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Thursday, January 31

Quinn family alarmed over threat to witness: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Vow to protect Quinn witnesses: UTV Internet

Murphy refuses to withdraw Quinn allegation: Irish News
Rebecca Black

Orangemen on parade body 'unlawful': The Herald
Mike Taylor

Hain acted illegally by appointing Orangemen: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

McCord seeks legal advice in latest row over victims group: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

'Volunteer' row rocks Victims' Commission: The News Letter

No concern over 'IRA volunteer': BBC

Who are the four new commissioners?: Belfast Telegraph

New witness hunt in 'cold case' probes: Irish News (Jan 30)
Allison Morris

Why won't IRA tell all about its atrocities?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Ministers vote on 'UDA fund' case: BBC

Acid attack on Limavady SDLP councillor's car – 'Someone could have been blinded or maimed for life': Derry Journal

Police warn over firebomb attacks: BBC

A cover-up operation: Belfast Telegraph
Ashleigh Donald

City's loyalist area at centre of clean-up project: The News Letter
Patrice Dougan

Policing Board consider Omagh inquiry: UTV Internet

Sisters plan civil case over Belfast murder: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

McCartney murder trial date set:

Victims' families address event:
Ciaran McGuigan

We're to be 'foreigners' in Britain: Derry Journal (Jan 29)

Irish fugitive found at U.S. checkpoint: The Monitor (Texas)
Sean Gaffney

Backing Hil: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

Ulster roads to get Irish signs: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Irish plan shared church: The Herald

Wednesday, January 30

Murder witness gets 'IRA threat': BBC

MLA accused of 'pursuing own agenda' over threats: Irish News

Provos shouldn't exist anymore – Derry dissident: Derry Journal

Mystery surrounds death of republican: (from the Sunday Tribune, Jan 27)
Suzanne Breen

CIRA vows to continue armed struggle: Irish News (Jan 29)
Valerie Robinson

'Bigots haven't gone away you know' – Durkan: Derry Journal

'No Pope' Thompson should be sacked: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

The work starts now, says new Victims Commission: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

Outrage over 'all victims are equal' inference: The News Letter

Mixed reaction to new Victims Commissioners: Derry Journal

Paisley stands by commission move: The News Letter

'No disagreement' over appointments: Irish News (Jan 29)

Victims – will four heads be any better than one?: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

What a strange moment to unveil this new shambles: Irish News (Jan 29)
Susan McKay

Well, there's £250,000 of cash for victims gone for starters ...: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Improbable goal is within Team Victims' grasp: Irish News (Jan 29)
Breidge Gadd

Walking a tightrope over past: Belfast Telegraph

Robert McCartney's family still suffering: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

Policing Board holds Omagh talks: BBC

SF concerned at 'stop and search policy': Derry Journal

Families to attend Dáil debate on the Troubles: RTE

Appeal for support as Bloody Sunday black ribbon launched: Derry Journal

Foster to say no to Sweeney proposal: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Paisley Jnr cleared in land deal lobby row: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Tuesday, January 29

Murder plot claim is to be probed: The News Letter

MP urged to respond over Quinn 'death threat': Irish News
Rebecca Black

Unity call for dissidents to take on British: Belfast Telegraph
David Young

'Judge us on our work' says victims' commissioners: UTV Internet

'New laws needed to aid victims' commissioners': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Allister hits out over commissioners move: The News Letter

Mixed reaction to new Victims Commissioners: Derry Journal

Victims' commissioners 'may have to get tough': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

A day is a long time in politics: BBC
Mark Devenport

La Mon victims lash out at power-sharing: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

MLAs vote to back spending plans: BBC

Peter's not first minister but he's running the show: Irish News (Jan 28)
Tom Kelly

Fuel smugglers siphon off millions of pounds: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Jury Disservice!: Sunday Life (Jan 27)

Rackets challenging Assembly: Belfast Telegraph

Rights bill is doomed: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Antichrist Pope? We've heard it all before: Irish News (Jan 28)
Roy Garland

MI5 'spooks' to be screened off at Wright murder inquiry: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Saville Inquiry reaches milestone: UTV Internet

Bishops snub Eames/Bradley: Irish News
William Scholes

Verdict raises cold case questions: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Judge says IRA dirty money claim 'baseless': Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Curistan loses court action: UTV Internet

Unionist paper resumes coverage of Gaelic games: Irish News (Jan 28)
Rebecca Black

Monday, January 28

Paisley told – stay away from victims' service: (from the Sunday Tribune, Jan 27)
Suzanne Breen

Paisley 'must not attend La Mon': BBC

Massacre at La Mon – 30 years on: (from the Sunday Tribune, Jan 27)
Suzanne Breen

My Paddy is not an informer: Sunday Life (Jan 27)
Stephen Breen

'Trust' issue over victims' role: BBC

Victims fear Omagh stone will disappear: Sunday Life (Jan 27)
Alan Murray

'Tá' campaign for Irish language rights backed by ethnic groups: (Jan 25)
Alana Fearon

O'Loan refers police conduct to ombudsman: Irish News (Jan 23)
Rebecca Black

I was innocent says fifth RIRA accused: Irish News (Jan 23)
Allison Morris

Begley family targeted in new round of loyalist death threats: (Jan 18)
Alana Fearon

'Police murder files not yet released': Irish News (Jan 26)

Wave of protest engulfs RTE: The Guardian
Henry McDonald

Progress on McCord report: (Jan 25)

Marshall death hearing: Irish News (Jan 26)
Claire Simpson

Striking images of Troubles come into focus at stormont: Belfast Telegraph (Jan 23)
Matthew McCreary

Border must not become an 'obstacle': Derry Journal (Jan 25)

Richardson not impressed by Irish League: Setanta Sports (Jan 20)
Nick Royle

Daniel enters the lion's den of patriot games: Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

'British Isles' references leave Irish eyes frowning: Sunday Tribune (Jan 27)
Conor McMorrow

The Irish and Obama: Irish Voice/

Sunday, January 27

Quinn murder probe fed false information: (from the Sunday Tribune)
Suzanne Breen

IRA threat to Quinn murder witness: The Observer
Henry McDonald

Minister has 'no problem' with ex-IRA killer in top job: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Stormont can breathe sigh of relief over Pope's visit: Irish News (Jan 26)
James Kelly

IRFU anthem row deepens as fans threaten to boycott games: Sunday Independent
Daniel McConnell

Sectarianism at core: Belfast Telegraph

Victims' families meet ombudsman: Irish News (Jan 26)
Barry McCaffrey

Marchers hold Bloody Sunday rally: BBC

Bomb victim's partner denied army pension: Derry Journal (Jan 25)

Widow calls for an end to threats: (Jan 18)
Áine McEntee

Paisley Jnr controversy looks set to rumble on: Belfast Telegraph (Jan 25)
David Gordon

Standing up for Derry: Derry Journal (Jan 25)

The truth about Shergar racehorse kidnapping: Sunday Telegraph
Andrew Alderson

Bertie's historic US address pushed back: Sunday Independent
Ronald Quinlan

Williamite tourist trail 'could attract 125,000 tourists from US': Irish News (Jan 22)
Claire Simpson

Saturday, January 26

Omagh blame game widens: Belfast Telegraph

I won't resign – Sir Ronnie: The News Letter
Aaron Tinney

Civil action best hope for Omagh: Belfast Telegraph

North to have 4 victim commissioners:

Commissioner a job share for four: BBC
Jim Fitzpatrick

Victims are the 'last battleground': Impartial Reporter

Troubles relative's hunger strike: Belfast Telegraph
Brendan McDaid

Getting to the truth of the past:
Des Wilson

Will the terrorists give us a record of killings?: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

SF pledge to consult voters about policing: Newry Democrat
Donal O'Reilly

More support on threats call: Down Democrat

Sinn Fein party rapped: Lurgan Mail

PSNI criticised over stun gun decision:

PSNI letting down residents of Stoneyford: Irish News (Jan 24)
Jim Gibney

Ministers discuss 'UDA fund' case: BBC (Jan 24)

Bigotry undermines role of faiths in ending conflict: Irish Independent

Orange part in parade doubts: Down Democrat
Hazel Hammond

Moderator victim of 'cranks' hours after election win: Belfast Telegraph
Victor Gordon

Warning over cost of 'divided society': The News Letter

Catholic men win hotel bias case: BBC (Jan 24)

Tour bus set alight in Belfast: Sydney Morning Herald (Jan 25)
Craig Platt

Republican march faces demo threat: The Herald (Jan 24)
Vivienne Nicoll

Friday, January 25

Border killing probe is closing in on suspects: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Assembly debate on Quinn murder: Newry Democrat
Donal O'Reilly

Loyalists to get extended amnesty: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Stormont 'working', insists McGuinness: Derry Journal

Preparing for the post Paisley era: (from the News Letter, Jan 24)
Liam Clarke

Loyalist mob harass Sinn Fein councillors: Derry Journal

Empey rebukes attack on Pope: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Remarks about Pope unforgivable: Belfast Telegraph

Northern link to shooting probed: Irish News (Jan 24)
Seamus McKinney

We've got the place, and we're the people!: Derry Journal (Jan 18)
Eddie Kerr

Troubles group ends consultation: BBC

Omagh review detective backs ex-chief constable: Irish News

Barker calls for Flanagan's resignation: UTV Internet

O'Loan stands over RUC criticism: RTE

Omagh dad urges cross-border probe: Belfast Telegraph
Ashleigh McDonald

'No closure' for Disappeared in death laws plan: Irish News (Jan 24)

Court says non-jury Murphy trial lawful: RTE

Ulster won't weep over demise: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

A man viewed with suspicion but to whom we owe a 'debt of gratitude': Irish Independent
Paul Melia

How Hillary saved us when no one else could ... honest: Belfast Telegraph
Eamonn McCann

Frazer hits out at 'Irish' passport: Irish News (Jan 23)
Rebecca Black

Peer blasts 'double standards' of IRFU: The News Letter

MEP in call for review on Irish usage: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Thursday, January 24

Laird calls for money to fight Bill of Rights: The News Letter
Laura Murphy

Why high rights bill is wrong: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Paisley's lobbying got £1.7m for hotel: Irish News
Claire Simpson

Questions on land deal 'still remain': Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Paisley Jnr should resign: The News Letter
Alex Kane

Cullyhanna family hits out at 'terror campaign': Newry Democrat
Donal O'Reilly

Fenians banned as PSNI told what's not OK to say: Irish News
Seamus McKinney

Hitting the north-south jackpot: Belfast Telegraph

Budget gives politicians an opportunity: The News Letter

Statue of former NZ prime minister causes fury in Nth Ireland: New Zealand Herald

Commission 'intent on removing Britishness': The News Letter
Kate Chambré

Couple accused of seeking explosives for Real IRA: The Herald
Liudas Dapkus

Real IRA suspect to be held in Vilnius until April: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

Flanagan apologises for Omagh inquiry deficiencies: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Inquiry urged after Omagh apology: BBC

The UDA tried to kill me and my two children says mother: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Murder witness refuses to testify at LVF inquest: Newry Democrat
Donal O'Reilly

Army personnel details on stolen laptop: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Informer suspected of smuggling gun into jail: Belfast Telegraph (Jan 22)
Chris Thornton

Border schools plan 'not required by law': The News Letter
Sam McBride

Minister distances office from antichrist remarks: Irish News
Marie Louise McCrory and William Scholes

Church of Ireland Dean will not be deterred in rosary row: Belfast Telegraph
Matthew McCreary

'Catholics-first' regulation ditched in schools scheme: Irish Independent
Katherine Donnelly

Wednesday, January 23

Far too soon to judge community relations: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Govt to give €60m to NI innovation fund: RTE

A shared future or benign apartheid?: Derry Journal

Why we need a Bill of Rights: The News Letter
Fiona McCausland

Why we're about to witness the end of the Ian Paisley era: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Ian Og gets his come-uppance at long last: Irish News
Brian Feeney

Challenging times for Paisleys: Belfast Telegraph

Bradley – 'Troubles' report to be made public: Derry Journal

Eames-Bradley to ask MI5 for truth: (from the Sunday Tribune, Jan 20)
Suzanne Breen

The pain of the past: Sunday Journal (Jan 20)
Mary Nelis

Punishments herald new reign of terror in Ulster: The Independent
David McKittrick

Attacks part of 'political cleansing': Irish News
Allison Morris

'Hypocrisy' of Sinn Fein councillors' inclusivity appeal: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Female SF councillors 'assaulted' at meeting: Irish News
Rebecca Black

Real IRA trial abandoned 'to protect top-ranking mole': Irish News (Jan 22)
Barry McCaffrey

Calls for truth after RIRA trial collapses: Irish News
Allison Morris and Barry McCaffrey

Real IRA chief's brother arrested in firearms sting: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

MP Robinson to testify in Wright probe: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Support for Stormont cavalcade: Derry Journal

"Officers' lies encouraged wider probe": Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

DUP adviser calls Pope Antichrist on RTE radio: Irish News

Opening door to pupils from Republic blasted: The News Letter

Groups to unite for diversity:
Ciarán Barnes

Scottish loyalists for parade protest: The News Letter

Tuesday, January 22

Majority support bill of rights – poll: Irish News (Jan 21)

Paisley refutes 'joint service' allegations: The News Letter

Street smart Paisley says goodbye: BBC
Gareth Gordon

The perpetual moderator jumps ship: Irish News (Jan 21)
Roy Garland

SDLP must ignite a new agenda for a new era: Irish News (Jan 21)
Tom Kelly

Can rough justice be tolerated: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

UDA – a farewell to arms?: (from Fortnight)
Quintin Oliver

Panel to advise on UVF murders: (Jan 18)
Áine McEntee

Mole's role in political policing: Sunday Life (Jan 21)
Brian Rowan

Paisley top of blame food chain says victim's son: Irish News (Jan 9)
Bimpe Fatogun

Truth still a live issue: (Jan 18)

Wright inquiry delays blamed on PSNI: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Stolen laptop linked to Wright inquiry: UTV Internet

Death stirs up Taser dispute: Irish News (Jan 21)

Sir Nigel 'dealt with' Paisley: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Paisley Jnr should resign: The News Letter
Alex Kane

DUP postpones annual conference yet again: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Pootsball misses Irish goal: Belfast Telegraph (scroll down)
Pól Ó Muirí

Irish in Europe – Language needs help to survive: Irish Examiner (Jan 21)

Northern Irish youth support group brings social change model to Israel: Jerusalem Post (Jan 20)
Megan Jacobs

Monday, January 21

Rev Ian Paisley puts 'Antichrist' days behind him to join service led by a Catholic: The Times
David Sharrock

Is Paisley's end now nigh?: Sunday Business Post (Jan 21)
Colm Heatley

The two governments wooed the Paisleys during negotiations: (from the Sunday Times, Jan 20)
Liam Clarke

Sinn Fein plea after Taser shooting: UTV Internet

PSNI patrols armed with second lethal weapon: (Jan 18)
Alana Fearon

True peace means free expression of all cultures: Irish Independent
Mary Kenny

Keyes witness refuses to come out of hiding: Irish News (Jan 19)
Allison Morris

Exposed UVF Boss is a paid spy: Sunday Life (Jan 21)
Brian Rowan

No interest in prosecutions – Finucane: (Jan 18)

Legacy report 'will be published': BBC

Call for independent truth body: (Jan 18)
Alana Fearon

Belfast vandals cause sectarian worry:

Former Para is haunted by horrors he witnessed: Sunday Life (Jan 13)

McCord promises bombshell book: Sunday Life (Jan 21)
Stephen Breen

NI Executive shifting to right – SDLP: (Jan 16)

Revealed – Gaeilge costs EU €13,000 per minute: Irish Examiner
Mary Regan

Clinton Meets Irish Backers: Irish Voice/

Sunday, January 20

Paisley Jr says Robinson is heir: BBC

The genie is out of the lamp for Ian jnr: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Paisley jnr facing more questions: Irish News
Newton Emerson

Paisley steps down: The News Letter

Will Paisley retire as DUP's leader?: RTE

Where to now for Paisley's faithful flock?: Belfast Telegraph

Traditions that are still not inclusive: The News Letter

Orange should have taken small step: Belfast Telegraph

Ombudsman 'won't be questioning police chief': Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

Victims' group leader hits out public meetings: The News Letter

Healing hurts of the past: Ulster Herald

Patient whose files leaked to LVF 'disgusted' at hospital: Irish News
Seanin Graham

Take religion out of work urges Ringland: Belfast Telegraph
Robin Morton

SDLP dismiss cash crisis reports after FAIR case: Newry Democrat — link repaired 5:50pm

Operation Helvetic – To Be Expected: The Blanket (Aug 30)
Michael Gillespie

Don't even think about it, Lawrie!: Belfast Telegraph

Healy backs Sanchez for Republic job: Setanta Sports (Jan 18)
Nick Royle

Christians 'pray unceasingly' for all the churches: Impartial Reporter

New integrated schools bring Ulster total to 62: Belfast Telegraph
Kathryn Torney

Bloody Sunday film-maker to make drama on McCartneys: Irish News (Jan 16)
Margaret Canning

Ireland – A Nation Divided: Irish Voice/
John Spain

Saturday, January 19

Truth commission 'will mean bodies on streets': The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Executive 'must tackle sectarian divisions': Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Poots has money for language Fund – Adams:

Sinn Fein's purge on all things British: Daily Telegraph
Tom Peterkin

Plan to purge town of Protestant symbolism: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Pull together or Assembly will shrivel: Belfast Telegraph
Laurence White

FARC fallout – Billionaire saddened over cutting anti-corruption funding: Irish Examiner
Conor Ryan

Lodge may march in St Pat's parade: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Orangemen deny St Pat's march: UTV Internet

Report that drug dealers got gun for Real IRA: Derry Journal

Victims' campaigner praises move in probe: The News Letter

Republican blackmailer is jailed: BBC

Civil service concerns at Paisley jnr lobbying: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Paisleys questions crop up again: BBC
Jim Fitzpatrick

Talks' storm overshadows the good news: The News Letter (Jan 17)

Church elects Paisley successor: BBC

Poots uses GAA match to raise Unionist fears: The News Letter

IRFU refuses to meet Lord Laird: The News Letter

Our Lawrie can pull off yet another big surprise: Belfast Telegraph

Wells backs all-Ireland league: Setanta Sports
Nick Royle

Further delay to Maze stadium plans:

Bloody Sunday march is re-routed: Glasgow Evening Times
Vivienne Nicoll

Presidential Forum: Irish Voice/

Friday, January 18

Paisley silent on his standing down as MP: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

North's AG makes policing pledge:

DUP-SF relationship – tensions could still lead to break-up: (from the Sunday Times, Jan 13)
Liam Clarke

Age and controversy casting a shadow on Paisley power base: Irish News
William Graham

Question time just won't go away: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Don't expect the Junior Minister to be easily dislodged: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

Paisley Junior's slip-ups: (from the News Letter, Jan 17)
Liam Clarke

New appeal on cop shooting: Derry Journal

RIRA pact with UDA worrying: Irish News

Ombudsman extends Omagh trial inquiry:
Paul Anderson

Ombudsman requests judge meeting: BBC

Flanagan to testify in civil action against police over Omagh bombing: Ulster Herald
Anton McCabe

Ministers did hold victims' role talks: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Thornton

Consultative group event shows progress – Bradley: Derry Journal

Victims hit out over talks on amnesty: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Let the past go despite all the hurt and lies, says victim's brother: Ulster Herald
Ronan McSherry and Conor Sharkey

NIO would be happy if past just went away: Irish News (Jan 16)
Brian Feeney

Irish Unity Cannot Be Ruled Out: The Blanket (Sep 14)
David Adams

GAA outlook must change, says minister: The News Letter

Forging a new future: Belfast Telegraph

Poots and GAA show leadership: Irish News

Church to elect Paisley successor: BBC

Glasgow 'Sunday' parade to go ahead despite fears: Derry Journal

Thursday, January 17

Paisley to step down as MP at next election: The Irish Times
Frank Millar

Reaction to Protestant 'Exodus' documentary: 'Cacophony of outrage' entirely predictable – Campbell: Derry Journal

Just let us do our job: Belfast Telegraph
Denis Bradley and Lord Eames

Justice and truth are key to resolution of the past: Irish News
Jim Gibney

McCartney killing 'was not my fault': (from the Sunday Times, Jan 13)
Liam Clarke

Officer in Omagh probe 'repositioned': Irish News
Claire Simpson

Why don't cops lift these UVF gangsters?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Drug-smuggling loyalist gang armed republican dissidents: Irish News
Allison Morris

Massive cache brought in from the continent: Irish News
Allison Morris

I'll not move out of my home:
Ciarán Barnes

Junior on the ropes again: Belfast Telegraph
David Gordon

Paisley Jr admits he made mistake: BBC

DUP distances itself from 'side deals' of Paisley jnr: Irish News
Diana Rusk and William Graham

Pressure back on Paisley on lobby row: The News Letter

DUP unease at Paisley grows: Irish News

MLA's fury at Ruane's 'sectarian' allegation: The News Letter

Anti-Pope leaflets distributed in Armagh: UTV Internet

Family fights father's extradition to Ireland: Irish Echo
Ray O'Hanlon

SF Assembly meeting on border investment: Derry Journal

Minister Poots at Newry GAA match: BBC

GAA hopes Poots will attend Croke after first match visit: Irish News
Barry McCaffrey

'Independent Scotland should keep troops in British Army': The Herald (Jan 22)
Douglas Fraser

Wednesday, January 16

Deal with the legacy of Troubles now 'or face consequences later': Irish Independent
Shane Hickey

Truth commission 'must be tailored to suit north': Irish News

Wounds of our troubled past are still open, but we must move on: Belfast Telegraph
Barry White

Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission: The Blanket (Sep 21)
Mick Hall

Consultation which must be sensitive: The News Letter

Motion to discuss Quinn murder: UTV Internet

Kenny – Murder of Quinn worse than McCartney killing: Irish Examiner
Áine Kerr

McCartney 'sacrificed' by Ahern, says sister: Irish Independent
Patricia McDonagh

Paisley Junior list is revealed: UTV Internet

Paisley denies talks concessions: BBC

DUP members out in force for poll support: The News Letter
Stephen Dempster

More to election than unionist in-fighting – Ford: The News Letter

PSNI is long way off being a professional service: Irish News
Breidge Gadd

Police to begin stun gun training: BBC

Penal codes have no place on Northern Ireland's streets: Irish News
Susan McKay

MLAs back clergymen's anti-sectarian call: The News Letter
Laura Murphy

O'Loan to deliver Bloody Sunday lecture: Derry Journal

North's peace model likely to run out of steam in other war zones: Irish Examiner
Steven King

Attack on Orange hall condemned: The News Letter
Kate Chambré

Challenge by 'Slab' to court order over tax charges: Irish Independent
Diarmuid MacDermott

Pope's Ulster visit protest vow: Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Do Protestants have reason to fear Catholicism's resurgence?: The Scotsman
John Haldane

Police fears over 'Bloody Sunday' march: The Herald
Gerry Braiden


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