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Northern Ireland Archive

This archive contains references to articles from January 16-31, 1999. If you find a link that is out of date please let us know by e-mailing the Newshound.


Sunday, January 31

Mutual respect as hordes descend: The Sunday Times

Gardai suspect Provos in Dalkey raid: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Police search after man abducted: BBC

Renewed signs of Provo acitivity on both sides of the border: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Calls for action after Ulster beatings: Electronic Telegraph

A Double Standard on North Coverage: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Thuggery's thin camouflage has now been stripped away: Independent on Sunday

Paisley defies RUC in IRA suspects row: The Sunday Times

Police given TV video of IRA rebels: The Observer

IRA killers fear our secret tapes: The Sunday Times

Why Collins dies: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

A death in the family: The Sunday Times

The murder of Eamon Collins and the death of free speech: The Sunday Times

Police set Omagh bomb charges deadline: Electronic Telegraph

Nationalists escalate Drumcree campaign: The Sunday Times

INLA T-shirts celebrate murder of 'King Rat': The Sunday Times

Saturday, January 30

Collins shunned in death as in life: The Times

Dead man talking: The Guardian

'Killing Rage' caught up on Collins: The Irish Times

No side can kidnap saint: Irish News (Editorial)

Mowlam says Tories 'behaving badly': BBC

Protestant group calls for truth commission: Irish News

Media prefers monkey’s tale to Northern Ireland circus: Irish News

Trimble may seek review if SF enters executive: The Irish Times

‘Disarm and make a gesture’ urges Mo: Irish News

Friday, January 29

Paisley defends naming 'terrorists': BBC

Paisley should be accountable: Irish News (Editorial)

Arms issue likely to dog process forever - Adams: The Irish Times

Progress can still be made ­ Mallon: Irish News

Loyalist bombing sparks fears of deaths: Electronic Telegraph

Informer's death was horrible, say police: The Times

Eamon Collins ‘murdered by republican with grudge’: Irish News

SF seeks links, for MPs in Dail: The Irish Times

IRA recruited graduate 'sleeper unit' during truce: Electronic Telegraph

Garda/RUC group observes local police on patrol: The Irish Times

Thursday, January 28

'Progress first, then the guns can be silenced': Belfast Telegraph

Running scared of terrorists: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Who killed Eamon Collins?: Belfast Telegraph

Reprisal Attacks in N. Ireland Prompt Criticism of Prisoner Releases: Washington Post

Death catches out killer who fingered the IRA's victims: Electronic Telegraph

Suspicion falls on former friends in IRA turned foes: The Irish Times

Men who live in fear of sudden revenge: The Times

Death notice seen on wall: The Irish Times

Vengeful killing won’t make the truth go away: Irish News (Editorial)

KILLING RAGE: The Times (Editorial)

Figures indicate drop in beatings: Irish News

Danger to Ahern must not be a danger to the peace: The Irish Times

Paisley identifies paramilitaries: BBC

Imperfect peace Hague is wrong to oppose: The Guardian (Editorial)

Clash over early releases: The Times

All Orangemen may rally on Twelfth at Drumcree: The Irish Times

UVF awaits right political climate: Irish News

Official IRA subversion strategies outlined: The Irish Times

Wednesday, January 27

Collins found dead: Belfast Telegraph

Eamonn McCann: Belfast Telegraph

Ceasefires holding - Mowlam: BBC

RUC must act over attacks: Irish News (Editorial)

TERRORIST TORTURE: The Times (Editorial)

Blair ‘failing to tackle anti-Catholic secrets’: Irish News

Trimble tells faithful why tactics must be followed: The Irish Times

Unionist supremist’s slip is still showing: Irish News

IRA threat of violence a bar to SF - unionist: The Irish Times

Seeing through the invisible Orangeman: Irish News

Tuesday, January 26

Prisoners and the deal: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

Sinn Fein leaders boycott talks on beatings: Electronic Telegraph

Punishment beatings - A grip of fear: BBC

A new look at justice: Irish News (Editorial)

There is no peace where gunmen rule private fiefdoms: The Independent (Editorial)

Storm at Loughgall interview: Irish News

8 IRA men died in ambush: The Irish Times

Quite simply, the nonsense has gone far enough. Daily, the terror gangs mutilate and torture. Northern Ireland is descending into a moral cesspit: The Times

Victims of violence in call for ‘justice’: Irish News

'They slaughtered him like a piece of meat': The Guardian

No-confidence motion in Speaker to be debated: The Irish Times

St Pat could do with a quiet man to help him: Irish News

Buying more time or manipulating process: The Irish Times

Monday, January 25

Arms body denies deadline report on guns hand-in: Belfast Telegraph

The gangsterisation of Ulster: Electronic Telegraph (Editorial)

Same name claim sparks loyalist row: Belfast Telegraph

Halt early release of the terrorists, say Labour MPs: Electronic Telegraph

The peace crisis is now upon us: The Irish Times

Scratch one of ‘them’ and find much of ‘us’: Irish News

'First Minister must honour commitments' - SF: The Irish Times

Adams urges ‘parity of grief’: Irish News

Bloody reality of Ulster beatings: The Times

'Kneecappings' must stop - Mowlam: BBC

‘Continuity video’ given to RUC: Irish News

Ahern warns on hearsay convictions: The Irish Times

Talks with IRA relatives welcomed: Irish News

Sunday, January 24

Blair faces revolt over IRA releases: Electronic Telegraph

Town commits itself to peace: Albany Times Union

Guns row may halt peace process - Trimble: BBC

The secret diary of...: The Sunday Times

Unionist position on decommissioning hardens: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Sinn Fein risks pushing Irish democracy too far: The Sunday Times

Clinton, Irish, Target Impeachment Foe: by Niall O'Dowd (Ireland on Sunday)

Punishment beatings may stop release of prisoners: The Sunday Times

Fury as Adams joins the US lecture circuit: Electronic Telegraph

Unionists split over new royal name for the RUC: The Sunday Times

Region's companies foster strong links: Albany Times Union

Congressman aims to make a killing with Troubles novel: The Sunday Times

Saturday, January 23

Minister determined to meet IRA families: Electronic Telegraph

Ahern denies backing UUP stance: Irish Independent

Madame Guillotine infuriates the no-men: Irish News

First LVF prisoner goes free: BBC

Time to tackle sectarianism: Irish News (Editorial)

IRA tried to abduct man, says family: The Irish Times

Name army killers, father tells Hunter: Irish News

Friday, January 22

New talks to break NI deadlock: BBC

PUP let down by its threats: Irish News (Editorial)

Symbol of Ulster's Troubles is razed: The Independent

Poor turnout at Sovereignty Movement demo: Irish News

Victims attack minister over IRA families: The Times

Weir joins Donaldson on opposition to agreement: The Irish Times

Ambassador has hard act to follow: Irish News (Editorial)

Thursday, January 21

New terror warning: Belfast Telegraph

Hague wants halt to releases after Ulster beatings: Electronic Telegraph

Stymie the extremists: Irish News (Editorial)

Ervine predicts further attacks by loyalist groups: The Irish Times

Talks to hit crisis - Ahern: Irish News

New head of rights authority a wise choice: The Irish Times

Bogside’s Garvaghy solidarity calender: Irish News

UUP calls for civic pressure on arms issue: The Irish Times

Wednesday, January 20

How a military strategy might hold the key to decommissioning: Belfast Telegraph

Naming names: Belfast Telegraph (Editorial)

MP determined to name terrorists: BBC

Controversial career of a Tory MP and outspoken unionist: Irish News

Hunter’s plan not helpful: Irish News (Editorial)

Trimble cracks the whip and his party toes the line: The Irish Times

DUP calls for halt to early releases: Irish News

Tuesday, January 19

Name and shame, say families: Belfast Telegraph

Paisley caught out by North debate `ambush': Irish Independent

MPs threaten to name Omagh bombers: BBC

Forget rights: there will be no marching without compromise: The Independent (Editorial)

Trimble is distorting what he signed up to: The Irish Times

More troops to leave Ulster: The Times

Tiocfaidh ar St Pat’s la may be Clinton’s prayer: Irish News

Children must learn together: The Irish Times

No break in Drumcree deadlock : BBC

Orange move disappointing: Irish News (Editorial)

What ceasefire?: The Guardian

Parties hail appointment of rights chief: Irish News

Unionist family has a row for the neighbours: The Irish Times

Monday, January 18

Trimble in 'stop bashing Orangemen' warning: Belfast Telegraph

Sinn Fein Negotiator Predicts Success of Peace Talks for Ulster: New York Times

Peace process has only a 50pc survival chance, says Unionist: The Guardian

Daring new initiatives can lift old roadblocks: Irish News

Desire on ground for pact to succeed: The Irish Times

Residents tell Blair of Orange ‘terror’: Irish News

Trimble buys time over vote on institutions: The Irish Times

Sunday, January 17

IRA extends cease-fire to 2002: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

Trimble threatens walk-out over Sinn Fein: Electronic Telegraph

Trust is the key to lasting peace in Northern Ireland: The Observer (by Mo Mowlam)

IRA keeps its powder dry for 'nudge factor': The Sunday Times

Mowlam's deadline renews pressure on Unionists, SF: by Ed Moloney (Sunday Tribune)

RUC killer urges truth commission: The Sunday Times

Blind eye turned to broken legs: The Observer

Police probe Belfast petrol bombs: BBC

Omagh bombing prompts cross-border medical plan: The Sunday Times

Saturday, January 16

Being responsible is not without pain: Belfast Telegraph

Police smash major Provo spy network: Belfast Telegraph

Timetable for setting up North's institutions agreed: The Irish Times

Momentum for peace: Irish Independent (Editorial)

Ulster police chief warns of terrorist blitz: Electronic Telegraph

Envoy goes with fears over peace: Irish News

Crackdown on punishment beatings: BBC

Families protest at Maze release: Irish News

Guns thought to be part of IRA's buried arsenal: The Irish Times

US lawyers call for new Finucane inquiry: Irish News

LVF gives Trimble warning on seats: Irish News