist split could hand seat to Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

Past suffering must be acknowledged — Dr Brady: Irish News

Paisley, Ashcroft and the secular-divine link: Irish Echo

Reaction to NI events were a contingency measure: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - January 26 ---------

Bloody Sunday victim admits rioting: Electronic Telegraph

Shooting victim denies throwing nail bombs: The Guardian

Shooting was attempted murder, says first victim: Irish Examiner

Thursday, January 25

Northern Ireland pol resigns over influence-peddling flap: Boston Herald

Catholic Reid will take over in Ulster: Electronic Telegraph

Roman Catholic takes over in Belfast: The Guardian

Anti-agreement unionists welcome replacement: The Irish Times

John Reid — Profile: BBC

New minister likely to command confidence of Unionists: Electronic Telegraph

New Northern Secretary advocate of devolution: The Irish Times

Sudden departure could spell trouble for stumbling peace: The Guardian

Taylor voices concerns at decision: Belfast Telegraph

Resignation won’t derail process, says Ahern: Irish Examiner

Mandelson's time in Northern Ireland remembered: UTV Internet

Mixed NI views on Mandelson resignation: BBC

Minister's backing for Trimble will be remembered: Electronic Telegraph

Problems didn't depart with Mandelson: Belfast Telegraph

Ulster: Hate figure after early success: The Scotsman

A minister who was cool and quarrelsome: The Independent

Media manipulator who failed to convince: The Irish Times

. . . and what he did in Ulster: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Mr Mandelson steps down: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Peace process will survive Mandelson’s demise: Irish Examiner (Editorial)

A high price has been paid: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Trimble says nationalists must now join in policing: The Irish Times

Sinn Fein bans visit to US police killer: Electronic Telegraph

Extremes apply when peace talks fail: The Irish Times

The three big words which can nauseate: Irish News

Guidelines issued after banner row:

Shooting at ex-prisoner's home: BBC

Censored 1972 single goes under the hammer for charity auction:

Large turnout for march expected: Irish News

--------- Bloody Sunday News - January 25 ---------

Bloody Sunday lawyers concern over off the record statements: Irish Examiner

Woman says family were warned not to go to march: The Irish Times

‘Puffs of smoke’ from walls: Irish News

Wednesday, January 24

Mandelson resigns: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Question-marks over Peter Mandelson: The Scotsman (Editorial)

Peace plan at risk as N. Ireland tensions rise: Boston Herald

Ulster army base attacked as talks falter: The Guardian

RUC blames 'Real IRA' for mortar bomb attack: The Irish Times

Personal message for Adams on bomb: UTV Internet

'Real IRA' needs to 'get lucky' only once: The Irish Times

Army drops objection to removal of watchtowers: Electronic Telegraph

Loyalist party split over peace accord: BBC

UDA rules out split but has 'concerns': Belfast Telegraph

Trimble gives downbeat assessment: UTV Internet

Bush letter to Adams backs peace process: The Irish Times

Looming poll puts even more pressure on tottering peace deal: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein claim progress in peace talks: UTV Internet

Terror Threat To Peace: The Irish Times (Editorial)

The lonely patrol of a Peeler's son: Belfast Telegraph

It’s hard to beat DUP at sectarianism: Irish News

Unionists want to stop 'biased' help for terror victims: The Independent

Loyalists accused of 'ethnic cleansing': The Irish Times

Blind eye turned to beatings — Paisley: Irish News

Drumcree debate going public: Belfast Telegraph

An Irishman's Diary: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - January 24 ---------

Gas explosion victim smuggled across border for medical treatment: Irish Examiner

Publican pleaded with army officer on Bloody Sunday: UTV Internet

Tuesday, January 23

Blair urges party leaders on all sides to sign and end peace process impasse: Irish Examiner

Putting off meeting gave Trimble fig leaf - Sinn Fein: The Irish Times

Blair meets NI party leaders today: The Irish Times

Calling off meeting brings hope to peace process: Irish Examiner (Editorial)


Flanagan pushes ahead with plan for police reform: The Irish Times

‘Scunnered’ by crises in agreement: Irish News

Missing Tim Pat 'Count the Catholics': Belfast Telegraph


Mandelson may still have to face court grilling on flags issue: Irish Examiner

Anger at 'mass murder' attempt: Belfast Telegraph

Blast near NI army base: BBC

Real IRA calls off hunger strike: Irish Independent

Bombers must not get their way: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)


Anger in Ireland over new cardinal: The Times

Why Brady missed out on a red hat: Belfast Telegraph

Negative response to post from other churches: The Irish Times

Pressure grows for Mandelson inquiry: Electronic Telegraph

Act of Union events start storm: Belfast Telegraph

President Bush's Irish roots: BBC

--------- Bloody Sunday News - January 23 ---------

Inquiry hears "body count" claim: UTV Internet

Troops ordered to open fire at marchers backs, inquiry hears: Irish Examiner

Monday, January 22

Peace process meeting threatened: BBC

Dublin and London in final push for peace deal: The Irish Times

Army thwarts bomb attack on RUC station: Electronic Telegraph

Campaign undermines Sinn Fein: The Times

RUC would respond positively to IRA arms move: UTV Internet

Mallon awaits Blair move on RUC: The Irish Times

Trimble welcomes Bush Presidency: BBC

UUP’s party structures need reform: Irish News

'Will I be welcome in Crawfordsburn?': Belfast Telegraph

Road should be named after Clinton claim councillors: UTV Internet

Ulster punishment beatings soar: The Times

Sunday, January 21

Sinn Fein fears further sanctions: BBC

Unionists may bar minister as RUC reform demands rise: Independent on Sunday

'Progress' in NI negotiations: BBC

Unionist support for pact slipping: Boston Herald

Peace deal 10 days away as Blair backs arms handover compromise: The Sunday Times

Blair ready for new peace deal: Ireland on Sunday

Bleating about the Bush in Donnybrook: Sunday Independent

Bush gives backing to peace process: UTV Internet

Clinton peace legacy must live on: Sunday Independent

Bush myths deserve a beating: The Sunday Times

Cheer for unionists on Bush telegraph: Sunday Independent

Finucane inquiry extends into RUC Special Branch: The Sunday Times

FF shock as youth flocks to Sinn Fein: Ireland on Sunday

Mitchell attacks SF and FF on funds and corruption: Sunday Independent

IRA shoot boy for breaking window : The Sunday Times

Anti-Catholic act could be axed ‘in weeks not years’: Scotland on Sunday

High Catholic prison numbers spark probe: The Sunday Times

Saturday, January 20

Archbishop 'unable to back' RUC reforms: BBC

Fury over Brady’s ‘no’ to new police: Irish News

SDLP in talks on policing reforms: Irish News

Sinn Fein chiefs meet in Dublin: Belfast Telegraph

Clinton Works Irish Peace Process: Minneapolis Star Tribune

Blair to brief president on NI talks: BBC

A pragmatic solution, not an 'absolutist' one: The Irish Times

These are dangerous days for politicians: Irish News

Playing by the rules: Belfast Telegraph

Stock-taking in Belfast: The Irish Times (Editorial)

DUP are giving SF seats: Trimble: Irish News

Sinn Fein bid to put Mandelson in the dock: UTV Internet

SF flag challenge adjourned: BBC

Clinton gone but not forgotten: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

UDA has a lot to answer for: Irish News (Editorial)

Will he be Murder Mile's first millionaire: The Scotsman

Friday, January 19

No deal for Blair after 7 hours of Ulster talks: Electronic Telegraph

Political will exists for lasting peace in Ulster, says Blair: The Independent

Blair propping up 'failed process' says Robinson: The Irish Times

SDLP require greater certainty on policing: UTV Internet

Policing: newspaper's call to nationalists: BBC

Package aims to persuade SF to endorse reform: The Irish Times

Party's accord talks break up: BBC

Yes camp seeks a deal that sticks: The Irish Times

Dreaming of nationalist unity:

Meeting raises hopes of Hamill inquiry: The Irish Times

One Day for Peace: Irish Voice

Thompson faces challenge for seat: Irish News

Community house plan for Omagh bomb site: The Irish Times

It's Reno's move: Irish Echo (Editorial)

A life and death struggle, looking back on the hunger strike:

Remove loyalist flags, BT is urged: Irish News

Parrot set to parade home after court battle: The Irish Times

--------- Bloody Sunday News - January 19 ---------

Second gunman seen on Bloody Sunday march but weapon was taken from him: Irish Examiner

Soldiers were already in no-go area claims witness: UTV Internet

Bloody Sunday families appeal for support:

Thursday, January 18

'Time running out' for NI: BBC

'Republicans moving to collapse executive': UTV Internet

Fresh talks on Ulster stalemate: Electronic Telegraph

Signs of possible deal to break Northern deadlock: The Irish Times

Blair flies to Belfast in attempt to break stalemate: The Independent

World grows murkier by the day: Belfast Telegraph

Blair most probably is not empty-handed: The Irish Times

The see no evil, hear no evil policy: Belfast Telegraph (by Bob McCartney)

Blair's flying visit offers hope of breakthrough: Irish Independent

Unionist veto still the big rock on the road to peace: The Irish Times

Prime Minister's rescue mission: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

RUC plans are viable — Stalker: Irish News

Time to sit on police boards: Irish News (Editorial)

Bomb 'largest found' in recent years: BBC

Temptation is avoided by political fear: Irish News

UDP leader challenges opponents of agreement: The Irish Times

Loyalists target chief constable's brother: BBC

'Heartless' hoax bomb brings fear back to village: Irish Independent

McNamee tells High Court of alleged beatings: UTV Internet

--------- Bloody Sunday News - January 18 ---------

Last moments of Bloody Sunday victims recalled: Irish Independent

Witness describes fleeing area where friend was shot: The Irish Times

Wednesday, January 17

Ulster may keep PM from hunt vote: The Times

Talks attempt to save power-sharing: Irish Independent

Ulster bomb found as arms talks intensify: The Guardian

Armagh bomb largest yet by dissident republicans: The Irish Times

N. Ireland's top cop cites renegade IRA threat: Boston Herald

We demand an end to violence: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble issues fresh challenge to IRA: UTV Internet

Trimble plea is rejected: Belfast Telegraph

SDLP urged to support new policing arrangement: The Irish Times

It’s just like old times in the UUP: Irish News

UDA upsurge in violence: BBC

Unionist MLA calls for halt to Larne bomb attacks:

Youth shot in one of many 'punishment' attacks: The Irish Times

IRA escapers sue over 'attacks' on recapture: The Guardian

Ex IRA prisoners sue for damages over injuries inflicted in jail: Irish Examiner

There is a wrong approach to human rights: Belfast Telegraph

Equality cannot be an illusion. It must be a fact.: Belfast Telegraph (by Gerry Adams)

Hutchinson to stand for Westminster: Irish News

McGuinness denies cash bias claim: UTV Internet

Peace breaks out, Belfast-style: Baltimore Sun

'Ethnic' police recruits are Irish: Electronic Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - January 17 ---------

Bloody Sunday gunman claim: The Times

Inquiry hears silence claims: BBC

Woman’s claims of seeing a civilian gunman were ignored by rights group: Irish Examiner

Tuesday, January 16

Talks aim to end NI stalemate: BBC

Sinn Fein want to get a peace deal - Adams: UTV Internet

Trimble consults on talks impasse: Irish Examiner

Mandelson accused of 'rushing the fences': The Irish Times

Mandelson meets Flanagan over Larne attacks: UTV Internet

Police blame UDA for Larne attacks: Belfast Telegraph

Rights commission worried by dilution of Patten: The Irish Times

Moment of truth arrives for SDLP on policing: The Irish Times

Where there’s a will there’s always a way: Irish News

Sinn Fein can win Mallon seat , claims candidate: UTV Internet

Dissidents blamed for RUC attack: BBC

Forward planning for Ulster-Scots: Irish News

I hope Dublin has learned uncomfortable history lesson: Belfast Telegraph

--------- Bloody Sunday News - January 16 ---------

Rights marchers fled in stampede from gunfire, inquiry hears: Irish Examiner

Shayler casts doubt on Bloody Sunday: The Independent

Bloody Sunday cover-up claim 'preposterous' inquiry told: Irish Independent

Defence Ministry insists it has no case to answer: The Irish Times