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This archive contains references to articles from January 16-31, 1998. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


January 31

There's no point in saying sorry: South China Morning Post

Secret Army files seized by the IRA: Electronic Telegraph

The roar of Para guns sealed Stormont's fate: Irish News

Bloody Sunday inquiry a matter of justice: The Irish Times

Royal apology would help right Derry `insult': Irish Independent

Belfast peace rally 'hijacked by IRA': The Times

Bloody Sunday inquiry's likely outcome: Irish Independent

Belfast's taxi-drivers have no place to hide: The Irish Times

Paisley slates book of peace: Irish News

January 30

Bold Look at 'Bloody Sunday': Los Angeles Times (Editorial)

Exposed: the `poisoned lie' of Bloody Sunday: Irish Independent

British Panel To Investigate 'Bloody Sunday': Washington Post

LOOK BACK IN CANDOUR: The Times (Editorial)

Bloody Sunday: The Irish Times (Editorial)

"A man ran out in terror. His face was blown away. People were screaming": The Guardian

Myth and mayhem of Bloody Sunday: Electronic Telegraph

A full inquiry or nothing, Ahern told Blair: The Irish Times

Trimble jeered for criticising inquiry: Irish News

Ulster battle bloods a sure-fire winner: The Times

LVF ends killing of 'ordinary' Catholics: The Irish Times

US call on Trimble to talk to Adams: The Irish Times

January 29

Bloody Sunday inquiry: The Guardian

Taking sides over threats: Irish News (Editorial)

Politicians should heed grief on streets: The Irish Times (you may have to scroll down a page)

Trimble pressed to meet Adams: Electronic Telegraph

Unionism's flexibility exposes SF's mistakes: The Irish Times

Impartial inquiry may defuse LVF anger: Irish News

SF councillor softens stance on giving information: The Irish Times

January 28

A DELICATE BALANCE IN BELFAST: Chicago Tribune (Editorial)

Blair urges Trimble and Adams to talk together: The Independent

Let us back in: The Guardian (by Gary McMichael)

Better to try for a fair deal than to do nothing: Irish News

South yet to grasp effects of accord: The Irish Times (by Ruairí Quinn)

Parties at odds over cross-border ideas: Irish News

DUP calls on Trimble to leave talks: The Irish Times

Soldiers jailed for Ulster murder win review: Electronic Telegraph

An Irish-speaking school goes to top of exam league: The Irish Times

January 27

Paramilitary-allied party is out of N. Ireland talks: Philadelphia Inquirer

They're lucky they're not Bosnians: The Guardian

Our historic quarrel is past its sell-by date: Irish News

Loyalist group has to quit talks: Electronic Telegraph

Resolving A Moral Dilemma: The Irish Times (Editorial)

Expelled UDP fears more killings: The Times

Widespread sympathy for UDP in loyalist heartland: The Irish Times

January 26

Stake it all on that nag, Orange Card: Sunday Business Post

Walking the tightrope between traditions: Irish Independent

Fear and loathing in the killing fields: Sunday Business Post

Violence spreads in Ulster as talks move to London: Electronic Telegraph

SEE NO EVIL: The Times (Editorial)

Dilemma over principles: Irish News (Editorial)

A Peaceful Return on Investment: Washington Post

A year of capitulation and concessions: Irish News (by Ian Paisley)

Finding a fudge to quell unionist discontent: The Irish Times (by Bob McCartney)

Unionists wish for rights accepted worldwide: The Irish Times

Back to the butchery in Ulster. Can Mo Mowlam save the day?: The Independent

Continuity IRA blamed for bombing: The Irish Times

Eyewitness sheds new light on Bloody Sunday: Irish News

January 25


Governments agree joint body for Ulster: Electronic Telegraph


A LOOK AT . . . The Maze: Washington Post (by Danny Morrison)

This is as good as it gets, Mr Adams: The Sunday Times

Extreme loyalists who have chosen to let their guns do the talking: The Independent

Five killings in a week is a measured response, says the UFF. God help Ulster when the talks get really tough: The Observer

Ignorant armies fail to make us lose faith: The Sunday Times

Terry wasn't a player, but they killed him anyway: The Independent

Secrets kept from Kennedy Smith: The Sunday Times

Men of vision in short supply: The Sunday Times

January 24

Mitchell Principles at stake if UDP stays in talks: Irish Independent

A Mid East fallacy: Irish Independent

Probe of `Bloody Sunday' is urged: Philadelphia Inquirer

They've no trust in Bertie or even ourselves: Irish Independent

Protestant Group Says Reprisals Over: Washington Post

Let us march forward into the real world: Irish News

Politicians must work together on North: The Irish Times

Faith & Reason - Gunmen sheltering in the shadow of the Cross: The Independent

Fear stalks Catholic streets after sectarian murders: The Irish Times

Angry response to UFF claim of end to killings: Irish News

Ahern asserts benefits of all-Ireland economic links: Irish News

Inevitable ruffling of diplomatic feathers: The Irish Times

January 23

'Solution' for Ireland?: Boston Globe

Bishop condemns politicians over fudge on violence: Irish Independent

Police Chief Asks for More Belfast Troops: Washington Post

North needs skills of the great conciliator: The Irish Times

Fringe loyalists face talks ban over murders: Electronic Telegraph

Police chief lifts lid on 1972 march intelligence: Irish News

Clinton condemns spate of killings: The Irish Times

January 22

IRA Rejects Anglo-Irish Peace Proposal: Los Angeles Times

Ominous statement: Irish Independent (Editorial)

SF leaders need help to convince supporters: The Irish Times

IRA poised to abandon ceasefire: Electronic Telegraph

Bruton urges unionists to enter direct talks with SF: Irish News

SDLP rejects discussion of internal settlement: The Irish Times

January 21

In Ulster, a slaughter of the innocents: Boston Globe

US denies charge by ex-envoy of leaks to IRA: Boston Globe

Leading article: The descants of death: The Guardian (Editorial)

Wild words of a jealous man: Irish News (Editorial)

Clinton's arrival marked change in North policy: The Irish Times

Change on the ground is a Shangri-la dream: Irish News

Ceasefire at risk if concessions aren't made: The Irish Times

Group to oppose 'any partitionist settlement': The Irish Times

Cardinal offers to defuse ecumenical row: Irish News

January 20

Politicians need to stay cool headed: Irish Independent

Loyalist death spurs evident revenge killing: Boston Globe

Seitz attack threat to peace, says Kennedy: Irish Independent

New killings take Ulster to the brink: Electronic Telegraph

But they don't set fire to loyal condoms: The Guardian (don't worry about the headline)

Donald Macintyre - How Washington's Irish lobby was brought to book: The Indepenent

'More revenge attacks are now imminent in the deadly cycle of tit-for-tat': The Independent

SDLP rejects that document is partitionist: The Irish Times

Nationalist intransigence must also be recognised: Irish News

From Mass to murder: The Times

McAliskey lawyer fears inquiry may be flawed: Irish News

January 19

Political equivalent of Drumcree Mark One: Sunday Business Post (Editorial)

Priests put on death list: Irish Independent

Just another dead Catholic: Sunday Business Post

Sinn Fein challenge peace plan as loyalists carry on the killings: The Independent

Document lays basis for an acceptable agreement: The Irish Times (by David Andrews)

Imaginative approach is vital: Irish News (by Gerry Adams)

Columcille's prophecy may at last come true: Irish News

SECRETS AND LIES: The Times (Editorial)

Clinton's peace quest defended: Irish News

Major's ministers shared envoy's fear of leaks to IRA: The Times

Human rights legislation 'has failed the people': Irish News

Paras commander to warn against apology: The Irish Times

Who dares to pluck the Flower of Scotland?: Irish News

January 18

America 'leaked British secrets to IRA': Electronic Telegraph

Controversial choice who made her mark: The Sunday Times

Sinn Fein rejects talks plan: The Independent

Picking up the pieces and making them fit: The Sunday Times

RUC braced for bombers' bid to derail talks: The Sunday Times

New hopes and risks for Northern Ireland peace: Boston Globe

Clinton's debt to Irish-Americans: The Sunday Times

Four pieces of paper give Northern Ireland hope: Philadelphia Inquirer

January 17

Trimble leads retreat back to Sunningdale: Irish News

Why Blair is grasping at straws: Irish Independent

Time to watch our words on new path to peace: The Irish Times

Gay 'slur' on the Shankill Butchers: The Guardian

Father hopes dead son's example will help youth: The Irish Times

Chance for all to come out winners: The Irish Times

Blair will apologise for Bloody Sunday deaths: Electronic Telegraph

Bloody Sunday: Irish Indepepent (Editorial)

Magazine claims RTE is 'sectarian' over Angelus: Irish News

January 16

President sees new Irish-British links: The Irish Times

Paper is basis 'to negotiate sensibly': Irish News

Risks of INLA/LVF wing 'manageable' said NIO: Irish News