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Thursday, January 31

Last Robinson leaves Castlereagh stronghold: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Loyalist protesters in strategy change: UTV

Union flag protests cost £50,000 in lost bus fares – Translink: BBC

Pipe bomb thrown at police in Belfast: RTE

DUP man injured during another weekend of trouble in Cloughfern: Newtownabbey Times

Riot arrest following Carrickfergus flag protest: BBC

We need 300 more officers to hold the line, says PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Unity candidate is only way to win back Mid Ulster- McCrea: Mid Ulster Mail

Leading flag protester a surprise candidate in Mid-Ulster by-election?: Tyrone Times

DUP pair urged to quit dual roles at the council: Portadown Times

Claim that Britishness is being eroded is simply untrue, says Villiers: The News Letter

Sinn Fein 'still linked to organised crime': The News Letter
Sam McBride

Condemned to be past masters at present imperfect: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Moment for Irish unity nearly over: China Post
John Lloyd

Groups still pressing in BC case: Irish Echo

Crisis awaits Kerry in Northern Ireland: Albany Times Union
Ed Moloney

Derry house raid part of 'dissident activity' probe – PSNI: Derry Journal

'Dissidents' behind north Belfast bomb: UTV

PSNI discounts shooting claim: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

RUC widow, Phyllis Carrothers, asks for an IRA apology: BBC

McCabes will wait to reply to Adams: Evening Herald
Barry Duggan

Garda Adrian Donohoe murder sparks political row over Troubles deaths:
Henry McDonald

An empty apology is even worse than none at all, Gerry: Evening Herald
Andrew Lynch

PONI to reinvestigate how Denis Donaldson was outed as an informer:
Barry McCaffrey

Denis Donaldson – Life and death of secret agent: BBC
Vincent Kearney

'No fair deal for victims' – Sammy Brush: The News Letter

Unionists uneasy as gunman Gerry McGeough free after two years: Belfast Telegraph
Anna Maguire

Minute's silence to remember Bloody Sunday: Derry Journal

Derry killings – New statements sought from SAS soldiers: Derry Journal

PSNI to pass reports into GAA man's murder to the coroner: Irish News
David Young

Lawyers' plea on blanked out names: Belfast Telegraph

Catholics outnumber Protestants on both banks of the Foyle: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Census figures show deep religious split: The News Letter

Liam Neeson – A star so impressed by change in Northern Ireland (Jan 29): Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

European peace money discussed at Brussels conference: BBC
Mark Devenport

As we forge deeper ties in Europe we are forgetting our closest ally (Jan 30): Irish Independent
David McWilliams

Scottish Government forced to change 'biased' independence referendum question: The Independent
Oliver Wright

Nicola Sturgeon should be cautious in seeking Irish support – Dublin has its eye on the North:
Henry McDonald

Scotland's question: Daily Telegraph

George Galloway call for Rangers to pay oldco debt: The Scotsman

Wednesday, January 30

IRA G8 bomb plot: The Sun
Kevin Schofield

Adams apologises for republican killings of forces: Irish Examiner
Juno McEnroe and Claire O'Sullivan

Apology greeted by icy silence in chamber: The Irish Times
Miriam Lord

Suspects in McCabe killing still on the run: Irish Independent
Barry Duggan

Adams now needs to apologise to RUC and UDR families – McCrea: The News Letter

Adams's apology over murder of Jerry McCabe is 17 years too late: Irish Independent
Fionnán Sheahan

Sinn Fein face Irish indifference over border poll: The News Letter
David McCann

Martin McGuinness – I'll meet flag protesters but I won't kowtow: Belfast Telegraph
Noel McAdam

Seamus Heaney – I may not toast the Queen, but allow loyalists to fly Union flag if they want to: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Police release riot wanted images: UTV

Girl in care linked to loyalist paramilitary men: BBC

Man on riot constable attack charge: UTV

Swedish school cancels trip over Union flag protests fears: Belfast Telegraph
Lindsay Fergus

It would be so easy to slip back to the past and throw away all that we've gained: Belfast Telegraph
Malachi O'Doherty

Sinn Fein blocks 'British FBI' from operating in Province: The News Letter

Reject Britain's FBI plan and you'll turn Northern Ireland into a crime capital, nationalists warned: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Crime Agency 'shouldn't have policing powers': The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

DUP accuse Conservatives of 'breaking Sinn Fein pay pledge': BBC
Stephen Walker

What price will the DUP ask in a knife-edge vote?: Belfast Telegraph
Tom Moseley

'We get nothing' claims annoy Sammy Wilson: BBC

Revealed – What Britain really spends here: Belfast Media

'The Union is more secure now than ever': The News Letter
Theresa Villiers

UUP meeting did not back unity candidate: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Alliance shared future plans ambitious: BBC
Mark Devenport

Omagh police bomb incident was attempted murder: BBC

'Viable device' found in Belfast alert: UTV

Limerick man charged with IRA membership granted bail: The Irish Times

Sheer thuggery: Derry Journal

Boston College asks court to toss IRA tapes ruling: Boston Herald

McAlliskey tribute to Price: Derry Journal

McConville relative raps socialist for Dolours Price tribute: The News Letter

'I was captivated by Dolours Price – what a terrible waste of a life': Irish Independent
Kevin Myers

Army killing of IRA man 'unjustified': UTV

Inquiry into killing of IRA chief 'flawed': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Hundreds at IRSP commemoration: Derry Journal

Paisley Jnr apologises to Chinese for 'racist' remark: Irish Independent
Chris Kilpatrick

Rangers face losing five league titles if SPL panel find them guilty of breaking dual contract rules: Scottish Daily Record
Keith McLeod

Salmond turns down help from Quebec nationalists: The Herald
Magnus Gardham

Mr Cameron's limited vision (Jan 24): The Irish Times

A Political Life – They cleaned up the Royal Marriage Act, but forgot one very important thing (Jan 25): The Independent
Chris Bryant

Tuesday, January 29

McGuinness met with flag protesters: UTV

Loyalist speaker warns PSNI 'we are coming after you: Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Axes and hammers 'used by loyalist rioters': Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

Legal bid to find who posted Facebook threats against Catholic: BBC

Ireland won't be united so let loyalists fly flag – Seamus Heaney: Irish Independent
Deborah McAleese

Flags 'subject to state regulation': Belfast Telegraph

Alliance – Sinn Fein councils should fly flag: The News Letter
Sam McBride

PSNI comes under pressure to crack down on illegal parades: Belfast Telegraph
Amanda Poole

Robinson's car attacked (Jan 28): Irish News
John Manley

Loyalist protests crippling Belfast's St George's Market: Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

Man arrested over east Belfast flag protest riot: BBC

This blame game has rivalries and egos at its heart, not a piece of cloth: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Alliance Party publishes Northern Ireland shared future strategy: BBC

It's good to talk – Alliance opens debate on a 'shared future':
Steven McCaffery

Alliance sees its support flagging: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Blocking new crime agency 'is mistake' says David Ford: BBC

PSNI faces 'most challenging' time: UTV

DUP call to bar Sinn Féin's £100,000 Westminster grant: BBC

Who's reaching out to moderates?: The News Letter
Alex Kane

How long before the walls come tumbling down?: Belfast Telegraph
Henry McDonald

Unlucky '13 – The Northern Ireland Executive faces a testing year:
Steven McCaffery

Neeson right about how far we've come: Belfast Telegraph

Dissidents blamed for burning firm's vans: Belfast Telegraph

Omagh officer was 'targeted for weeks': UTV

Crying Game star Rea carries coffin of IRA bomber ex: The Sun
Jason Johnson

500 republicans attend funeral of Dolours Price: Irish Examiner
Lesley-Anne McKeown

IRA bomber Price described as 'soft-hearted at her core': Irish News

Death of Dolours could be a major game-changer: Belfast Telegraph
Jim Dee

Workers threatened after dissident graffiti removed: The News Letter
Aine Fox

Sectarian graffiti sprayed on County Fermanagh church: BBC

'He was just a boy. I searched his pockets and there was nothing in them': Derry Journal

Ex-IRA man to go free after serving under two years for murder bid: Belfast Telegraph
Suzanne Breen

DUP may hold key to crucial Commons vote: The Irish Times
Mark Hennessy

North's police service to work with Garda in search for killers: The Irish Times
Tim O'Brien, Kitty Holland & Elaine Keogh

Cross-border criminal gangs discussed by MLAs in assembly: BBC

History has repeated itself, says tearful officer shot by IRA: Irish Independent
Barry Duggan

Adams's reaction to this senseless killing reeks of hypocrisy: Irish Independent
Paul Williams

Gardai must apprehend killer gang: The News Letter

Danes and Irish may get first say on UK-EU deal: The Scotsman
Eddie Barnes

PM bets big on EU referendum gamble (Jan 24): Belfast Telegraph

Monday, January 28

Adams will not attend funeral of IRA bomber Dolours: Irish Independent
Breda Heffernan

Dolours Price funeral to take place: UTV

Republican Marian Price granted compassionate parole: (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Suzanne Breen

She was chatty, charming... and deeply troubled (Jan 25): (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

Anthony McIntyre wants remaining Belfast Project interviews destroyed: RTE

Sordid tale of Boston College IRA tapes should now be over – Death of Dolours Price means no prosecution possible for British: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Unionists agree to single candidate for Mid Ulster (Jan 26): (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

Ulster Unionists back unity move: The News Letter

Bid to win election will cause more rifts (Jan 26): (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

SF's Border poll was a dangerous political football: The Irish Times
John Cushnahan

Mansergh rejects SF claim on partition of Ireland: The Irish Times
Michael O'Regan

Derry marches pass off peacefully: Derry Journal
Michael McMonagle

About 1,000 people take part in Derry Bloody Sunday march: BBC

3,000 attend Bloody Sunday anniversary march in Derry: RTE

Protestant civil rights parade takes place in Londonderry: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

The law in Belfast must be upheld: Belfast Telegraph

PSNI looks for dissident link to bomb attack: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Omagh bomb incident – Assembly member believes police officer was targeted: BBC

Dissidents move in to drug trade to raise cash: Irish Independent
Tom Brady

'MI5 tried to recruit me in France' (Jan 25): Derry Journal

Ex-paramilitaries 'more likely to be depressed': Belfast Telegraph

Divisive battle looms over council's Irish language policy: Mid Ulster Mail

Republicans face £2 fine for selling Easter lilies: Ulster Herald

McKevitt calls for cheaper cross-border post (Jan 26): Newry Times
Paul Malone

Sinn Fein accused of snubbing new constitution body: Irish Independent
Fionnán Sheahan

Ireland puts its faith in education, not religion (Jan 24): The Irish Times
Eoin Burke-Kennedy

Alex Salmond warned to accept UK referendum ruling: The Scotsman
Scott Macnab

EU timetable 'would result in poor deal for Scotland': The Herald
Kate Devlin

How does Scotland's referendum fit into David Cameron's EU plans?:
Mike Small

Papers reveal sectarian tensions vetoed public holiday for Pope's 1982 visit (Jan 8): The Scotsman

Sunday, January 27

Robinson in east Belfast flag talks: UTV

Flag protest group want meeting with Matt Baggott: The News Letter
Michael McGlade

Man held over flag demonstrations: Belfast Telegraph

€1.8m kitty to counter flag demos in North: Evening Herald
David Young

Don't let thought police curtail our free speech (Jan 23): Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

£8k legal aid bill for Price: Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Price refused parole to attend sister's wake: (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Suzanne Breen

A bright, studious girl who led the double life of an IRA terrorist: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Change needed as we're on the road to nowhere (Jan 22): Belfast Telegraph
Bill Manwaring

Police officer escapes death after 'crude' homemade bomb is thrown into his home in Northern Ireland: Daily Mail
Anthony Bond

Man says PSNI tried to recruit him as informer: Derry Journal

De Silva gives lead on dealing with our violent past (Jan 25): Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

IRA involved in horse-burgers – Willie Frazer: The News Letter

Cross-border pledge after murder of Garda officer: The News Letter
Michael McGlade

Ireland has become a nothing mosaic with no binding identity: The Irish Times
Desmond Fennell

A UK exit from EU would cost us too: Sunday Independent
Willie O'Dea

Cable – Ireland will lose out if Britain votes to leave EU (Jan 25): Irish Examiner
John Walsh

Prospect of referendum in UK is far from certain: Irish Independent

Britain has little to gain and much to lose from EU vote (Jan 24): The Scotsman
Wolfram Kaiser

Cameron stance bad news for Britain and Europe (Jan 24): The Irish Times
Peter Sutherland

Mr. Cameron's European Fantasy: New York Times

David Cameron's desperate gamble with Britain's interests (Jan 23): The Independent

At last, voters are trusted to choose Britain's future (Jan 23): Daily Telegraph

Britain and Europe – Debate will strengthen EU project (Jan 24): Irish Examiner

Yes Scotland campaign boss tells Nationalists not to panic despite flagging support for independence: Scottish Daily Record
Mark Aitken

No answer came the stern reply (Jan 18): The Scotsman
Joyce McMillan

I wrote a piece on Scottish independence and hit 'send'. Then the floodgates opened: The Observer
Kevin McKenna

No Armageddon as Old Firm show phenomenal pulling power for fans (Jan 24): Scottish Daily Record
Colin Duncan

Celtic and Rangers have both broken an unspoken Old Firm code (Jan 14): The Herald
Michael Grant

The Commonwealth has never been stronger (Jan 2): Daily Telegraph
Hugo Swire

Saturday, January 26

Petrol bombs thrown in Union flag violence: RTE

Police attacked in flag protest: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Flag protesters block city roads: UTV

Protest 'never intended to clash with Bloody Sunday march': Londonderry Sentinel

Flag protests cause heart service march to reschedule: Impartial Reporter
Julie Kenwell

Replace protests with 'political dialogue', Secretary of State urges: Carrick Times

Besieged Baggott the whipping boy in flags fallout: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Visit Belfast – Flag Issue Not Representative of People, City: Huffington Post
Michael Evans

It's time for the Executive to deliver a shared future: Belfast Telegraph
Baroness Blood

Northern Ireland peace walls should 'come down by 2022': BBC
Mark Devenport

New alliance of dissidents just a crime gang – Shatter: Irish Independent
Paul Williams

No prosecution in Martin O'Hagan murder case:
Henry McDonald

Campbell bail overturned due to fake ID: UTV

Liam Campbell is refused bail at High Court in Belfast: BBC

Bloody Sunday familes call for support for events: Derry Journal

Dolours Price, Defiant I.R.A. Bomber, Dies at 61: New York Times
Paul Vitello

What did Dolours Price really know about the provos?: Belfast Telegraph
John Mulgrew

Marian Price given bail after death of sister: BBC

Dolours Price is a lesson in the ugly futility of Irish republican terrorism: Daily Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

UUP leader warns Maze centre could lose money: Ulster Star

Ex-rugby star Tweed jailed for sex abuse: Irish Examiner
Lesley-Anne McKeown

Second 'Belfast Agreement' appears: The Irish Times

Allister slams Undertones documentary: Ballymena Times

Cross-community choir – We are not just teaching singing but Christian compassion (Jan 4): Londonderry Sentinel

Yours for just £150... a piece of Gusty Spence's notorious past: Belfast Telegraph
Ivan Little

Setting high standard on Orange news: The News Letter

Convention to discuss Constitutional changes: RTE

Passport controls on the border at Newry will be a reality if Britain leaves EU: Irish Independent
John Bruton

'Corrosive English nationalism' driving EU debate: The Irish Times
Judith Crosbie

Cameron must roll back frontiers of EU super-state: Belfast Telegraph
Diane Dodds

Ireland – Independent Scotland faces lengthy wait for EU membership: Daily Telegraph
Simon Johnson

UK referendum on EU could 'damage' Scotland: The Scotsman
Tom Peterkin

Scottish nationalists don't have a monopoly on Scottishness:
Blair McDougall

Rangers have route into English football by suing FA: The Scotsman
Eoghainn Maclean

Friday, January 25

Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price found dead in Dublin:
Henry McDonald

Sister of no mercy – IRA's Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price dies at 61: Daily Mirror
Adrian Shaw

Toxicology tests after IRA's Dolours found dead: Irish Independent
Tom Brady and Fionnan Sheahan

No Garda enquiry into Dolours Price death: The Irish Times
Dan Keenan

Disappeared murder role disclosed during meeting: Irish News
Allison Morris

Troubled soul who never found peace when the fighting ended: Irish Independent
Susan McKay

Death of IRA veteran could unseal documents allegedly implicating Sinn Fein head Gerry Adams in abductions, executions: National Post
Michael Higgins

Here's an out worth taking: Boston Globe
Kevin Cullen

Young believe 'other side' are enemies – Baggott: The News Letter

Flag protests – We're going to make hundreds of arrests, declare police as they trawl CCTV footage: Belfast Telegraph
Chris Kilpatrick

Northern Ireland needs more police to tackle violence, says chief constable:

Parades Commission seeks to clarify union flag protest parades: BBC

Trade body asks parades to 'end early': UTV

Bishop Noel Treanor calls for study of flag protest causes: RTE

'We should all have freedom to move without hindrance from protesters': Impartial Reporter
Rodney Edwards

Disorder 'harming thousands of people': UTV

Why can't Great Britain look Northern Ireland in the eye?:
Emer O'Toole

The Union Jack is not the flag of our forefathers: The Herald
Jack Morrison

Disciplinary meeting to highlight tensions within UUP over flags issue: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

McClarty says "onus on moderate unionists" to form new party: BBC
Gareth Gordon

Basil McCrea disciplinary hearing postponed: The News Letter

Foster – we 'may call Sinn Fein's bluff' on Border poll: Impartial Reporter

Warning on dangerous call for border poll: The News Letter

RoI border poll also needed – NIO: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

DUP outflanks Sinn Fein in border poll sideshow: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Man released in Derry dissident probe: UTV

McGlone selected by SDLP for Mid Ulster by-election: The News Letter
Aine Fox

Man arrested over dissident activity: UTV

Campaign to clear Saville slur taken to EU: Londonderry Sentinel

Bloody Sunday family will not rest until Gerald's name is cleared: Derry Journal
Julieann Campbell

Robert McCartney's sister – IRA must hand findings of internal probe to police: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Thomas Devlin murderer gets reduced tariff: BBC

Anniversary appeal to IRA bomb victims: The News Letter

Imbalance in equality staff – Too few Protestants in anti-bias commission, says DUP: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Mitchell says Northern Ireland may opt to join Republic if UK leaves EU: The Irish Times
Jimmy Walsh

Cameron gave Enda heads up over 'in or out' EU vote: Evening Herald
Alan O'Keeffe

Britain's departure from the EU would be a nightmare for Ireland: Irish Examiner
Matt Cooper

Cameron's speech on Europe was not brave yesterday. He was reckless (Jan 24): The Guardian
Martin Kettle

Scottish independence – SNP Euro meeting call rebuffed: BBC

Clarity on Scotland's place in EU is well overdue: The Scotsman

Thursday, January 24

Police to step up arrests over flag protests: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Police in Londonderry defend union flag protest tactics: BBC

Flag protestors vow to step up their campaign: The News Letter
Mark Rainey

Irish Republic committee to discuss union flag protests: BBC

Minor disturbance follows Ballyclare flag protest: Newtownabbey Times

Mosside flag protest was 'attempt to spread fear and intimidate' – P McShane: Ballymoney Times

For sake of the children, we need a new mindset (Jan 21): Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Respecting dignity is key to ending conflict: Irish Independent
Liz O'Donnell

That moment when Prods in the room tend to go quiet ...: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Fearing change, but change can be good: Impartial Reporter
Denzil McDaniel

Isn't it about time PSNI got tough on UVF godfathers?: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Dual mandate on Irish unity: BBC
Mark Devenport

Dissidents remain serious threat – Villiers: The News Letter

IRA suspect is kept in custody: Evening Herald

Dissident terror – Nip this cancer in the bud (Jan 8): Irish Examiner

Ombudsman probes a sop to Sinn Fein – Jim Allister: The News Letter

Donaghey family take campaign to Brussels: Derry Journal

Maze conflict centre 'financially sustainable': The News Letter

Vote on EU could result in return to a real frontier: Belfast Telegraph
Michael Wolsey

DUP welcome Cameron's EU referendum pledge: The News Letter
Michael McGlade

'Nightmare for Ireland' if UK opts out of EU: Irish Independent

British debate seen as creator of friction in union: The Irish Times
Arthur Beesley

From outside, it's clear why Britain has to stay in Europe: The Guardian
Timothy Garton Ash

By offering an in/out referendum, Cameron made Ukip stronger. Let the war of independence begin!: The Independent
Nigel Farage

Exit door isn't open wide as eurosceptics like to think: The Scotsman
Matt Qvortrup

Support for Yes vote at post-devolution low: The Herald
Magnus Gardham

Cameron's EU referendum pledge makes winning the Battle for Britain more difficult: The Spectator
Alex Massie

Are Scots getting cold feet about independence?:
John Curtice

David Cameron speech – PM 'trying to ride two horses': BBC
Brian Taylor

Tory self-interest leaves unionists stranded: The Scotsman

Wednesday, January 23

Villiers says no to border poll: Irish News
John Manley

Taoiseach tells Adams time is not right to hold poll on future of North: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

DUP may 'call SF's bluff' on border poll: UTV

Border poll could trigger vote every seven years – Jim Allister: The News Letter
Michael McGlade

United Ireland border poll call – diversions and u-turns: BBC
Mark Devenport

Gerry Adams – he hasn't gone away, you know: Daily Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Economy still the only game in town: Belfast Telegraph

David McClarty – I'd like to find a way forward for unionism with Basil McCrea: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke and Noel McAdam

Nesbitt's cosying up to DUP will sideline his party: Belfast Telegraph
Alex Kane

Clarke responds to Robinson's dismissal of flags regulation: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Protests flagged up for questions: Belfast Telegraph
Tom Moseley

Protesters add to woes of snow-hit commuters: Belfast Telegraph
Michelle Smyth

Protestor banned from disrupting City of Culture events: Derry Journal

Taxi driver 'traumatised' after protest attack: Derry Journal

Teen knocked down at flag protest: UTV

Facebook removes two union flag protest pages: BBC

£3.8m policing flag protest over one fortnight: Londonderry Sentinel

People's Forum accuses PSNI of political policing: The News Letter

All parties have to share blame for flags debacle: Belfast Telegraph
Ed Curran

President says peace process needs vigilance: Irish Independent

McAleese warns of 'middle-class peace process' in North: The Irish Times
Judith Crosbie

A powder-keg of dilemmas await in crucible of 2013 (Dec 29): Belfast Telegraph
Alf McCreary

Strategy to move us away from old divisions a priority: Belfast Telegraph
Naomi Long

Police Ombudsman to resume investigating historical events: BBC
Vincent Kearney

Question raised over Ombudsman's role: The News Letter
Michael McGlade

Derry dissident republican investigation: Man released: BBC

Omagh suspect 'sniggered after blast': Belfast Telegraph
Alan Erwin

New 'Sunday' poster unveiled at Free Derry: Derry Journal

Papists and Paisleyites united:
Simon Hoggart

Ian Paisley jnr tries to ensure no Catholic sits on throne: Belfast Telegraph
Tom Moseley

Small matter of the truth has been lost in a storm of denial (Jan 6): Sunday Independent
Dion Fanning

2017 – David Cameron names the date for referendum on whether Britain should remain in the European Union: The Independent
Andrew Grice

UK should stay in EU, says Gilmore: The Irish Times
Arthur Beesley

Europe is a paradox we cannot escape (Jan 17): The Scotsman
Bill Jamieson

UK role in Europe is not secure (Jan 15): The News Letter

Tuesday, January 22

Basil McCrea votes against UUP for first time: BBC

Basil McCrea votes against UUP: UTV

Mike Nesbitt – Party backs me: The News Letter

Why I'm flagging up my opposition to DUP's policies: Belfast Telegraph
Basil McCrea

Eleven held during Operation Standstill: UTV

Protesters' warning as PSNI seizes suspects over illegal roadblocks: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Accused 'waved union flag provocatively at police': BBC

DUP opposes UUP Agreement motion: The News Letter

Alliance office restoration on track: Carrick Times

Traders call for customers Backin' Belfast: UTV

Tourism sector fears toll of flag dispute: The Irish Times
Francess McDonnell

Budget fears as overtime bill for policing disorder hits £7m: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Call for swift justice over flag violence: The News Letter

PSNI 'got tactics spot on to nip the potential for disorder in the bud': Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Robinson heave-ho would be disaster: (from the Irish Daily Star)
John Coulter

Unique opportunity for unionism to consolidate – McLean (Jan 3): Tyrone Times

Residents moved due to Lambeg bomb alert: BBC

Dissidents compelled accused to store gun (Jan 8): Belfast Telegraph
Paul Higgins

McCreesh remembers 37th anniversary of the Reavey murders (Jan 9): Newry Times
Paul Malone

Dobson praise for Caroll Foundation: Dromore Leader

Micheál Martin – opportunism and cynicism of the worst kind:
Eoin O Broin

Diaspora deserve vote in presidential polls to select who represents them: The Irish Times
Fergal Davis

Unionists 'hoped Falkland conflict would repair damage' (Jan 3): The News Letter

Catholic hyperbole over victimisation maybe nothing new but church leaders need to tread carefully (Jan 9): The Scotsman
Eddie Barnes

Scottish independence could shrink UK economy by 10%, says finance expert (Jan 8): The Herald

Scottish independence – We'll have to put Scottish interests before Westminster – Michael Moore (Jan 15): The Scotsman
Scott Macnab

Nick Clegg urges 'equal rights' for royal girls as MPs prepare to debate rules of succession: Daily Telegraph
Rowena Mason

The Coalition rides roughshod over the Constitution: Daily Mail
Adrian Hilton

The Succession to the Crown Bill is a constitutional can of worms: The Spectator
George Trefgarne

An unseemly rush to alter the succession: Daily Telegraph

Monday, January 21

Nesbitt silent on McCallister speech: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Is another split on cards for the UUP?: Belfast Telegraph

'Defend your British culture by having your say at next election': Newtownabbey Times

Peaceful protests as flag flies again: The News Letter

Loyalists protest City of Culture opener: UTV

Derry-Londonderry's Sons and Daughters gather for first culture concert: BBC
Elaine McGee

Interface areas are in the front line: Belfast Media

We must see bigger picture during unrest: The News Letter
Graham Spencer

Belfast still a city that has everything to offer: Belfast Telegraph

Happy days for hacks in Northern Ireland (Jan 19): Sunday Independent
Eilis O'Hanlon

Bill of Rights would help to solve our current troubles (Jan 16): Belfast Telegraph
Patrick Corrigan

Following blindly (Jan 15): Derry Journal

A courageous end (Dec 5): Belfast Telegraph

Bill Clinton regards Good Friday agreement as his greatest foreign policy achievement says aide: Irish Voice/
Patrick Counihan

Agreement has been recognised for what it is (Jan 18): The News Letter
Stephen Cooper

Adams unhappy with Gilmore comments on border poll:

Ryan associate recovering after shooting: Irish Independent
Cormac McQuinn

Teens say no to sectarianism: Derry Journal
Andrew Quinn

Sport against sectarianism: Londonderry Sentinel

Troubles project sets out to heal (Dec 5): Dundalk Democrat

How Northern Ireland became the new Finland (Jan 16): The Irish Times
Louise Holden

Dublin parents petition for mixed-religion secondary school: The Irish Times

Ireland – Away from the pulpit (Jan 10): Financial Times
Jamie Smyth

Rory McIlroy has one skill to learn if he is to avoid the Irish question – silence (Jan 6): Independent on Sunday
Kevin Garside

Britain could teach us a thing or two in butting heads with Brussels (Jan 7): Irish Independent
Bruce Arnold

Troubles tales (Jan 10): Irish News
Brian Campbell

Worrying about one's legacy (Jan 16): Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Our monarchy always moves with the times: Daily Telegraph
Chris Skidmore

Scottish independence – Unionist parties will beat SNP with devo message, says Tory: The Scotsman
David Maddox

Who are you calling colonialists? (Jan 6): Sunday Herald
Ian Bell

Sunday, January 20

Union flag protest held at Belfast City Hall: RTE

Protest amid Sophie birthday flag: Belfast Telegraph

Man and teen in court after flag trouble: The News Letter

'Snowballs thrown' at Ballyclare protest: UTV

Protests to target Derry march, GAA ... and DUP (Jan 17): (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke & Donna Deeney

Flags issue dominates South Down Alliance committee meeting: Newry Times
Paul Malone

Town committee elected after new protests are held: Portadown Times

Fascist Jim's flag fury: Daily Star Sunday
John Ward

Why can't we all just be friends? (Jan 18): Derry Journal
Claire Allan

Riots rift opens between McGuinness and Robinson (Jan 17): (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

We need to build a lasting peace: The News Letter
Trevor Ringland

Can't they see there is no threat to the Union? (Jan 15): Belfast Telegraph
Nuala McKeever

Catalogue of inequality is corrosive (Jan 16): The News Letter

DUP welcomes former Ulster Unionist Cobain: Newtownabbey Times

Disciplinary D-day looms for McCrea: (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

Unionism and a shared future: The News Letter
John McCallister

Naomi Long – 'I tend to be a workaholic' (Jan 14): The News Letter

Pusillanimity, thy name is Labour (Jan 18): Daily Telegraph
Ruth Dudley Edwards

Maze centre 'will lose £500,000 a year': The News Letter

United Ireland 'makes more sense': Belfast Telegraph

If Adams wants a united Ireland, he will first have to be decommissioned (Jan 19): Irish Independent
Fionnan Sheehan

Kneecap victim linked to Ryan and dissidents: Sunday Independent
Jim Cusack

Living through the experience of our conflict: Belfast Media

Northern Ireland, 1972 – a British army-loyalist paramilitary alliance (Jan 19): The Irish Times
Ed Moloney and Bob Mitchel

MEP visits Narrow Water Bridge site (Jan 15): Newry Times
Emma Taylor

Britain propped up Irish economy with €16.5bn 'back-door' bailout: Sunday Independent
Daniel McConnell

Queen and Obama Costs soar to €36m (Jan 15): The Irish Times

Remarkable change in standing of Catholics (Jan 9): The Herald
Tom Devine

Scottish independence – What about Scots who want powerhouse parliament in UK: Scotland on Sunday
Guy Lodge and Alan Trench

Scottish independence is fast becoming the only option: The Observer
Kevin McKenna

Saturday, January 19

Sinn Féin holding conference on border poll: RTE

Sinn Fein's support group that flew Adams to US for operation has $750,000 in the bank: Irish Independent
John Breslin

Mike Nesbitt scuppers united front by not signing statement: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Forum is a dead end, says McCallister: The News Letter

Unity candidates and pacts don't work with most voters: Belfast Telegraph
Bill White

Robinson dismisses Alliance-SDLP flag proposal: BBC

Parachute Regiment flags flown in Derry as plans are laid to target concert: Belfast Telegraph
Donna Deeney

Police tactics need to change: Belfast Media
Ciara Quinn

McKee quits partnership body over 'heavy-handed' policing of protests: Larne Times

Six held in flag violence probe: UTV

BBC denies Nolan Show was hijacked by loyalists: Belfast Telegraph
Victoria O'Hara

Unionists talking tough on protestors' concerns: The News Letter

'Protests must be lawful': Newtownabbey Times

Traders say situation in city is 'critical': The News Letter

Road to ruin – Belfast traders slam return of traffic disruption: Belfast Telegraph
John Mulgrew and Thea Babington-Stitt

'Riots weren't part of my business plan': The Irish Times
Róisín Ingle

All identities and cultures need to be given respect: Belfast Telegraph
Martin McGuinness

New Violence in Belfast May Be About More Than the Flag: New York Times
John F. Burns

Loyalists – the pariahs of the peace process (Jan 16):
Brendan O'Neill

Ex-pat tells of view of Ulster 'in dark ages' (Jan 15): The News Letter
Aine Fox

We need brave leaders who place truth above tribalism (Jan 16): Belfast Telegraph
Fionola Meredith

Politics must rise above street strife: The News Letter

It's time we stood on our own (Jan 10): Impartial Reporter

PSNI 'may need help with G8 summit' (Jan 15): Belfast Telegraph

Strabane bomb intended for police inspector: BBC

Limerick man in court on IRA charge: Limerick Leader
David Hurley

Village plans cross-community fightback after vandal attacks: The News Letter

Jim Allister and Ian Paisley Jr settle libel case: BBC

Applicants for U.S. ambassador job to Ireland 'lining up out the door': Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Nesbitt warns of Maze centre losses: Belfast Telegraph

Security personnel views sought on Troubles: Carrick Times

'Sunday' programme unveiled: Derry Journal

Mind your (minority) language – Welsh, Gaelic, Irish and Cornish are staging a comeback: The Independent
Holly Williams

When Northern Ireland is excluded from the rest of the UK (Jan 14): BBC
Laura Bleakley

Malky Mackay sees no place for Celtic at top of English game (Jan 8): The Scotsman
Stephen Halliday

Rangers come under fire for wanting to leave Scotland while Gordon Strachan is welcomed as new national manager (Jan 18): Scottish Daily Record
Scott McDermott

Shetland has the right to go it alone (Jan 16): The Scotsman
Brian Wilson

Like Ireland, only a lot worse (Jan 9): (from the Irish Echo)
Sean McManus

Horror elsewhere gives perspective: Belfast Telegraph

Friday, January 18

Loyalists call for end to violent flag protests: The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

East Belfast pleads for an end to the violence: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

Leaders 'not agreed' over flags crisis: UTV

'Standstill' plan to hit rush hour: The News Letter

Parachute Regiment flags in Derry: UTV

Flying Para flag is 'pointedly offensive': Londonderry Sentinel

Ulster People's Forum vow to back peaceful flag protests: The News Letter

New group is aiming to address Unionist issues: Dromore Leader

'End the protests now': Newtownabbey Times

Flag protests set to continue in Ballymoney say local Loyalists: Ballymoney Times

UUP call for calm in ongoing flag protests: Coleraine Times

Villiers visits Alliance Party office targeted by protestors: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

Riots don't deter Belfast tourists: Evening Herald

Tourists scared away from City of Culture events: Belfast Telegraph
Brendan McDaid

Nolan – I didn't lose control: The News Letter

'Street disorder will not change anything that we're doing here': Belfast Telegraph

'BNP at protests', it's confirmed: The News Letter

All of us are only ever a stone's throw from crisis: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

Flags unrest 'lightning rod' for range of gripes: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Flag Riots in Northern Ireland – Grim Prospects Drive Youth to Sectarian Violence (Jan 15): Der Spiegel
Christoph Scheuermann

Governments must work together to achieve peace: Belfast Telegraph
Vernon Coaker

The divided North needs to wrap itself in a flag of a different colour (Jan 17): Irish Independent
Martina Devlin

So, divided we stand – is this as good as it gets? (Jan 8): Belfast Telegraph
Alex Kane

Politics will always defeat the violence (Jan 14): Belfast Telegraph

Basil McCrea keeps hold of £11,000 committee job: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Labour Party's election request is kicked into touch: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

SF to launch border poll campaign: UTV

He hasn't gone away, you know: Irish Independent
Ian O'Doherty

Boston College IRA tapes on agenda for incoming Secretary of State hearings: Irish Voice/
Niall O'Dowd

Sinn Fein slam 'short term internment' of Eirigi Newry spokesman Stephen Murney: Newry Times
Paul Malone

MOD condemns dissident threats made in Limerick: Limerick Leader
David Hurley

Previously secret hunger-strike documents shine a light on South Tyrone (Jan 7): Tyrone Times

Judgement reserved on Robert Rodgers over 1973 murder: BBC

No deal yet on cycling race stage (Jan 12): Belfast Telegraph

Rangers are being bullied out of Scotland: Scottish Daily Record
Mark Hateley

Salmond – SNP favours Irish-style citizenship after independence: The Herald

Scottish independence – Constitution 'like framing picture that hasn't been painted': The Scotsman
Eddie Barnes

In the Catholic debate, we must all listen to ourselves (Jan 15): The Herald
Cara Henderson

Thursday, January 17

Theresa Villiers – Bold moves needed to end divide: Belfast Telegraph
Michael McHugh

Gilmore urges North's politicians to stand together: The Irish Times
Marie O'Halloran

Former BNP fundraiser speaks at demonstration: The News Letter

'Both sides must share the blame': The News Letter

Independent Orangemen call for peaceful flag protests: Ballymoney Times

One-sided inquiries angering people – Mervyn Gibson: The News Letter
Philip Bradfield

Flag protesters gather at BBC Nolan show in Belfast: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

'Riots will lead new generation to jail': UTV

Arrests of UVF members 'have to be done through due process': The News Letter

Protesters cannot be 'swept off' road says chief constable: Irish News
Maeve Connolly

Frazer 'not ejected' by guards: The News Letter

Flag protest planned for 'Bloody Sunday': Londonderry Sentinel
Kevin Mullan

Release over Alliance paint attack: UTV

MLAs can't even agree on words to condemn the street unrest: (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Lesley-Anne McKeown and Liam Clarke

PSNI defend Derry flag protest policing: Derry Journal

Hotel left to count the cost of cancelled schools conference: Belfast Telegraph
Lindsay Fergus

City centre road plan delayed by protests: The News Letter

Riots toll rising but for investors, it's business as usual: Belfast Telegraph

Leadership includes ability to make unpopular decisions: Irish News
Claire Aiken

Fiddling while Belfast burns: (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

Belfast is burning while we harp on about horsemeat:
Michael White

Hail police heroes on the frontline: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Skin-deep peace process at mercy of age-old hatred: Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

Bringing loyalists in from the cold: The Irish Times
David Adams

Get off the streets and start talking (Jan 14): The News Letter

Time to throw the book at the rioters: Belfast Telegraph

Adams to lead Sinn Fein for three more years: Irish Independent

Referendum on a united Ireland a 'long-term' goal, says Adams: Irish Examiner
Mary Regan

Double standards seem to be a Sinn Fein policy: Irish Independent

Labour says no to Northern Ireland: Belfast Telegraph
Liam Clarke

NI Labour chief accuses party of discrimination: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Court orders retrial in Massereene barracks murders case:
Henry McDonald

Liam Campbell – Lithuania extradition will not go ahead rules judge: BBC

Two men hospitalised following seperate shootings in west Belfast: The News Letter
Rebecca Black

Man charged with IRA membership: Irish Independent

The Bryson Incident and the Provisional IRA:
Ed Moloney and Bob Mitchell

Irish or British? Sorry, but now Rory belongs to Nike: Evening Herald

Ally McCoist says Rangers should be fast-tracked up the leagues during reconstruction: Scottish Daily Record
Colin Duncan

UK exit from EU would be catastrophic, warns Kenny: Irish Independent
Fiach Kelly

Britain is ready to rock the boat in the EU: Daily Telegraph

Wednesday, January 16

Public confidence in police 'has hit rock bottom' over flag blockade inaction: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Both sides attacking PSNI – David Ford: The News Letter

Families on both sides of Belfast divide 'live in terror': BBC

Heated exchanges at Stormont over flag trouble: The News Letter
Sam McBride

Loyalist flag protesters 'target Stephen Nolan': Belfast Telegraph
Lesley-Anne McKeown

Londonderry loyalists demand boarding pass from woman: BBC

Union flag dispute – East Belfast bus services diverted: BBC

Call to investigate Maskey's TV comments: UTV

Maskey stands by comments about defending homes: Irish News
John Manley

Adams – Belfast flag protests 'about two flags': Kildare Nationalist

Flags unrest 'decimating' businesses: UTV

Arrest over attack on Alliance couple's home in Bangor: BBC

Cameron holds fire on riots ...they're over here after all: Belfast Telegraph
Tom Moseley

Cameron does not have his Troubles to seek: The Scotsman
Allan Massie

We're all sick of the 'flegs' row: Derry Journal
Norman Hamill

Peace in Northern Ireland shattered by frustrated, under-educated Loyalists whose union flag protests have no clear endgame: Irish Voice/
David McCann

We have 108 MLAs, 18 Members of Parliament, 3 MEPs and 582 councillors... so why do protesters feel unrepresented?: (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

Simmering rage that fuels the riots (Jan 13): (from the Irish Mail on Sunday)
Suzanne Breen

We're still waiting on leadership... and not from X Factor wannabees: Belfast Telegraph
Lindy McDowell

Two extremes in North like spoilt brats on a day out: Irish Independent
Kevin Myers

Despair has never really gone away either, you know (Jan 9): Belfast Telegraph
Gail Walker

The good doctor who tried reform (Jan 8): The News Letter

Security alert hoaxers have same mentality as flag protestors – SF MP: Derry Journal

McLaughlin accepts 'status quo': The Irish Times
Gerry Moriarty

Demographics and attitudes are crying out for a Border poll: The Irish Times
Gerry Adams

UUP veteran Cobain jumps ship for DUP: (from the Belfast Telegraph)
Liam Clarke

DUP man – I won't quit for Cobain: The News Letter

Massereene barracks murder conviction quashed:
Henry McDonald

Mother of soldier killed in Northern Ireland says court decision to overturn verdict is scandalous: The Independent
Charlotte Philby

Omagh accused 'quadbiking' on bomb day: UTV

Expert 'found' loyalist killer's prints: UTV

McAliskey to speak at Bloody Sunday rally: Derry Journal

ML King III could visit City in May: Londonderry Sentinel

I'm no hypocrite, says Adams over private health treatment: Irish Independent
Michael Brennan

Loyalist flag protester Jamie Bryson hit by IFA ban for violence: Belfast Telegraph
Deborah McAleese

Gallery to keep 'offensive' Maze art on display: Irish Independent

Rory won't let a flag drive wedge between his fans: Belfast Telegraph
Brian Rowan

Rory nails his colours firmly to Nike's mast (Jan 15): The Irish Times
Fintan O'Toole

British football league could save every club not just the Old Firm (Jan 14): Scottish Daily Record
Keith Jackson

Scottish independence day may be delayed if Scotland votes Yes: The Scotsman
David Maddox


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